The Un-Official Border Blotter
08/22/12 -9/05/12
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"The Un-Official Border Blotter"
seeks to fill the void created by the U.S Customs and Border Protection's decision to stop reporting border incidents to the public in a concise manner.

"The Un-Official Border Blotter" chronicles day-to-today border incidents related to drug and human smuggling....obtained from official and un-official sources.

"The Un-Official Border Blotter" documents border incidents from a portion of the busy Tucson Sector (map) (262 border miles), however, this is just a small sampling of smuggling activity occurring at any one time all along the entire US/Mexico border (1, 1,933 border miles),

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"Documenting the porous US/Mexico Border"

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are links to the latest high level map and data of all  Border Blotter incidents that had reported GPS coordinates since the first of 2012.  There are  782 flagged incidents out of 1198 total incident reported.

INCIDENT MAP since January 1, 2012

Yellow Flags =  IA smuggling
Red Flags = Drug Smuggling

  INCIDENT ANALYSIS since January 1, 2012

  INCIDENT CHART - 08/1/12 thru 09/05/12

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Janet Napolitano testify about our "secure border" with Mexico

This activity summary is by no means comprehensive... just what could be gleaned from official
and un-official sources. 

So much for "border security"...


NEW !  Check out the link below for (mostly) Border/Smuggling Incidents reported by BLM for
2012  !  Bravo BLM for reporting these incidents to the Public !!



Serious Incident Reports

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