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Calif. Senator
Gil Cedillo

MEChA Boy in Congress

We are Aztlán. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.

Vehement Reconquista, MEChA-Boy

U.S. Rep.
Joe Baca

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The Scourge of..........

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan
"Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada."
"Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing."
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This is what the MEChA Constitution says (Article II, section 1):
"General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land."

MEChA Teaches Tolerance?

When non-Raza students complained about this UC San Diego student student newspaper as being racist, MEChA was one of about 20 Raza organizations pledging their support for this publication of hate. Antonio Villaraigosa, Cruz Bustamante, Raul Grijalva, and other prominent Latino politicians say to this day, that they are proud to have been Mechistas. Check This Out...
From "El Plan de Aztlan": In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal "gringo" invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny.
From the Hoover Institute
Thus Rodolfo Acuña's Occupied America claims the Southwest for Mexicans. Chicano activists (Chicanismo) push not only for civil rights for illegal Mexicans but also for the return (reconquista) of the lost provinces to form Aztlán. Chicanismo demands Spanish language and culture education, not English or American cultural schooling. The Movimiento Estudiante Chicano de Aztlán (MECHA) in 1970 formed a political party, La Raza Unida, won control of Crystal City, Texas, and tried to make it into a Chicano city. The party split and has had little political impact since but could easily revive in California or Texas. More....

The Latest on the MEChA scourge below......

Fox News Latino -- June 7, 2012      
Former Mechista Becerra bemoans Romney's Latino outreach    
If you want to know how much GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney cares about Latinos, just look at how much he spends reaching out to them, [former MEChA member] Rep. Xavier Becerra says. -- While the Republican Party and its allies pumped millions into television ads for the Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall race, the Romney campaign?s latest effort to reach out to Latinos is a relatively inexpensive Web video...

Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, Dr. Cintli -- Truthout -- June 7, 2012  
Cross cultural "festival" to save TUSD Raza indoctrination scheme  
As a result of the battle to defend ethnic studies, an incredible support nationwide has been created for Tucson's embattled Mexican American studies department. As far as TUSD is concerned, the department no longer exists. -- However, the state as well as the TUSD school governing board should know, MAS cannot be killed because beyond being a department, it is also a discipline...

Arizona Daily Independent -- Tucson -- October 2, 2011 
TUSD's "Ethnic Studies" appeal leads to scrutiny of MEChA    
...TUSD's schools have MEChA chapters and not even the district's Superintendent knows if they are sanctioned by the district. If you don't know what MEChA is, you are among hundreds of thousands of Tucsonans, including this author, who didn't know and didn't care. -- The group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán came under scrutiny as a result of the Tucson Unified School District's appeal...

Miguel Perez -- The Examiner -- September 1, 2011       
Latino group claims Aztlán war in next five years   
Phoenix-based Nuestros Reconquistos claims that there will be a war very similar to the Civil War fought in the next five years. "La Raza and MEChA have already talked to Latinos and Phoenix and explained that Latinos need to arm themselves for war," says Nuestros Reconquistos President Manuel Longoria. -- Cecilia Maldonado of Chicanos Unidos Arizona isn't hoping for any sort of war, but...

KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- October 25, 2010     
"Raza Studies" supporters march to make a stand   
A march across town Sunday made a stand for ethnic studies. -- "We have a lot of support and we hope these classes can stay for the well-being of our community," said Tucson High senior Ashley Bustamante as she marched with as many as 150 other students, teachers, and supporters of Mexican American studies...

Miguel Perez -- The Examiner -- October 10, 2010    
Proposed invader amnesty bill may include social security benefits   
Phoenix -- Chicanos Unidos Arizona has been working with MEChA and The National Council of La Raza to promote a Senate bill in which [illegal aliens] would get social security benefits from the time they started working in America. We are pleased to say that this bill may move forward along with a larger amnesty bill that Senate Majority Harry Reid will introduce in the next couple of weeks...

Fight Back! Newspaper -- Minneapolis -- July 27, 2010     
MEChA subversives build for National Day of Action against SB1070   
Milwaukee, Wisc. -- The student and youth leaders of the Chicano student group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) are at the forefront in building for July 29, the National Day of Action Against SB1070. They have set forth the plan for a massive march and demonstration in downtown Milwaukee...

