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Monday, April 29, 2002

Cops and Reconquistas

 Reconquista Cop
Should police be allowed to enforce immigration laws?
Quotes racist cop
"I don't think it's a good idea," said Arturo Venegas Jr., the chief of police in Sacramento. "We've made tremendous inroads into a lot of our immigrant communities. To get into the enforcement of immigration laws would build wedges and walls that have taken a long time to break down."

"He [Venegas] fired or released his entire management staff - all who were white and over 40 - and all who were very popular"
Sacramento Police Officer
KNBC TV Channel 4 report - July 29, 1997

More than 400,000 illegal aliens are ignoring deportation orders. If the cops can't help, terrorists will roam free. Don't let the Reconquistas disarm America. Call President Bush. Tell him to let the police enforce all our laws.

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Past Features   

News Note 
Chicago Tribune Editorial
Cure for illegal alien woes: Legalize them
...The elephant in the living room -- the 7 or 8 million illegal immigrants living in this country -- is an issue that Congress and the White House must deal with through a program of earned legalization. It is counterproductive to rely on these immigrants for their work and economic contributions yet insist on effectively keeping them locked up in the nation's basement, subject to abuse and exploitation. -- It is urgent, too, to revive immigration talks with Mexico -- the second-largest trading partner of the U.S. -- to regularize the flow of workers between the countries... [Rep. Mel Watt mentioned]

Miami Herald
Migration still fuels area's growth
New census figures show that almost all of Miami- Dade County's population growth is from arriving immigrants, while Broward and Palm Beach counties are attracting people from the rest of the country, as well as from foreign lands. -- The 63,000 newcomers in Miami- Dade allowed the county's modest population growth to continue into the new millennium, counteracting the effect of 44,000 people who left Miami- Dade in the 15 months after the 2000 Census.
Illegal alien driver's licenses debated
Viridiana doesn't have a drivers license. -- And because the illegal immigrant from Mexico can't get one under state law, she risks being deported every time she drives to and from work at a St. Ann grocery. -- State Rep. Henry C. Rizzo wants to help her get a license. -- So does the Missouri House, which recently passed a bill sponsored by Rizzo, a Kansas City Democrat, that would let illegal immigrants like Viridiana get a valid license here. [E-mail Rizzo] [Also see: Aiding, abetting illegals]

Bergen Record
Drought for day laborers
By 10 a.m. on most days last spring, many of the day laborers who gathered at dawn in Palisades Park were busy at work, mowing lawns or laying tiles. This year, however, most of the men have seen the mornings and afternoons come and go without a single contractor stopping by to offer them work. -- It is the continuation of a lull that the men say took hold after the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.
Computer World
Emotions run hot on H-1Bs
It would be easier to separate sheets of wet tissue paper pounded flat by a hammer than to separate fact from fiction in the H-1B debate. -- Employers say foreign workers fill gaps left by a dearth of qualified U.S. residents. -- Unemployed IT workers and their allies say there's no labor shortage. They claim that employers are just trying to cut IT costs and drive down wages by hiring foreign workers at lower pay rates. [Related item]

We Get E-Mail
Fax to George Bush
Dear President Bush: I am sorry to hear that you are against Your Attorney General, John Ashcroft, taking the necessary long over-due step of deputizing local law authorities to enforce our immigration laws! It has always been amazing to me that a "State" doesn't have the authority to protect its own borders and it citizens; and has to get permission from the Federal Government to do so.

Washington Monthly
Borderline Insanity
Bush wants the INS to stop granting visas to terrorists. The biggest obstacle? His own administration.
...The bad news for Bush (and the rest of us) is that some of the people most responsible for killing the [INS] computer system are now running the INS --- put there by none other than George W. Bush. And since September 11, these officials have been operating below the media radar to make sure that a broken immigration- security system stays broken. -- Why would members of the Bush administration want to do such a thing, given the president's firm commitment to fight terrorism? Because of the president's other firm commitment to courting Hispanic voters.

News Note 
Associated Press
Rep. Tancredo to run for re-election, immigration tops his list
Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo announced Monday he is running for re-election and will fight to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States, even if it upsets President Bush. -- Tancredo angered the president earlier this month when he criticized administration policies, claiming Bush was advocating an "open door" border policy and amnesty for illegal immigrants. -- He has advocated stricter border enforcement, including using troops to stop illegal immigrants.

Associated Press
Compromise on anti-terror bill
Colorado's 28 state-supported colleges and universities would have to follow any federal immigration guidelines in verifying the visas of all foreign students under a legislative compromise reached Monday. -- A joint House-Senate conference committee approved a change to Senate Bill 113 that would align the bill with a federal law approved after the Sept. 11 attacks that requires such cooperation by colleges and universities.
St. Petersburg Times
Permit for exploitation?
Gregory Troussov is quite clear about why he has hired only Eastern European engineers to work at his St. Petersburg software company. -- "A Russian genius will cost $40,000 to $60,000," said Troussov, who has 15 employees -- all from former Soviet bloc countries -- at Trusoft International Inc. "A compatible American would want $200,000 to $300,000 and probably be an entrepreneur." -- Few employers are as blunt as Troussov...

We Get E-Mail
Gray Davis and driver's licenses
....The person who answered the door was not the owner. He was a renter and when I asked for his name, he didn't understand me. He couldn't speak, write or understand English. I asked for his ID and that he understood. He pulled out his brand new driver's license for the State of California.

