'Comprehensive Immigration Reform'
So-called 'Guest Worker Program'

Translation: It's Really
amnesty Definition
am·nesty (amnəs tē)
noun pl. amnesties -·ties
  1. a pardon, esp. for political offenses against a government
  2. Archaic a deliberate overlooking, as of an offense

Etymology: Fr amnestie < L amnestia < Gr amnēstia, a forgetting: see amnesia

transitive verb amnestied -·tied, amnestying -·ty·ing
to grant amnesty to
amnesty Synonyms



amnesty Law Definition


A pardon for past criminal offenses for a class or group of individuals who are subject to trial but have not yet been convicted. Amnesty may be limited or conditional. For example, amnesty may be offered only to those who perform a certain act, such as community service, within a specific period of time. Also referred to as grant of amnesty.
amnesty Usage Examples

Converse of object

Preposition: for

Adjective modifier

Modifies a noun

Noun used with modifier

Note: Here's what globalist menace Bush's definition of amnesty was when he was pushing for the disaster.

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