Gringo Meddlers Expelled From Mexico! (Now What About Mexican Meddlers Here?)

by Allan Wall -- May 7, 2002


Take the career of only one Mexican diplomat: Teodoro Maus (see photo at right). From 1989 to 2001, with a brief hiatus, Maus was consul general at Atlanta, responsible for Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. But Consul Maus functioned more like a colonial governor than the diplomatic representative of a foreign nation.

In 1995, Consul Maus criticized the declaration of English as the official language of Georgia. Later he demanded and received an apology from a radio talk show host who had suggested machine guns and guard towers be placed on the border.

In 1996, Maus joined with local Hispanic activists and turned his guns on Norman Bingham, Cobb County Board of Education Chairman. Bingham, you see, had the temerity to exercise his First Amendment free speech rights in Maus’ fiefdom, by stating that Latino construction workers were “uneducated” and “probably illegal aliens”. After demanding Bingham’s ouster, Maus allowed the chairman to retain his position, after of course recanting and issuing a two-page apology. That same year Maus attacked a Smyrna, Georgia law requiring all commercial signs be in English.

In 1999, Maus agitated for the issuance of drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens, but in this case the Georgia legislature failed to carry out the consul’s edict. That same year, on a Spanish-language radio station, Consul Maus ordered local Hispanics to punish Georgia companies which, in Maus´ view, "mistreat or ignore Hispanic customers."

After stepping down as Consul General, Maus stayed in the U.S. as a private consultant and then president of the Mexican-American Business Chamber. Now Maus is slated to move to Washington as the Mexican government's liaison on environmental affairs. So you will be hearing more of him.


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WABE -- Atlanta -- November 9, 2011   
Mexican government mole Maus still meddling in U.S. affairs   
...Hinojosa says cases where a person was driving without a license is likely to make bail. But Teodoro Maus, from the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, says that's not the case in Metro Atlanta. He says on minor traffic stops officers are demanding papers of everyone in the car. -- "This is happening more and more, not only for the documents of the person who was driving but everybody else in the car..."

Journal-Constitution -- August 16, 2011       
Usual suspects toss anti-S-Comm tantrum in Atlanta   
..."If the president continues to alienate Latino voters, he will lose the election, plain and simple," Teodoro Maus [former Mexican Consul General for Atlanta who should have been deported long ago], president of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, said in a prepared statement issued before he and about a dozen others demonstrated in Atlanta...."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- July 18, 2011         
Mexican government mole and notorious scumbag Maus whining again 
Any Georgia adult who uses a fake ID to get a job could go to prison for 15 years and pay a fine of $250,000. --- "Not only does it not fit the crime, it's absolutely anti-human rights," said Teodoro Maus, [former Mexican Consul General for Atlanta and current pro-Mexican invasion activist who should have been deported long ago]. "It's ridiculous. It's unbelievable." [See More Mexican Meddling]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- July 15, 2011         
Appeal in court battle over anti-illegal immigration law reviewed   
State officials filed court papers this week offering a preview of how they will appeal a federal judge's recent decision to temporarily halt the most controversial parts of Georgia's tough new immigration enforcement law. -- In documents filed with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the state attorney general's office says it will focus on eight questions...

Savannah Morning News -- July 2, 2011         
People urged not to shop, work to protest Georgia law   
..."We will mark our presence with our absence so that the state of Georgia takes note of the important role and contributions of Latinos in the state," the group's president, Teodoro Maus, said. -- Georgia's Hispanic population has nearly doubled since 2000, to 865,689, or nearly 10 percent of the state's population, according to 2010 Census figures...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- July 2, 2011        
Thousands toss tantrum over new anti-illegal immigration law   
...D.A. King, president of The Dustin Inman Society, which he described as "pro-enforcement on American immigration and employment laws," said the rally participants are on the opposite side of the majority of U.S. opinion. -- "Most Americans realize that we take in more legal immigrants than any nation on the planet..."

Access North Georgia -- July 1, 2011         
Meddling former Mexican Consul General stirring up trouble   
A Hispanic advocacy group has called on Latinos in Georgia to not "work, buy, sell or spend" today in protest of the new immigration law which is effective today. --- Teodoro Maus, president of GLAHR, said, "We are calling on people of conscience, regardless of race, religion, or work activity, to join in this protest. The moment a person is "tagged" as "illegal, (it demerits) their dignity as human beings."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- June 27, 2011         
Judge halts parts of anti-illegal immigration law   
..."We know that the law is completely unconstitutional," said Teodoro Maus of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, one of the many organizations that is challenging the law in court. "We will continue organizing until it is erased from Georgia's books and our community is respected in this state for all we contribute." [Maus is the obnoxious former Mexican Consul General of Atlanta who stayed to push the invasion after he retired. He ought to be deported.]

WXIA-TV -- Atlanta -- March 24, 2011  
Teodoro's mob tosses hissy fit at Georgia State House   
...Protestors gathered Thursday said the won't support and won't comply with the proposed laws. Teodoro Maus, president of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, called the legislation racist. --- D.A. King, president of The Dustin Inman Society, which calls itself "a coalition of citizens for a secure Georgia", said the bills are fair, necessary, legal...

WXIA-TV -- Atlanta -- March 24, 2011     
Former Mexican official organizes Atlanta pro-amnesty tantrum   
A massive immigration rally is headed for the State Capitol Thursday. -- Teodoro Muas, President of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, calls House Bill 87 and Senate Bill 40 racist. --"You lose all civil rights, all human rights, all constitutional rights. Everything goes out the window," Muas said. "Human beings are not illegal."

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