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Thursday, May 1, 2003

Border Hawk UAV Finds 'Intruders'
Test of Detection Capability Proves Successful

Images of ABP Hawkeye "intruders" were sent live over the Internet. The test was observed by Ignacio Ibarra of the Arizona Daily Star.
Palominas, Arizona (ABP-4/30/03) -- A test of the capability of the American Border Patrol (ABP) Border Hawk UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to locate border intruders was passed with flying colors Wednesday. According to ABP officials, a group of ABP "Hawkeyes" (ABP volunteers) following a well known route into the U.S. from Mexico was spotted at the ABP base station watching telemetered images from the Border Hawk camera as it flew over the San Pedro River. "There is now no question that the Border Hawk can do the job, " said Glenn Spencer of ABP.
Red DotDaily Star front page article
Short Video - DSL Only (Watch the dog run)
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American Border Patrol on Ch. 4 - Tucson Tonight
Coverage of today's surveillance drone test at the border. Don't miss it!

News-Tribune -- Jefferson City, Missouri
Mexican citizen sentenced for illegally re-entering the U.S.
A Mexican citizen was sentenced in federal court today for being an illegal alien in the United States. -- Ignacio Vasquez-Lopez, 36, of Mexico, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Scott O. Wright to three years and five months in federal prison without parole. -- Vasquez-Lopez pleaded guilty Nov. 19, 2002, to illegally re-entering the United States after having been deported on June 28, 1996...

Los Angeles Daily News
Ethnicity raised in Van Nuys vote dispute
In a meeting that lasted until 2 a.m. Wednesday, several people who won Van Nuys Neighborhood Council seats in a disputed election said those challenging the results are attempting to deny Latinos a role in local governance. -- "The issues here need to be seen in terms of race relations, in terms of people who have had power and don't want to share that power," said Marianne Kanter...

Meeting With Mexicans Bad For Bushies -- And America
Attorney General John Ashcroft apparently doesn't spend much time chatting with Mexican diplomats about United States immigration policy. And that's a good thing. -- Last May 24, then-Immigration Service Commissioner James Ziglar met with Mexico's finest. And here's what Ziglar was inspired to say about his duty to detain and deport the millions of illegal aliens in the United States....AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald
Tuition reward for illegals hits a legislative roadblock
...A proposal by Miami lawmaker Rep. Juan Zapata, R-Miami, would allow those thousands of students [read: illegals] who have attended a Florida high school for at least three years... to pay in-state fees to attend a state college or university. -- The proposal... hit a roadblock in the House, where it is stalled in a committee. With two days to go in the annual legislative session, it is unlikely to be heard.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Senators criticize Bush on Latin America
...Senator Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and other committee members used the hearing as a forum on the administration's Latin American policies. When Noriega said the Sept. 11 attacks had derailed hopes for an immigration agreement with Mexico, Lugar wasn't satisfied. -- "Life goes on, our government has a lot of priorities,'' Lugar said. "We ought to be capable of doing many things at the same time.'' [See the entire transcript of Roger Noriega's Senate address].AP Internal Use Only

The Jersey Journal
Seemingly endless rolling amnesty for Central Americans continues
An estimated 1,000 to 1,500 Honduran and Nicaraguan immigrants living in Hudson Co. are breathing a sigh of relief. -- Yesterday, the federal government allowed them to legally work and live in the United States for another 18 months. -- Provisional immigration status, granted to them in 1999 after Hurricane Mitch destroyed part of Central America, had been scheduled to expire for Hondurans and Nicaraguans on July 5...AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Nationalist Agenda
They will not say openly that all they want from the U.S. is California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas They will pose as "Hispanics" or "Latinos", instead, trying to make an impression that they are fighting for a greater cause of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" than just to expand the breeding grounds for geometrically growing Mexican population.

