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Monday, July 14, 2003

Jet Age Invasion
Breakfast in Brazil - Supper in Sierra Vista
ABP Hawkeye finds Brazilian International Driver's License One Day After Issuance

Sierra Vista, Arizona (ABP) July 11 -- An American Border Patrol "Hawkeye" found the Brazilian International Drivers License (at left) in a backpack near Moson Rd. and Highway 90 east of Sierra Vista, Arizona. It had been issued the previous day.

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Protect Arizona Now Initiative - Agree or Disagree?
An initiative aimed at keeping illegals from voting or getting public services
Red DotVisit the 'Protect Arizona Now' website

Salvadoran president announces massive TPS campaign
Salvadoran President Francisco Flores announced the start of a "massive campaign" in the United States to inform the Salvadoran community in that country about the procedures they must follow to extend their TPS privileges. -- In a message to the nation, Flores thanked the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush for extending Temporary Protection Status... AP Internal Use Only

Abolishing America, Not Continued; Official English Will Send A Message
It probably occurs to very few Americans that when they visit an ATM machine or put together some gadget bought at K-Mart or Wal-Mart, they are witnessing the cultural disintegration of their own country. The reason is that ATM machines and the assembly instructions for most mass-marketed products now come in at least two, maybe more, languages.... AP Internal Use Only

Christian Science Monitor
Latino vote in '04 is a big enchilada
Among all the what-ifs of the contested 2000 presidential election, here's one: In Miami, the Bush campaign spent more than $800,000 on Spanish-language television ads and Al Gore spent nothing. -- If Vice President Gore had fought as hard as George W. Bush did for the Latino vote in Florida, could he have won that critical state? AP Internal Use Only

Stick and Carrot
Out of curiosity, I run my old 2002 TurboTax (the results attached below) for a fictitious 2 + 2 (a married couple with two kids) family with a total annual income of $21,100. To my great surprise, although I made them free of any tax withholdings, it turned out that they qualified for a federal tax refund of $1,074.....

Visit EagleForum.com
Phyllis Schlafly
Human Events
Alien Thugs Re-Entering Southwest
It happened again last week. An illegal alien with a criminal record that included four previous felony convictions who had been deported from the United States sneaked back into California and committed a cold-blooded crime. -- Police reports say that when Oceanside (Calif.) Police Officer Tony Zeppetella, 27, stopped Adrian George Camacho for a traffic violation, Camacho pulled out a gun and shot Zeppetella. AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Hospital CostsAlert 1: Norwood Introduces CLEAR Act
Hospital CostsAlert 2: Stop Bank Acceptance of Matricula ID Card

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald Review  [Short-lived link]
Four more deaths in the desert
Bisbee -- The bodies of four illegal immigrants were found this past weekend, according to Cochise County Sheriff's spokeswoman Carol Capas. -- Two were discovered Saturday and two on Sunday, she said this morning. -- This brings the number of dead illegal immigrants found in the county to 27 since Jan. 1... [Also see this related Associated Press item] AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Capitol Times
Voter ID Initiative Fans Emotions, Triggers Name Calling
Arizonans would have to prove their citizenship in order to vote and receive certain state and local government services under an initiative proposed for the 2004 general election ballot. -- Protect Arizona Now received its initiative serial number (I-03-2004) on July 7 on its application filed with the Secretary of State's Office. AP Internal Use Only

California's dilemma with illegal immigration
Today's massive state deficit of $38 billion is largely driven by the huge number of immigrants coming to California. While this is a federal issue, the state can set some limits in financial costs by limiting the programs to those illegally in the country. This is what Prop. 187 was about.

San Antonio Express-News
La Raza president calls Bush a 'major disappointment'
The nation's 38 million Hispanics must control their destiny and not be fooled by broken promises and "piñata politics," the president of the National Council of La Raza said Sunday in a blistering attack on the Bush administration's record and on politicians of all stripes "who take our votes for granted." -- "Fight when our community is threatened," Raul Yzaguirre said. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Orange County coroner rules baby's death was homicide
A woman [allegedly a Mexican illegal] could face murder charges again in the death of her 9-month-old niece after the coroner determined the baby had been smothered to death. --- Teresa Hurtado, who was baby-sitting her niece May 5, was initially charged with murder and child abuse in the baby's May 5 death. [Family values don't stop at the Rio Bravo] AP Internal Use Only

New York Times (Free Registration)
Remittances up despite U.S. recession
...Inter-American Development Bank, the amount of money sent last year to Latin America from the United States increased about 18 percent, to more than $32 billion. And despite the tough economic times and new federal restrictions on sending money abroad, experts say they do not expect the volume of these remittances to decrease anytime soon. AP Internal Use Only

Workday Minnesota
Minneapolis passes ordinance restricting immigration enforcement
By an overwhelming vote, the Minneapolis City Council approved an ordinance restricting enforcement of immigration laws by police and other city employees. Proponents, including organized labor, said the measure was needed to stop immigrants from being unfairly targeted and to make communities safer by reducing fear of the police and other authorities. AP Internal Use Only

National Review
Wrong on the Founders
Before 9/11, the Wall Street Journal always used to celebrate Independence Day by publishing an editorial endorsing a constitutional amendment proclaiming that "there shall be open borders." Since the attacks on the United States by foreign enemies who easily penetrated our borders.... AP Internal Use Only

We Get
Bush Administration failing to protect Americans
On Tuesday May 20th-2003 , I called the I N S and told them I knew where they could pick up 50 illegals , They said they couldn't ask them for I. D. , because the person must first commit a crime before they could ask them for an I.D. There was nothing they could do....

