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Gruesome Twosome
Axis of Weasels
Reuters -- March 5, 2005  
Fox sees immigration progress with Bush
Mexican President Vicente Fox said Friday he hoped to make progress on immigration issues when he meets with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin later this month. -- Fox is due to meet with the two other leaders on March 23 at Bush's Prairie Chapel ranch near Crawford, Texas. [Also see: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Chicago Tribune via the Kansas City Star -- February 12, 2005
Arrest of Fox aide clouds U.S. opinion
The discovery of an alleged drug traffickers' informant inside President Vicente Fox's office comes at an inopportune time for those trying to smooth new tensions in U.S.- Mexico relations. -- The arrest 10 days ago of Nahum Acosta Lugo, the president's travel planner, came as Fox and U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza were visiting the border to showcase the two nations' friendship...AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
El Universal -- Mexico City -- February 1, 2005
Annoying Mexican says spat with U.S. is 'over'
Mexicali, B.C., Mex. -- President Vicente Fox on Monday said a diplomatic spat with the United States about drug-gang violence in the border region was "over." -- Speaking in Los Algodones, a small, picturesque tourist town on the border outside of Mexicali, Fox said his administration was making unprecedented gains in fighting drug traffickers. AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Associated Press -- January 29, 2005
Annoying Mexican says U.S. alert won't harm bilateral relations
A flap between the United States and Mexico over violence on Mexico's northern border does not threaten the two countries' strong relationship, even though authorities here believe Washington went too far with a travel alert, Mexican President Vicente Fox said Friday. -- [Fox wants the U.S. to back loud- mouthed reconquista weasel Ernesto Derbez to head up the OAS.]AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
Houston Chronicle -- January 28, 2005
Fox aides imply U.S. warning an attack on Mexican sovereignty
Senior Mexican officials Thursday blasted what one called an "exaggerated" State Department alert that warned U.S. citizens of increased security dangers in Mexico's border cities. -- Aides to President Vicente Fox issued a statement that implied Mexico's sovereignty had been attacked by the statement, which severely criticized Mexico's police and judicial system. [The arrogance of these barnacles is astonishing.]AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Assemblyman Mark Wyland - North County Times -- January 18, 2005
Mexican government benefitting from U.S. largesse
Mexican President Vicente Fox's government has decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying local, state, and federal officials in the United States for more lenient policies towards illegal immigrants. This interference in our government's policies is outrageous and should be condemned.AP Internal Use Only

Gruesome Twosome
Axis of Weasels
Associated Press -- December 8, 2004
Mexico, U.S. seek to mend fences
Mexico City -- President Vicente Fox yesterday denied he's still at odds with his U.S. counterpart, George W. Bush, saying the two hope to jumpstart a long-stalled immigration deal when they meet in Washington in February. -- "We have no differences with the United States," Fox insisted in a meeting with foreign journalists... [Also see: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

NO WEASELS! -- November 10, 2004
Mexico's Fox cancels trip to California
President Vicente Fox has cancelled a working trip to California, tentatively scheduled for November 29, 30 and December 1, since "the appropriate political conditions do not exist" in order to open a dialogue with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, sources in the office of the Presidency of the Republic revealed. -- Fox's office has become disheartened by the lack of interest shown by Schwarzenegger...AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Cox News Service -- November 10, 2004
Annoying Mexican wants dirty deal done in 1 year
The chances for immigration reform have "improved significantly," Secretary of State Colin Powell said during a quick visit to Mexico to meet with top officials. --- [Vicente] Fox stressed that both nations have between now and next September or October to work out an immigration accord. After that time, Mexico will be in election mode for its presidential vote in 2006, he explained. AP Internal Use Only

Fox Watch
Reuters -- November 9, 2004
Arrogant sponge expects Bush to sell out by the end of next year
..."I firmly hope we will reach a migration accord. And I hope to achieve this at the end of next year, because this is what I am expecting from President Bush," said [Vicente] Fox. "I hope that the only thing we needed was to get past the election." -- Under Bush's plan, millions of illegal aliens [criminals] as well as foreigners abroad could apply for three-year work permits and could renew them as allowed by Congress.AP Internal Use Only

Los Presidentes -- November 8, 2004
Mexican invaders in the U.S. need two amigos
Following the election triumph of George W. Bush on November 2, Mexican President Vicente Fox sent his U.S. counterpart the traditional congratulations in a politically correct note, followed by a felicitous telephone call, according to Fox's office. Yet in reading the two official bulletins about the communications one might rhetorically question "I thought they were friends?"AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch -- November 8, 2004
Can a Cunning Fox Win U.S. Immigration Reform?
Mexican President Vincente Fox is sparing no minute. Just six days after U.S. President George Bush was returned to office, Fox and his administration are set to meet with top U.S. officials today. The issue on his mind and that of his administration remains the "absurd" U.S. immigration policies. -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- October 19, 2004
Meddlesome Fox badgers Nebraska governor on invaders
President Vicente Fox stressed the need for U.S. recognition of Mexican consular identity cards for migrants [only illegal alien criminals need them] on Monday during a meeting with Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns at the presidential residence in Mexico City. -- Fox's office called the meeting cordial, and said it centered on the need for safe orderly and legal migration, "with full respect for the labor and human rights of migrants." [See: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

