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Asa Hutchinson - Blowhard
Mason City (Iowa) Globe Gazette -- May 21, 2007
New Mexico Reconquista enters race for White House
Red Oak, Iowa -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson officially enters the race for the Democratic presidential nomination today with a speech in Los Angeles, two days after a swing through small towns in southwestern Iowa that he says shows the kind of campaign he will run.AP Internal Use Only

Dangerous Menace
Santa Fe New Mexican -- May 6, 2007
Richardson races to gain Hispanic recognition
If Bill Richardson's mother had been an American banker and his father had been the son of a prominent Mexico City clan, things might be different. As it is, the native Spanish-speaking presidential candidate with an Anglo last name faces a challenge convincing Hispanic voters that he, too, is Hispanic.AP Internal Use Only

Alamogordo Daily News -- May 2, 2007
Vehement Reconquista Richardson says border fence won't work
Las Vegas -- Presidential hopeful and Mexican Reconquista] Bill Richardson repeated his opposition to building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday and suggested his Democratic opponents who backed the idea did so for political reasons. -- ''They were mistaken,'' the New Mexico governor said of Democrats...AP Internal Use Only

Asa Hutchinson - Blowhard
San Francisco Chronicle -- May 1, 2007
Richardson: 'You've got to be part of causes you believe in'
...One hot-button issue he has had to confront as governor of a border state is illegal immigration. He [Mexican Reconquista Bill Richardson] said he is unequivocally opposed to building a border fence, calling it "a terrible symbol" that sends the wrong message to a friendly neighbor. -- "If I'm president, I'll tear it down myself," he said.AP Internal Use Only

Dangerous Menace
The Guardian -- London -- April 19, 2007
Bill Richardson: Letting it rip
...And [Richardson's] comments on some matters, like why he hasn't asked attorney general Alberto Gonzales to resign, are, to put it mildly, original: "The only reason I'm not [calling for Gonzales's resignation] is because he's Hispanic, and I know him and like him," said Richardson, adding, "It's because he's Hispanic. I'm honest."AP Internal Use Only

Asa Hutchinson - Blowhard
Austin American-Statesman -- March 20, 2007
Richardson says he'd tear down border wall
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democratic aspirant for president in 2008, said Monday that the wall being erected on the U.S.-Mexico border needs to go. -- "The wall should be torn down," Richardson told reporters after the Texas House and Senate approved resolutions in his honor.AP Internal Use Only

Dangerous Menace
Associated Press -- February 24, 2007
Richardson looks to mobilize Hispanics
For the Broward County Democratic chairman, Bill Richardson's presidential campaign has meaning far beyond how well the New Mexico governor fares against better known 2008 rivals. -- Richardson represents two important growth targets for the party, said Mitch Caesar: He is Hispanic and from a Western state once considered solidly Republican.AP Internal Use Only

Tan Klan Fan
Agence France-Presse -- December 10, 2006
OAS names reconquista menace as 'migration envoy'
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a former UN ambassador, was named as the Organization of American States' special envoy on migration in an effort to improve US-Latin American dialogue. -- The appointment came amid heated debate in the US over illegal immigration, as US lawmakers consider proposals to deal with the 11.5 million [illegal aliens... criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times Editorial -- December 8, 2006
Foundering L.A. rag lauds N.M. Reconquista gasbag
...For this, Richardson was given the usual treatment - surrealistic bashing from CNN's millionaire working- class hero, Lou Dobbs. Dobbs' website asked readers: "Do you believe, as New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson suggests, that efforts to secure our borders and ports are nothing more than demagoguery?"AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol
December 8, 2006
Reconquista candidate advocates surrender to Mexico
Lisa Sylvester -- Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN: Richardson is considered to be a Democratic president contender for '08. He says he is for abandoning the boarder fence, for a guest worker program, and for putting illegal aliens on a path to citizenship. The enforcement-only bill passed by the House of Representatives earlier this year Richardson ripped as a monument to demagoguery.

American Patrol
December 7, 2006
Reconquista governor/traitor bewails border fence
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson says a fence at the Mexican border authorized by Congress this fall "gets in the way" of U.S.-Mexico relations, and he wants the new Democratic Congress to reverse the legislation. -- "The fence is very unpopular on the border in Texas and New Mexico, in Chihuahua..."

