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Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan
"Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada."
"Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing."

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Rocky Mountain News -- December 6, 2005
MEChA bane causes concern in Colorado
It's an ancient name with contemporary - and controversial - significance. -- According to legend, Aztlan was the ancestral homeland of the Aztec people, a place believed by many to be located somewhere in the southwestern U.S. -- In Chicano folklore, the name was used to describe the part of Mexico taken over by the U.S.... AP Internal Use Only

Idiot Alert!
Colorado Daily -- November 22, 2005
Angry MEChA zealot peddles tommyrot
We are MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) - the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan. But what is Aztlan? Do not accept the relentless white supremacist attacks on MEChA and their false, and racist, claims that we are a separatist organization. As the former co- chair of MEChA, I write to set the record straight.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Stanford Daily -- November 15, 2005
Reconquista nuisances stage pro-invasion tantrum
Members of MEChA and their supporters took over the aptly-named "intersection of death" next to the clock tower at noon yesterday for a "die-in" to protest current government policy toward Mexican immigrants. -- Approximately 30 participants dressed in black sprawled on the ground to represent the deaths of [illegal aliens... criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Philip Laverty -- -- September 16, 2005
Indoctrination U
...MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán [Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán]) is active on campus. The overt racism and militancy of this group is well documented. The MEChA logo pictures dynamite and a macahuitl, the obsidian blade- studded war club that advanced the brutal Aztec empire... AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan -- June 7, 2005
Activists against tide of illegals rally around specific goals
A coalition of anti-illegal immigration groups has vowed to work together toward common goals after meeting at a conference in Las Vegas. -- As WorldNetDaily reported, a radical anti- American group working for the establishment of a separate Hispanic nation in the southwest U.S. threatened attendees of the conference...AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México! -- June 7, 2005
MEChA subversives target teen high school columnist
A 17-year-old student who wrote an anti- illegal immigration column in his school newspaper was targeted by a radical Hispanic group that sponsored a protest where students marched through campus behind a Mexican flag. -- Trent Demarest of Corvallis High School in Corvallis, Ore., tells WND... [Contact Corvallis High School]AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Joe Murray -- -- May 23, 2005  
La Reconquista
...The motivation and goals of MEChA are not subtle, but instead take the form a blunt club aimed squarely at the head of American culture and civilization. To the radicals of MEChA, "European" America, and its respective heritage, is an occupying force that has wrongfully laid claim to "Aztlan."AP Internal Use Only

Cry Me A River
Skagit Valley Herald -- Mount Vernon, Washington -- May 22, 2005  
MEChA leader goes into snivel mode at 'diversity meeting'
When Enrique Lopez started to address the Mount Vernon School Board Friday night, his words caught in his throat and he had to take a moment to gather himself. -- Then Lopez spoke for about 15 minutes about feeling alienated at the high school because he is Mexican.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Skagit Valley Herald -- Mount Vernon, Washington - May 20, 2005
Subversive MEChA mob claims 'goody two-shoes' status
...Antonio Villaraigosa, who this week was elected mayor of Los Angeles, was himself a member of MEChA in his student days. During his campaign, groups such as the anti- immigration American Patrol attacked Villaraigosa for his connection to the organization. [American Patrol opposes illegal immigration, not legal immigration.]AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Skagit Valley Herald -- Mount Vernon, Washington -- May 15, 2005
Scourge of MEChA affecting Skagit Valley, some concerned
Latino students at Mount Vernon High School thought they were just exercising their right of free speech. -- But school officials questioned whether some of the group's activities were appropriate for a high school campus. -- The resulting disagreements over a few activities by the student group known as MEChA...AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Rocky Mountain News -- March 11, 2005 
Sniveling MEChA nuisances want professor fired
Some faculty and students at Colorado State University-Pueblo are demanding the immediate ouster of a professor under investigation for allegedly making defamatory statements during a class. -- Anthropology professor Dan Forsyth allegedly launched into a tirade against illegal immigrants March 3, calling Mexicans lazy and contending they don't deserve to be in the United States. AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
San Diego Union-Tribune -- February 19, 2005
MEChA pests still have bunched undies over column
Chula Vista, Calif. --A college newspaper opinion piece calling for a crackdown on illegal immigrants has critics [namely MEChA mob members] calling it a racist incitement to violence. -- Campus journalists, many of whom disagree with the piece politically, say they stand by First Amendment rights to publish unpopular opinions... [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
La Prensa - San Diego -- February 12, 2005
MEChA whackos go ballistic over article on invaders
The crowd was surrounded by students holding signs with statements such as "No one is illegal," "Racism is terrorism," "The Sun equals Ignorance," "We are not leaches," and "Ya basta!" ['Leaches?'] -- And not even the rain stopped the 350 or so crowd that gathered at Southwestern College... for the open forum organized by several student groups who were protesting what student activists are calling "racism against Mexican immigrants."AP Internal Use Only

East Valley Tribune - Mesa, Arizona -- October 24, 2004
Twin anti-Prop. 200 tantrums involve Napolitano, MEChA
More than 100 people, most carrying signs, marched in protest of Proposition 200 Saturday in downtown Mesa. -- The group, [MEChA], walked along Centennial Way near First Street during the noon hour. -- Also on Saturday, a rally against the proposition was held... in Scottsdale. Gov. Janet Napolitano led an Arizona Interfaith Network...AP Internal Use Only

