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Includes cases involving immigrants from around the world, both legal and otherwise.
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Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- June 25, 2011          
Illegal alien charged with luring child leads to illegal labor arrests   
On Thursday, police in Williamsport, PA, arrested Adrian Arriaga Castro, after he lured a 12-year-old girl into his truck and allegedly began touching her. -- The girl's mother, Lucinda Campbell, told police that she discovered her daughter in a pickup truck with Castro who was parked across from the YWCA...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- June 9, 2011    
Another Mexican brothel found in North Carolina   
On Wednesday, Alamance County sheriff's deputies arrested a group of illegal aliens in an alleged house of prostitution located in a residential community. -- According to police, the arrests came following an investigation prompted by neighbors' complaints. -- Those arrested are as follows...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- June 8, 2011 
Illegal alien raped stepdaughter in front of 7-year-old in South Dakota   
On Monday, through an interpreter, Ruben Garcia, 31, pleaded guilty to the first-degree rape of his 9-year-old stepdaughter on February 9, 2011. -- Garcia admitted committing the rape to Sioux Falls police when he was captured. -- Garcia admitted committing the rape to Sioux Falls police when he was captured...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- May 24, 2011   
Illegal alien found guilty of horrific child sexual assault   
Last week, Javier Enrique Perez, 19, was convicted of aggravated sexual assault on a child, penetration with a foreign object and two counts of child molestation by a Superior Court jury in Fullerton. The charges stem from a violent assault in July 2008 in which Perez used a toy light saber to sodomize a 9-year-old boy and forced another child to sexually assault the victim...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- May 20, 2011   
Guatemalan immigrant charged with raping 5-year-old girl 
On Thursday, Sergio Lara, 53, was arraigned in Chelsea District Court on one count of rape of a child and one count of indecent assault and battery on a child under 16 years old. Lara is a private school bus driver and the little girl is one of his passengers. -- Lara's attorney, Matthew J. Machera, told the court that his client came to the U.S. from Guatemala and is now an American citizen...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- May 18, 2011   
Illegal alien arrested for abduction, sexual assault of 9-year-old   
On Tuesday, police in Riverside announced that Jose Wilson Rojas Guzman, 30, was being charged for the brutal abduction of a 9-year-old girl. The crime occurred on May 8. -- According to police, Guzman entered the girl's bedroom through an unlocked window as she slept... [Related item]

WSMV-TV -- Nashville -- May 6, 2011   
Previously deported Mexican fiend is back allegedly molesting more kids   
An illegal [alien] who was deported two years ago is back in Tennessee and accused of a new crime against a girl. Victor Quroz-Salate is in jail without bond, charged with aggravated sexual battery of a 9-year-old girl. – Once someone is deported, that's suppose to be their final punishment. But for about 2 percent of the [invaders] arrested in Middle Tennessee, they return and reoffend...

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas -- May 1, 2011      
Invader arrested in La Joya child sex abuse case   
A La Joya man is behind bars after he allegedly sexually abused an 8-year-old girl several times. -- La Joya police arrested Eduardo Agustin Mottu on an indecency with a child charge on Thursday. -- Investigators told Action 4 News that what's even more shocking is that it's not the first time he's committed this type of crime...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- April 30, 2011   
Recent border arrests show problem of child molesters entering from Mexico
In a little more than a week, U.S. Border Patrol agents working out of the El Centro station in California arrested six illegal alien sex offenders. Five of them are convicted child molesters. -- April 28: A records check revealed that a man apprehended in the morning had been convicted of assault to commit rape and sex with a minor...

Odessa (Texas) American -- April 29, 2011    
Mexican fiend gets 55 years in sexual assaults on stepdaughters   
Neither attorney in the Juan Luis Trevizo child molesting case got what they asked for - life from the prosecution and probation from the defense - during closing arguments. -- The jury took a little more than an hour to give Trevizo 55 years in prison for three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and 20 years for one count of indecency with a child...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- April 15, 2011
Invader arrested (and stabbed) for allegedly raping 13-year-old girl    
On Monday, police in Novato, CA arrested Luis Alberto Rodriguez-Gines, 29, after he allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl who police say stabbed her attacker in self defense. When police arrived, they found the girl's family members restraining the accused. -- Rodriguez-Gines lives in the home with the victim's family...

