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KGO-TV -- San Francisco -- May 30, 2010     
Protestors rally at AT&T Park over immigration law   
Thousands of demonstrators carrying signs, banners and flags marched in Phoenix Saturday to protest Arizona's crackdown on illegal [aliens.... criminals]. -- Those who could not attend staged their own protests including one in San Francisco, where the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing the Giants... [See Amnesty Watch] -- May 27, 2010     
Insanity: San Francisco wants to let invaders vote in elections!   
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is seeking to grant illegal aliens the right to vote in school-board elections if the illegals' children attend taxpayer-funded schools. -- an Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu introduced proposed charter amendment 100635 on May 18...

Center for Immigration Studies -- May 18, 2010        
Latest news headlines from CIS   
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will introduce a non-binding resolution Tuesday asking San Francisco law enforcement officials to 'opt out' of a federal program that will take away the city's ability to decide who to report to immigration. -- Immigration officials said, however, that the supervisors cannot 'opt out' because... [See Sanctuary Watch]

KPIX-TV -- San Francisco -- April 27, 2010     
Ultra-left-wing nut Newsom bans official San Francisco travel to Arizona 
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday imposed a moratorium on city employee travel to the state of Arizona for official business and announced the creation of a task force to determine how best to extricate the city from its Arizona-related contracts... [See Sanctuary Watch]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- March 10, 2010     
Campos fumes over criminal aliens being reported to feds    
Last week, San Francisco Supervisor David Campos publicly berated William Siffermann, chief of the Juvenile Probation Department, over Sifferman's continued reporting of juvenile illegal alien offenders to the federal government. -- In July 2008, Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the city's probation officers to report... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Examiner -- March 5, 2010     
Here's Your "Change": Newsom asks dept. heads to take 10% pay cut   
The City is sending out 15,000 layoff notices Friday under Mayor Gavin Newsom's plan to rehire workers as part-timers for a savings of $50 million. He is also asking department heads to give up 10 percent of their pay and is in talks with Police and Fire employees to give up pay raises...

San Francisco Chronicle -- March 4, 2010     
Standoff over sanctuary law   
Supervisor David Campos and Mayor Gavin Newsom remained at odds Thursday over implementation of a new city law that prohibits the city's juvenile probation authorities to turn young people suspected of being in the country illegally over to federal immigration authorities until they have been found to have committed a felony -- not upon arrest as has been the city policy... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Chronicle -- February 24, 2010     
Another Outrage: Judge tosses sanctuary suit in S.F. killings   
The family of a father and two sons who were shot dead on a San Francisco street in 2008 can't hold the city responsible for failing to turn their alleged killer over to immigration authorities after earlier arrests, a judge has ruled. -- The city isn't legally to blame for any crimes Edwin Ramos, a suspected illegal [alien.... criminal] from El Salvador... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Appeal -- February 10, 2010     
Reconquista Campos carps as probatipn department keeps booting illegals   
What -- or who -- is the law? In San Francisco, hard to say: by policy, we are a sanctuary city, which violates federal law. By policy, city authorities refer [illegal alien juveniles] to immigration authorities, which violates city law. -- Do you follow? Supervisor David Campos does not. The Harvard-educated former illegal [alien.... criminal] wrote legislation...

San Francisco Chronicle -- December 14, 2009
Illegal alien-protecting top cop claims to love his job in sanctuary city    
San Francisco's police chief, George Gascón, says he loves his work and the newly adopted home city he serves. His newlywed wife will soon be quitting her job at Los Angeles Spanish-language news station Univision and will come up and join the ranks of the unemployed in San Francisco in January... [KGO interviews gasbag Gascon] [See Sanctuary Watch]

Stein Report -- December 10, 2009     
S.F. sanctuary law takes effect, Newsom vows to ignore it   
San Francisco's new sanctuary law, passed over a veto by Mayor Gavin Newsom, went into effect today. But the measure's sponsor, Supervisor David Campos said he had no word from city agencies that they were going to put it into effect. Newsom has said he intends to ignore the law because it conflicts with federal immigration law...

CBS5-TV -- San Francisco -- December 5, 2009     
U.S. Attorney maintains SF sanctuary city threats   
U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello on Thursday, responding to an inquiry by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, said he couldn't guarantee city employees who implement the city's revised sanctuary ordinance would be immune from federal prosecution...

