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Anthony Martin -- The Examiner -- March 20, 2012   
Godfather Rahm's police muzzle NBC reporters   
The man who is now the Mayor of Chicago is commonly referred to by conservatives as 'the Godfather' due to his history that implies connections with the mob. Rahm Emanuel, who served as Obama's Chief of Staff until he resigned to run for Mayor, once sent a dead fish wrapped in newspaper to a pollster who had angered him. -- A dead fish wrapped in newspaper is a classic symbol the mob uses to warn individuals...

Chicago Now -- December 21, 2011
Obama crony Rahm turns Chicago into invader-friendly mecca 
As debates over Arizona-style immigration laws, spread to state and local legislatures across the country, Mayor Rahm Emanuel restated his vision for Chicago's immigration policy. -- At a roundtable with reporters at City Hall last week, Mr. Emanuel repeated his goal of making Chicago the most immigrant-friendly city in the United States. The Mayor was joined at the roundtable by Adolfo Hernandez...

Chicago Now -- May 17, 2011   
Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel supports DREAM Act amnesty scheme   
Rahm Emanuel is Chicago's new mayor. -- The mayor has made a move that should please many Latino voters. -- He appeared at a press conference Friday with immigration advocates from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights who support the DREAM Act. This is federal legislation that would help [illegal aliens] who came before the age of 16 legalize their status...

NBC Chicago -- February 23, 2011     
Obama crony Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral race   
[Tuesday night], Chicago voters overwhelmingly chose Rahm Emanuel to become their next mayor. -- Emanuel won the election with nearly 55 percent of the vote, meaning the race for the city's boss is finished -- no runoff needed. -- "Thank you Chicago," Emanuel said in his victory speech, pledging to work with the city council and community leaders to build a stronger Chicago...

Chicago Sun-Times -- February 18, 2011     
Debate rivals skewer Emanuel on immigration reform    
As chief of staff to President Obama, Rahm Emanuel slapped down every attempt to help the plight of illegal [aliens], his three rivals said during the last mayoral debate Thursday night. -- "You have been, Mr. Emanuel, shown to be directly involved with killing the Dream Act" to help children of illegal [aliens]...

Chicago Tribune -- February 10, 2011    
Mayoral candidates go after Rahm "Dead Fish"Emanuel  
Rahm Emanuel found himself criticized on issues ranging from taxes to reparations for slavery Wednesday night during the first forum featuring all six candidates for Chicago mayor. -- The former White House chief of staff mostly ignored the barbs, especially those from Gery Chico, former Chicago school board president...

Chicago Tribune -- January 24, 2011     
Court orders Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel off mayoral ballot   
Rahm Emanuel should not appear on the Feb. 22 mayoral ballot, according to a ruling issued by a state appellate court today. -- In a 2-1 ruling, the appellate panel said Emanuel does not meet the residency requirement of having lived in Chicago for a year prior to the election...

Campus Progress -- January 21, 2011     
Rahm Emanuel proposes Chicago DREAM Act    
Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former chief of staff, is often known for his political expediency rather than principled moral stances, which has angered progressive activists of all stripes in the past. That debate is renewed with news that Emanuel is proposing what some see as a big to curry favor with [illegal alien "rights"] rights groups...

Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga. -- October 10, 2010     
Is scandal-ridden Rahmbo Chicago's next mayor?   
Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel left his job at the White House last week to run for Mayor of Chicago. According to The Washington Post: "President Obama... announced his highest-level changing of the guard, naming a longtime aide of few words, Pete Rouse, to replace on an interim basis the irrepressible Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff..."

Michelle Malkin -- October 5, 2010     
Rahm's rough welcome, continued   
Yesterday, I posted video of Rahm's first morning on the Chicago mayoral campaign trail — blocking commuters' way and creating a paparazzi logjam. -- Looks like the rest of the day didn't go much better. Residents responded to Rahm's "Telling It Like It Is" tour by giving him an earful...