Letter To The Editor
Gray Davis and driver's licenses
....The person who answered the door was not the owner. He was a renter and when I asked for his name, he didn't understand me. He couldn't speak, write or understand English. I asked for his ID and that he understood. He pulled out his brand new driver's license for the State of California.

Letter To The Editor
Worcester Telegram (Not Published)
Re: Immigrants face license onus
I read a recent story you published claiming that "immigrants" are having difficulty obtaining Massachusetts driver's licenses. I had to get halfway through the article before there was any mention of the REASON for the denial: those individuals are in the US illegally!

Tucson Citizen
5 illegals held as witnesses
Five undocumented aliens are being held as witnesses in an incident that caused a Border Patrol agent to fire a shot at a fleeing vehicle. -- The agent was watching two vehicles suspected of smuggling migrants along I-19 Thursday when he saw several people leaving bushes along the highway to get into the vehicles that were parked north of a immigration checkpoint at kilometer 25...
Orange Co. Register
County nears minority milestone
Orange Co. is fast approaching or may have passed a demographic milestone, becoming a "majority-minority" county. -- The Census Bureau reports today that the county grew by about 44,000 residents between census day, April 1, 2000, and July 1, 2001. Foreign immigration and births, mostly to Hispanic and Asian parents, outnumbered the residents who left the county by nearly 2-to-1.

Spencer exposed Ron Unz error on L.A. riots
Unz argues that much of the concern over immigration can be linked to the 1992 Los Angeles riot. Discounting reports that the riot involved immigrants, he says, "...the rioters were overwhelmingly black." On May 6, 1992, the Washington Post reported: "At a Cabinet meeting today, Attorney General William P. Barr said nearly one-third of the first 6,000 riot suspects arrested and processed through the court system were illegal aliens..." More than 60% of those arrested during the riots were born outside the United States (Washington Post, May 20, 1992, Page A02). More than half the rioters in Los Angeles were immigrants or illegal aliens.

News Note 
An E-Mail from The Past
Spencer to Cranston: The LA Riots -- Blacks vs. Immigrants
To Help Inner City, Cut Flow of Immigrants...so wrote Graham and Beck in a column in the LA Times on May 19, 1992. In the column it is shown that it was action by Congress which flooded the inner cities with cheap labor that lead to the economic disintegration of the black family unit....

Letter To The Editor
Denver Post (Not Published)
Re: The Know-Nothing revival
Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado HAS NEVER bashed immigrants. He has called for an end to illegal immigration, a reduction of the total numbers of legal immigration. Considering the levels of immigration in the last ten years if sustained at these levels the population of America would double by 2050.

Jay Hancock - Baltimore Sun
City must woo immigrants, says Jay
The decade is already 23 percent over, and Baltimore has done next to nothing to recharge itself the only way it can, by recruiting immigrant residents. -- Mayor Martin O'Malley seems more concerned with the harm immigrants can inflict on Baltimore as potential terrorists than the good they can bring as tenants, homeowners, taxpayers, workers and neighbors.
Worcester Telegram
Illegals whine over license woes
...Since 1995, many immigrants in Massachusetts have found it extremely difficult to obtain a legal driver's license. -- To get a Social Security number, a person must show proof of age, identity and U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status. -- Some immigrants with visas allowing them to stay in this country longer than a year who are denied a Social Security number can in some cases obtain a driver's license....

News Note 
Fox News / Matt Hayes
Corrupt lawyers aid immigration woes
...Joseph Muto, a New York lawyer, was disbarred last month for acting as a front lawyer for an immigration "agency" specializing in illegal immigrants from China. An "agency" is a group of non-lawyers, with connections in the immigrant community, which performs the legal work on asylum cases and accepts payment directly from immigrants. The Departmental Disciplinary Committee contended that many of Muto's clients and fees came directly from these agencies, and that his work on those cases consisted only of court appearances.

El Paso Times
Immigrants, births fuel 1.2% growth
Newborns and immigrants helped increase El Paso County's population by 1.2 percent between the 2000 census and July 1, 2001, according to Census Bureau estimates being released today. -- "We don't need the census to know that our young population that is educated is moving out," said Jesse Acosta, the former census coordinator for El Paso. -- Acosta said even his own sons have relocated to other cities in search of higher-paying jobs.
Fred Reed / Too Good Reports
Immigration: Better Than Ebola...
What if we are wrong? What if different kinds of people just plain don't want to live together? What if federal bullying, stamping our feet, and holding our breath and turning blue won't change things? A powerful current in today's compulsorily appropriate thought is that hostility between groups is anomalous and remediable, an exception to natural law ­ that it results from poor socialization, defective character, or conservative politics. [Discuss]

L.A. Times
Skeptics wary of INS overhaul
It took a national calamity, but it now seems inevitable that the Immigration and Naturalization Service -- long the target of derision, even contempt, from the borderlands to the corridors of Congress -- will be replaced. -- An overwhelming House vote on Thursday probably ensures that the INS will be eliminated, its duties shifted to new bureaus in the Justice Department.
Associated Press
Airport sweeps net hundreds
Hundreds of employees with access to high-security areas of airports have been arrested on charges such as using phony Social Security numbers, lying about past criminal convictions or being in the United States illegally, government records show. -- Federal law enforcement officials said they have arrested or indicted more than 450 workers at 15 airports in the investigation known as Operation Tarmac.

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