KGO-TV -- San Francisco -- November 13, 2009     
US attorney issues warning over sanctuary law   
San Francisco's newest effort to protect illegal [aliens] from deportation could land some city officials in jail. That is the warning from the U.S. attorney about the city's new sanctuary law for minors arrested for a felony. -- The city's controversial sanctuary law amendment takes effect four weeks from now. On Thursday, ABC7 spoke with the U.S. attorney...

KPIX-TV -- Sacramento -- November 10, 2009         
San Francisco sanctuary vote sets up fed showdown   
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on an 8-3 vote Tuesday afternoon decided to override a mayoral veto of a measure to extend sanctuary to [illegal alien] juveniles who are arrested for felonies. -- The decision could spark a showdown with the federal government... [Related item] [See Sanctuary Watch and Frisco Watch]

San Francisco Chronicle -- November 10, 2009    
Feds, courts may step in if San Francisco supes shield illegal youths  
San Francisco supervisors' effort to shield immigrant youths from deportation when they're arrested on felony charges comes to a head today when the board votes on an override of Mayor Gavin Newsom's veto - a vote Newsom says he'll disregard because the ordinance would violate federal law... [See Sanctuary Watch]

WBUR-FM -- Boston -- November 5, 2009     
San Francisco illegal alien sanctuary law prompts battle    
For the past two decades, the city of San Francisco has declared itself a "sanctuary" city. It's one of about 30 American cities where local officials won't report illegal [aliens] to federal authorities. -- But San Francisco's reputation for liberal tolerance is being tested in a simmering debate among city leaders over how to treat [illegal alien] juveniles suspected of a crime...

The Examiner -- November 3, 2009    
Debate on sanctuary policy unlikely   
"I doubt it," was the response of Mayor Gavin Newsom spokesman Nathan Ballard, when asked if the mayor would accept Supervisor David Campos' invitation to publically debate the Board of Supervisors legislation that changed The City's sanctuary policy... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Examiner -- November 2, 2009    
Sanctuary-loving crackpot Campos challenges Newsom to debate   
Supervisor David Campos sent a letter to Mayor Gavin Newsom on Monday saying the mayor's veto letter on the adopted sanctuary policy law "raises more questions than it answers, which is why I would like to extend a formal invitation for you and I to debate the matter publicly."

San Francisco Examiner -- October 29, 2009     
Newsom vetoes hideous sanctuary bill   
As expected, Mayor Gavin Newsom has vetoed legislation amending The City's controversial sanctuary policy. -- The legislation, introduced by Supervisor David Campos, prohibits city officials from reporting [illegal alien] youth arrested on felony charges to federal authorities for possible deportation...

R. Cort Kirkwood -- The New American -- October 28, 2009    
Sanctuary in San Francisco   
San Franciscans face two new policies that will further erode what little respect for the law can be found among the city's illegal aliens. Oddly enough, however, leftist Mayor Gavin Newsom is on the right side of one of them. -- The first, which city supervisors passed last week, forbids city police from turning over illegal-alien youths to federal immigration authorities... [See Sanctuary Watch]

Associated Press -- October 28, 2009     
S.F. Supes continue to coddle criminals and threaten public safety   
San Francisco is changing the way it deals with illegal [alien] minors who run into trouble with the law. -- The Board of Supervisors gave final approval Tuesday to a measure that would keep law enforcement from turning over minors to immigration authorities unless they have been found guilty of a felony... [See Sanctuary Watch]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- October 28, 2009     
San Francisco protecting illegal alien gang members (again)   
Last week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-2 to stop reporting juvenile illegal aliens arrested in the city, to federal authorities for deportation. -- A former illegal alien himself, and sponsor of the new ordinance, Supervisor David Campos [a former invader from Guatemala] told reporters: "This is really for our youth, for our kids..." [See Sanctuary Watch]