Dangerous Menace
KTRE-TV -- Lufkin, Texas -- December 6, 2006
Dangerous Reconquista governor spews pro-Mexico hokum
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson says a fence along the Mexican border would get in the way of US - Mexico relations. -- Richardson says he wants the new Democratic Congress to reverse legislation that cleared the way for the 700- mile fence. -- Richardson made the comments after a meeting today in Washington...AP Internal Use Only

Tan Klan Fan
KOB-TV -- Albuquerque -- November 19, 2006
Dangerous Reconquista to meet with Calderon
Santa Fe, NM -- Gov. Bill Richardson will be in Mexico City on Monday to meet with Mexican President- elect Felipe Calderon. -- Richardson and Calderon plan to discuss issues of mutual concern to Mexico and New Mexico, including increased trade. -- Richardson's office said other issues likely to be discussed by the two leaders...AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol Daily Feature -- November 18, 2006
Reconquista Richardson calls for amnesty for invaders
Casey Wian: While speaking to Mexican lawmakers, won a new supporter back in the United States. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson wrote to President Bush pleading for leniency in the case. -- His letter reads, "Seven- year- old American citizen Saul Arellano is currently leading an international effort to save his mother from deportation."

KOB-TV -- Albuquerque -- November 16, 2006
Reconquista governor supports arrogant Mexican criminal
Santa Fe, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson is lending his support to a [Mexican illegal alien... criminal] who is trying to avoid deportation to Mexico. -- The woman's seven-year-old son is a US citizen. He's become an immigration activist. This week the boy succeeded in lobbying Mexico's Congress...AP Internal Use Only

Santa Fe New Mexican -- September 20, 2006
GOP cries foul over immigrant licenses
Albuquerque -- The state Republican Party claims Gov. Bill Richardson's administration blocked GOP efforts to determine the names of [illegal aliens... criminals] who have obtained New Mexico driver's licenses. -- Republicans expressed concern Tuesday that illegal immigrants could use New Mexico licenses to register to vote.AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Arizona Republic -- August 24, 2006
Invasion: Governors to chat with corrupt Mexicans
Four governors. Two Democrats and two Republicans. One giant issue. -- Border-state Govs. Janet Napolitano of Arizona, Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Texas Gov. Rick Perry join executives from Mexico's five border states at the U.S.- Mexico Border Governors Conference 2006 this week...AP Internal Use Only

KOB-TV -- Albuquerque -- August 22, 2006
Richardson to free up money for Reconquista pests
Santa Fe, NM -- Governor Richardson said Monday he will free up money to keep an Albuquerque education center open. -- The League of United Latin American Citizens' center benefits low-income, first generation New Mexicans preparing to enter college. -- Richardson says the $80,000 will come from a federal fiscal relief fund...AP Internal Use Only

Tan Klan Fan
Santa Fe New Mexican -- July 17, 2006
Richardson trolls for Latino voters in the Evergreen State
Sunnyside, Wash. -- Hispanics need to become more involved in the political process to ensure their voices are heard on issues facing the nation, including immigration, the nation's only Hispanic governor said during a weekend visit to the state. -- Registering to vote and going to the polls are critical parts of that process, Gov. Bill Richardson...AP Internal Use Only

Albuquerque Tribune -- July 16, 2006
Slur words over DWI?
Santa Fe -- Twenty-one words on a radio talk show have sparked the biggest back- and- forth of the 2006 gubernatorial election so far. -- The words: "I think that the Legislature understands that statistically, too many people who are repeat offenders happen to have Spanish last names."AP Internal Use Only

Herald Tribune -- Sarasota -- June 16, 2006  
Lou Dobbs, Richardson, Castañeda debate invasion
Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- The U.S. can build a wall to keep immigrants out, but it must work more closely with Mexico if it has any hope of reducing the massive flow of [illegal aliens... criminals], panelists including CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson told a group of more than 2,000 Hispanic journalists Friday...AP Internal Use Only

KOB-TV -- Albuquerque -- April 11, 2006
Reconquista says invader uprising bigger than civil rights movement
Gov. Bill Richardson says enormous pressure is building on Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. -- He says it's critical that congressional members deal with the issue when they return in two weeks. Otherwise, he says, there will be deep repercussions in the polls.AP Internal Use Only