New York Times -- October 3, 2010     
Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel says goodbye to the White House   
Even Rahm Emanuel, it turns out, has a tender side. -- Mr. Emanuel, the brash, fast-moving, hard-talking Chicagoan who is leaving his job as President Obama's chief of staff to run for mayor of his home city, delivered a subdued and emotional farewell at the White House on Friday...

Boomer Jeff -- Liberty Works -- July 2, 2010     
Emanuel doctrine drives immigration policy   
...Article 4 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution requires the federal government to secure the border. By refusing to improve border security unless Republicans support his so-called comprehensive reform [aka amnesty], President Obama stands in defiance of the Constitution. Closing the border to illegal entry should be a lead election year issue...

Los Angeles Times -- June 27, 2010     
Senate Democrats poised to start on 'cap and tax' scam   
With the gulf oil spill creating political opportunity, Senate Democrats will begin crafting a sweeping energy bill this week that could include a first-ever, though more modest, cap on global-warming pollution, believing they must act now despite differences within their ranks and political jitters in an election year... ["Never let a good crisis go to waste." -- Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel] [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

Haaretz Service -- Israel -- June 21, 2010     
Report: Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel to quit White House   
Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff to Barack Obama, is expected to quit his job later this year in growing frustration at the U.S. president's "idealist" policies, a British newspaper reported on Monday. -- Although White House chief enjoys a good relationship with Obama, Washington insiders say they have reached an understanding that differences over style...

Andrea Billups -- Human Events -- June 16, 2010    
Is Rahmbo becoming a must-go?   
As the Obama administration battles a host of issues, with the sluggish economy, ongoing involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and now an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, some wonder if Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel – the recognized "bad cop" of their political coupling -- is becoming an albatross around the President's increasingly strained neck...

Dov Fischer -- Front Page Magazine -- June 3, 2010     
Never letting a serious crisis go to waste   
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gained notoriety for declaring his credo: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." In other words, when there is tragedy and suffering, intense human pain and disaster, a political expert enjoys a unique opportunity to push the least popular parts of his agenda past a distracted electorate... [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

Fred Dardick -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto -- June 3, 2010     
Rahm Emanuel throws Obama under the bus   
Given the chance to fall on the Sestak sword for President Obama, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel instead took off for Israel and left behind a note saying that Obama's unpaid advisory job offer, as incentive for Democrat Joe Sestak to "avoid a divisive Senate primary." was no biggie since past administrations practiced this type of sleazy politics all the time...

Tom Fitton -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga. -- May 30, 2010     
Obama administration, Sestak need to come clean on corrupt job offer    
This has gone on long enough. Three months ago, Pennsylvania Rep. (and current U.S. Senate candidate) Joe Sestak dropped the bombshell that the Obama White House tried to bribe him to abandon his Democratic primary challenge to Senator Arlen Specter by offering him a high-level position in the White House...

Joseph Klein -- NewsReal Blog -- May 29, 2010     
Crime at theWhite House?   
On the Friday before a long holiday weekend, the White House issued a statement admitting that President Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel arranged for former President Bill Clinton to ask Representative Joe Sestak if he would consider dropping out of Pennsylvania's Democratic Senate primary...

Los Angeles Times -- May 21, 2010     
Maybe Rahm Emanual is good for something after all....   
Prospects for an immigration overhaul [amnesty] are fizzling this year and some Democratic lawmakers are focusing blame on the pugnacious Democratic operative who works just down the hall from President Obama. -- Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff and longtime party strategist, has argued privately that it's a bad time for Democrats to push an immigration bill...

Evans Politics -- May 6, 2010       
White House wonder twins blocking Fed audit   
Video report from Young Turks. [See Shifty Tim Geithner Watch]

American Patrol Report Feature -- March 14, 2010   
Handwriting is on the N.Y. Times Wall -- End of Rahmism?   
If Mr. Obama falls short on health care, his hopes of passing other ambitious legislation like an overhaul of immigration and a market-based cap on carbon emissions to curb climate change would seem out of reach, at least for the rest of this year...