Carthage (Mo.) Press -- April 14, 2011  
Yet another invader accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old girl   
A Carthage man was arrested Friday in a home in the north part of Carthage for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. -- Calixtro Vega, 21, faces an immigration detainer and one count of second degree statutory rape in the alleged April 1 assault. -- Vega is being held without bond as an illegal alien...

Cincinnati.com -- April 12, 2011 
Mexican illegal alien indicted for sex crime against toddler   
Lebanon, Ohio -- A babysitter who was arrested last month has been indicted for an alleged sex crime against a 3-year-old girl. -- Alejandro Vasquez-Camargo, 23, was charged with gross sexual imposition. He originally had faced a more serious charge, rape. -- The toddler told her parents about an alleged incident March 24...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- April 7, 2011      
Invader pleads not guilty to raping, killing his teenage sister-in-law    
On Wednesday, Carlos A. Cardenas, 21, appeared in Orleans County [NY] Court and through an interpreter, pleaded not guilty to the indictment charging him with two counts of second-degree murder, causing a death in the course of committing another felony as well as first-and third-degree rape.

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- April 1, 2011            
Illegal alien accused of child rape in New Mexico now on the run   
On Thursday, police in Santa Fe issued an arrest warrant for Mario Humberto Cortez-DelCid, 28, who allegedly raped a 7-year-old girl on multiple occasions. -- According to police, Cortez-DelCid began sexually abusing the little girl in February at the family's home. When informed by her daughter of the assaults, the mother quickly confronted Cortez-DelCid. He reportedly confessed his crimes to her before fleeing...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- April 1, 2011        
Japanese national wanted for child rape in Seattle   
On Thursday, police is Seattle issued an arrest warrant for Daisuke Watanabe, on charges of child rape. -- Watanabe is between 30 and 40 years old, 5-foot-7 tall and weighs approximately 140 pounds. -- According to police, Watanabe is a Japanese citizen and is in current possession of his passport...

-- March 29, 2011      
Dave Gibson -- The ExaminerIllegal alien charged in horrific child abuse case in Phoenix   
Last week, a Maricopa County grand jury indicted Juanita Trevino Rodriguez, 43, and her roommate, Christopher Joseph Lopez, 37, on four counts each of child abuse. Rodriguez is the victim's grandmother. -- Another man, Humelio Dominguez-Vazquez, 32, was also charged with three counts of child abuse...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 27, 2011   
Illegal alien suspected of raping 9-year-old girl found in Mexico    
On Wednesday, the Butler County Police Department announced that the FBI has found Alfredo Lopez Cruz, the man allegedly responsible for a particularly brutal abduction and rape of an Ohio girl in 2005. -- Cruz’ identify was confirmed through a fingerprint check. He is currently in jail in Mexico City, and is awaiting extradition to the U.S... [See Crime Watch]

Mobile (Ala.) Press-Register -- March 26, 2011      
Mexican sentenced for trying to sneak child out of U.S. for sex  
Las Cruces, NM -- A 26-year-old Chiapas, Mexico, man was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison after being convicted in a case in which he was accused of trying to take a 13-year-old girl from Mobile, Alabama, with him back to Mexico, federal prosecutors say. -- Alejandro Jimenez-Rodas was sentenced Tuesday to 46 months...

WLWT-TV -- Cincinnati -- March 25, 2011 
Illegal alien charged in toddler's rape   
Sheriff's deputies arrested an illegal [alien.... criminal] Friday in the rape of a 3-year-old girl. -- Investigators said 23-year-old Alejandro Vasquez-Camargo was babysitting the child Thursday when the attack occurred at the Deerfield Township home he shared with the girl's family...

Bucyrus (Ohio) Telegraph Forum -- March 25, 2011
Likely illegal alien rape suspects lured women with help-wanted ad   
Eduardo Ramirez-Lopez, 25, and Marcos Salinas-Zurita, 26, two men who are accused of rape, had their initial appearances in court this past Monday, and allegedly lured two women to a home in Galion under false pretenses. -- Authorities say the two men attracted the two women to an apartment with an ad for housekeeping services which the women found at their local Laundromat...

