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Brenda Walker -- -- July 22, 2010     
Alien exporters join to annoy Arizona   
When Mexico's irritating Presidente Calderon was made to feel comfortable during his May visit by Obama about bashing Arizona, he responded by laying it on thick. He addressed Congress and proceeded to accuse the state, an important part of America, of racial profiling. Furthermore, the Democrat half of Congress stood and cheered the foreign leader of an unfriendly country as he condemned Arizona...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- July 21, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The Archbishop of San Salvador, Jose Luis Escobar Alas, affirms that Central American bishops will hold a meeting in November to reach a common posture to fight “in the Government and the Congress of the United States” for a migratory reform in the U.S...

CNN International -- July 21, 2010      
10 nations join medding Mexicans in opposition to Arizona law   
Mexico has received the support of parliamentary leaders from 10 nations in opposition to Arizona's controversial new immigration law, the Mexican Senate president said Wednesday. -- Mexico and the other nations signed a declaration expressing their "strong condemnation and profound rejection of the law," said Senate President Carlos Navarrete Ruiz...

WFAA-TV -- Dallas -- July 19, 2010     
Invading nations bid to join Mexico in Arizona case    
Seven other Latin American countries want to join Mexico in supporting a lawsuit challenging Arizona's immigration enforcement law. -- Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru filed separate, nearly identical motions to join Mexico's legal brief supporting the lawsuit filed by U.S. civil rights and other advocacy groups...

WXIA-TV -- Atlanta -- July 16, 2010       
Teodoro Maus: The Mexican Consul windbag who never went home 
...Speaking at the DREAM Act rally, former Atlanta Mexican Consul and Latino activist Teodoro Maus first seemed to imply that those who oppose it are racist. -- "The cost of not allowing our children to study is so large that only truly racist people will prefer to pay that price than to allow our children to study," Maus said... [Also see The Dustin Inman Society]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- July 12, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The president of the Mexican Senate, Carlos Navarrete, traveled to Germany with a group of fellow senators where he denounced the Arizona law, SB 1070. Before the offense against migrants in the US by Arizona's law, Navarrete said the only way for Mexico not to continue "expelling" their people abroad would be the generation of jobs and economic development to improve the quality of life of their people...

Fox News -- July 3, 2010     
Judge lets meddling Mexicans join in lawsuit against Arizona law   
Mexico gets its a say in one of the lawsuits challenging Arizona's immigration enforcement law. -- A federal judge on Thursday granted Mexico's request to be allowed to file a legal brief supporting the challenge. That means the judge will consider the brief Mexico submitted previously...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- July 3, 2010     
Despite Mexico's meddling, illegal alien tried and convicted of killing toddler    
On Wednesday, after six days of testimony, a Dakota County jury found De Jesus Melisio-Camacho, 30, guilty of murdering 3-year-old Evelyn Verdugo Paniagua in her family's South Sioux City home. -- The jury recommended the illegal alien be executed for his crime... [See More of Obama's pet fiends]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- June 29, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Morelia, Mich., Mex. -- Several civil organizations are planning a march on July 17th in support of [illegal aliens.... criminals] in the USA and to support Mexican authorities who have come out against Arizona's SB-1070. -- This mobilization was called by the leader of a group called Sexual Diversity in Michoacán...

AOL News -- June 27, 2010     
Usual suspects up in arms over Governor Brewer's remarks on illegals   
...Larry Birns, Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington, D.C., called Brewer's comments "an exaggeration, but not by much," as Mexican drug cartels become more and more influential in illegal immigration. -- The people-smuggling industry "has gone from a sort of do-it-yourself, small guy operation, to big business," Birns said... See Border Action Network Watch]

Allan Wall -- -- June 27, 2010      
Mexico's outrageous legal brief against Arizona   
Mexico meddles in U.S. immigration policy, as I've reported for years, but they keep getting away with it. After all, our own government allows and even encourages them. -- So it's no surprise that the Mexican government has submitted a friend of the court brief supporting a suit against SB 1070 brought by a group of organizations... [See MALDEF Watch, and ACLU Watch]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- June 25, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Mexican congressmen and leaders of migrants' organizations met with state legislators from Arizona at the Mexican congressional facility "to manifest their preoccupation for the racial discrimination and the acts assaulting human rights that the law SB1070 can bring when it goes into effect."