La Opinion Editorial -- Los Angeles -- October 26, 2009   
San Francisco sanctuary (More Orwellian BS from the Reconquistas)   
The deportation of minors solely because they are [illegal aliens] is an unfair punishment for two reasons: Parents are usually responsible for their children's presence in the United States and this action breaks up families. -- This week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors took an important step... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Chronicle -- October 26, 2009     
More Insanity: San Francisco to ease up on unlicensed drivers   
Call it sanctuary on wheels: San Francisco is about to give a big break to people, many of them illegal [aliens.... criminals], who are caught driving without a license. -- Beginning Sunday, cops will no longer impound cars the first time drivers are pulled over without a license... [See Sanctuary Watch]

S.F. Weekly -- October 22, 2009     
Immigration Reform Law Institute takes aim at San Francisco's sanctuary policy   
You may remember the furor over the memo Mayor Gavin Newsom leaked from the city attorney stating the city would face a "likely legal challenge" if it changed the hard-line policy towards reporting [illegal alien] juveniles charged with felonies...

The Examiner -- October 22, 2009     
City's sanctuary policy battle far from over   
San Francisco -- Some city workers will be faced with the dilemma of whether to violate San Francisco law or violate state and federal law after the approval Tuesday of The City's new sanctuary policy. -- The guidelines, which set out rules for how city employees handle [illegal aliens], previously mandated that...

KTVU-TV -- San Francisco -- October 20, 2009     
Pathetic: SF supes move to amend sanctuary law   
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved legislation to amend the city's sanctuary policy to allow city employees to refer [illegal alien] youth accused of serious crimes to federal immigration authorities only upon conviction. [See Sanctuary Watch]

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial -- October 11, 2009     
'Sanctuary' absurdity   
The fact that debate about San Francisco's "sanctuary city" ordinance centers on when to report juvenile illegal aliens' felonies to federal officials, not on scrapping "sanctuary" outright, shows just how ridiculous and misguided that ordinance is... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Examiner -- October 9, 2009     
Chief wants compromise on sanctuary policy   
As controversial legislation about San Francisco's sanctuary policy moves toward a vote, the new police chief told The Examiner he's seeking a balance between opposing sides. -- Supervisor David Campos has proposed legislation that would make it so illegal [alien] youths charged with felonies are reported to federal authorities only if they are convicted....

San Francisco Chronicle -- October 6, 2009     
San Francisco sanctuary rule change moves ahead   
San Francisco officials on Monday moved closer to amending the city's controversial sanctuary ordinance and restricting when local authorities can report juveniles for possible deportation. -- The public safety committee of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors approved the legislation on a 2-1 vote, with Michaela Alioto-Pier dissenting...

The Examiner -- October 5, 2009     
Sanctuary policy fight heats up   
The controversial proposal to alter The City's sanctuary policy for illegal [alien] youths will receive its first public airing today during a hearing at City Hall. -- San Francisco's sanctuary policy was established in 1989 and is meant to foster an environment in which illegal [aliens] feel safe to report crimes...

San Francisco Chronicle -- October 4, 2009     
Sanctuary scheme should draw crowd   
The never-ending immigration debate will rear its head again in San Francisco Monday when a Board of Supervisors committee takes up a controversial proposal that would make it tougher for local police to hand over [illegal alien] juveniles accused of crimes to federal authorities. The meeting is expected to draw a large crowd supporting the proposed law... [See Sanctuary Watch]

The Examiner -- September 25, 2009     
Illegal alien fights San Francisco drug charge   
A San Francisco jury found a 23-year-old illegal [alien] guilty Friday of selling crack cocaine in the Tenderloin despite his claims that human traffickers forced him to do it. -- The case pitted the issues of human trafficking versus illegal [aliens] who commit crime in the sanctuary city of San Francisco... [See Crime Watch]

San Francisco Chronicle -- September 23, 2009    
SF school board weighs in on sanctuary city policy   
The San Francisco school board jumped into the city's illegal immigrant debate Tuesday night, officially chastising city officials for reporting [illegal alien students] to immigration and customs officials. -- The approved resolution, sponsored by board President Kim-Shree Maufas and board member Jane Kim... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Chronicle -- September 16, 2009     
Newsom supports DA's controversial Edwin Ramos decision   
...[We at long last got to ask him [arrogant crackpot mayor Gavin Newsom] about District Attorney Kamala Harris' controversial decision last week to not seek the death penalty in the trial of Edwin Ramos, the alleged killer of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16...

