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ABC News -- October 18, 2011   
Meddlesome Mexican Vicente Fox spouting off again   
Hours before the GOP presidential candidates take to the debate stage tonight in Las Vegas, where border security and immigration are expected to be hot-button issues, former Mexican president Vicente Fox scolded two of them for their "stupid" and "confusing" plans to close the porous border. -- "This guy who wants to put electric wire on top of the fence at 20 meters high so the migrants die," Fox said...

KXTV-TV -- Sacramento -- May 7, 2011    
Meddling Mexican globalist in bankrupt California pushing amnesty
Stockton -- Former Mexican President Vicente Fox told reporters in a Friday afternoon news conference that he hopes to inspire University of Pacific graduates at their commencement Saturday. --- He also weighed in on the immigration issue, saying he does not believe that open borders are the answer. On the other hand, however, he does believe workers already in this country with jobs should be provided documents... [Related item with irritating video] [See Meddling Mexicans]

Associated Press -- August 10, 2010   
Mexicans, US question drug legalization proposal   
Mexico, DF -- A former Mexican president's proposal to legalize drugs as a way of breaking the economic power of drug cartels is stoking debate inside his country and bringing opposition in Washington. -- One thing most experts agreed on is that the idea is unlikely to prosper without similar moves to legalize or regulate the sale of drugs in the United States...

Bloomberg -- July 28, 2010          
Arrogant Mexican windbag Fox gripes about Arizona law   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox talks about Arizona's immigration law and the impact on Mexican-U.S. relations. A federal judge barred the state from enforcing part of the law, while denying the U.S. government's request for a preliminary injunction... [More Mexican meddling]

Bloomberg -- July 28, 2010     
Meddlesome Mexican Vicente Fox bewails SB1070   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said an Arizona law to stem illegal immigration is "xenophobic" and unfairly attacks [illegal aliens.... criminals] contributing to the state's economy. -- "I think xenophobic measures taken by Arizona and its government are totally wrong," Fox said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. "We are partners..."

Noozhawk -- Santa Barbara / Goleta, Calif. -- February 20, 2010    
Another pestiferous Mexican globalist spouts off   
...[The always obnoxious Vicente] Fox used his speech — titled "The Future of the Americas: Immigration, Globalization and Free Trade" -- to spell out the reasons why the United States is so important to the hemisphere and why the hemisphere is so important to the United States... [More Mexican meddling]

KGNS-TV -- Laredo, Texas -- January 22, 2010    
Windbag Fox continues tp blame U.S. for Mexican mess   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox arrived in Laredo earlier this evening after being invited by local groups to discuss trade between the US and Mexico. But that's not all that Fox decided to discuss when he got off the plane. -- Fox was taking on questions about what seems to be escalating violence in Mexico, and not surprisingly, he says the United States shares the blame...

Calgaryn(AB) Herald -- October 6, 2009    
Obnoxious Mexican now carping about Canadian immigration policies   
Canada is making a "big mistake" by not backing down on its visa requirements for Mexican nationals, says that country's former president. -- Speaking at the University of Calgary Monday, Vicente Fox urged the Canadian government to find a "better solution" to its refugee problems...

Associated Press -- September 22, 2009     
Annoying globalist Fox spouts off in U.S. again   
...Asked why U.S. taxpayers should support spending on improvements in Mexico and Canada, [Vicente] Fox said taxpayers already are paying to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and for security forces. -- "It should be explained to U.S. taxpayers that what they are investing in that wall is not going to work," Fox said... [More Meddling Mexicans]

D.A. King -- Macon (Georgia) Telegraph -- May 24, 2009   
Open borders and amnesty - again: A solution to illegal immigration?   
...Readers who have not yet heard that they should adopt a "North American identity" may be quite surprised to learn of the former El Presidente's proposals that we officially eliminate American borders and wave the white flag of surrender over the nation we were entrusted to pass on... vicente fox meddling mexican

Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal -- May 16, 2009      
Do you support the formation of a North American Union?   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, speaking at KSU on Tuesday, called for a borderless 'North American Union.' Do you favor a merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico?

GlobalAtlanta.com -- May 13, 2009   
Video: Vicente Fox pushing outrageous NAU, globalism, NAFTA expansion   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox sees the European Union as an “inspiration” for much closer economic ties between the United States, Canada and Mexico. -- “What they have is a super-national organization without losing sovereignty, culture or anything,” Mr. Fox told GlobalAtlanta... [See NWO Treason Watch and Meddling Mexicans

Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal -- May 13, 2009  
Meddling Mexican calls for North American Union   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox pushed Tuesday for forming a union between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Fox was the keynote speaker at Kennesaw State University's inaugural summit on the Commission of North American Prosperity, or North America 2050. . [More Mexican meddling]

Associated Press -- May 12, 2009   
Vicente Fox continues his U.S. meddling tour   
Kennesaw, Ga. -- Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Tuesday he is encouraged that the Obama administration accepts some U.S. responsibility for drug violence ravaging Mexico, but he is not yet persuaded it will lead to concrete U.S. actions... [More Mexican meddling]

Charlottesville (Va.) Daily Progress -- April 29, 2009   
Meddlesome windbag Vicente Fox whines about 'xenophobia' in U.S.    
...[Vicente] Fox was highly critical of the fence under construction along the border between the United States and Mexico that aims to restrict illegal immigration. The fence, he said, will not work and will be a barrier to trade. [Only a complete moron would make such a statement] [More Mexican meddling]

