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Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Scarborough Excoriates Ridge on Amnesty
Amnesty Plan is a "Bad, Bad, Idea"

Our note: Bush didn't scrap amnesty after 9/11/01, he backed off in July, 2001, due, in part to a campaign by American Patrol.
New York, July 1, 2003. (ABP) -- In an MSNBC editorial on "Scarborough Country", former Congressman Joe Scarborough attacked the Bush Administration, specifically Homeland Security head Tom Ridge, for hinting at talks with Mexico over amnesty for illegal aliens. Watch this program involving Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza, and Terence Jeffrey of Human Events.
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For Wednesday

Should illegal aliens be able to get driver's licenses in U.S.?

Washington Post
Catholic Charities: Funding decline hurts center for immigrants
A Roman Catholic charity in No. Virginia is cutting services at two of its best known outreach centers, citing a "precipitous decline" in funding from the United Way... -- Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington announced that, effective yesterday, it had closed temporarily its homeless shelter at Christ House in Alexandria and had suspended emergency services at Hogar Hispano, a center in Falls Church that assists immigrants. AP Internal Use Only

Fox News
Border Patrol Continues to Fight Flux of Illegal Immigrants
Border agents will voluntarily move from their southwestern border assignments up to the Canadian border to help prevent terrorist weapons, drugs and illegal immigrants from entering the United States, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection announced Wednesday. -- The 375 additional agents will increase the number of those currently watching Canada's borders by more than half.... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald Review  [Short-lived link]
Agents help 3 illegals, find others dead
Hereford, Arizona -- U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Naco Station apprehended 39 illegal immigrants from Mexico Monday morning not far from Hereford Road, and three of them required medical treatment, Tucson Sector spokesman Frank Amarillas said Tuesday. -- Agents also came upon the body of suspected illegal immigrant around 6 p.m. Monday south of Highway 90 on the east side of the San Pedro River, he said. AP Internal Use Only

El Universal -- Mexico -- Rough Translation
Ridge announces illegal Hispanic immigrants, in particular Mexicans, are not a risk to national security
Ridge also comments on the ridiculous sham Mexican ID, indicates that improvements may make them acceptable. [Also see: Bush Administration Not Serious About National Security] AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration)
Standoff between obnoxious day laborers and city likely
Day laborers in Albany Park remained in their temporary work site past a Tuesday deadline, setting up a likely run-in with city officials who plan to evict them and use the space for park projects. -- Workers now vow to fight for the patch of land in the 5100 block of North Pulaski Road that has become an alternative to soliciting work on street corners. Organizers say they are considering civil disobedience. AP Internal Use Only

Rumor Mill
American Patrol
Bush and Rove Hispandering -- Calls to White House needed!
The Rumor Mill has learned that President Bush is using Homeland Defense Secretary Tom Ridge as a front man on amnesty. Amnesty will be disguised as a guest worker program. It will be "amnesty by stealth." Illegals would turn themselves in as a guest worker then have the opportunity to apply for citizenship...

A case of selective enforcement
Many politicians in Washington, D.C., embrace the myth that they can allow masses of illegal aliens to sneak in from Mexico without increasing the risk of another Sept. 11. -- Last week, I debunked that myth with the story of Salim Boughader, the Tijuana restaurateur who specialized in running illegal aliens from the Middle East into San Diego. When one of Boughader's Lebanese clients, 21-year-old Youseff Balaghi, died at a San Diego-area hospital... AP Internal Use Only

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin
Grateful for Patriot Acts
To civil-liberties alarmists, Viet Dinh is a traitor. To me, he is an American hero. -- Dinh, 35, is widely known ­ and reviled ­ as the primary architect of the Patriot Act. Until May, he was an assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Policy in John Ashcroft's Justice Department. (He stepped down to return to his law school post at Georgetown University.) Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Dinh told the Christian Science Monitor.... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Update  [Very short-lived link]
Bodies of two more suspected border intruders found
Border Patrol agents on Tuesday found the bodies of two illegal border-crossers in separate incidents, bringing the tally of border-crossers known to have died in Southern Arizona since Oct. 1 to 63. -- Agents from the Ajo station found the first body about two miles southwest of Ajo. The man, 50, is believed to be from the Mexican sate of Durango. His death is believed to have been heat-related. AP Internal Use Only