We Get
Re O'Reilly Factor: Is California trying to legalize invaders?
On Fox last night, O'Reilly interviewed a San Francisco Board of Supervisor, Gerardo Sandoval, on the approval of Consular cards (BTW the O'Reilly show needs a good graphical pic of the Mex ID card). -- Mr. Sandoval did not have one legitimate point because there are none.

Arizona Daily Star Update  [Very short-lived link]  
Meth seizures on the rise in northern Arizona
Methamphetamine seizures in northern Arizona are up dramatically since the start of the year, law enforcement officials said. -- "We've had a lot of busts this year of quantity," said Sgt. Randy Weems of Metro. -- Some of the meth can be traced to domestic sources, but large labs in Mexico are manufacturing hundreds of pounds, he said.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Calif. Counties Among Nation's Smoggiest
California cemented its notoriety as the smoggiest state by having nine counties and six metropolitan areas listed among the worst-polluted areas of the nation, according to American Lung Association rankings released Thursday. -- The California counties of San Bernardino, Fresno and Kern retained the top three positions as reported last year. [No mention of massive immigration to the state]AP Internal Use Only

Baltimore Sun
Judges rule INS erred on investor visa rules change
A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that the Immigration and Naturalization Service acted illegally when it retroactively changed the rules for a visa program that allows foreigners to become permanent U.S. residents by investing at least $500,000 in an American business. -- The ruling means that about 200 investors in a Maryland-based firm, AIS....AP Internal Use Only

Pioneer Press -- Vernon Hills, Illinois
Fast food restaurant illegal alien drug dealers convicted
Dealing drugs from a fast food operation might have been a unique sales method for quick and easy money, but four people involved with the scheme in Mundelein last year are behind bars following sentencing in Lake County. -- The Mundelein residents, all illegal immigrants, were convicted of involvement in a drug operation based from a Mundelein Burger King restaurant on Midlothian Road.AP Internal Use Only

Modesto Bee
Mexican national a suspect in disappearance of girl
A 13-year-old girl reported missing is believed to have run away with a man in his 40s, police said Wednesday. -- Maria Karina Rodriguez and Regino Bautista, both of Mexico, left a Modesto home early Tuesday. Possible destinations include the Santa Rosa and the Red Bluff-Corning areas. [Family values don't stop at the Rio Bravo]AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Previously deported murderous illegal arrested in attempt to con Social Security
Olathe, Kansas -- A woman who spent 15 years in a Texas prison for killing her husband has been arrested for trying to claim Social Security benefits as his widow. -- Maria Alatorre was charged Tuesday in Johnson County with making a false writing, a felony. -- Prosecutors allege she falsely claimed to be a citizen of the United States... AP Internal Use Only

Northern Virginia Journal
Day laborers [read: illegals] to get pickup site, taxpayers get fleeced
Day laborers might soon leave the south Arlington street corner where they wait early each morning to rush prospective employers' trucks in search of work. -- Arlington Co. plans to open a $100,000 pavilion by June on county land for the workers to congregate... -- "[The pavilion] is not really solving the problem," one local resident said. "It's putting a Band-Aid on the problem." AP Internal Use Only

Orange County Register
Reconquistas continue to push for deal with Mexicans
...Would Latino activists get the cold shoulder from policy-makers still hurt by Mexico's lack of support during the war in Iraq? --- "Yes, in Washington, there are some hurt feelings. Certainly, Mexico's position did not go unnoticed," said [meddling Mexican] Carlos Olamendi, an activist on both sides of the border who just returned from a trip to Mexico City to lobby for emigrant rights. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic
Stop rewarding illegal entry
We agree wholeheartedly with the editors on one critical point: The status quo along the U.S.-Mexico border, which invites chaos and death, is unacceptable ("Do-or-die season," Editorial, Friday). -- For the sake of our national security, the people who live in communities along the border and the migrants themselves, we must send a clear and unequivocal message that entering the U.S. illegally will not be tolerated.  AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times
Virginia A.G. says veto of alien tuition bill is moot
Virginia Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore said yesterday that Gov. Mark Warner's veto of legislation requiring illegal aliens to pay out-of-state tuition at state universities is irrelevant because Virginia law already requires schools to charge illegal aliens the higher rate. --  "I again remind our colleges and universities that this legislation merely sought to clarify in the Code of Virginia what is already contained in state and federal law," said Mr. Kilgore, a Republican.  AP Internal Use Only