Tampa Bay Tribune -- May 23, 2010     
La Reconquista -- the politics of ethnic conflict   
...Ever mindful of the Mexican vote, the Obama Administration appointed Cecilia Munoz, an open-borders advocate, who was a senior vice president for the National Council of La Raza to the executive office of the president; and nominated Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a member of La Raza, to the Supreme Court. Cruz Bustamante ...and Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles, were both Mechistas -- under the Raza umbrella -- an anti-American separatist group.

The Daily of the University of Washington -- May 4, 2009   
Mechistas and pals, UWPD clash during May Day rally   
Student groups — including Democracy Insurgent, Jobs with Justice, First Nations and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán (MEChA) — rallied at Red Square before joining the citywide May Day march for immigration rights on Friday... [See Tantrum Watch]

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

East Valley Tribune -- Phoenix -- April 17, 2007
Measure backs 'American values' in state schools   
...Another section of the bill would bar public schools, community colleges and universities from allowing organizations to operate on campus if it is "based in whole or in part on race-based criteria," a provision Rep. Russell Pearce said is aimed at MEChA, the Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, a student group.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
Subversive Scum

San Diego Union-Tribune -- January 17, 2008
Too Funny! MEChA president exposed as Mexican invader, gets deported   
The president of the MEChA club at Palomar College has been deported to Mexico, immigration officials said Wednesday. -- Paola Oropeza was arrested Jan. 8 by a fugitive operations team with ICE, said Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for the department in San Diego.   AP Internal Use Only

SDSU Daily Aztec -- April 7, 2007
MEChA trash makes more ridiculous demands
Hundreds of college students and community members gathered during a "Zapata Vive" march on Saturday morning at Chicano Park in Barrio Logan, holding signs with slogans such as "No human being is illegal" and shouting cries for the freedom and justice of Mexican and Latin American people in the U.S.... AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
Subversive Scum

Inside Higher Ed -- August 29, 2006
A trio of lawsuits
Lately, Rio Hondo Community College has been serving Hispanic students, and getting served with lawsuits by Hispanic employees. -- Rio Hondo faces three active lawsuits by current and former employees with Mexican ancestry. The California college's student body that is about two- thirds Hispanic.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
Subversive Scum

Evelyn Miller -- California Coalition for Immigration Reform - June 22, 2006
Chicano propagandist paints happy face on MEChA
Gustavo Arellano's opinion piece on MEChA (L.A. Times, June 15) illustrated his mastery of spin. Painting MEChA as a benign group of Chicano students helping others, he omits much, distorts some, misrepresents the rest, and cleverly obfuscates. -- Read more about MEChA, some old, some recent, all radical...AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

American Patrol -- May 27, 2006
Arizona Daily Star Outrage
An editorial about MEChA in the Star today says: "Some of today's anti-immigration activists are subscribing to the old adage that the bigger a lie is, the more people will believe it." -- (First lie: we are anti-immigration. This piece of Mexican propaganda can't change the facts of MEChA. See Conquest of Aztlan --The A in MEChA stands for Aztlan.) [Related info]AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

The Conservative Voice -- May 27, 2006  
MEChA scourge named in thefts
The radical group MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) was named in the theft of approximately 5,000 newspapers published by the Pasadena City College Courier. The Pasadena Star News reports: "According to Courier staff, a group of four students piled up trash bags inside and outside their newsroom and left a note saying...AP Internal Use Only

Subversive Scum

Sher Zieve -- The American Conservative -- May 25, 2006
MEChA -- the Mexican Nazi Movement
MEChA ("Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan" or Chicano Students Movement of Aztlan) is neither a fraternity nor a "good-natured and altruistic college campus organization". Rather, it is the Hispanic version of the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan or Islamic Jihad- take your pick or mix 'n match.AP Internal Use Only

Screw MEChA

Houston Chronicle May 19, 2006
Student-run summit to set stage for future marches
High school and college students who have rallied in the streets for rights for [illegal aliens... criminals] hope to form a citywide student alliance to plan future forums and marches. -- Several hundred students are expected to gather for the Raza Youth Empowerment Summit on Saturday at the University of Houston.AP Internal Use Only

Rene Guerra -- New Media Journal -- May 13, 2006 
What I Learned About Mexico, in Mexico
...Prominent Chicano California Democrat politicians, such as Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, militated in MEChA, which stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, the epitome of all Aztlanista organizations; the two never repudiated it, and support illegal immigration.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
Subversive Scum

