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Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- August 23, 2003 
Meddling Mexicans threaten U.S. civilian border groups
...Another issue likely to be discussed by Napolitano and Fox is that of the vigilante groups roaming the border in search of undocumented migrants [criminals] crossing private land. -- "Neither in Mexico nor in the United States should we let people take their justice in their own hands," [meddling Mexican Geronimo] Gutierrez said. "Whenever there's a way that the Mexican government can either directly proceed with a legal process against any vigilante organization..."AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- August 22, 2003 
Mexicans living abroad ask more from their government
Mexicans living in the United States want their [meddlesome] home country to arrange cross-border health insurance, denounce anti-immigrant groups and helping identify the bodies of migrants, according to suggestions published Thursday by a fledgeling migrant advisory council. -- Since taking office in December 2000, President Vicente Fox made the rights of Mexicans living abroad a priority. AP Internal Use Only


Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- August 20, 2003 
Mexican senator meddling in U.S. border states
A senator from Mexico in Arizona on Tuesday agreed that Mexico must accept responsibility for illegal immigration into the United States that has led to at least 133 deaths so far this year in the Arizona desert. -- However, it will take years before Mexico can implement the changes needed to improve the economic conditions that force immigrants...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- August 19, 2003 
Mexican senator meddling in U.S. border states
Jeffrey Jones, a federal senator from the Mexican state of Chihuahua who is chairman of the Senate border commission in Mexico City, will be in Phoenix today as part of a weeklong tour of U.S. border states, Mexican officials said. -- Jones is particularly interested in four key issues: driver's licenses, health care, education and the acceptance of [worthless] Mexican ID cards... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald Review -- August 13, 2003
More on Meddling Mexican Government, BAN grousing
Bisbee -- A group of illegal immigrants reportedly detained by members of the Tombstone-based Civil Homeland Defense has stirred Mexican officials and a pro-immigrant group [the pro-invasion Border Action Network] in the United States to demand an investigation of the Aug. 1 incident. AP Internal Use Only


San Francisco Chronicle -- August 13, 2003
Medding Mexican touts U.S. need for more of his countrymen
America relies on millions of illegal Mexican laborers to keep its economy going and it will need them even more as a large chunk of the aging U.S. population retires, Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said Wednesday. -- Derbez said Washington has to "view migration [he means 'invasion'] as a positive thing...." AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition -- August 13, 2003
Meddling Mexicans call for review of civilian patrol action
Mexican officials are demanding an investigation into an Aug. 1 incident in which a group of 29 illegal border crossers - including children - were intercepted and detained by armed members of Tombstone-based Civil Homeland Defense. -- Such encounters with private groups patrolling the border are fraught with the potential for violence, the Mexican government said through its consul in Douglas, Miguel Escobar Valdez. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- August 6, 2003
Obnoxious Mexican colonists forming 'state clubs' in U.S.
With support from the Mexican government, Mexican immigrants living in Phoenix are forming clubs with other immigrants from the same state in an effort to preserve their culture and traditions and raise their standard of living in the United States. -- Locally, only a handful of clubs are strong, among them clubs representing the states of Zacatecas, Jalisco, Guanajuato and Sonora... AP Internal Use Only


San Diego Union-Tribune -- August 2, 2003
Invaders busted near consulate; Mexicans 'outraged'
Mexican officials filed a formal complaint with the Border Patrol yesterday after agents arrested a Mexican family on their way to the Mexican consulate in San Diego. -- "This was an act of bad faith," said Consul General Rodulfo Figueroa [contact this meddler]. "We feel outraged over the way it was handled. They were hunting them. They were spying on them...." AP Internal Use Only


Pioneer Press - Chicago Area -- July 31, 2003 
Consular General of Mexico to visit Highwood
Highland Park, Ill. -- Carlos Manuel Sada Solana, the Consular General of Mexico, will visit Highwood Wednesday to meet community leaders and residents. -- Plans also are underway for a local bank to sponsor a visit by the consulate to issue Matricula Consular identification cards in September. AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Modesto Bee -- July 29, 2003 
Meddling Mexican pushes Mickey Mouse IDs
A Mexican government official is scheduled to address the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors this morning, asking them to promote a card issued by Mexico as a valid form of ID. -- Jose L. Soberanes, consul general of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of the ID cards, will make a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation to the board, describing the consular ID, also known as "matricula consular...." AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press -- July 24, 2003   
Arrogant Mexican congress demands Fox gov't stick up for invaders
Concerned by U.S. moves to restrict Mexican identification documents, Mexico's Congress has urged the government to continue issuing the consular ID cards. --- The Mexican Congress noted that migrants send some $10 billion a year to Mexico and it demanded that President Vicente Fox's government issue declarations making clear "that Mexico will not back down in its efforts to guarantee the rights our migrants, legal as well as illegal." AP Internal Use Only

