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Bush Lackey Michael Chertoff

Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan
WorldNetDaily.com -- February 27, 2007
Should we discriminate on ports deal? You bet!
"This Dubai port deal has unleashed a kind of collective mania we haven't seen in decades ... a xenophobic tsunami," wails a keening David Brooks. "A nativist, isolationist mass hysteria is ... here." -- The New York Times columnist obviously regards the nation's splenetic response to news that control of our East Coast ports had been sold to Arab sheiks as wildly irrational.AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
Associated Press -- February 26, 2006
Port Security Puts CNN's Dobbs on Attack
Since first reading in a British newspaper about a company from the United Arab Emirates taking over operations at six U.S. ports, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs has been on the story relentlessly - and making no secret how he feels about it. -- No one expected him to. One of television's best-known business journalists...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- February 21, 2006
Frist calls for halt to U.S. ports deal
Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist called Tuesday for the Bush administration to stop a deal permitting a United Arab Emirates company to take over six major U.S. seaports, upping the ante on a fight that several congressmen, governors and mayors are waging with the White House... AP Internal Use Only

Dump this incompetent idiot!
Bloomberg -- February 21, 2006
Bush says port deal should proceed, threatens veto
George W. Bush said a Dubai company's bid to manage six major U.S. ports should go forward, threatening to veto legislation that blocks the transaction because of security concerns. -- ''After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward,'' Bush told reporters aboard Air Force One...AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland
WOAI-TV -- San Antonio -- February 5, 2006
Senate Hearings Set on Border "Incursions"
A US Senate committee will hold hearings March 1st into recent violence and incursions along the southwestern border, WOAI news reported today. -- Sen. John Cornyn cited last month's appearance of uniformed and heavily armed men assisting drug traffickers in west Texas, the discovery of caches of weapons, including improvised explosive devices in Laredo...AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- February 5, 2006
Border watchers want DC's attention
Sierra Blanca, Texas -- Sheriff Arvin West sat behind his desk, winced and realized he was up against one of the biggest battles of his life. He is heading to Washington next week to testify before the Subcommittee on Homeland Security far from his home on the Texas plains -- far from the cotton fields...AP Internal Use Only

Bye bye, traitor!
Washington Times -- February 4, 2006
Border task force seizes weapons cache in Texas
Federal agents and local police assigned to a border security task force have seized two homemade bombs, material for 33 more, grenades, machine gun assembly kits and other weapons, drugs and cash in separate raids in Laredo, Texas. -- The bombs and other paraphernalia are thought to belong to or be destined for rival drug cartels... AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland Security?
What Homeland
KWTX-TV -- Waco -- February 4, 2006
Sheriff Warns Of Border Terrorist Threats
A deputy sheriff warned federal lawmakers Friday that drug traffickers are helping suspected terrorists cross from Mexico into Texas. -- Val Verde County chief deputy Terry Simons says Texas authorities have learned of newly established camps in Mexico, where so-called "narco-terrorists" are getting trained...AP Internal Use Only

Terror From Below
NewsMax.com -- February 4, 2006
Feinstein Fears Border is 'Gateway' to Terrorism
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed concern Thursday that the southern border has become a "major gateway" for Middle Eastern terrorists in a hearing with National Intelligence Director John Negroponte and other top intelligence officials. -- Feinstein noted that law enforcement officials captured 155,000 non-Mexican illegal aliens in 2005... AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Menace
What Homeland
Brownsville Herald -- January 15, 2006
Infiltration from the south feared
The back door to this country is unguarded, and the locks in place to protect it against terrorists are easy to pick. -- Lawmakers and border security critics have repeatedly made this point, stressing the need for more funding, patrols and protection against illegal entry on the U.S.-Mexico border... AP Internal Use Only

Terror From Below
WorldNetDaily.com -- December 15, 2005
51 terror suspects nabbed trying to enter U.S. illegally
At least 51 people who crossed the border illegally have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism since such tracking began 14 months ago, according to figures released to Rep. Tom Tancredo by the Department of Homeland Security. -- Tancredo, a leading congressional advocate of immigration reform...AP Internal Use Only

Overpaid Scumbags
Associated Press -- December 5, 2005
Former 9/11 Commissioners: U.S. at Risk
The U.S. is at great risk for more terrorist attacks because Congress and the White House have failed to enact several strong security measures, members of the former Sept. 11 commission said Sunday. -- "It's not a priority for the government right now," said Thomas Kean... AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
Human Events -- November 22, 2005
Cornyn: No way to stop al Qaida at Mexican border
Sen. John Cornyn , chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship, told Human Events he has seen anecdotal evidence of Arabic belongings--including juice boxes with Arabic writing and an image of a plane hitting a building - -that were discovered in Laredo, Tex., near the Mexican border.AP Internal Use Only

World Class Cucaracha
Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- November 6, 2005
Lawmakers demand Bush tighten border
Responding to an outcry from constituents, lawmakers from President Bush's home state are demanding that the administration step up efforts to confront what they say is a national security crisis along the U.S.- Mexican border. -- Republican House members who represent much of North Texas said in interviews last week...AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Menace
What Homeland
Jim Kouri -- Sierra Times -- October 31, 2005
US Missile Base Invaded by Illegal Immigrants
While the American news media partake in the latest feeding frenzy -- the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby indictment -- and politicians beat the drum over perceived national security risks resulting from the outing of CIA employee Valerie Plame, our military infrastructure is literally being invaded by illegal aliens. AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland
Asharq Al-Awsat -- London -- October 25, 2005
Over 10,000 Saudi Students US-Bound
Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat -- More than 10,000 Saudi students will travel to the US to attend university as part of a government- sponsored program following the adoption of new measures by the Ministry of Higher Education aimed at facilitating travel procedures for Saudis.AP Internal Use Only