Albuquerque Tribune -- February 21, 2006
Governor to drive home rules for license applicants
..."The state of New Mexico is taking action to strengthen its rules for obtaining a drivers license," said [Gov. Bill] Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos. -- He declined to say Monday what those are. -- "However, a political statement by a group of New Yorkers about New Mexico's laws is not helpful and not welcome..."AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

Rocky Mountain News -- September 28, 2005
Tancredo: Richardson misused grant money
Congressman Tom Tancredo accused Gov. [and Mexican Reconquista] Bill Richardson of sending emergency state grants to four New Mexico counties to monitor a volunteer border patrol group rather than protect the U.S.- Mexico border. -- Richardson declared a state of emergency in the four southern counties last month.AP Internal Use Only

Idiot Alert! -- August 21, 2005
Reconquista nuisance claims border fence is anti-immigrant
Gov. Bill Richardson, who won plaudits this week from foes of illegal immigration after he declared a state of emergency along New Mexico's southern border, said Sunday that plans to construct a border fence are anti-immigrant. -- "A fence at the border is not going to work because, first of all, they're easily porous..."AP Internal Use Only

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial -- August 21, 2005
The illegals crisis: State of emergency
The stunning 180-degree turnaround of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson from proponent to opponent of open borders confirms that nature -- and politics -- abhor a vacuum. [Reconquista Richardson was on ABC's 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' this morning peddling his usual amnesty snake oil as a solution.]AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Menace
Gov. Bill Richardson -- L. A. Times -- August 20, 2005
In New Mexico...
Masked men kidnap three teenage girls. A sniper fires shots at the local sheriff. Property is destroyed at homes and businesses. Mexican cattle suspected of carrying bovine tuberculosis are found on ranches. Seven people reportedly are attacked and robbed at gunpoint. These are some of the many troubling developments in recent weeks... [Richardson is up to no good.]AP Internal Use Only

Minuteman Project - Spring 2005
John Fund -- Wall Street Journal -- August 15, 2005
Richardson wants meeting with leader of Minutemen
The politics of immigration are changing. On Friday Bill Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor, declared a "state of emergency" in four New Mexico border counties due to "a chaotic situation involving illegal alien smuggling and illegal drug shipments." His office has pledged $1.5 million for stepped-up law enforcement...AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
CNN -- August 12, 2005
Border emergency declared in New Mexico
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency Friday in four counties along the Mexican border that he said have been "devastated" by crimes such as the smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants. -- The declaration says the region "has been devastated by the ravages and terror of human smuggling, drug smuggling, kidnapping, murder, destruction of property..." [Motives suspicious]AP Internal Use Only

Concord Monitor -- June 10, 2005
Richardson coy on plans for a run for presidency
Manchester, N. H. - Wondering if Bill Richardson is running for president? It depends on which language you speak. -- "I want to be very clear about this presidential stuff," Richardson, the Democratic governor of New Mexico, said at yesterday's New Hampshire Latino Summit. "No, I will not run for president." -- Then, switching to Spanish...AP Internal Use Only

New Hampshire Union-Leader -- June 8, 2005
Reconquista governor says N. H. police chiefs are out of line
Manchester, N. H. -- Two New Hampshire police chiefs' efforts to control illegal immigration by charging illegal aliens under the state's trespassing law is unacceptable and shows the failure of the federal government's immigration policies, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said yesterday...AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol Feature -- February 11, 2005
New Mexico Soon to be Old Mexico?
Richardson Leading Conquest of Aztlan
New Mexico bill would divest police of immigration functions

Bill Richardson
New Mexico Governor

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Feb 10 (EFE) -- The New Mexico state Senate on Thursday passed a bill that prevents local and state police officers from acting as immigration agents. -- The bill's enactment was cheered by immigrant advocates...
Bill Richardson (1996): "These are changing political times where our basic programs are being attacked. Illegal and legal immigration unfairly attacked. We have to band together and that means Latinos in Florida, Cuban-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, South Americans - we have to network better - we have to be more politically minded - we have to put aside party and think of ourselves as Latinos, as Hispanics, more than we have in the past."

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