The Brownsville (Texas) Herald
Business leaders told maquiladoras face challenges
Mexican maquiladoras must grow in clusters that produce electronic and automotive parts in order to help fend off stiff competition from China and other Asian countries, Mexico's former maquiladora chief said Tuesday. -- Rolando Gonzalez Barron presented preliminary findings and economic models of the maquiladora industry to business leaders from Brownsville and Matamoros during a presentation at the Brownsville Events Center. AP Internal Use Only

Displacing Americans
In making their case for a free-for-all immigration policy, open-border libertarians usually confine themselves to insipid sentimental arguments. This manipulative fare is easy to dismiss. After all, saying that immigrants are only seeking "a better way of life" in our country or that immigration is an American tradition... AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
South Bend (Indiana) Tribune
Homeland Insecurity: Cops accept sham IDs despite FBI warning
Local police departments said they will continue to recognize Mexican consular identification cards after an FBI panel warned Congress that the cards are prone to fraud. -- The identification cards, or "matriculas consulares" in Spanish, display the holder's U.S. address but do not reveal immigration status. The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues them to Mexican citizens who legally or illegally live abroad... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Anti-terror laws will hurt U.S. tourism, industry group warns
A travel industry trade group is campaigning against new federal rules aimed at preventing foreign terrorists from entering the country, warning that the measures, as planned, will hurt tourism and do little to enhance security. -- The Travel Industry Association of America on Tuesday urged airline, hotel and cruise line representatives to write letters to members of Congress... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Beacon allegedly helps save 3 gate-crashing foreigners
A group of illegal border crossers in desperate need of water and medical attention activated a U.S. Border Patrol rescue beacon within hours of its installation Sunday in the desert west of Ajo. --- After their rescue, the three men were taken to the Border Patrol station in Ajo. They were given food and water and their condition was monitored until their deportation to Mexico. AP Internal Use Only

Immigration fueling California growth
At a time when California's budget is busting the bank, a new study has revealed nearly all of the state's population growth between 1990 and 2000 was due to immigration ­ legal and otherwise. -- "Virtually 100 percent of California's population explosion between 1990 and 2000 (and continuing through 2002) was the result of a massive inflow of immigrants and births to immigrants, not from internal growth, according to two separate studies.." AP Internal Use Only

All (Well, Over Half) Come Bearing False ID
Something called the National Migration Conference 2003 is about to open in Washington D.C. The theme: "All Come Bearing Gifts." -- One of the gifts that "migrants" admitted to the U.S. as "refugees" often come bearing: a false identity. -- Under current law, the United States can admit up to 70,000 refugees annually.... AP Internal Use Only

Orlando Sentinel
Pope picks outspoken bishop for local post
Pope John Paul II has appointed a forceful and nationally known voice for immigrants, refugees and the poor to lead the Diocese of Orlando's 400,000 Catholics (Bishop Thomas Wenski)... -- "Immigrants are not a threat to our nation," he said at a news conference in downtown Orlando. "They are a benefit to our nation." AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen
Halt to wall not seen as victory, says reconquista Garcia
The U.S. Border Patrol has backed off a plan to build a wall that would block off three-quarters of Arizona's border, but an immigration rights activist isn't celebrating. -- "We cannot look at this as a victory, because if we turn away, they'll do it incrementally, in small steps, so we don't notice," said Isabel Garcia, a Tucson immigration attorney and human rights activist. -- "Our economy depends on migrant workers," said Garcia. [Is that why California is doing so well?] AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune 
Mexican pleads not guilty in crash that killed 3 illegals
A Mexican man pleaded not guilty to three counts of murder yesterday in the deaths of three passengers killed when he lost control of his car while fleeing police near Borrego Springs. -- Antonio Sánchez Díaz, of San Jose, Jalisco, Mexico, entered the plea from his bed at Palomar Medical Center, where he is being treated for injuries sustained in Thursday's crash. AP Internal Use Only

KPOM -- Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Nine Hispanics Arraigned on Illegal Immigration Charges
Nine Hispanics pleaded not guilty to immigration charges in Fayetteville's Western District of Arkansas Federal Court on Monday. -- The nine separate cases include various charges. -- Five men have been charged with fraudulent use of social security cards. They face five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. AP Internal Use Only

National Review
Bush Can't Help Mexico -- It's at home where Mexicans need jobs
Mexican president Vicente Fox has been pushing President Bush to formally open the American border to Mexican workers for two and a half years now. A post-9/11 Bush won't sign off on the migration scheme. But Fox soldiers on, for pursuing an open-border policy is easier than fixing problems at home. Mexico is losing its NAFTA-created jobs by the hour to cheaper labor markets... AP Internal Use Only

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