Beware McCaffrey

September 27, 2011

The latest report on the Texas-Mexico border was written in large part by Barry McCaffrey. McCaffrey is a pro-Mexico globalist.

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    We scanned the McCaffrey report for the word fence and, besides discussions of cattle fencing and the like, this is all we could find about the real border fence:

    From Page 46 of the report:

    “Proposals to build security fences along the U.S.-Mexico border also inflamed sentiment in Mexico and the U.S. Texas DPS concludes that a fence from Brownsville to El Paso would simply be too expensive to build and keep under surveillance.”

     Inflamed sentiment in Mexico? So much for the fence!

    More on this report later, but it is totally lacking of a proper goal of securing the Texas-Mexico border.

    Glenn Spencer
    American Patrol Report

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