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Sunday, February 9, 2003

The Truth Is Outrageous
ABP Appearance on 'From the Heartland' with John Kasich

From Left: Isabel Garcia, Glenn Spencer, Henry Esparza. ('Heartland' - Fox News Channel - February 8)
SPENCER: Last week, one of our Hawkeyes, had a video tape - we showed it on our Web site, americanpatrol.com and americanborderpatrol.com - of the Mexican army, herding one hundred people up to our border for a border crossing. Now let's understand something. We're fighting, possibly, a war half way around the world, against Iraq. Iraq is not a direct threat to us. But a recent poll showed that a vast majority of Mexicans believe the Southwest belongs to them.
GARCIA: That's outrageous!
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N.Y. Times (Free Registration)
The Disintegration of the Golden Era in the Golden State
...On Thursday, California state officials were in Manhattan, trying to convince skeptical credit-rating firms that the state is making progress in getting its finances in order. With California's projected $35 billion budget shortfall over the next year and a half, by far the bleakest outlook for any state, Moody's is considering lowering its rating on a par with New York and Louisiana. Wall Street's skepticism is justified. Mired in a partisan stalemate, Sacramento doesn't seem capable of resolving its fiscal mess. [Not one peep about the damage illegal immigration has caused in this state.]

Napa Valley Register
Sham Mexican I.D. card gains momentum
As a Mexican identification card used chiefly by illegal immigrants gains acceptance at a growing number of U.S. banks and cities, the movement is gaining speed in Napa County. -- The city of Calistoga formally adopted the Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad as a valid form of identification last month and the city of Napa may be next. -- Even though Mexican consulates around the world have offered the card to Mexican citizens for more than 130 years, its use in the United States has picked up steam over the past two years.

Associated Press
Jordanian gets the boot
A federal judge has ordered the deportation of a Jordanian graduate student who acknowledged he once considered becoming a suicide bomber if the United States invades Iraq. -- "I was looking at America as my enemy. If someone would have approached me and asked me to do something against the country, I was willing to do it," Tahir Ibrihim Aletwei said at his deportation hearing Friday. -- Aletwei told the FBI he was involved in terrorism...
L.A Times (Free Registration)  
Cop hurt in Santa Ana shootout
A Santa Ana police officer was critically wounded Saturday evening when a motorist stepped from his vehicle and began firing at officers who had pulled their cruiser up to his car for a closer look, according to police. -- The motorist, who was gravely injured when police left their car and returned fire, reportedly attracted the notice of patrol officers because he was parked in the center of South Maddock Street with a crowd around his car....

Daily Journal -- Kankakee, Illinois
Meddling Mexicans promoting bogus IDs in Kankakee County
Identification of Mexicans [read illegal aliens] living in Kankakee County has long been a problem and officials here think they have come up with the solution. -- Immigrants living and working here will soon have the opportunity to acquire an official Mexican identification card -- called a Metricula (sic) -- through a week-long registration campaign in March coordinated by the Chicago office of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Associated Press
Many Latino shops selling illegal drugs
Some of the hundreds of small Hispanic markets across North Carolina are selling imported medicines, some of which are banned in the United States or require a doctor's prescription, state inspectors found. -- Among the drugs that alarm state health officials is the painkiller dipyrone, which was taken off the U.S. market in 1977. Dipyrone, also called metamizole, can deplete disease-fighting white blood cells, risking a life-threatening infection.

Washington Post
Police Comb 3 D.C. Sites For Drug, Gang Activity
Area police and federal agents raided three Northwest Washington buildings that they said were illegal after-hours clubs early yesterday and said they arrested three people, found drugs and handguns but reported no resistance. --And-- An ATF agent warned during the briefing that members of the street gang MS-13, a predominantly Salvadoran group that is one of the largest Latino gangs in the area, had been known to visit the clubs and might be armed. -- "A lot of these guys will come in from Virginia to buy their dope and sell firearms," said the agent, standing in front of aerial photos of the sites to be raided.

