Karl Rove
Top advisor to Bush

Excerpt: Immigration Critic Stirs Controversy, Sees Gains
By JULIA MALONE / Cox Washington Bureau 06-21-02

..."On the other hand, we have voices like Mr. Tancredo's," she said, adding that his views are off-putting to Latinos, including those who are native-born Americans.

A Republican ally of the president echoed that analysis. "It's not a vote-winning strategy to be anti-immigration," said Grover Norquist, president of the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform.

Moreover, Tancredo's outspoken remarks have apparently earned the ire of Karl Rove, the top White House political adviser. After the congressman told "The Washington Times" that the president was an "open borders" advocate because of his amnesty plan for illegal aliens, Tancredo said that the next day as he was pulling out of his driveway, his cell phone rang. It was Rove, who proceeded to lambaste him as he navigated the rush hour traffic to the Capitol.

According to Tancredo, the White House aide told him, "Don't ever darken the doorstep of this White House."

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