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Osama bin Lopez
Associated Press -- March 14, 2006
Consul, not governor, changed position on 'carousel'
The decision for Oregon to drop off of the Mexican Consulate's "carousel," which provides information to Hispanics, followed a shift by the consulate, not by Gov. Ted Kulongoski, a spokesman for the governor said Monday. -- The carousel is a popular mobile service that helps immigrants get a "matricula consular"...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Massachusetts News -- Marlborough -- March 8, 2006
State may accept bogus Mickey Mouse Mexican IDs
The Mexican government has been issuing over 2 million cards a year to Mexican nationals living in the United States, in many cases to those that they know are here illegally. The "Matricula Consular" card is a form of identity used by Mexican citizens living abroad, and in the case of illegal aliens in this country...AP Internal Use Only

Squatter Permit
Capitol Media Services -- February 23, 2006
Proposal would disallow sham Mexican ID cards
Phoenix -- Unable to get the measure signed by the governor, state senators voted Wednesday to ask voters to prevent their cities and counties from accepting Mexican consular identification cards. SCR 1030 would prohibit any government agency, commission or board from accepting documents for identification...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King -- -- February 21, 2006
Me, The Matricula, And The Internet
Being the proud owner of my own Mexican matricula consular id cards (I have three, the name on one I keep to myself) has proven invaluable to illustrate the ease of forgery and access tothese little laminated stealth amnesty cards. -- I have been spending a lot of time recently speaking to various groups around Georgia... AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Daily Emerald -- U for Oregon - Eugene -- February 14, 2006
Mickey Mouse Mexican sham ID issuance protested
Members of Oregonians for Immigration Reform protested the issuing of Mexican identification cards, known as matricula consulars, at the High School Equivalency Program building on campus Saturday. -- The Mexican Consulate was issuing identification cards to Mexican citizens in the area...AP Internal Use Only

Laughable Mexican ID
Michael T. Armstrong -- February 13, 2006
Mexican Consul Matricula ID Protest
Saturday forty American patriots stood shoulder to shoulder once again protesting the Mexican Government's interference with the sovereignty of our country by selling Matricula Consular ID cards. Again, twelve Oregon state agencies provided information on how to obtain 'taxpayer funded benefits' to illegal aliens.AP Internal Use Only

Gullyborg Blog -- Eugene, Oregon -- February 13, 2006
U of O President Frohnmayer has some explaining to do...
...Memo to the Red Guard: we are not anti-immigration. We are anti-ILLEGAL immigration. And we aren't opposed to "noncitizens." We are opposed to ILLEGAL ALIENS. There is a difference, as the man who came for a green card renewal found out. The only "immigrants" getting ID cards were illegal aliens, because legal immigrants...AP Internal Use Only

Absurd Mexican ID
Sham IDs
Register-Guard -- Eugene, Oregon -- February 12, 2006
Protesters target session for Mexican invaders
Anti-[illegal-alien-invasion] activists rallied Saturday in Eugene to oppose providing state social services to noncitizens and to criticize the Mexican consulate for issuing identification cards to immigrants [the ultra- liberal Register- Guard really means illegal aliens, not 'immigrants']. -- The protest coincided with the presence of Mexican government representatives... [Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4] AP Internal Use Only

Buzzard Flag
KRDO-TV -- Colorado Springs -- February 11, 2006
Meddlesome Mexican consulate protested
The ongoing debate about immigration and illegal aliens [criminals] from Mexico heated up in the Springs at an unlikely place... a branch of the public library. -- An event there attracted several hundred Mexicans and about a dozen protestors. -- An estimated 400 immigrants come to get ID cards...AP Internal Use Only

George Bush
Editorial - Treasure Coast Newspapers -- Port Saint Lucie - Jan. 30, 2006
Legislation aims to crack down on bogus documents
...Speaking of bogus documents, those matricula consulars aren't worth the paper they're printed on. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Mexico does not authenticate them and U.S. immigration agents say there are no safeguards to prevent multiple issuance of matriculas to the same individual.AP Internal Use Only

Laughable Mexican ID
Portland Oregonian -- December 4, 2005
Rallies square off over Mickey Mouse sham ID cards
Woodburn, Ore. -- Spirited but peaceful rallies dueled Saturday over the Mexican Consulate issuing controversial identification cards to its citizens. -- The consulate's Portland branch held its final traveling weekend session of the year at the offices of Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, processing applications...[See video on KATU-TV website]AP Internal Use Only

Daniel's Right Blog -- December 3, 2005
Photos from Woodburn, Oregon protest today

[Note: Buzzard flag-waving characters run amok] ...I'm not sure I understand what their point is. I'm not an immigrant. I was born here. The term "illegal alien" refers to someone who has broken the law. It isn't the persons existence that is illegal, it's there presence in America. -- Illegal alien is a label just like drug dealer is a label...AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
Napa Valley Register -- November 20, 2005
Mexicans dole out 350 Mickey Mouse IDs
...For six months Rosalva Avalos-Cortes has resided in Napa without any form of identification. Simple tasks like opening a bank account, cashing checks or getting a book from the library eluded her, but that changed Saturday morning when she became one of the hundreds of [illegal aliens... criminals] who received a Matricula Consular ID...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Orlando Sentinel -- November 13, 2005
Mickey Mouse Mexican IDs under fire
A state senator from Melbourne hopes to curb use of identification cards issued to [illegal aliens... criminals] by their foreign consulate, but thousands of people in Florida will continue using the cards to cash paychecks, open bank accounts and pay utility bills. -- The measure would prevent state agencies from accepting the matricula consular, a card issued mostly to [Mexican invaders].AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
Daily Telegram -- October 16, 2005
Michigan county to accept bogus Mexican IDs
[Scroll down] - Adrian, Mich. -- A representative of the Mexican consulate in Detroit thanked Lenawee County commissioners Wednesday after a unanimous vote to have county agencies officially recognize a new identification card consulates are issuing to Mexican citizens in the United States.AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México!
WALB-TV -- Albany, Georgia -- October 11, 2005
Leaders hope to solve problem of invaders with no IDs
"There are measures we need to take to ensure their [invaders'] safety in the future," says Remedios Gomez- Arnau. Consul General of Mexico Remedios Gomez- Arnau is here to talk with authorities and the people about ways of protection. That protection begins with a valid ID. [They need to be deported.]AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
Des Moines Register -- September 18, 2005
Mexican pests doling out Mickey Mouse IDs in Iowa
[The documents can be used to open bank accounts, enroll in libraries or board airplanes.] ... "An identification card is a good thing," said Ann Naffier , an immigration specialist with the American Friends Service Committee, which will host the event. "It helps you know who you're dealing with."AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
Wilmington (North Carolina) Star-News -- September 17, 2005
Hostile gov't doles out sham IDs as Mexicans celebrate
Those words ­ "Long live Mexico" ­ were uttered by a Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, as he called for Mexican Indians and mestizos to rebel against the Spaniards. -- To celebrate Mexico's independence on Sept. 16 ­ as well as that of numerous other Latin American countries ­ local organizers are holding celebrations this weekend in our area.AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
North County Times -- September 11, 2005
Mickey Mouse Mexican IDs reviled
Rarely has a single piece of plastic ignited such ire or drawn such support as the Mexican consular identification card, a document the Mexican government issues its citizens who are living abroad. -- Mexican government officials actively encourage Mexican citizens in the United States to get the card, known as the matricula consular. AP Internal Use Only

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