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Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Millions to Attack America
Just Three Groups Have $78 Million a Year to Keep Borders Open

Annual Income - 2001
Source: guidestar.org
Is This a Fair Fight?
ABP - July 8, 2003. This week, Spanish language TV featured a report from Frank Sharry, who spoke in perfect Spanish. The banner read "Frank Sharry - Ford Foundation." The Ford Foundation has $9.5 billion in assets. It works to keep America's borders open by financing groups such as MALDEF and NCLR. Adding in the virulent anti-American SPLC, and these three groups bring in more than $78 million a year to destroy America's sovereignty. Last year, American Border Patrol's total income was less than $50,000.
Is this a fair fight?

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KGTV -- San Diego
Smugglers Busted With $1M Of Pot
San Diego -- Law-enforcement officials have made four arrests and confiscated more than 1,300 pounds of marijuana found on board a boat in Mission Bay. -- Officials from Immigration, Customs and the Department of Homeland Security had the 21-foot boat under surveillance from the time it entered U.S. waters on Sunday morning, reported the San Diego Union-Tribune..... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Update  [Very short-lived link]
Debate on anti-invasion initiative already heating up
More than a year before it may appear on Arizona's next general election ballot, a proposed initiative purportedly aimed at illegal immigration already has political debate simmering. --- "What drives them is race," said Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix. "So to call (Rep.) Randy Graf - and I wish he were here - a racist or an uneducated fool is perfectly on the dot." [Contact Miranda] AP Internal Use Only

The Mercury News - San Jose
Cheap labor is bankrupting California
There is no simple or single explanation for the kind of gaping budget deficit currently facing California. However, it would be naive in the extreme to ignore the impact of large-scale legal and illegal immigration on a $38.2 billion shortfall in this year's state budget..... AP Internal Use Only

FAIR -- Federation for American Immigration Reform
O'Bannon's Decision to Accept Mexican Consular ID Will Assist People Violating U.S. Immigration Laws, Charges FAIR
Today's unprecedented decision by Governor Frank O'Bannon to accept the Mexican-issued matricula consular card as valid identification in Indiana will aid thousands of people who are violating U.S. immigration laws is at odds with national efforts to curb massive illegal immigration.... AP Internal Use Only

Indianapolis Star
Indiana will recognize laughable Mexican ID card
Indiana agencies will recognize a card issued by the Mexican government as a form of identification, state officials announced today. -- "Recognition of the matricula card as valid identification will help Mexican nationals [read: illegals] conduct business, live their lives and feel welcomed in our state," Gov. Frank O'Bannon said in a news release. [FBI: Sham IDs unreliable] [Webmaster: O'Bannon is also unreliable] AP Internal Use Only

Yuma (Arizona) Sun
Border Patrol agents find body near San Luis port of entry
The body of a 38-year-old man was found by U.S. Border Patrol agents near the U.S. Port of Entry at San Luis, Ariz., bringing the number of illegal immigrants who've died in the Yuma sector this fiscal year to 12. -- Agents working the area west of the port of entry saw a group of three suspected illegal immigrants near the international line... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
More in Arizona initiative targeting illegal aliens
A Phoenix businessman and a local activist will pursue a 2004 ballot measure aimed at banning Arizona from spending state or local tax money on undocumented immigrants. -- The main architects, Rusty Childress, owner of Childress Automall in Phoenix, and West Valley activist Kathy McKee, filed the ballot initiative application Monday with the secretary of state. AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
The Daily Journal -- Kankakee, Illinois
Bogus Mexican IDs concern the FBI
...Kankakee Mayor Donald Green, a strong advocate of the [matricula consular] card's use, said the community must have some way of identifying people living here. -- "The federal government has to deal with this issue of who they are allowing in our country,'' Green said. "Are we to guess who is living here?'" [Do what South Carolina is doing] AP Internal Use Only

L.A Times (Free Registration) 
Mexican reconquistas go after besieged councilman
The Newport Beach City Council is expected to apologize to the Latino community tonight for comments by Councilman Richard Nichols that many say show a pattern of bigotry. --- "They are trying to activate many of the pro-Mexican organizations. In general, most of those organizations want to see California turned over to Mexico," Nichols said. [MALDEF info] AP Internal Use Only

Our Duplicitous Government
Our federal authorities don't seem to be very concerned with the risks that lax enforcement of the southern border poses to American society. Although the news of illegal aliens killing Americans make headlines with a regularity of moon phase changes, they keep telling us that most of illegals are good, hard-working people who just want to improve their lives...

