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El Jackass de Mexico
Reuters -- December 18, 2005
Fox to Americans: Don't forget your "immigrant roots"
Angered by a bill in the U.S. Congress aimed at cracking down on [illegal aliens... criminals], Mexican President Vicente Fox urged Americans on Sunday not to forget that many of their ancestors emigrated to the U.S. -- "It's a very bad sign, which does not speak well of a country that is proud of being democratic, proud of being a country of immigrants," Fox said...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Human Events -- December 15, 2005
GOP Congressman to Fox: 'Shut Up'
U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R.-Ariz.) said Thursday that Mexican President Vicente Fox should "shut up" about his opposition to a proposed U.S.- Mexico border fence. -- Fox on Wednesday called the idea of a fence "disgraceful and shameful." -- "I'm going to step away from diplomatic rules and offer President Fox some straight talk..."AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Moocher Watch
Associated Press -- December 15, 2005
Fox calls increased U.S. border enforcement 'shameful'
Monterrey, Mexico -- President Vicente Fox on Wednesday criticized the United States' decision to strengthen its border security and complete a wall along the two countries common border calling it "disgraceful and shameful." -- "This situation we're seeing, a disgraceful and shameful moment where walls are being built..."AP Internal Use Only

El Jackass de Mexico
El Presidente
Austin American-Statesman -- November 13, 2005
Fox still sees hope for Bush's outrageous shamnesty scam
Veracruz, Ver., Mex. -- In the final year of his presidency, Vicente Fox still thinks the U.S. will endorse a guest- worker program, and he says Latin America, like China, should embrace more international trade as the path out of poverty. -- "I have conviction and will continue to have the conviction that immigration is something that can be turned into a great bilateral opportunity for the U.S. and Mexico..."AP Internal Use Only

Bloomberg -- September 9, 2005
Fox says U.S. to give aid to his horde of squatters
Mexico's President Vicente Fox helped persuade the U.S. government to relax controls on illegal immigrants so they can receive aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina. -- Any of the 145,000 Mexicans living in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama who don't have documents will qualify for help finding family members, getting food and receiving other assistance...AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
Associated Press -- July 15, 2005
Mexican nuisance still whining about civilian patrols
Governor Schwarzenegger is back in California after making his first official visit to Mexico yesterday. --- Mexican President Vicente Fox, who addressed the gathering in a video message, spoke against the civilian border patrols and said Mexico will stand against anyone acting outside the law. [Also see: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

El Jackass de Mexico
El Presidente
Rich Tucker -- -- May 28, 2005
Bordering on insanity
...Recently, Mexican President Vicente Fox waded into our immigration debate. He defended Mexicans who have crossed into the U.S. illegally by claiming they "are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States." -- Fox seems to have forgotten which country he's the leader of. Even if every illegal went home, they'd still be legal Mexican citizens.AP Internal Use Only

Fox Watch
Fox Watch
Keene Sentinel Editorial -- May 27, 2005
Fox's insult
...Fox still refuses to apologize, and it's probably too late for that in any event. If he had quickly taken back what he said, he could have contended it was an inadvertent poor choice of words. But now, having nurtured and defended his insult for two weeks, the damage has been done. He has not only stepped on some of his neighbors' toes; he has left the impression that he did it on purpose...AP Internal Use Only

Ku Klux Clown Vicente
Fox Watch
Associated Press -- May 22, 2005  
Unapologetic Fox hits airwaves with ethnic hustler
President Vicente Fox on Sunday defended his commitment to minorities and human rights on a U.S. radio program, in his first public response to his controversial comment that Mexicans take the U.S. jobs that "not even" blacks want. -- U.S. civil rights activist Jesse Jackson pressed the Mexican president for an apology for the remark that has strained already tense relations between U.S. blacks and Hispanics...AP Internal Use Only

Dumbing Down America
Fox Watch
Dimitri Vassilaros -- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- May 20, 2005 
Fox is one sorry Mexican
Mexican President Vicente Fox has not even begun to apologize. -- Mr. Fox probably hopes his halfhearted nonapology to two race hustlers on Monday night will make amends for his racist comment a week ago. -- It won't. -- He owes black Americans a real apology. Double dittos for every other American.AP Internal Use Only

Ku Klux Clown Vicente
Vinny Watch
El Universal -- Mexico City -- May 20, 2005 
Sharpton demands apology from Fox
U.S. civil rights leader Al Sharpton said Thursday that Mexico's president still needs to apologize for saying Mexicans take jobs in the United States that "not even" blacks will do. -- In a phone interview with The Associated Press, Sharpton said he wasn't satisfied with the contradictory expressions of regret issued by the administration of Vicente Fox this week. AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- May 19, 2005
Owners the real 'Mexican problem'
...Mexican President Vicente Fox says black men like Lindsay don't exist in America. -- Here's what he said: "There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women - full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work - are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."AP Internal Use Only