Inger Eberhart -- The Examiner -- June 25, 2010     
Mexico uses far-left talking points to oppose Arizona's SB1070   
As stated earlier, Mexico filed a "friend of the court" brief in support of the federal government's lawsuit against the state of Arizona for their passage of SB1070. -- The core of the issue is that there are people who are in the US in violation of our immigration laws, plain and simple...

The State Column -- June 24, 2010     
Governor Jan Brewer takes issue with meddling Mexicans   
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer continues to be the center of the political firestorm over immigration. -- Earlier this week, in papers filed in a U.S. federal court on Tuesday, the Mexican government asked the court to reject the state's immigration law on the grounds that it is unconstitutional...

Stein Report -- June 24, 2010    
Read Mexico's incredible brief against Arizona's SB1070   
The Mexican government has managed with the assistance of several U.S. law firms to produce a brief so stunning in its overall outrageousness that they have outdone themselves. Mexico's position through their brief, filed against SB 1070, is that the democratic will of the Arizona electorate, the inalienable right of self-determination...

Inger Eberhart -- The Examiner -- June 23, 2010    
Meddling Mexico signs on with the U.S. government to sue Arizona    
Many states seek to duplicate Arizona's efforts: Nebraska, Texas and even Georgia. Although Barack Obama has vowed to sue Arizona over the law, there are other organizations that are signing on to sue Arizona. As expected, the ACLU is one of the groups. However, there is another group that has signed on for the suit... [Related item on obnoxious and arrogant Mexican Gov't]

Tucson Sentinel -- June 22, 2010    
Corrupt Mexican gov't asks U.S. court to throw out SB 1070   
The Mexican government jumped into the fight against Arizona's SB 1070 on Monday, telling a federal court that the immigration law "threatens to poison the well" of U.S.-Mexican diplomacy and will lead to racial profiling of Mexican citizens. --- The "friend of the court" brief asks the court to declare SB 1070 "unconstitutional in its entirety."

Associated Press -- June 22, 2010     
Arrogant Mexicans ask US court to reject Arizona immigration law   
Mexico is asking a federal court in Arizona to declare the state's new immigration law unconstitutional. -- Lawyers for Mexico on Tuesday submitted a legal brief in support of a lawsuit challenging the law. -- Mexico also [hypocritically] says it has a legitimate interest in defending its citizens' rights and that the law would lead to racial profiling...

Washington Post -- June 10, 2010     
Mexicans continue to carp, blame Arizona law for El Paso shooting   
...José Reyes Baeza, the governor of Chihuahua, said U.S. agents were too quick to shoot at Mexicans, and he blamed "the xenophobic and racist conduct" on the passage of a new immigration law in Arizona that lets city and state police detain people who are in the United States illegally...

Yahoo! News -- June 8, 2010   
Calderon bwmoans border killing, ties it to Arizona immigration law   
Mexican President Felipe Calderon is condemning the killing of an illegal [alien] by U.S. Border Patrol agents as a "truly unacceptable violation" that involved "torture." He's also tying it to Arizona's immigration law, even though the incident took place on the border with California... [Related item]

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher -- The Hill -- Washington -- June 4, 2010     
Mexican overreach in Calif. highlights an unsustainable approach to immigration 
Since the signing of the tough new immigration enforcement law in Arizona, which I support, the issue of illegal immigration has once again jettisoned to the forefront of national political discussion. The Obama administration's reaction to Arizona's efforts to get an untenable situation under control, has been disappointingly predictable... [See Meddling Mexicans]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- June 3, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Mexican Senator Manuel Velasco Coello energetically condemned the death of the Mexican [illegal alien] "who lost his life after having received a brutal beating from agents of the U.S. Border Patrol," and he called for the repudiation of any racist attempt to criminalize migration... [Illegal immigration is a crime and has been for decades]

Sara A. Carter -- Washington Examiner -- June 3, 2010     
Outrageous!: Mexico opens California office to provide ID for illegals   
The Mexican government is opening a satellite consular office on Catalina Island -- a small resort off the California coast with a history of drug smuggling and human trafficking -- to provide the island's illegal Mexican [aliens.... criminals] with [sham] identification cards, The Washington Examiner has learned...