KTLA-TV -- Los Angeles -- March 25, 2011    
Party clown arrested in 2002 rape of 12-year-old girl   
Newport Beach -- Police have arrested a man wanted for kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl in Fullerton while dressed as a clown. -- Jose Guadalupe Jimenez, 41, was arrested Friday morning in Newport Beach, more than 9 years after the crime. -- Detectives say a DNA match linked Jimenez to the kidnapping and rape, which happened on Jan. 19, 2002...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- March 25, 2011   
Mexican sex trafficker brutal to juveniles    
The brutal leader of a sex-slave ring in Atlanta, Georgia, Amador Cortes-Meza of Tlaxcala, Mexico, was sentenced Thursday to serve 40 years in federal prison on charges of sex trafficking of minors; sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion; transporting minors for the purpose of prostitution; smuggling aliens into the United States for purposes of prostitution; and conspiracy to do the same...

KSAT-TV -- San Antonio -- March 23, 2011  
Border Patrol arrests Mexican on child sex assault warrants   
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Monday apprehended a San Antonio man wanted on three outstanding warrants for aggravated sexual assault of a child. -- According to a CBP spokesman, an officer referred 44-year-old Gerardo Lopez Castillo, a Mexican citizen from San Antonio, for an examination...

WTVD-TV -- Raleigh-Durham, NC -- March 20, 2011    
Suspected illegal alien held on child sex charges   
A Cary man is in the Wake County Jail, accused of taking indecent liberties with a child. -- Raleigh police arrested Israel Badillo Barcena on Saturday, after a Wake County Grand Jury returned a true bill of indictment against him. -- Barcena is charged with one count of indecent liberties with a child...

KWTX-TV -- Waco, Texas -- March 19, 2011     
Suspected illegal alien busted after girl reports molestation  
A Waco man was arrested, jailed and charged Friday with continuous sexual abuse of a young child stemming from molestation of a girl over a period of several years. -- Jose Antonio Martinez, 42, was in the McLennan County Jail Friday morning, held in lieu of $250,000 bond. -- He's under an immigration hold, which means he won't be released, authorities said Friday... [More of Obama's "willing workers"]

KSAZ-TV -- Phoenix -- March 17, 2011     
Agents bust 5 Mexican illegal alien sex offenders   
Tucson -- The U.S. Border Patrol says it arrested five illegal [aliens] later identified through fingerprints as sex offenders. -- The five were taken into custody in Southern Arizona over the weekend. -- The Border Patrol says all five men were identified as Mexican citizens and all were in the U.S. illegally... [More of Obama's pet jackals]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 16, 2011    
Illegal alien accused of raping Idaho teen: "In Peru, it's more free"  
On Monday, Vicente Manturano-Soto, 30, pleaded guilty to sexual battery of a minor in a Blaine County courtroom. The Peruvian national told the judge of his experience with his 16-year-old victims, saying that he only wished to "arouse her sexual desires." [More of Obama's "willing workers"]

Raleigh News & Observer -- March 16, 2011    
Child rape suspect may be here illegally   
Raleigh, NC -- A 29-year-old man charged by police Tuesday with repeatedly raping a child may be in this country illegally, authorities reported. -- Cloe Amalex Martinez-Ochoa, of 3204 Crandon Lane, Apt. A, has been charged with five counts of first-degree rape of a child, according to arrest warrants... [More of Obama's border-jumping miscreants]

Idaho Mountain Express -- Ketchum -- March 16, 2011   
Sentencing delayed for Peruvian national in child sexual-abuse case   
Sentencing was delayed last week for a Peruvian national who has admitted to sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl last year. -- It's the second criminal case in Blaine County 5th District Court involving the same child. The girl was also sexually victimized at the age of 4 by another Peruvian national who was sentenced in 2007 to up to 20 years in prison... [More dirtbags Obama and his goons didn't deport]

Idaho Mountain Express -- Ketchum -- March 16, 2011   
Illegal alien child rape suspect pleads guilty to lesser offense   
A 30-year-old Hailey man accused of multiple counts of rape against a 16-year-old Ketchum girl pleaded guilty Monday to a single count of sexual battery of a minor. -- Vicente Manturano-Soto, who court records state is a Peruvian national, was indicted on four counts of rape by a Blaine County grand jury in November... [More of Obama's "willing workers"]

Dothan (Ala,) Eagle -- March 15, 2011     
Sheriff's deputies arrest suspected illegal alien in child rape case   
Evidence returned from a state laboratory helped Houston County Sheriff’s investigators make an arrest in a nearly three-year-old child rape case. -- Sheriff Andy Hughes confirmed that deputies arrested Alvaro Rayo Roblero, 31, of Gilley Road, Dothan, on Monday, and charged him with felony first-degree rape...