Ku Klux Clown Vicente
Fox Watch
Yuma Sun Editorial -- May 19, 2005
Mexico leader out of line in making point
Mexico President Vincente Fox needs to find himself a good political adviser. He put his foot in his mouth recently when he said Americans should be grateful that Mexicans want to come to the United States to work since they are hardworking, honest and "will do the work that not even blacks want to do there."AP Internal Use Only

Fox Watch
Fox Watch
El Universal -- Mexico City -- May 18, 2005
Mexico: Analysts say racism unrecognized
President Vicente Fox's controversial comment about blacks in the United States is typical of a Mexico that fails to recognize its own racist attitudes, even as skin tone and economic success move in near lockstep, analysts said Tuesday. -- In the official census, Mexicans of African descent are not even counted as a distinct group. AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Arizona Republic -- May 18, 2005
Ever-annoying Mexicans try to patch U.S. relations
Mexico City -- Mexican officials tried to patch up relations Tuesday after a week of bickering with the United States and a comment by Mexican President Vicente Fox about American Blacks. -- Mexico's top diplomat for U.S. affairs was meeting with American officials in Washington "to clarify points of view" after Fox's comments Friday...AP Internal Use Only

Insufferable Guttersnipe
Fox Watch
El Universal -- Mexico City -- May 17, 2005
Invasion-obsessed Mexican issues weak apology.... 3 days later
President Vicente Fox apologized Monday for saying that Mexicans in the United States do the work that blacks won't, but many Mexicans stung by a new U.S. crackdown on illegal immigrants said Fox was just stating a fact. [And Bush, McCain, Kennedy and their ilk want an open border with this cesspool?] [More on Mexican discrimination | Latinos attack Americans in Baldwin Park]AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

Fox Watch
Fox Watch
Enlightenment Reactionary (Blog) -- May 17, 2005
Vicente Fox Opens Mouth: Inserts Both Feet
Sometimes it's just great to be alive. If you haven't heard yet, El Presidente Vicente Fox de Mexico recently had the Freudian slip to end all Freudian slips. In one of his tirades against the United States putting up the slightest resistance to his invasion of our country, dropped this stink bomb into the immigration debate...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Reuters -- May 16, 2005
Mexico protests to U.S. in immigration furor
Mexico formally complained to the United States on Monday in an escalating dispute over immigration that led President Vicente Fox to make remarks last week that were widely condemned as racist. -- Foreign Minister Luis Ernesto Derbez told reporters that Mexico had sent Washington a diplomatic note, a form of official protest between two countries.AP Internal Use Only

Asa Hutchinson - Blowhard
Washington Post -- May 15, 2005
Tough immigration talk backfires for Mexico's Fox
Mexican President Vicente Fox's latest bid to convince U.S. policy makers to ease immigration controls for Mexican workers may have backfired after his tough talk late last week was roundly condemned as racist. -- A frustrated Fox lashed out on Friday at new U.S. controls on immigrants, but he ended up red-faced over his own words.AP Internal Use Only

El Universal -- Mexico City -- May 15, 2005
After racist remark, Fox stops short of apology
President Vicente Fox stopped short of an official apology on Friday following a racially-charged statement that was criticized in both Mexico and the United States. -- "There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States," Fox told a meeting of the Texas Mexico Frozen Food Council...AP Internal Use Only

El Jackass de Mexico
Reuters -- May 14, 2005
Invaders doing jobs 'not even blacks want to do', says blowhard Fox
Vicente Fox called recent U.S. measures to stem illegal immigration a step back for bilateral relations on Friday and said Mexican migrants do jobs "that not even blacks want to do." -- In comments likely to raise the temperature of the immigration debate, Fox defended the role of undocumented Mexican workers [criminals] in the United States...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Inter Press News Service -- May 12, 2005
Annoying Mexicans toss hissy fit over passage of Real ID Act
The Mexican government will send a "formal and firm" protest over Washington's latest anti-immigrant initiative, President Vicente Fox announced Thursday, despite the fact that similar complaints in the past have largely fallen on deaf ears. -- Mexico reacted with anger to the new legislation passed Wednesday in the United States...AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
UPI -- March 22, 2005
Aggravating Mexican bellyaches about border fence
...[L]ast week Mexican President Vicente Fox lashed out at the United States for its construction of walls as a measure to ameliorate border security fears. -- "They don't work. They should be knocked down. ... They are discriminatory, are an affront to liberty, and no country should be proud of itself having to build walls..." [What's this clown whining about? He himself claims that walls "don't work."]AP Internal Use Only