South Florida Sun-Sentinel 
Criminal aliens rounded up for removal in Florida
For the second time in less than two months, federal officials arrested 12 immigrants with criminal convictions as part of a crackdown in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. -- "This is an ongoing law enforcement effort focused on ensuring that those criminal aliens who have no legal right to be in the U.S. no longer pose a threat to our community," said Barbara Gonzalez... AP Internal Use Only

Riverside Press Enterprise (Free Registration) 
Videotaped arrest of Mexican intruder spurs inquiry
Temecula, Calif. - The Riverside County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday it is investigating whether a deputy used excessive force in detaining an undocumented immigrant during a confrontation captured on amateur video. -- The two-minute video, which was obtained by Los Angeles-area Spanish television station Telemundo 52...AP Internal Use Only

The Morning News -- NW Arkansas
MALDEF, others carp over treatment of suspected illegals
Fayetteville, Arkansas -- Lawyers for Hispanic motorists who have accused Rogers police of racial profiling filed Wednesday in federal court a memorandum of law saying they can only get justice through class action. -- The suit contends that Rogers police target Hispanic motorists for traffic stops to investigate their immigration status in violation of their federal civil rights. -- MALDEF initially filed the suit in federal court in March 2001...AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform
California Senate Considering Widespread Acceptance of Mexican Matricula Consular as Valid ID
...While we cannot stop the Mexican government from issuing identity documents to its citizens, we can and should demand that our own government refuse to accept these cards as valid ID in this county. Please help fight this pro-illegal immigration legislation by taking the actions listed (click link above).AP Internal Use Only

Post and Courier -- Charleston, South Carolina
Roundup worries invading foreign lawbreakers
This week's federal round-up of illegal immigrants at Charleston's port is fueling fears in the Hispanic community that authorities plan to crack down on the scores of undocumented workers [criminals] who have flocked to the area for new lives and better jobs [illegals are prohibited from working in the U.S.]. -- A federal task force working to bolster port security detained 35 Mexicans and Hondurans entering the construction site of the new Cooper River bridge Monday. AP Internal Use Only

News & Sentinel -- Parkersburg, West Virginia
More foreigners 'looking for a better life' busted
Marietta, Ohio - Eight men were arrested by Marietta police Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning for allegedly attempting to use false papers to apply for driver's licenses from Ohio. -- Three of the men have addresses in Harrisonburg, Va., one in Petersburg, W.Va., and the other four list cities in Mexico and Honduras as their homes.AP Internal Use Only

Click to visit the ABP site
Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Group successful in test of drone for finding crossers
[Additional coverage of Wednesday's UAV test by American Border Patrol with photos, video clip] -- American Border Patrol's high-tech immigration watchdog effort took flight Wednesday with a successful testing of the group's unmanned aerial vehicle. -- Within minutes the miniature plane found and followed a group of people making their way along the San Pedro River.... [See this feature item]AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
If this is 'homeland security' we're all in trouble
About 1,000 miles of national forest land bordering' Canada and Mexico go virtually unpatrolled by the U.S. Forest Service,' creating wide swaths for terrorists and criminals to enter the country' undetected, an internal government audit says. -- Even though the Forest Service is not the lead agency responsible for border' security, it oversees areas "that are potentially vulnerable to infiltration' by terrorists, smugglers, and other criminal agents,'' the Agriculture' Department's inspector general said in a report Wednesday.AP Internal Use Only

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