Doug Wrenn -- Magic City Morning Star -- October 24, 2005
"Security" For Whose "Homeland"?
I was in the car this past week when I first heard on the radio that President Bush had signed the so-called Homeland Security bill into law (finally). For ha-ha's, the bill also supposedly appropriates (yet more) money to secure our borders. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff promised to track down and deport all illegal immigrants...AP Internal Use Only

No Invaders
Jim Kouri -- NewsByUs.com -- October 24, 2005
Invaders stealing jobs on military bases cause consternation
Hundreds of illegal aliens working as laborers, mechanics, construction workers and language instructors have been nabbed at military installations including naval bases around the country this past year. Government officials are fearful that security and safety for the stateside military has been dramatically compromised. AP Internal Use Only

Useless Toads
WJLA-TV -- Washington -- October 21, 2005
Illegal Immigrants on Bases Raise Concerns
Raleigh, N.C. (AP) -- Scores of illegal immigrants working as cooks, laborers, janitors, even foreign-language instructors have been seized at military bases around the country in the past year, raising concerns in some quarters about security and troop safety. The immigrants did not work directly for the military...AP Internal Use Only

Bush Lackey
Miami Herald Editorial -- September 23, 2005
An unqualified nominee for a top job
Even in the surreal world of Washington politics, this is hard to believe: A Senate committee could approve a person with virtually no law-enforcement or immigration experience to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, one of the most troubled and critical agencies on the front lines of national security.AP Internal Use Only

Bush Lackey
9/11 Families for a Secure America -- September 22, 2005
9/11 Families Ask Bush to Withdraw Myers
The members of 9/11 Families for a Secure America are appalled by President Bush's nomination of Julie Myers to head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). -- Ms Myers is completely unqualified to lead the agency that is supposed to keep illegal aliens and the unknown terrorists among them from entering the United States.AP Internal Use Only

Nation-Wrecking Traitor
Public Enemy #1
Swift Report (Satire) -- September 21, 2005
White House Appointees May Have 'Crony's' Disease
From former FEMA- front man Michael Brown to would- be- chief of Immigration Julie Myers, the niece of Air Force Gen. Richard B. Meyers, the headlines of late have been filled with reports of unqualified individuals filling high-level jobs within the Bush Administration. Now scientists say they may finally understand why.AP Internal Use Only

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin
VDare.com -- September 21, 2005
Not Another Homeland Security Hack (Julie Myers)
My fellow conservatives in Washington refuse to learn two vital homeland security lessons, one from 9/11 and the other from Hurricane Katrina. -- Lesson Number One: If you neglect immigration enforcement, you will regret it. -- Lesson Number Two: If you appoint political cronies in times of crisis, you will regret it.AP Internal Use Only

Dangerous Globalist Menace
Washington Post -- September 20, 2005
Another crony appointment to ICE by Bush?
The Bush administration is seeking to appoint a lawyer with little immigration or customs experience to head the troubled law enforcement agency that handles those issues, prompting sharp criticism from some employee groups, immigration advocates and homeland security experts.AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
Des Moines Register -- September 19, 2005
Mexican pests doling out Mickey Mouse IDs in Iowa
[The documents can be used to open bank accounts, enroll in libraries or board airplanes.] ... "An identification card is a good thing," said Ann Naffier , an immigration specialist with the AFSC, which will host the event. "It helps you know who you're dealing with." AP Internal Use Only

Pig With Lipstick - That's Jorge
Washington Times -- September 14, 2005
Watchdog says borders still unsecured
The United States remains under threat and is vulnerable to attacks by international terrorists despite government efforts to tighten visa procedures and enhance intelligence cooperation, an immigration watchdog group said yesterday. -- The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said streamlined visa requirements...AP Internal Use Only

ABC News -- September 11, 2005
American al Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks
In an apparent Sept. 11 communiqué broadcast on ABC News, an al Qaeda operative threatens new attacks against cities in the US and Australia. -- "Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, God willing. At this time, don't count on us demonstrating restraint or compassion," the tape warns. [Incompetent globalist Bush has left the borders wide open and has appointed 'rubber stamp' losers to the DHS.]AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Menace
What Homeland
Poughkeepsie Journal -- September 11, 2005
Homeland security still vulnerable, experts say
As the U.S. maintains two war fronts under the banner of the War on Terror, glaring weaknesses remain in homeland security four years after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, law enforcement and terrorism experts said. [Bush has a deadly habit of nominating unqualified political hacks and cronies like James Ziglar and Mike Brown to fill key positions. Is Chertoff among them?]AP Internal Use Only

Jorge Doublayooo Boosh
Poll Info
Associated Press -- September 8, 2005
Customs Redirects Workers Helping FEMA
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency acted Wednesday to ensure it has adequate numbers of employees in the Gulf Coast region to continue protecting rescuers and helping New Orleans police. -- "We want to be careful we're not stretched too thin," said a spokesman for Customs Enforcement, Dean Boyd. "It's a daunting task helping ... local police."AP Internal Use Only

Whack Job
El Universal -- Mexico City -- September 7, 2005
Mexican Army convoy heads to U.S.
A Mexican army aid convoy set out for the U.S. border Tuesday, carrying water treatment plants, mobile kitchens and supplies to feed the victims of Hurricane Katrina. -- Large Mexican flags were taped to many of the 35 green- painted Mexican army trucks and tractor trailers as they rumbled northward, in what apparently will be the first Mexican military unit to operate on U.S. soil since 1846.AP Internal Use Only

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