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- April 11, 2009    
Meddlesome Vicente Fox spews more blatant lies on U.S. soil   
April 10, 2009 // Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, is at it again. At a speech slated to be about about democracy in Mexico, Fox once again had a few choice words about the American media including taking a shot at CNNs Lou Dobbs.... [More Fox hooey here... includes pro-NAU balderdash]

San Antonio Express News -- March 29, 2009   
The meddlesome nuisance who won't go away... Vicente Fox pushes for a NAU   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was in San Antonio Friday, delivering a wide-ranging address about U.S.-Mexico relations that touched on trade, the drug war, comprehensive immigration reform and the United States' “mammoth” financial crisis that has spread worldwide.... [More Mexican meddling

Dallas Morning News -- November 15, 2008   
Meddlesome Mexican trolls Dallas, urges U. S. to surrender to invaders   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said during a visit to Dallas on Friday that he hopes President-elect Barack Obama will tear down the fence dividing parts of Mexico from the United States. -- He said the removal of the barrier designed to stem illegal entries into the U.S. should be the start of any new immigration reforms. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KPTM-TV -- Omaha, Nebraska -- November 11, 2008   
Irrelevant Mexican windbag says Hussein Obama must address invasion   
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says that while economy may be among many priorities facing President-elect Barack Obama, immigration can't get lost among the issues. -- Fox has been vocal about his dislike of proposals to build a border fence between the neighboring United States and Mexico. [Who cares?]

Tyler (Texas) Morning Telegraph -- September 26, 2008   
Vicente Fox still spouting open-borders garbage, lies on U. S. soil   
...When addressing questions about concerns over the number of illegal [aliens.... criminals] pouring into Texas and the United States from Mexico each year, [Vicente] Fox compared the migration to U.S. citizens traveling to China, India or other countries looking for jobs. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Vicente Fox
Allan Wall -- VDare.com -- December 5, 2007
Vicente Fox won't stop telling Americans what to do
Now that Vicente Fox is no longer president of Mexico, he's more mobile, because constitutionally the President of Mexico can't leave the country without Congress's permission. -- He's definitely a man on the move. It's hard to keep up with him as he jets from speech to speech... [More Mexican meddling]AP Internal Use Only

Charlotte News & Observer -- November 18, 2007
Obnoxious Mexican gasbag continues meddling tour
Durham, NC -- Promoting immigration, instead of creating policies against it, will help the US maintain its status as the world's top economy, former Mexican president Vicente Fox (clown shown at left) told a group of Duke University graduates Saturday. -- Fox... aid the US' anti-[illegal immigration... crime] stance promotes isolation and...AP Internal Use Only

Lying Skunk
9/11 Families for a Secure America -- November 14, 2007
Fox fib-fest in Wilkes-Barre disgusting
We have received an e-mail describing meddling Mexican Reconquista Vicente Fox's appearance in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on November 5: "...I was able to sit through about fifteen minutes of gut retching lies before I was ejected, Joan on the other hand was ejected after Fox's first lie ­ the greeting to the audience - saying hello to all his..."AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- November 13, 2007
Obnoxious Mexican nuisance spews swill in Georgia
Mexico's former president, Vicente Fox, said there are two types of local governments when it comes to immigration: Those that are "humane" and understand the benefits of [illegal aliens... criminals], and those that are "really going too far, and violating human rights in certain situations." AP Internal Use Only

Vicente Fox
Jim Walsh -- Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader -- November 9, 2007
Mexico exports its problems
Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, recently forgot his manners when he visited the United States. Several times he publicly chastised this country for our immigration policies. It is usually considered impolite to criticize one's host about family matters but apparently Fox suffers from no such inhibitions.AP Internal Use Only

Thor H. Asgardson -- California Chronicle -- November 8, 2007
Genesis to exodus -- according to Vicente Fox
"The wall is terrible - I can't think of anything worse," former Mexican president Vincente Fox fumed from his soapbox, when asked about the border wall being constructed between his nation and the United States. -- I can think of something far worse; a feudalistic society of haves and have-nots in Mexico City...AP Internal Use Only

Citizens Voice -- Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania -- November 7, 2007
Mexican windbag calls for open work force in the Americas
Less than four minutes after former Mexican President Vicente Fox took the stage at F.M. Kirby Center Monday night, he called Mexican [illegal aliens... criminals] working in the US his "heroes," and applauded their work. -- It set the tone for his speech, which he has followed in TV interviews and book tours the last three weeks...AP Internal Use Only

Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) Times-Leader -- November 6, 2007
Lying Mexican Reconquista met by protesters
Those who attended former Mexican President Vicente Fox's speech at the F.M. Kirby Center on Monday got an earful before they even entered the theater. -- About 75 to 100 protesters were gathered on Public Square holding American flags and signs protesting Fox and illegal immigration, and chanting slogans such as "Fox, go home!" and "Legals, yes; illegals, no!"AP Internal Use Only

Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) Times-Leader -- November 4, 2007
Ex-Mexican president to be met with protest
While Wilkes University officials are proud to host a lecture by Vicente Fox (clown at left) on Monday at the F.M. Kirby Center, not everyone is thrilled with the former Mexican president's visit to the Wyoming Valley. -- The grassroots group Voice of the People USA, which has sponsored several rallies in support of Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta's stance...AP Internal Use Only

Argus-Leader -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota -- November 2, 2007
Lying Mexican windbag continues meddling tour
A former Mexico president said Thursday that immigration is an asset to any nation, and a framework can be built for it. -- Vicente Fox, who served as president from 2000 to 2006, said the market has driven immigration between Mexico and US. -- "There is demand for labor here, and there is supply here in Mexico," he said. [More Mexican meddling]AP Internal Use Only

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