Insufferable Guttersnipe
Fox Watch -- October 18, 2004
Mexican blowhard Fox threatening the U.S. again
In recent days Mexican President Vicente Fox and his Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Ernesto Derbez, have sent barbed messages to the U.S.A. The main message - Mexico plans to get tough with the U.S.A. regarding the treatment of migrant workers [criminals] in this country and the services they should receive. -- During a speech in Leon, Guanajuato, Fox said that he would absolutely defend the [worthless] matrícula consular... [Also see: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
Associated Press -- October 11, 2004
Arrogant Mexican continues to meddle in U.S. affairs
Vicente Fox
said Monday he would fight to defend the consular identity cards used by migrants in the U.S., amid proposals in the U.S. congress to limit the use of the cards in applying for government services [invaders are not entitled to 'government services']. -- "The Matricula Consular cards are again being questioned [mainly because they are worthless], but we will defend them with a cape and a sword, because our countrymen who live up there are neither criminals nor terrorists," Fox said. [This clown Fox is clairvoyant? See: Meddling Mexicans. Fox is a complete idiot.]AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Editorial -- Dallas Morning News (Free Registration) -- June 25, 2004
Deporting Double Talk: Fox oversteps sense on invaders
Mexican President Vicente Fox said during his visit to the Midwest last week that the U.S. policy of apprehending and deporting illegal immigrants violates the human and economic rights of those immigrants. -- Americans can be forgiven for rolling their eyes. That's pushing the notion of victim-hood a bit too far. -- Those being apprehended and deported are, after all, illegal immigrants.AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration) -- June 21, 2004
Shameless baby and buzzard flag waving in suburban Chicago
Maria Isabel Benitez flouted the law, authorities say, by sneaking into the country from Mexico just hours after she was barred from entering. To many, she typifies illegal immigrants who harm U.S. citizens by taking jobs and straining social services. -- But when Benitez was picked up last month by immigration authorities who would eventually deport her...[Meddling Mexican Vicente Fox told a Cicero audience last week that he would order his foreign minister (obnoxious Ernie D) to press U.S. authorities to let the mother back into the country.] [See Photo taken at latest rant] AP Internal Use Only

..and stay out!
Voice of America -- June 19, 2004
Meddling Mexican gets off American soil
Mexican President Vicente Fox has wrapped up a three-day visit to the United States, calling for more economic cooperation in North America and urging U.S. officials to relax migration rules for Mexican immigrants. -- He again called for easing restrictions on the flow of people between Mexico and the United States, despite security concerns after the September 11, 2001 attacks...AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Daily Oakland Press -- Pontiac, Michigan -- June 19, 2004
Mexican sponge cheered at Oakland University
Thousands of miles from their home country, Mexican nationals in southeastern Michigan enthusiastically embraced a Friday visit from Mexico's first peacefully elected opposition president in 71 years. -- Vicente Fox entered the Recreation Center on the campus of Oakland University to find hundreds of people in a standing ovation. Above the welcoming din, the folk music group Mariachi Especial Alma de Mexico could be heard...AP Internal Use Only

Pioneer Press-- Minneapolis - St. Paul -- June 19, 2004
Gov. Pawlenty fawns over troublemaking Mexican
..."He [pesky Vicente Fox] said we are going to have a consulate here,'' said Santiago, her Spanish translated by co-worker Vicente Cervantes. "He wants the children to have a better education.'' He told her he wanted to cut the costs of sending money to relatives in Mexico... -- [Minnesota Gov. Tim] Pawlenty (R) also praised the contributions of Mexican immigrants to Minnesota...AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol Feature for June 19, 2004
Mexico Won't Tolerate U.S. Law Enforcement

U.S. Sovereignty Challenged - See Official Mexican Gov. Document

1997: Mexican President Warns America
    "We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans," .... Zedillo warned that any human rights abuses against "our brothers" living abroad will be answered with the "full force of all the legal instruments at our disposal."

2004: Mexican President Warns AmericaAP Internal Use Only
Lou Dobbs Tonight - June 18, 2004
"While in Chicago, President Fox blasted the U.S. for rounding up illegal aliens, and sending those illegal aliens back to Mexico. President Fox said his government will not permit what he called violations of the human and labor rights of Mexicans who live in the United States."
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El Meddling Presidente
Meddling Mexican
Robert Klein Engler -- Axis of Logic -- June 18, 2004
Wily Like a Fox: Mexico's President Visits Chicago
Chicago -- One of the enemies of the United States visited the city today while on a tour of the Midwest. The president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, came to the windy city and huffed and puffed about more rights for illegal immigrants. Some say the only good thing about this state visit by Fox to Chicago is that he is one of the few Mexicans now in the city legally.AP Internal Use Only

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