March 13 - 31 groups, 200 bodies -- Firearms recovered

Secure Border Intel -- Posted March 19, 2013

10 Minutes of condensed audio for the day.

Groups of:  5,6,6,25,7,8,4,4P,2,8,5,1,8,3,8,3,3,5,2A,7,1,7,4,2,5,3,2,20,1,20,15

(P= "46" Drug Packers, A= Armed individuals, U= UltraLight Sighting)

 Significant Events in audio:

 --  There were many groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group could not be determined.

--  BP jumped a group of IAs and a bag of firearms was recovered

--  An abandoned load vehicle was discovered by Omaha aircraft


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