National Lawyer's Guild

  • 8,000 members - 83 lawyers.
  • A pro-Soviet front operation as identified in unclassified FBI and CIA documents.
  • Peter Schey argued Plyler vs. Doe before the Supreme Court - Member of the National Lawyer's Guild and not U.S. Citizen [he's South African]. Argued against California Prop. 187 before Judge Mariana Pfaelzer.

Peter Schey - a "one man
nation wrecking crew"

More On This Anti-American Radical.........

Associated Press -- July 10, 2010     
Radical Left-wing zealot Peter Schey, LULAC are at it again   
A seventh challenge to Arizona's tough new immigration crackdown says training materials designed to teach police officers how to enforce the law give "vague and ill-defined factors" as reasons to question someone's legal status. -- Officers aren't supposed to use a person's race to determine whether there's reasonable suspicion they're in the country illegally...

Independent Political Report -- Saginaw, Mich. -- August 12, 2009    
Green Party works to oppose US-Mexico border wall   
...Lipan Apache woman Eloisa Tamez of El Calaboz, Texas has ongoing litigation that has successfully argued indigenous claims to her three-acre property. Represented by Attorney Peter Schey, Tamez has led the legal fight among local communities impacted by the physical wall....

Reuters -- July 1, 2009    
Probe fingers 1,800 American Apparel workers   
A U.S. federal probe has found that about a third of American Apparel's factory workers in the Los Angeles area had supplied suspect or invalid records and were not authorized to work in the United States. -- The findings, from a January 2008 federal investigation, may deal a blow to the corporation's image as a proponent of immigration reform [aka amnesty]... [The notorious Peter Schey is their lawyer]

Associated Press -- February 7, 2009    
Law that offered illegals visas for reporting violent crime has rewarded few   
..."There's no rational reason why it should take the federal government eight years to implement a law other than there's a callous disregard for the rights of crime victims Congress intended to benefit for cooperating with law enforcement," said Peter Schey, executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Los Angeles...

UPI -- December 18, 2008   
Amnesty-seekers must prove illegal status   
...How to do that has been tricky, said attorney Peter Schey, who filed the class-action lawsuit on behalf of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Schey has successfully argued that the government knew many immigrants had violated their status because they failed to furnish address reports and also because schools failed to update the government on the status of student visas...

American Patrol Feature -- May 18, 2008    
Nation-wrecking creep Schey attacking border fence again   
Peter Schey on Lou Dobbs Tonight: We intend to seek an injunction and declaratory relief through this litigation. We hope that we are able to bring this lawless conduct to build the wall into conformity with both federal statutes and the United States Constitution... ~Visit

Los Angeles Times  -- April 26, 2008      
Notorious Peter Schey files claims over federal immigration raid   
A longtime Los Angeles civil rights attorney (Peter Schey) is trying a new strategy to push federal immigration authorities to change the way they conduct workplace raids. -- Peter Schey filed 114 federal claims for damages late Thursday on behalf of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who were temporarily detained...

American Patrol Feature -- February 9, 2008    
One-Man Nation-Wrecking Crew   
With the help of Governor Gray Davis, Peter Schey killed California Proposition 187. Now with the help of DHS Secretary Chertoff, Schey is positioned to help kill the border fence. -- "Gray Davis sent Prop.187 into mediation and Shey was there to kill it," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. "After lying to Congress to gut the Secure Fence Act, Chertoff has opened the courtroom door to allow Schey to sue to stop it." ~Visit

Bye bye Jose!
Associated Press -- August 24, 2006
Reconquistas want BP to stop chasing loads of invaders
Tucson -- A border rights coalition asked federal officials Wednesday to suspend Border Patrol high-speed chases pending a review of a Yuma- area rollover two weeks ago that resulted in multiple deaths. -- The letter from the Los Angeles- based Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law [mob run by the notorious Peter Schey]...AP Internal Use Only

Cockroach Schey
Schey -- December 29, 2005
Treason For Fun And Profit: Peter Schey And His "Mexico Project"
The Mexican government, and its American allies, are not content with merely advising Mexican nationals about how to evade U.S. immigration law enforcement on their way into the U.S. -- They now offer advice about how to use the latest in U.S. law to change status from illegal alien to permanent legal resident after arrival.AP Internal Use Only

Bye bye Jose!
Los Angeles Times -- October 19, 2005
More on arrogant invaders suing for visas (Schey involved)
A group of [illegal aliens... criminals] who were victims of violent crimes sued the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday, demanding that immigration authorities issue them visas for cooperating with law enforcement.-- Under a law passed in 2000, illegal immigrants are eligible for visas if they help law enforcement agencies... AP Internal Use Only

Whack Job
East Valley Tribune -- Mesa -- May 13, 2005
Schey's mob frees invaders caught by Army reservist
Illegal immigrants [criminals] an Army reservist held at gunpoint were freed late Wednesday - and the people who freed them [South African menace Peter Schey and his cohorts] vow to prove that the soldier should be the one in jail. -- Arizona's citizen's arrest law allows a person to arrest someone committing a felony...AP Internal Use Only

Peter Schey -- (Immigration Shysters) -- April 12, 2005
Open-borders zealot goes ballistic over REAL ID Act
The more extreme anti-immigrant crowd in Congress is on the verge of winning a major a victory that will harm the national security, devastate immigrant and refugee families, and substantially increase the undocumented population living in the United States. AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
La Opinion  (Roughly translated by -- March 17, 2004
Reconquistas carp as 'Son of Prop 187' signatures flow in
The Mexican reconquista organization MALDEF, anti-American lawyer Peter Schey of Plyler v. Doe repute, and the usual suspects vow to fight the proposition tooth-and-nail if it it becomes law. The proposal would deny most taxpayer-funded services to foreign lawbreakers. Get your petition signed and sent in today.AP Internal Use Only

Birth of a Nation -- Craig L. Hymowitz

Ridge Caves In to Peter Schey and the Ford Foundation
American Patrol Feature Item -- November 28, 2003

Spencer and King Debate Schey and Polanco
December 1, 1994 Item

CHIRLA tied to the corrupt Mexican government

Schey Plans Coup de Grace for L.A.
April 26, 2002 Feature Item

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