Michael Tanner -- New York Post -- March 8, 2010     
Final 'reform' push: twisting arms   
President Obama's attempts to ram health- care reform through an increasingly reluctant Congress are starting to resemble a really eventful episode of "The Sopranos." -- Whether or not you believe former Rep. Eric Massa's bizarre accusations of locker-room confrontations [with Chicago goon Rahmbo] and conspiracies to drive him from office...

Irish Central -- New York -- March 8, 2010    
Amnesty Scheme: Reconquistas pointing fingers at Emanuel   
Rahm Emanuel has emerged as the major problem within the White House on reform of immigration [read: amnesty]. -- A New York Times magazine article due out this Sunday reports that Hispanic leader in Congress believe that he does not take the the issue seriously and is the person blocking progress...

Real Clear Politics -- March 8, 2010   Audio Report Included     
Massa: Rahm Emanuel "would sell his own mother" for votes   
Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil's spawn, Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) said. "He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive." -- Rep. Massa describes a confrontation with Emanuel in a shower... [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

James Brett -- -- March 2, 2010     
The Problem in the White House   
Those of you who read these essays regularly know that I have been very displeased with the appointment of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. He's no Leo McGary, that's for sure. He is not even a Dick Cheney, whose work for Gerald Ford was bent toward the accretion of power to a fumbling President. Rahm is a hot head and a profane... not just profane, but actively and forcefully profane... person...

Washington Post -- February 24, 2010    
More White House Lunacy: U.S. agents to embed with Mexico drug units   
Cd. Juarez, Chih, Mex. -- For the first time, U.S. officials plan to embed American intelligence agents in Mexican law enforcement units to help pursue drug cartel leaders and their hit men operating in the most violent city in Mexico, according to U.S. and Mexican officials... [See "Hope & Change" Watch and This Feature]

Steve Clemons -- The Washington Note -- February 13, 2010     
Core Chicago team sinking Obama presidency   
Financial Times Washington Bureau Chief Edward Luce has written a granularly informed insider account about those who hold the keys to the inner most sanctum of Obama Land -- Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod...

Seton Motley -- NewsBusters-- January 18, 2010     
Rahm Emanuel's joke - 'The First Amendment...It's highly overrated'    
...[Mark] Lloyd is a treasure trove of anti-First Amendment words and ideas. In 2007 while a Senior Fellow at the George Soros-funded, John Podesta-run Center for American Progress, he co-authored (with equally anti-free speech outfit Free Press) the ridiculous "report" entitled The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio... -- January 6, 2010    
Emanuel: U.S. is fed up with Israel, Palestinians   
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel recently told the Israeli consul in Los Angeles that the Obama administration is fed up with both Israel and the Palestinians, Army Radio reported on Wednesday. -- Emanuel met with Jacob Dayan, consul general of Israel in Los Angeles, about two weeks ago...

Politico -- December 18, 2009     
Obama Threat To Congressman: 'Don't think we're not keeping score, brother'    
Rep. Peter DeFazio's phone rang. On the other end was Rahm Emanuel. -- The White House chief of staff last month expressed frustration with DeFazio's resignation calls for President Barack Obama's top two economic aides -- Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House chief economist Larry Summers -- and appealed for cooperation, according to DeFazio... -- December 17, 2009     
20 senators demand probe of health-care vote 'threat'   
Twenty senators are demanding an investigation into reports the Obama administration threatened to close Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska if that state's Democratic senator, Ben Nelson, didn't join other Democrats in voting for health-care reform... [VIDEO: Glenn Beck discusses this outrage: Part 1 / Part 2] [See Obama Watch]

Politico -- November 20, 2009    
Congressional ethnic hustlers blame Emanuel for ban on invaders   
Hispanic lawmakers say an old adversary, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, has his fingerprints all over a push to prohibit illegal [aliens] from buying health insurance plans in a new market for people who don't get insurance through their employers...

Joshua Hoyt -- Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights -- October 31, 2009     
Radical Chicago Lefties chomping at the bit to destroy America   
...I happened to be standing next to Rahm Emanuel as Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park that night. I have known Rahm many years and we have never been particularly close. But I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Do us proud." He joked back, "Nah... I think we will just go f*** it up!"...