Riverside (California) Press Enterprise (Free Registration) -- July 23, 2003   
Sham ID decision delayed to accomodate meddling Mexican
Riverside - City leaders postponed a decision Tuesday on whether to recognize Mexican consular identification cards after officials at the Mexican consulate in San Bernardino asked for more time to address Riverside police concerns. -- In a statement read by Mayor Ron Loveridge, Mexico's consul in San Bernardino, Carlos I. Giralt-Cabrales, said he wanted the chance to speak with Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach about the department's concern with the ID card. AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Associated Press -- July 19, 2003 
Meddling, lying Mexican pushes sham IDs in Louisville
The Mexican Consul for Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio was here Friday urging city officials to accept a card issued by the Mexican government as a valid form of identification. -- "The Consular ID is a very reliable document with a number of security features," Sergio Aguilera [the Mexican consul] said at a news conference. [FBI condemns bogus Mexican cards] [Related Item]AP Internal Use Only AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune -- July 18, 2003 
Meddling Mexicans won't halt unlawful U.S. entry
...If the United States would legalize millions of Mexicans already here and invite others to come as temporary workers, Mexico would end its laissez faire policy at the border and take firm steps to block illegal immigrants from crossing. -- But last week a member of Vicente Fox's Cabinet flatly rejected the notion that Mexico would restrain its people's illegal movement into the U.S. [Note remarks by Rep. Jeff Flake, R-AZ] AP Internal Use Only

Capital Times -- Madison, Wisconsin -- July 17, 2003 
Meddling Mexican says worthless IDs a 'win-win proposition'
Mexican Consul Edurne Pineda says the "matricula consular," the identification card issued by the Mexican Consulate to nationals living in the United States, is a "win-win" proposition. -- Mexican officials are stumping the Midwest lobbying for acceptance of the card even as national and state lawmakers try to toughen ID requirements for resident aliens. [FBI: Sham IDs unreliable] AP Internal Use Only


Florida Today -- July 17, 2003
Bogus Mexican ID cards under fire
..."It's [sham IDs] a way a community can identify the people who live and work there," said Jorge Lomonaco, consul general from the Mexican Consulate in Miami [illegals are prohibited from working in the U.S.]. -- Glenn Spencer, president of, a California group lobbying for removal of illegal immigrants and heightened border security, said of the cards: "It completely subverts and degrades the quality of our identification system." AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs -- July 10, 2003
Bogus ID card solves identity crisis for lawbreakers
..The [sham matricula consular] card, accepted by some local banks as legitimate identification, is issued by the Mexican and Guatemalan consulates to their nationals residing in the U.S. It is an effort to give an identity to those who are forced to have had to live without one [because they are criminals]. -- "Really, there are no strong arguments against the card," said Norberto S. Terrazas, the consul in charge of legal protection for Mexican citizens. AP Internal Use Only


San Diego Union-Tribune -- July 10, 2003
2-nation education program to expand
Mexico and California officials yesterday announced the expansion of a binational education program that targets limited-English speaking Latinos. The program features a Spanish-based curriculum provided by Mexico via the Internet. -- The program will be expanded to South County and will focus on boosting the education of adults and middle school students. AP Internal Use Only

Bellville (Illinois) News-Democrat -- July 1, 2003
Arrogant Mexican knows what's best for the U.S.?
...The lack of official documentation is a huge problem for many of the 20 million Mexican citizens in the United States, particularly the 4 million here illegally, said Edurne Pineda Ayerbe, a consul... -- "I think this [sham ID] is something that will help your society," Ayerbe said of the registration program. "Our point of view is that it heightens American security. It helps you to control better what goes on inside your country." AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Diana Hull, Ph.D. -- CAPS -- July 1, 2003
Bogus IDs: A Step on the Slippery Slope to Merger with Mexico
...Part of Mexico's long-range plan for virtual merger with its rich northern neighbor-and on its own terms-is the Matricular Consular Card. Mexico's views about immigrants' rights in the US are expressed repeatedly in its media by President Vicente Fox, cabinet members and other elites, and to US mass immigration supporters like the National Council of La Raza. AP Internal Use Only

San Bernardino County Sun -- June 30, 2003 
Southlander courts voters from Mexico
San Bernardino, Calif. - ... Manuel De La Cruz Ramirez is one of six U.S. residents seeking a seat in Mexico's lower house of Congress in July's mid-term election. -- The latest stop on his whirlwind tour was Thursday in San Bernardino. -- "This is a major historical step that is being taken,' said Armando Navarro, an ethnic studies professor at UC Riverside. -- Congressional candidate Jose Jacques Medina, a Los Angeles labor organizer [and so-called 'immigrant rights activist'], was also scheduled to appear at the forum.AP Internal Use Only

EFE -- June 29, 2003 
Mexicans bewail criticism of their fallacious ID
Mexican Government Secretary Santiago Creel is dismissing U.S. criticism of his country's practice of issuing consular identification cards to Mexican citizens living abroad, because, he said, foreign governments have no say in the matter. -- "Authorities in countries - in the United States or wherever - other than Mexico have no say in the matter of our consular ID," Creel said... AP Internal Use Only

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