KSWT-TV -- Yuma / El Centro -- May 30, 2010     
Mexican nationals toss pro-amnesty tantrum   
Mexico, DF -- The immigration protest is going [inter]national. -- More than 300 people gathered at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City chanting, "Obama, keep your promise." They are demanding legalization [amnesty] for [illegal Mexican aliens.... criminals] in the U.S....

Joe Woolverton, II -- The New American -- May 29, 2010     
Calderon and Obama blame America for Mexico's woes   
Last week the President of Mexico set off on a human rights lecture tour of Washington, D.C. and chief among his claque of foot tappers was the President of the United States. -- At the invitation of President Barack Obama and leaders of the House and Senate, Mexican President Felipe Calderon stood and addressed a joint session of Congress on May 20... -- May 30, 2010     
Border law opponents want international fix in Arizona   
Lawmakers from Arizona who oppose their state's crackdown on illegal aliens are joining up with lawmakers from the Mexican state of Sonora to call on the OAS for a fix. -- The Arizona statute, which essentially duplicates federal law to allow law enforcement officers to check the legal status of those they have reasonable suspicion may be in the US illegally, has been targeted by Mexican authorities...

Allan Wall -- -- May 28, 2010     
Meddling Mexican trolls Washington   
Like a Roman emperor visiting a province, Mexican President Felipe Calderon paid a visit to his subjects in Washington, D.C. last week. -- He was received with pomp and circumstance, told his subjects what he wanted done, and returned home a conquering hero. -- Would we tolerate such arrogant behavior from Russia or China? [See Obama Watch]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- May 28, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
"The Council of Ministers [read: Cabinet ] announced yesterday that Honduras will file a lawsuit against the law that criminalizes illegal immigration in Arizona." Alden Rivera, Vice-Minister of Foreign Relations [read: Deputy Secretary of State ] said that a team of lawyers will be sent to carry out the legal procedures so that the legislation may be nullified...

Investor's Business Daily -- May 25, 2010   
Calderon and Daley want your guns    
Not happy with interfering in our internal affairs by savaging Arizona's new immigration law, the president of Mexico wants to shred our Second Amendment too. And the mayor of Chicago wants to help. -- There stood Mexican President Felipe Calderon before Congress, blaming America for the violence on his side of the border and, among other things, the guns that fuel the Mexican drug war... [See Gun Grabbers]

Inside Costa Rica -- May 25, 2010     
Guatemalans gripe about Arizona immigration law   
Guatemalan immigrant leaders are fearing a wave of violence after the enacting of a controversial law against the stay of people without identity papers in the US Arizona state, said the media in this capital on Saturday. -- This is part of people's reactions in Guatemala and in the national community in the United States... [More meddling by foreigners]

KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- May 25, 2010    
Delegation of miffed meddling Mexicans heading to Arizona   
A delegation of Mexican senators plans to go to Arizona to listen to opinions about the U.S. state's immigration law, but it will not take part in any protests against the controversial measure. -- The Mexican Senate has already voiced its opposition to the Arizona law, which will make it a state crime to be in Arizona without documents...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- May 24, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
President Felipe Calderón yesterday gave a speech filled with high patriotic content. With language that recalled that of Belisario Dominguez (a Mexican patriot), he firmly berated the errors committed daily in the United States on two issues: the intolerance of Mexican [illegal immigration... crime] and the arms traffic into our country... [seal your own damned borders Felipe]

Robert Moon -- The Examiner -- May 24, 2010     
Mexico's Immigration Policies: Enforcement works   
In an effort to officially dump 15 million uneducated poor people on the U.S., Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently stood before our Congress and denounced Arizona for the hate crime of asking immigrants to identify themselves. -- According to Calderon, enforcement "ignores reality."