Bridget Johnson -- USA Today -- May 4, 2006
Loaded rhetoric harms invasion movement
"Unless you've lived under a rock for the last 15 years, you should make a note of this: The southwest is already Chicana/o- Latina/o!" proclaims the website of the California State University, Sacramento, chapter of MEChA. -- MEChA - an acronym for Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan...AP Internal Use Only

Screw MEChA

The Conservative Voice -- April 26, 2006
MEChA working to create Aztlan
The radical group MEChA (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan) is working hard to bring the mythical nation of Aztlan into reality. Chapters of the group are growing amongst Hispanics on University and high school campuses. -- MECha's plan is to retake or "reconquer" the American Southwest. AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
Subversive Scum

Boise State University Arbiter -- April 24, 2006
Reconquistas, subversives demand apology
Associated Students of Boise State University Jonathan Sawmiller received repeated negative feedback and declarations for a need for a public apology to members of MEChA, the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan, for comments he made in an opinion piece printed in The Arbiter Thursday, April 20, 2006, at the ASBSU, meeting Thursday.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
Subversive Scum

Johnathan Sawmiller -- Boise State University Arbiter -- April 20, 2006  
BSU immigration march sponsored by racist organization
...To quote from El Plan De Aztlán, the guiding document of MEChA since its formation in the late 1960s, "Brotherhood unites us, and love for our brothers makes us a people whose time has come and who struggles against the foreigner gabacho who exploits our riches and destroys our culture..."AP Internal Use Only

American Daily -- April 17, 2006  
Racism, illegal immigration and the quest for votes
"Por la raza todo" (Everything for the race). So reads the preamble of El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán and the slogan of MEChA, the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán). Popular on some college campuses in the southwest, the racism of MEChA was on display...AP Internal Use Only

Daily Record -- Ellensburg, Washington -- April 14, 2006
Mechistas, students "voice concerns" on immigration bill
...Carrying both U.S. and Mexican flags, a group of more than 40 demonstrators marched across CWU's campus April 5 shouting, "The people, united, shall never be divided." Holding a MEChA banner, they voiced in both English and Spanish their opposition to a bill in Congress that would make it a felony to be in the United States illegally...AP Internal Use Only

Subversive Scum

We Get E-Mail -- April 7, 2006
MEChista madrassa at Tucson Magnet High School
Marxist agitator and pro-ILLEGAL alien activist Dolores Huerta was an invited guest speaker at a special assembly at Tucson High Magnet School the day after massive student walkouts in support of illegal aliens. Huerta was the co-founder, with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers Union and is one of the national leaders...AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- April 4, 2006
High school student: Ban MEChA
Riverside, Calif. -- Jurupa Valley High School senior Josh Denhalter asked the school board to remove MEChA student groups from all campuses in the district Monday. -- "I don't think our school board should promote or allow a program on our campuses that promotes or advocates violence against America," Denhalter said.AP Internal Use Only

Subversive Scum

San Diego State University Daily Aztec -- April 4, 2006
Members of MEChA and AChA march in Downtown
The cries of protesters rang through the streets of Downtown San Diego on Friday. -- With the support of San Diego State's Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlán members and other SDSU organizations, an estimated 2,000 high school students rallied against the most recent immigration law proposal.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

Yale Daily News -- March 31, 2006
MEChA rallies against bills
With the U.S. Senate mired in debate on legislation that addresses border security and immigrant worker status, about 200 students gathered Thursday afternoon for a "Rally in Solidarity" to express their support for [illegal aliens... criminals]. Adriana Garcia '08, the moderator of student advocacy group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan...AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

Jim Kouri -- Voices Magazine -- March 26, 2006
The illegal immigration reform scam
This weekend, thousands of activists and illegal aliens have been rallying in Los Angeles to protest against plans to further criminalize so-called undocumented workers. The protest's main organizer Javier Rodriguez has ties to the radical left group MEchA, which believes Mexicans have a right to repopulate lands stolen from them by the United States.AP Internal Use Only

The Scourge of
MEChA - The Tan Klan

Bellingham Herald -- March 4, 2006
WWU professor on author's list of 'dangerous' academics
...Western Washington University's Larry Estrada pleads guilty to most of the things David Horowitz says about him in his new book "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America." -- Horowitz apparently bases the separatist charge on Estrada's ties to MEChA, the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan, a student group...AP Internal Use Only

Much More on this Radical Band of Subversives