Tucson Citizen
Battle over aid to invaders expected (Protect Ariz. Now initiative)
The fight to cut off social assistance to illegal immigrants in Arizona could turn into a political boxing match as divisive and explosive as California's Proposition 187 nearly a decade ago. -- It sent Latinos to the polls in unprecedented numbers. -- Protect Arizona Now, the measure unveiled last week, quickly provoked powerful reactions... AP Internal Use Only

BP catches suspected illegals based on report by rancher
Douglas, Arizona -- Sunday morning at about 7 am rancher Roger Barnett observed fresh footprints of about thirty people on his property. He reported the findings to the Border Patrol. Later that day, the Border Patrol apprehended thirty illegal aliens at about the spot where Barnett said they would be.

Rumor Mill
American Patrol
Terrorist Travel Forecast: Smooth Sailing on Sundays
Terrorists have been alerted that the best time to cross illegally into the United States through Canada is Sunday. That is because the Department of Homeland Security has decided to save money by using customs officers to do immigration screening instead of immigration officers...

The Mercury News - San Jose, California
Cops rarely check immigration status, citizens pay the price
When San Jose police arrested Enrique Sosa Alvarez three years ago for suspicion of auto theft, they didn't know that he was an illegal immigrant. And they apparently never did much to find out. -- Last month, Alvarez allegedly kidnapped a San Jose fourth-grader and molested her repeatedly. Now his case is calling into question how law enforcement agencies handle illegal immigrants... AP Internal Use Only

India Times
Crisis continues: US may abolish H1-B visa
Washington -- The H1-B visa on the chopping block again. A prominent anti- immigration lawmaker has introduced in the US Congress, a Bill that seeks to abolish the visa category that facilitates a large number of skilled Indian professionals take up jobs in the United States. AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration)
Police arrest 3 men in ID falsification ring
Chicago police on Sunday arrested three men for alleged involvement in a fake identification ring based out of a Cicero apartment that targeted residents of Chicago's Little Village neighborhood, Sgt. Phillip Leibas said. -- Undercover officers in Little Village, which has a large Mexican immigrant population... AP Internal Use Only

New York Times (Free Registration)
Teenagers Facing Hard Competition for Summer Jobs
Teenagers are facing the worst summer job market in years, with the percentage of those holding summer jobs at its lowest in 55 years and the unemployment rate at its highest in a decade. -- Governments have cut money that used to help put teenagers in jobs. Retail stores are increasingly favoring older sales clerks. [Some politicians think we need 'guest workers'] AP Internal Use Only

San Francisco Chronicle
Bill would reward offspring of lawbreakers
...This week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution supporting two national measures that would help Gonzalez [an illegal alien] and hundreds of thousands of young immigrants like him. Bay Area advocates are hoping the Oakland City Council will soon do the same. -- A bill in the House of Representatives, known as the Student Adjustment Act... AP Internal Use Only

Newsday -- New York
Firebombing of home raises tensions among 'immigrants'
Tensions that had settled between Spanish-speaking immigrant day laborers and some of their neighbors have been agitated by a recent firebombing at a house on Granny Road. -- The attack, which was set on fire when someone in a passing vehicle threw a flaming object through a window in the house, left four adults and two children without a home. AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen Editorial
Paper condemns P.A.N. initiative as 'hateful and divisive'
Fear of the unknown drives people to do some truly strange things. That is the case with a proposed Arizona initiative that would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving public assistance. -- The reason behind the initiative campaign is clear: People are afraid of illegal immigrants and feel that their presence is a financial burden on American taxpayers [which is true].... [Visit 'Protect Arizona Now' site] AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Border death toll increases to 77
The body of a 23-year-old man was found in the desert southwest of Tucson on Saturday afternoon, officials said. -- He was the 77th illegal entrant known to have died crossing through the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson Sector since Oct. 1, the beginning of the agency's fiscal year. The sector spans all of the Arizona-Mexican border except for an area near Yuma. AP Internal Use Only

The Mercury News - San Jose, California
Pain from layoffs runs deep in Valley
Demonstrating the vast and harsh impact of the economic downturn, an exclusive poll for the Mercury News shows that unemployment has touched the homes of more than one-third of Silicon Valley residents since January 2001. -- The poll found that 34.7% of adults in the valley said at least one person in their household had been out of work for more than three months... [Some politicians think we need 'guest workers'] AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Northwest Indiana Times -- Munster, Indiana
Lawmakers divided on Mickey Mouse Mexican ID
East Chicago -- Local political leaders say the House Judiciary and Homeland Security committees are misinformed that the Mexican consular identity card poses a threat to national security. -- The lawmakers last week asked Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge to consider those concerns as the government discusses its policy toward the "matricula consular," the Mexican identification card. AP Internal Use Only

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