CNS News -- May 24, 2010   
Crackpot Leftist Kennedy agrees with meddling Mexican   
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told that Mexican President Felipe Calderon was wrong to criticize Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law, adding that Calderon had also "mischaracterized the law." -- Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), however, said that Calderon was "right on" in criticizing the new law...

New Hampshire Union-Leader -- Manchester -- May 24, 2010   
Obama and Calderon: Insulting Americans together   
It used to be that you could always count on the President of the United States to defend America's reputation at home and abroad. No more. Not under the regime of El Presidente Obama. -- Last week, Mexican President Felipe Calderon crossed the border into the United States (legally), came to Washington and told lies about American citizens...

Washington Times Editorial -- May 24, 2010     
The hypocrisy of Calderon's Arizona fury   
With boundless hypocrisy, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has accused Arizona of opening the door "to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement." That's ironic, considering some of the Mexican laws rigorously enforced on foreigners. These include... [See Meddling Mexicans]

Chris McDaniel -- Laurel (Md.) Leader Call -- May 23, 2010     
Calderon's comments were inappropriate   
...Standing near President Obama at the White House, [Felipe Calderon] had the audacity to deride the law and the people of Arizona. Ignoring the draconian manner in which his own nation cracks down on illegal immigration along its southern border, Calderon preached that cooperation is needed to fix the immigration issue but lectured against "such laws as the Arizona law that is forcing our people to face discrimination."

Florida Pundit -- May 23, 2010     
Calderon's double standard on immigration and shameful response from Congress 
Mexican President Felipe Calderon made history this week. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time a foreign head of state given the honor of speaking in front of the US Congress attacked a US state [with the blessing of this menace]. What is more shameful though is that representatives stood up to give Calderon a standing ovation for his misrepresentation of Arizona's recently passed immigration law...

Press Release -- May 23, 2010     
CHC meets with Meddling Mexican In Chief   
..."Today's CHC meeting with President Calderon was an excellent opportunity to discuss our nations' shared values and interests," said Congressman Joe Baca (D-California). "The president understands that a strong partnership between the United States and Mexico is critical to the future success and security of both our nations. He also understands that laws driven by racial fears and prejudices, like Arizona SB 1070, are detrimental to U.S.-Mexico relations..."

Roger Gitlin -- The Signal -- Santa Clarita, Calif. -- May 23, 2010    
The Mexican president has real chutzpah   
...Last week, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, with White House approval and invitation, addressed Congress and displayed arguably the most outrageous form of chutzpah I've every heard. The president of Mexico proceeded to scold Americans on their ill-perceived intolerance to "immigrants." [See Meddling Mexicans]

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- May 22, 2010    
Obama, lawmakers defy Arizonians who support immigration crackdown   
More and more Americans are becoming enraged with the ugly and anti-American display of U.S. political leaders pandering to the corrupt and hypocritical Mexican President Felipe Calderon as he boldly bashed American citizens in their own country. -- First, President Barack Obama allowed Calderon to slam American citizens in Arizona over the new immigration enforcement law...

Politico -- May 21, 2010     
Grijalva, Menendez giddy over Calderon's attack on Arizona law   
A...Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz. - more MEChA trash), who has called for a boycott of his home state, praised Calderon's comments. "I'm glad he said it, as a head of state," Grijalva said after the speech. "The law is so ugly, so insulting and so racially motivated that it didn't give him any option." -- New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez didn't seem bothered by a foreign leader criticizing the United States while standing in the House chamber...

Press Release     
CHC traitors meet with Meddling Mexican In Chief   
..."Today's CHC meeting with President Calderon was an excellent opportunity to discuss our nations' shared values and interests," said Congressman Joe Baca (D-California). "The president understands that a strong partnership between the United States and Mexico is critical to the future success and security of both our nations. He also understands that laws driven by racial fears and prejudices, like Arizona SB 1070, are detrimental to U.S.-Mexico relations..."