Karen DeCoster -- LRC Blog -- October 25, 2009     
Another government "emergency"   
National "emergencies" are always good for "bypassing rules" and making things up on the fly. -- President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency, giving his health chief the power to let hospitals move emergency rooms offsite to speed treatment and protect noninfected patients... [See Obama Watch]

Charles Krauthammer -- Human Events -- October 23, 2009     
Fox Wars   
Rahm Emanuel once sent a dead fish to a live pollster. Now he's put a horse's head in Roger Ailes' bed. -- Not very subtle. And not very smart. Ailes doesn't scare easily. -- The White House has declared war on Fox News. White House communications director Anita Dunn said that Fox is "opinion journalism masquerading as news."

Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator -- August 24, 2009     
Obama's ACORN Americans   
President Barack Hussein Obama and his staff have tried to imply that Americans at town hall meetings who were protesting his health scare plan were "un-American." -- Some will recall that Obama was drafted into ACORN as a "community organizer" instructor which has been under legal attack for their corrupt practices. It has been reported that the Obama group through such advisors (I suppose) as Rahm Emanuel...

Glenn Beck -- Fox News -- August 14, 2009        
Exposed: Chicago politics in the White House   
Watch as former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell uncovers the corrupt roots of Obama's ballet-dancing Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel...

Jeff Head -- August 8, 2009      
Ezekiel Emanel (Mengele) and the Obama-Care final solution   
Is the "Final Solution" wording that was added to this revamped Obama Health Care graphic warranted? Some might see it as a simple play on words. -- But before you decide how to consider that wording, please read the following shocking quotes from Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the chief health-care policy adviser to President Barack Hussein Obama, and (not coincidentily) the brother of Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel...

Ben Shapiro -- Family Security Matters -- August 6, 2009     
Obama threatens freedom of the press   
...It turns out that President Obama and his hatchet man, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, are not averse to using their bully tactics on political allies as well as political enemies. Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post reports that when networks began fussing over broadcasting yet another Obama snoozefest, Emanuel called not the programming chiefs...

Maria Fotopoulos -- The Oklahoman -- July 27, 2009     
Amnesty not a solution   
Immigration — legal and illegal — works against repairing Social Security and Medicare. -- Following the playbook of Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's chief of staff, proponents of amnesty for illegal aliens are not letting any serious crisis go to waste. -- Medicare and Social Security trustees recently announced the trust funds will be insolvent sooner than previously reported...

Frank Salvato -- Family Security Matters -- July 25, 2009      
A government run by Mrs. Kravitz   
...President Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner coerce many of the nation's largest and most influential banking and financial institutions into ceding control and financially ingratiating their privately held companies to the government under the notion that government knows best how to fix the economy...

Dr. Bruce R. Porter -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto -- May 11, 2009    
The Swine Flu Pandemic – An Obamatunity?   
"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. Things that we had postponed for too long, that were long-term, are now immediate and must be dealt with. This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before." – Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to Pres. Barack Hussein Obama to a Wall Street Journal conference of top corporate chief executives..

JB Williams -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto -- May 4, 2009   
Obama and ACORN GPS marking EVERY front door in America?   
Republican Senator Judd Gregg was Obama's first choice for the Secretary of Commerce post, and Gregg was actually considering joining the Obama team, until he found out that control of the US Census was being stripped from the Commerce Department and placed under the direct control of White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel... [See Big Brother Watch

Robert M. Engstrom -- Human Events - Washington -- April 28, 2009   
Radicals run Obamaland   
Not surprisingly, Barack Obama, who was the most liberal member of the last Senate, is now filling his administration with dozens of liberal activists, many of whom have been associated with left-wing policies and organizations. Here, in alphabetical order, is a sampling of the most egregious, so far.... [Includes Solis, Geithner, Emanuel, Hillary, Napolitano, other menaces]

Errol Lewis -- New York Daily News -- April 19, 2009   
Barack, forget about comprehensive immigration reform   
President Obama's regrettable pledge to enact comprehensive immigration reform suggests he will repeat the mistaken attempt of Washington leaders to craft an all-in-one solution to the wildly different strands of our tangled immigration knot. -- It's as if the White House brain trust has learned nothing from recent legislative history...

