The Obnoxious
Thomas Perez
Formerly with CASA de Maryland,
now a 'civil rights' hack for the DOJ

Shepard Ambellas -- Intel Hub -- April 9, 2012    
DOJ distraction in conjunction with MSM launched against Arpaio 
From the infamous "pink underwear" to the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation which accuses the sheriff of illegally detaining Hispanics, DOJ officials, in conjunction with the corporate controlled media have pulled no punches when it comes to demonizing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio amongst the public eye. -- Yet the mainstream media still fails to cover the actual 2200 plus hour law enforcement...

Associated Press -- April 5, 2012   
Illegal alien-coddling Obama regime accuses Arpaio of "bad faith"   
Phoenix -- The U.S. Justice Department said Tuesday that America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff was negotiating in bad faith, jeopardizing efforts to settle civil rights charges stemming from allegations of racial profiling against Latinos. -- Department of Justice officials told a lawyer for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that the lawman's refusal of a court-appointed monitor was a deal-breaker...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- March 16, 2012    
DOJ seeks to ensure illegal aliens get federal housing   
In a case that legal experts say defies logic and common sense, in order to ensure that low-income minorities get taxpayer-subsidized housing, Obama's (DOJ) has launched a nationwide discrimination probe that, ironically, is focusing on an area where the overwhelming number of public housing residents are Latino and black. -- The investigations are being conducted by the DOJ's civil rights division...

Fox News -- March 12, 2012   
Subversive Obama regime files objection to Texas voter ID law   
The Justice Department is objecting to a new photo ID law in Texas for voters, saying the state has failed to demonstrate that the the law is not discriminatory by design against Hispanic voters. -- The department's head of the civil rights division, [former CASA de Maryland hack] Tom Perez, wrote a a six-page letter to Texas' director of elections saying that Texas has not "sustained its burden" under Section 5... [Related item]

Baltimore Sun -- March 19, 2009                       
DoJ nominee also worked for pro-invasion National Immigration Forum  
...[Thomas] Perez appears to have achieved little, if any, public prominence on hot-button immigration issues, despite his involvement with CASA de Maryland on whose board he served from 1995 to 2002, including as president. He also was on the board of the National Immigration Forum for just over a year...

Tyche Hendricks -- San Francisco Chronicle -- March 18, 2009              
Obama switch on civil rights post leaves Latinos fuming   
When Obama named Maryland Secretary of Labor Tom Perez as his nominee for Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. DoJ, Friday, some Latino leaders cheered. The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials called Perez "exceptionally qualified." [Some are miffed that MALDEF menace Thomas Saenz didn't get the job.]

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