Press Release     
CHC traitors meet with Meddling Mexican In Chief   
..."Our deep ties and close friendship with Mexico drive us to work together towards a shared prosperity and to find common sense solutions to the problems that both face," said Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-California), Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus... [More Meddling Mexicans]

Infowars -- Austin, Texas -- May 21, 2010    
Congressman slams "outrage" of Calderon lecture on immigration    
Following Mexican President Felipe Calderon's attack on the second amendment and his lecturing on American immigration policy, Congressman Tom McClintock described Calderon's behavior as an "outrage" during a speech on the House floor yesterday, pointing out that America treats immigrants far better than the brutal way they are dealt with in Mexico...

Infowars -- Austin, Texas -- May 21, 2010      
A message to Felipe Calderon   
Radio personality Alex Jones responds to the radical and anti-American rhetoric issued [yesterday] by visiting Mexican President Felipe Calderón on the floor of the U.S. Congress. -- Keep in mind, Calderón and Obama are continuing unfinished business-- i.e. the North American Union...

Los Angeles Times -- May 21, 2010     
Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer fires back at Napolitano and Calderon   
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer launched a double-barrage back Thursday at President Obama's Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who took the occasion of his state visit to Washington to twice criticize the law of an American state.

Infowars -- Austin, Texas -- May 21, 2010     
Meddling Mexican wants to disarm Americans   
Mexican President Felipe Calderón called upon the United States Congress to re-enact the assault weapons ban in a bid to disarm the American people as they are integrated into the North American Union system. Further, he placed blame for fueling drug cartels and gang violence squarely on the United States and their supply of firearms...

U.S. News & World Report -- May 20, 2010    
Meddling Mexican whines about Arizona law, U.S. firearms, wants amnesty   
...Calderon acknowledged a need for comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty] in the United States but criticized the controversial Arizona law that would require illegal [aliens.... criminals] to carry their registration papers at all times. "It is a law that not only ignores the reality [huh?] -- but also introduces a terrible idea of racial profiling," said Calderon...

The Hill -- Washington -- May 20, 2010    
Top GOPer: Calderon 'crossed the line' by criticizing Arizona law   
Mexican President Felipe Calderon "crossed the line" by criticizing the Arizona immigration law and warning his citizens not to travel to the state, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee said Wednesday. -- Calderon has been a strong critic of the controversial law, issuing a travel advisory about the dangers Mexicans might face in Arizona.... [Related Statement]

Roll Call -- Washington -- May 20, 2010     
Obama immigration comments rile Congress   
President Barack Obama exuded confidence in the prospects for passing comprehensive immigration reform as he went before the cameras Wednesday with his guest, Mexican President Felipe Calderon. But on the Hill, lawmakers in both parties pounced on the president for failing to admit the reality of the matter: There is no appetite for taking it up anytime soon, and Republicans aren't the only reason why...

American Patrol Report -- May 20, 2010       
Democrats cheer Mexican attack on Arizona   
Watch this video. It shows Mexican President Calderon attacking Arizona's new law dealing with illegal immigration. His comments are interrupted by a standing ovation from congressional Democrats.

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- May 20, 2010     
Obama sides with Mexican president against Americans    
President Barack Obama and Mexico's President Felipe Calderon yesterday blasted Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, with Calderon telling reporters that the law is discriminatory while Obama spoke about the need for immigration reform. Critics call the term "immigration reform" a euphemism for amnesty for millions of lawbreakers...

BBC -- May 20, 2010     
Meddling Mexican to urge US lawmakers to overhaul immigration laws    
...Mr Calderon has been highly critical of US immigration policies during his two-day state visit. -- He said that under current laws, migrant workers [illegal aliens] were often forced to "live in the shadows". -- US President Barack Obama conceded the system was "broken" and appealed to Republicans to support reform [read: amnesty]...