Associated Press
Ford Foundation to keep chairman despite fraud allegations
New York -- The Ford Foundation will retain Paul Allaire as its chairman despite allegations by federal regulators that he committed accounting fraud while at the helm of Xerox Corp. -- The SEC accused Allaire of allowing Xerox to overstate its profits by $1.4 billion over four years. He denied any wrongdoing. -- Because the Ford Foundation does not consider itself a public entity, Allaire was cleared by the board to continue to serve. AP Internal Use Only

San Jose Mercury News
Santa Clara cops nab immigrant on 'wanted' list
Santa Clara police nabbed one of the Top 10 "Most Wanted Fugitive Criminal Aliens'' in the country this week, but federal officials couldn't say Monday what distinguished the man from thousands of other immigrants with criminal backgrounds who are fleeing deportation orders. -- An officer spotted Datinder Singh Munder on Sunday sitting under a tree.... AP Internal Use Only

Boulet Jr.
National Review
A Tale of Two Nominees (Estrada & Acosta)
Bush administration. You have undoubtedly heard of Miguel Estrada, a Bush judicial nominee who is the victim of a filibuster by Senate Democrats. You may soon hear of R. Alexander Acosta, whose prospective nomination as assistant attorney general for civil rights has provoked praise from the same foes of official English who oppose Estrada. AP Internal Use Only

Letter to
the Editor
The new amnesty in disguise
Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is introducing a guest worker/amnesty bill this month, something President Bush is supporting. This program demands public scrutiny as it will give amnesty to the estimated 8-11 million illegal aliens here, along with providing them with Social Security and Medicare accounts... AP Internal Use Only

Daily Emerald -- University of Oregon -- Eugene
Illegal Aid
What part of the word "illegal" do people not understand? -- Senate Bill 10, which would offer in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens, not only reduces opportunities for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, but also directly conflicts with federal law. -- Title 8, Chapter 14, Section 1623 of the Immigration Reform Act of 1995 states.... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star
Vote would halt funds for illegal aliens
A spat over a north Phoenix day-labor center has blossomed into a statewide initiative to ban the use of public money for those in this country illegally. -- The initiative, dubbed the Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, would require all state and local agencies to verify an applicant's immigration status before providing any benefits that are not federally mandated. [Visit the Protect Arizona Now website] AP Internal Use Only

Recall Davis
Update on Effort to Recall Gray Davis
Last Call for Recall Petitions!
You read right -- this is the FINAL call for all Recall Gray Davis petitions. If you have a petition -- even if it has just ONE signature on it -- fill out the bottom portion of the petition (the 'Declaration of Person Circulating Section of Recall Petition' box) and send it back to us IMMEDIATELY!

Letter to
the Editor
Washington Post
California's Deficit
...The article on California's two-year, $38 billion deficit [front page, June 30] did not discuss a major cause of that deficit. A 1997 study by the National Academy of Sciences found that the average native Californian household pays an extra $1,178 in state and local taxes to finance $3,463 in services to each immigrant household in that state.... AP Internal Use Only

Belleville (Illinois) News-Democrat
Bogus IDs issued to Mexicans spark debate over invasion
...The Mexican government-issued photo ID that [apparent illegal alien] Helaido Guzman awaited so patiently has become the flashpoint of a increasingly bitter debate over whether it should be accepted. -- "These cards are a national security nightmare," said FAIR's David Ray, who added the Mexican government handed out 750,000 of them in 2002 alone. AP Internal Use Only

Knight Ridder News Service
Civil rights groups fear race data ban
A burgeoning movement in California that would bar government from asking about race or ethnicity is stirring fears that national civil rights gains could be undone. --- Sean Thomas Breitfeld, a policy analyst for National Council of La Raza, a Latino civil rights group, said, "Ignoring race and ethnicity by not collecting information about it does not make disparities and discrimination go away..." AP Internal Use Only

Marietta (Georgia) Times
2 Mexican illegal aliens busted in Belpre
Two illegal immigrants are charged with a string of misdemeanors, including carrying a concealed weapon, after a Saturday traffic stop by the Belpre Police Department. -- The two men, Emmanuel L. Rameriez and Jorge V. Baltasar, both of Mexico, were arraigned Monday in Marietta Municipal Court and are being held on $3,000 bond in the Washington County Jail. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Baca, La Raza grouse as Goode pushes for border troops
Despite the Pentagon's misgivings, U.S. Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., R-Va., has not abandoned his idea of having troops stationed along U.S. borders to staunch the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs and terrorists. -- Goode contends if the nation can defend the borders of Afghanistan, South Korea and Iraq, it should be willing to ensure the security of its own borders. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star
Cross-border smuggling trial delayed
A trial for members of an Arivaca-based border-watch group on charges including conspiracy to smuggle illegal border crossers has been postponed. -- A motion to delay the trial was approved late Monday, according to Harriet Bernik, spokeswoman for the U. S. Attorney's Office in Phoenix. She said one defendant has entered a plea agreement in the case....AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Seattle Times
Homeland Insecurity: Bellevue backs use of Mexican sham ID
Mexican citizens in Bellevue can now use an identification card issued by the Mexican government when they deal with city police, apply for city utilities-tax rebates or check out equipment at a community center. -- The Bellevue City Council voted unanimously last night to endorse accepting the photo identification, known as a matricula consular, in place of other kinds of identification such as a driver's license or passport. [FBI: Sham IDs unreliable] AP Internal Use Only

Greenville (South Carolina) News
State House bill would crack down on illegal immigration
...Dubbed "The Illegal Alien Enforcement Act," the bill would authorize state and local law enforcement officers to arrest and detain individuals believed to be in the United States illegally until they can be handed over to federal authorities. -- "I want South Carolina to be known as a state that is very unfriendly to someone who is here illegally," said State Rep. John Altman. AP Internal Use Only

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