Do We Really Need a Guest worker Program?
During WW II, America went into a mode that has never happen before and probably will never happen again. People put in "Victory Gardens" in which they grew their own vegetables to help the war effort. They saved aluminum foil and other recyclables for the war effort. They sent their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers off to a war to save democracy....

Fiedor Report -- Doug Fiedor
Mexico vs. the United States
...[Rep. Tom] Tancredo is correct. All illegals should be arrested and put in jail. Or, there not being enough room in our prison system for all these lawbreakers, they should all be bussed back to Southern Mexico, where it is a long walk back to the U.S. border. -- The Mexican government, however, is issuing special ID cards for illegal immigrants to use as valid identification while living here. These ID cards are nothing more than a major scam on the American people and our government.

The Monett (Missouri) Times
Monett Police Chief discusses illegal alien problem
Illegal aliens. Not the kind that fly spaceships, but the immigrants moving in from other countries and forming communities of their own within area towns, churches, workplaces and schools. -- A few years ago, people in the heart of southwest Missouri would probably not have believed that aliens would become a problem in their own back yard. But a recent look at the Monett Police Department's daily blotter would paint a very different picture today.....

L.A Times (Free Registration)   
Border Agents Worry About Jobs
Border Patrol morale here has hit a low, with agents leaving in significant numbers. Union officials predict an even greater wave of resignations nationwide after March 1, when the agency becomes part of the new Department of Homeland Security. -- Agents and Border Patrol union officials said the new department's personnel rules have raised concern within the 78-year-old law enforcement agency, causing some agents to start looking elsewhere for jobs.

Time For Operation Wetback II
...The INS estimates that approximately one-third of the seven million illegals are living in California. Overall, approximately 4.8 million are from Mexico -- that's 68 percent -- more than two-thirds of the total. Illegal immigration is a nationwide problem, but the statistical evidence of a Mexican reconquista of California is overwhelming. --And-- So what to do about the 7 million, now 8.4 million illegal aliens? FrontPageMagazine columnist Steve Brown recently called for a new drive to deport aliens through workplace immigration enforcement on a scale of the Eisenhower administration's Operation Wetback in 1954.

The Arizona Republic - O. Ricardo Pimentel
Invasion apologist bemoans legislation aimed at banning sham IDs
...Are they completely tamper- or counterfeit-proof? Virtually no card is. Fake U.S. IDs abound. -- But if you're really concerned about undocumented immigrants, hammer your legislators for immigration policy that recognizes that we have jobs no else wants to do [a lie], that Mexico has people who want to do them and that many who are already here would make dandy Americans who would make us proud. In other words, a policy that knows the difference between a terrorist and someone who just wants to work. [Illegals are prohibited from working in the United States] [See LTE concerning Pimentel]

San Antonio Express-News
Fox official, a U.S. citizen, also holds Mexican ID
Piecemeal immigration accords, greater acceptance of the controversial matricula consular and a pitch for Mexican absentee voting are among the goals of Mexico's new head of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad. --  Candido Morales met Saturday with local and state Mexican leaders and Consul General Carlos Vidali at the consulate. --  Morales, who was born in Oaxaca but became a U.S. citizen years ago, has headed the office less than five months. He follows Fort Worth native Juan Hernandez in the role. 

Mobile Register (Alabama)
Officials say illegal aliens exploited
A lawsuit winding its way through Baldwin County Circuit Court promises to expose the Gulf Coast hospitality industry's dependence on illegal, foreign-born workers, according to a lawyer in the case. -- The lawsuit, which was scheduled for trial this month before being postponed, focuses on labor practices that have come under scrutiny in the past by the Mobile Register and federal officials.

Naples News
Some concerned sham ID cards undermining the war on terrorism
A wallet-sized card used by Mexican nationals for identification is stirring up controversy and riling up people who are concerned about illegal immigrants coming to this country. -- In Collier and Lee counties, where much of the Hispanic populace is Mexican, the topic about whether Mexicans should be allowed to use a "matricula consular" in the United States is a hot issue as well.

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