Lew Rockwell -- Burlingame, Calif. -- April 11, 2009       
Obama's Hitler Youth: Rahm and Obama vs. Judge Napolitano   
"It is not a draft. It is a universal service." Those are the words of Rahm Emanual. Here's a video that includes an interview with Rahm Emanuel, a citizen of Israel, telling the interviewer that every American child needs to attend a mandatory 3-month brainwashing boot club to be instructed in worshiping the state...

Wall Street Journal -- April 10, 2009  
Emanuel now a backer of amnesty action   
As the White House gears up to push an immigration overhaul [aka amnesty], advocates are finding they have an unexpected ally in White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. -- Mr. Emanuel has long been a voice of caution on easing rules for [illegal aliens.... criminals], fearing such a position could hurt Democrats at the polls...

Connie Hair -- Human Events -- April 7, 2009    
White House continues effort to control census    
...Earlier this year, hyperpartisan White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel moved oversight of the 2010 Census from the Commerce Department to the White House. In 2006, then Rep. Emanuel revealed to USA Today the motivation behind the shift, "If you think redistricting is always partisan and political which it is... it's going to be on steroids this time."

Oliver North -- Washington Times -- April 1, 2009   
Seize the crisis   
On Nov. 9, Rahm Emanuel, now White House chief of staff, famously described the Obama administration's philosophy for governing. "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is it is an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before."

Nolan Chart LLC -- Warrenton, Virginia -- March 20, 2009                          
Movie Review: The Obama Deception   
...While The Matrix was a fictional movie, The Obama Deception [click to watch] is not. People such as President Barack Obama, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs would dearly love to call the movie fictional, but they are not disinterested parties because they are subjects of treatment in the movie...

Howard Kurtz -- Washington Post -- March 9, 2009   
Obama panders to ethnic press   
..."We should have a conscious strategy of communicating through Hispanic media," White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says in an interview. "It's one of the fastest-growing groups in the country. Telemundo is one of the most significant media outlets."...  [See Obama Watch]

New York Post -- February 17, 2009   
Rahm's 'rent' just the tip of the ethics iceberg   
News broke last week that Rahm Emanuel, now White House chief of staff, lived rent- free for years in the home of Rep. Rosa De Lauro (D-Conn.) - and failed to disclose the gift, as congressional ethics rules mandate. But this is only the tip of Emanuel's previously undislosed ethics problems...

Politico -- February 17, 2009   
Rahm's immigration turnabout   
It was not so long ago that Rahm Emanuel was on the House Democratic leadership team and being accused of throwing immigrants "under the bus" for the sake of strengthening Democrats' power in the House. -- As the engineer of the Democrats' 2007 takeover of Congress, Emanuel was viewed as... [The notorious Frank Sharry also mentioned]

Agencia EFE -- Madrid -- February 8, 2009   
Obama brings 'change of course' on immigration, top aide says   
President Barack Obama's administration has brought to Washington a new attitude toward the issue of immigration, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said Thursday. -- In comments to a small group of Hispanic journalists, Emanuel cited Wednesday's ceremony where Obama signed into law a bill...

Congressional Quarterly -- February 6, 2009  
White House: Census director to 'work closely; with West Wing   
...House Republicans are incensed about the prospect of the Census Bureau director reporting directly to the White House staff, which is led by former Rep. Rahm Emanuel (2003-09), a longtime political operative and onetime chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee... [Related item mentioning the involvement of the NALEO mob]

New York Times News Service -- January 27, 2009  
The arrogant 'Rahmbo' ticks off 'The Messiah' during meeting with Pelosi   
Early this month, Barack Obama was meeting with the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers when Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, began nervously cracking a knuckle. -- Obama then turned to complain to Emanuel about his noisy habit. At which point, Emanuel held the offending knuckle up to Obama's left ear and, like an annoying little brother, snapped off a few special cracks... ~Visit

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