El Jackass de Mexico
El Presidente
Carol Devine-Molin - -- March 21, 2005
Mexico's Fox is not going to force-feed us his workers
Unfortunately, Mexico's President Vincente Fox continues to exhibit a contemptuous attitude toward American grassroots activism. Obviously, he doesn't grasp the nature of American democracy at work. Mexico's leader essentially wants President Bush to rein in groups such as the 950 member Minuteman Project that monitors the Arizona-Mexico border...AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks he's US President
Vicente Watch
Knight Ridder News Service -- March 21, 2005
Obsessed Mexican: U.S. immigration talks over -- for now
Mexican President Vincente Fox said that talks on immigration reform with American officials have ended for now and that there won't be any new announcements on the subject when he meets with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin this week.AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexicans
UPI -- March 20, 2005 
Pestiferous Mexicans attempt to dictate U.S. policy
Mexican lawmakers demanded that President Vicente Fox present a migratory proposal when he meets with President George W. Bush, La Jornada reported Friday. -- The majority of the Mexican House of Representatives approved a measure Thursday exhorting Fox to offer a proposal next week during the binational meeting...AP Internal Use Only

El Jackass de Mexico
El Presidente
Ken Hughes - The Conservative Voice -- March 20, 2005 
El Presidente Zorro de Mexico Is Telling Us..?
El Presidente Zorro [Fox,] de' Mexico, has a plan for free trade with America. He will trade all Mexico's los pobres [ the poor ] for American dollars. He plans to explain it to President Bush when they meet next week at Baylor University in Waco Texas. -- May I suggest President Fox work harder on his problems in Mexico and less on having America solve them for him?AP Internal Use Only

Jon Kyl
Sen. Jon Kyl
Mohave Daily News -- Bullhead City -- March 18, 2005  
Kyl calls Fox's outrageous remarks "downright insulting"
U.S. Senator Jon Kyl today urged Vicente Fox to respect the United States' right to defend its borders and "demonstrate perhaps a little less disdain for the rule of law north of the border." -- "...Fox does not appear to grasp the high level of frustration over illegal immigration in states like Arizona, and his pre-emptive threats to file lawsuits on behalf of those crossing the border unlawfully is hardly helpful..."AP Internal Use Only

Press Briefing
White House Press Briefing -- March 17, 2005
McClellan questioned about Fox's galling remarks
...Reporter: "Scott, I have a question on a possible solution. Mexico's President, Vicente Fox, is demanding that the walls now along the U.S.- Mexican border be torn down, saying that they're discriminatory and against freedom. At his meeting with Fox next week, will the President agree to tear down the walls, or will he insist they be kept?"AP Internal Use Only

No Manure
Washington Post -- March 17, 2005
Arrogant Mexican barks provocative orders at U.S.
[Annoying Mexican] President Vicente Fox said Wednesday that walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, such as one approved last month by the U.S. House of Representatives, "must be demolished" because they are "discriminatory" and "against freedom." -- "No country that is proud of itself should build walls . . . it doesn't make any sense," Fox said at a news conference...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Arizona Republic -- March 16, 2005
Mexican meddler Fox's whining becoming tiresome
Anti-immigrant [invasion] sentiment appears to be growing in the U.S., Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday, and he urged U.S. officials to act quickly to control movements like the 950- member- strong Minuteman Project on the Mexico- Arizona border. -- "Vicente Fox can rant and rave all he wants, but he obviously doesn't understand what a democracy means..."AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
Associated Press -- March 16, 2005
Sabre-rattling Mexican bloward upset by Minutemen
...Speaking at a news conference with U.S. and Canadian reporters, [meddling Mexican Vicente] Fox vowed to take legal action against what he called migrant- hunting vigilantes in Arizona and promised "full cooperation" against terrorism. -- "We are convinced that walls don't work. They should be torn down," Fox said.AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
El Universal -- Mexico City -- March 9, 2005
Fox carps about U.S. criticism of his crime-bloated country
Two days before the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, President Vicente Fox came out with his harshest criticism yet in an ongoing diplomatic spat between the two countries. -- Fox said recent U.S. statements on violence and crime in Mexico were inaccurate and suggested that the government of U.S. President George W. Bush was either intentionally provoking Mexico...AP Internal Use Only

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