Secure Border Intel – December 3, 2012

Poor Predator Performance

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Incident logs from the past 11 months documented only two instances where a Predator has played a support role in the interdiction of human or drug smuggling groups west of Nogales.

In spite of DHS claims to the contrary, Predators are statistically irrelevant on the north side of the line.

The most recent instance was October 25th at N32 01.957' X W111 28.407', which is 9.86 miles WSW of Three Points and 0.5 miles south of SR-86.  It provided an assist on a group of 7, of which 3 got away.

Prior to that, a Predator was used to help sort out nine groups that were simultaneously moving through the same area.

In both cases, BP pilots made reference “in the clear‚” to the presence of the Predator. 

The crewed high flyers are overwhelmingly more effective.


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