Woe Be Me!!!
Stanford Daily -- October 21, 2004 
MEChA, other groups fear special-fees repeat
About a year ago, the Stanford Review published a series of articles depicting MEChA as a racist organization. Then in April, the student group, formally Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, lost its ASSU special- fees funding. -- Student leaders of ethnic groups on campus said that they are concerned that their special-fees funding is at risk, given what happened to MEChA last year.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Stanford Daily -- October 20, 2004  
ASSU bills on MEChA, picketing
The ASSU Undergraduate Senate was sharply divided last night as senators debated a bill condemning last year's "vicious attack" on MEChA by The Stanford Review. -- The Review had compared MEChA, the oldest Chicano/Latino organization on campus, to the Ku-Klux Klan in an article published in October of last year, calling it "a racist organization that advocates revolution and segregation."AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- October 12, 2004
Reconquistas to stage rant at Glendale Community College
Students and educators today will stage a demonstration against what they call "discrimination and hate" on the campus of Glendale Community College. -- Today's 11 a.m. protest and noon rally stems from a racially charged dispute brought on by a math teacher who used the school's computer system to send out offensive material, students said. [The ever-revolting MEChA is responsible for this little snit]AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Navarro
Riverside Press Enterprise (Free Registration) -- October 10, 2004
MEChA, reconquistas stage small anti-Bush tantrum
San Bernardino, Calif. -- Nearly 100 people participated in a political rally Saturday at the San Bernardino Civic Plaza. -- Organizers held the event as a "get out the vote" effort and to protest President Bush and his administration's policies. -- The "No on Bush Voter Mobilization" was organized by... a group coordinated by UC Riverside professor and activist Armando Navarro [a raving subversive], and members of MEChA...AP Internal Use Only

Communist Party USA - September 27, 2004 
Why Latinos Want to Dump Bush
...Anti- [illegal] immigrant hate groups like Arizona based American Patrol, are using the internet to publicize and organize the backlash movement targeting progressive Latino politicians [reconquistas] like Grivalva and L.A. City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa for being pro [illegal] immigrant and for being alumni of MEChA. They go on to smear the Kerry Edwards ticket for accepting support from the progressive Latinos. [They failed to mention unsavory flotsam the likes of Bill Richardson, 'Fibber' Cisneros, and several others.]AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Boston Globe -- September 5, 2004
Latino mob unable to shake accusations of racism
Stanford, Calif. -- Despite a student vote to slash its funding, a prominent Latino organization will be back on Stanford's campus this autumn, along with lingering opposition from conservative critics at colleges across the West. -- In a reverberation from California's gubernatorial election last year, accusations of racist underpinnings still dog the group known as MEChA, a Spanish acronym that stands for the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan...AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Jewish Press -- September 2, 2004  
Universities Or Indoctrination Centers?
...The Muslim Student Association at UCLA passed out pamphlets labeling terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizbullah "charitable organizations" and held a yearly "Anti-Zionism Week." The founding document for MEChA, the Latino/Chicano student group, called for the re-conquest of the Southwest United States for the "Bronze people" through armed resistance against the United States government. [Some notable members/alumni of this MEChA mob are Antonio Villaraigosa, Calif. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, "One Bill Gil" Cedillo (mouthpiece for Mexican criminals), Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Joe Baca, and other assorted unsavory characters.)AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
The Western Front -- Western Washington University -- May 18, 2004
Scourge of MEChA spreads to Northwest Washington state
...Western senior Stephany Hazelrigg, co-director of Western's Hispano-American Student Tutoring for Achievement organization, aka HASTA, coordinated the event. Hazelrigg also is co-chair of Western's chapter of El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlán, or MEChA, an empowerment organization for Chicano students. [Residents of Skagit and Whatcom counties should keep a close eye on the activities of subversive groups like MEChA]AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Washington Times -- May 9, 2004
Chicano group denied funding
...Glenn Spencer, a MEChA critic who has produced documentaries on Mexican immigration issues, said he knew of no other anti-MEChA funding vote on any other California campus. -- "I've been following them for 13 years, and I don't recall them ever being turned down for funding," said Mr. Spencer, who also operates the American Patrol Web site. "I'm glad to see the students of Stanford show some backbone and speak the truth."AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan
Stanford Daily -- Editorial -- April 13, 2004
University needs MEChA (like it needs a root canal)
The loss of MEChA's special fees represents more than a loss to the organizational capacity of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán or even the cultural vibrancy generated through MEChA's subgroups. Unless the University community maintains the funding of critical community events, the loss of MEChA's special fees could impede Stanford's fulfillment of its responsibility to support and educate leaders for our diverse society. AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of MEChA
Yale Daily News -- April 13, 2004
Dems launch coalition of activists... including MEChA subversivesAP Internal Use Only
With the 2004 Presidential Election quickly approaching, the Yale College Democrats have begun a new program to unite liberal groups across campus. -- Drawing from several different activist groups, the Progressive Coalition had its first meeting Monday evening with seven groups and more than 30 members present. The group will work create a forum to unite and educate Democrats and activist groups across campus.AP Internal Use Only

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