WYFF-TV -- Greenville, SC -- March 15, 2011     
Suspected invader jailed in heinous child abuse case   
Pickens County, SC -- A boy who wet the bed had his hand placed on a kerosene heater as punishment, according to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office. -- Ernesto Sanchez, 31, the boyfriend of the boy's mother, is charged with abuse to inflict great bodily injury upon a child... [More of Obama's beloved gems]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 10, 2011      
Illegal alien pleads guilty to murdering infant in New Jersey  
On Monday, Randi Rivas Lopez, 22, pleaded guilty to murdering his girlfriend's 3-month-old daughter in 2007. -- On April 24, 2007, Vineland police responded to a 911 call from the baby's mother, who reported that both her daughter and Lopez were missing when she arrived home from work... [More of Obama's beloved gems]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 9, 2011     
Illegal alien charged with sexually assaulting another man    
Last week, police in Moraga, California arrested Ulises Pedro Araujo, 38, for allegedly sexually assaulting a co-worker on the campus of Saint Mary's College. -- According to Police Chief Robert Priebe, both Araujo and the victim had been drinking before the attack, which occurred around 2:00 a.m... [More of Obama's charming pals]

NJ.com -- March 8, 2011    
Illegal alien pleads guilty to murdering Vineland infant   
An illegal [alien] has pleaded guilty to murder in connection with the 2007 beating death of his girlfriend’s 3-month-old daughter. -- Randi Rivas Lopez, 22, of Guatemala, entered the guilty plea Monday and faces 30 years in prison. -- Vineland police were called to a 4th Street home on April 24, 2007, in response to a 911 call reporting... [More of Obama's "willing workers"]

WTVD-TV -- Raleigh-Durham, NC -- March 6, 2011     
Illegal alien arrested for indecent liberties   
Raleigh -- A Holly Springs man accused of violating a child back in 2008 is behind bars. -- Police say Hipolito Ubieta-Anaya was running from police for about three years. -- He is charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor, stemming from an arrest warrant originally issued in September of 2008...

Contra Costa Times -- Walnut Creek, Calif. -- March 5, 2011     
Suspected illegal alien busted in Saint Mary's College sexual assault   
Police have made an arrest and are investigating a sexual assault involving two maintenance workers at Saint Mary's College earlier this week. -- Ulises Pedro Araujo, 38, of Richmond, was arrested in connection with the incident, which occurred about 2 a.m. Monday in an office on campus, police said...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 3, 2011     
Illegal alien charged with child rape in Massachusetts   
On Monday, Framingham police arrested Joaquim Teodoro DaSilva, 29, for allegedly raping a young girl on several occasions over a long period of time. DaSilva, who also goes by the alias Vinicius Cunha, is charged with multiple counts of rape of a child, and indecent assault and battery on a child younger than 14...

The Saratogian -- Saratoga Springs, NY -- March 2, 2011    
Mexican invader pleads guilty to assaulting, stalking student last Spring 
Adolfo Merino-Lopez pleaded guilty Tuesday to stalking and assaulting a Skidmore student April 10, 2010. -- At around 4 a.m. that night Merino-Lopez, 38, followed the 22-year-old woman while she was walking alone on Circular Street and then attacked her. The victim was able to fight him off and called police from the Lake Avenue Fire Station... [More of Obama's "willing workers"]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 1, 2011     
Illegal alien wanted for alleged rape of 15-year-old girl in North Carolina   
On February 9, 2011, a 15-year-old girl and her mother filed a report with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) after the girl claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Juan Carlos Acuna Martinez, 21. -- On February 24, following an investigation, eight felony warrants were issued for Martinez who has fled his Statesville residence...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- February 25, 2011     
Illegal alien charged with raping 13-year-old girl in Utah   
On Wednesday, police in West Valley City arrested Cecilio Avila, 26, on suspicion of child rape. The next day, he was charged with sodomy on a child, sex abuse of a child and two counts of child rape. -- According to West Valley City Police Sgt. Mike Powell, the Mexican national sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl...

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