Bay Area Reporter -- San Francisco -- September 10, 2009     
Supervisor Campos has busy freshman year   
...He caused a stir in August with his pushing legislation that would restrict [illegal alien] youths suspected of criminal activities from being turned over to federal authorities until they are convicted of a crime. It would reverse a change to San Francisco's sanctuary city policy Mayor Gavin Newsom imposed last year... [See Sanctuary Watch]

Joshua Sabatini -- San Francisco Examiner -- September 9, 2009     
S.F.'s GOP speaks out on Sanctuary City   
San Francisco's Republican Party has sent out letters to city officials, including Mayor Gavin Newsom and members of the Board of Supervisors, denouncing Supervisor David Campos' legislation that would change the city's Sanctuary City policy...

San Francisco Chronicle -- August 28, 2009     
Dufty not swayed by mayor on sanctuary city legislaton    
Supervisor Bevan Dufty is probably glad to be vacationing in Provincetown on Cape Cod - 3,000 miles away from the hubbub over Supervisor David Campos' sanctuary city resolution, Mayor Gavin Newsom's authorization of a leak of a memo outlining legal problems with it and Supervisor John Avalos' launching of an investigation into the memo leak. You know, just another week at City Hall... [See Sanctuary Watch]

San Francisco Examiner Editorial -- August 27, 2009     
Sanctuary policy threatened by misguided fans   
Rarely has the fantasy outlook of The City's more avant-garde social activists been as blatant as in Supervisor David Campos' proposed new ordinance watering down San Francisco's 20-year-old sanctuary policy. Campos -- apparently backed by a veto-proof Board of Supervisors majority -- wants to prohibit local law enforcement...

Ken Garcia -- The Examiner -- August 25, 2009     
Even this sanctuary policy won’t fly in San Francisco   
Based on the events of the past week, I think it’s fair to say that the Board of Supervisors has earned a new name for its stately chambers: The outer limits. -- That would accurately characterize the desire of several supervisors to push the limits of sound and reasonable policy, to boldly go where no public body has gone before...

Matier & Ross -- San Francisco Chronicle -- August 24, 2009     
Poll finds Newsom trailing Brown even in San Francisco   
Not only is San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom trailing state Attorney General Jerry Brown statewide in the Democratic race for governor, he's pulling up short with the very voters who know him best - San Franciscans. -- On the statewide level, a poll taken last week of 600 likely Democratic voters...

San Francisco Chronicle -- August 22, 2009    
Avalos launches investigation of memo leak   
Supervisor John Avalos asked City Attorney Dennis Herrera and the Ethics Commission Friday to investigate the circumstances behind the leaking of a confidential memorandum The Chronicle. -- The memo, written by Herrera's office at the request of Mayor Gavin Newsom, spelled out a myriad legal problems... [See Frisco Watch]

San Francisco Chronicle -- August 22, 2009     
What's Newsom doing talking immigration, border issues with Mexicans?   
The always-on-the-move Mayor Gavin Newsom is off to Mexico City next week, touching down Monday and returning to San Francisco Wednesday. -- Highlights of his quick trip south of the border include meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa and Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard to discuss immigration and border issues...

C.W. Nevius -- San Francisco Chronicle -- August 20, 2009    
Illegal alien drug offenders should be reported   
Supervisor David Campos' legislation saying [illegal alien] juveniles must be convicted of a felony before they can be reported to federal immigration authorities sounds reasonable. -- "It is a balanced, measured approach that is grounded in the values of San Francisco," Campos said Tuesday at a rally on the steps of City Hall...

KGO-TV -- San Francisco -- August 19, 2009    
San Francisco supervisor disagrees with sanctuary law   
The city of San Francisco changed its so-called sanctuary city policy last year to allow more [illegal aliens.... criminals] to be turned over to federal immigration officials. But now some San Francisco lawmakers want to reverse course to prevent these young people from deportation....  

SF Weekly -- San Francisco -- August 19, 2009     
Usual suspects think unlicensed illegals should be above the law   
This week, advocates for undocumented immigrants are scheduled to meet with new Police Chief George Gascon to discuss a problem for city residents without Social Security numbers: having their cars impounded by police after routine traffic stops because they don't have valid driver's licenses...

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