The White House -- May 19, 2010     
Remarks by meddling Mexican at official arrival ceremony   
"...Today, Mexicans and Americans share a decisive moment for our respective countries.  We face common challenges of great magnitude: organized crime, economic crisis, climate change, migration.  These monumental challenges place us at a crossroads:  either we return to mutual recrimination..."

The White House -- May 19, 2010     
Misguided remarks by Obama, Calderon and tightly controlled "press availability"
Obama spewed (among other things): ."..To fix our broken immigration system, I reaffirmed my deep commitment to working with Congress in a bipartisan way to pass comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty] .  And comprehensive reform means accountability for everybody:  government that is accountable for securing the border; businesses being held accountable when they exploit workers..."

KVOA-TV -- Tucson -- May 19, 2010     
Obama says Arizona's immigration law could be discriminatory   
President Barack Obama criticized Arizona's tough immigration law Wednesday as "misdirected" and said it has the potential to be applied in a discriminatory fashion. He called for overhauling the nation's immigration laws [read: amnesty] and said that can't be done unless Republicans support it...

BBC -- May 19, 2010     
Calderon renews attack on Arizona immigration law    
Mexican President Felipe Calderon has used the start of a state visit to the US to renew his attack on Arizona's controversial new immigration law. -- Mr Calderon said people were "still living here in the shadows with such laws as the Arizona law that is placing our people to face discrimination". -- President Barack Obama emphasised a message of solidarity, saying the US and Mexico would "stand together".

USA Today -- May 19, 2010    
Meddling Calderon condemn Arizona's immigration law   
President Obama formally welcomed Mexican "partner" Felipe Calderon to the White House this morning for a state visit that turns on the volatile issue of immigration -- including Calderon's criticism of the controversial new law in Arizona. -- "If we are divided, we cannot overcome these problems," Calderon said in attacking the Arizona proposal allowing police officers to demand identification...

Bellingham (Wash.) Herald -- May 18, 2010     
Visiting Calderon to bellyache about U.S. on immigration laws   
President Obama will confront deepening international frustration with the U.S. immigration system Wednesday when his Mexican counterpart arrives for a private summit where he will air strong objections to the punitive tilt of American immigration policy... [Arrogant hypocrite Calderon should read this]

Council of Foreign Relations -- Interview -- Shannon K. O'Neil -- May 18, 2010    
The Message from Calderón in the U.S.   
On his state visit to Washington May 19-20, Mexican President Felipe Calderón will call attention to his country's new hard line against escalating drug-gang violence that has triggered cross-border concerns. But the issue of immigration could generate heat because of the new Arizona law on illegal [aliens] and the controversy it has aroused...

Allan Wall -- -- May 18, 2010    
Mexican meddler Calderon coming to Washington  
Get ready folks. This week, on May 19th and 20th, Mexican president Felipe Calderon is scheduled to visit Washington D.C. -- Calderon plans to visit with President Obama and to address a joint session of Congress. (The congressional address is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Thursday, May 20th)...

USA Today -- May 18, 2010    
Mexican president's visit to focus on immigration   
A host of highly charged issues, from Arizona's controversial new immigration law to escalating violence in Mexico's drug war, will confront President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderón when they meet at the White House this week... [Related item] [See Amnesty Watch]

Jorge G. Castañeda -- Washington Post -- May 17, 2010    
Time for a reset in U.S.-Mexican relations   
...Mexico should propose, and Obama should welcome, a new stage in bilateral relations whose purpose would be to build what NAFTA left out and to reduce the development gap -- in income, welfare, technology, security, rule of law, health and education -- between Mexico and its wealthier North American partners. The label is secondary to the substance: The concept must include immigration reform in the United States [read: amnesty]... [See Castaneda Watch]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- May 14, 2010         
Meddling Mexicans remain in snit over Arizona immigration law  
Businessmen and organizations in Sonora and Tamaulipas invoked a boycott of Arizona in support of their countrymen residing in Arizona and called for "A Day Without Mexicans." The director of the (Mexican National Chamber of Commerce), Gustavo Claussen, said that the boycott will be coordinated at the national level...

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