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Friday, August 1, 2003

300 Invade Top Secret Military Base
63 OTMs Caught, Rest Flee at Home of Army Intelligence

Sierra Vista, Arizona -- American Patrol has received information about an incident on Fort Huachuca (Arizona) last night in which MPs encountered about 300 suspected illegal aliens on the base. Of the 300, 63 were rounded up and detained, while the remaining suspects escaped. All those captured turned out to be OTMs (other than Mexicans). The Border Patrol is prohibited from going on base unless they are invited.

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Associated Press
Customs Seizes More Than a Half-Million Dollars at El Paso Port
More than a half-million dollars concealed in a pickup truck headed into Mexico has been seized by U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection agents at the El Paso Port of Entry. -- "It's one of the biggest (money seizures) we've seen," said Roger Maier, a spokesman for the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He said no arrests had been made as of midday Friday, but the agency is investigating the source of the money. AP Internal Use Only

Sunday, August 3 -- Don't Miss This Show!
Tom Tancredo on the Terry Anderson Show

Associated Press
Justices uphold conviction of Mexican drug runner
Pierre, SD - A split South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld a man's convictions for having 18 pounds of cocaine and other drugs in a hidden compartment of his car. -- Three of the five Supreme Court justices agreed that a Highway Patrol trooper had sufficient reason to search the car driven by Alfredo ''Pedro'' Chavez after a trained dog indicated the car contained illegal drugs. AP Internal Use Only

Mercury News -- San Jose, California
MALDEF sues to keep Connerly's initiative off ballot
A national Latino civil rights organization [the notorious Ford Foundation-backed MALDEF] fighting Proposition 54, the California initiative to ban the collection of racial and ethnic data, sued the state government today in San Jose federal court, charging that the hastily arranged Oct. 7 election violates the Voting Rights Act and California laws. AP Internal Use Only

Ventura County Star
Invasion foe Gallegly may run for California Governor
Davis should he be recalled on Oct. 7, add the name of nine-term Ventura County congressman Elton Gallegly. --- In his prepared statement announcing his intent, Gallegly made clear he would focus his campaign on the issue of illegal immigration. -- "I firmly believe that illegal immigration is at the root of California's economic problems," Gallegly said. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Unemployment rate drops as people quit looking for work
The nation's unemployment rate slid to 6.2% in July as nearly half a million discouraged Americans stopped looking for jobs. -- Payrolls were cut for a sixth month, suggesting businesses remain cautious and want to keep work forces lean despite budding signs of an economic revival. Businesses cut 44,000 jobs in July. [Also see: Bush economy may merit a pink slip] [Some think we need 'guest workers'] AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Davis pandering to Hispanics using license issue
Salinas, Calif. -- Ten months after vetoing a bill that would have let illegal immigrants [criminals] get driver's licenses, Gov. Gray Davis has reversed course, drawing accusations that he is pandering to Hispanics to try to save his job from a recall vote. -- The governor.. said he would sign the bill if it reached his desk. AP Internal Use Only

The Stein Report
NEA provides transport, support for illegal aliens
"The National Education Association is supporting the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride this fall that organizers say will help draw a 'new map for the road to citizenship' in the United States," the group says in a press release.... [Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime] AP Internal Use Only

Salt Lake Tribune
Utahns snared in drug bust, some may be illegals
Eighteen individuals were charged with trafficking in cocaine and methamphetamine in Utah and 12 people were arrested as part of a national effort to dismantle a drug trafficking cartel, authorities said Thursday. -- The 19-month investigation, known as "Operation Trifecta," targeted Mexican drug lord Ismael Zambada-Garcia... AP Internal Use Only

Clarion-Ledger -- Jackson, Mississippi 
Governor chides GOP foe as lobbyist for Mexico
Philadelphia, Miss. - In a fiery speech before a boisterous crowd, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove lashed out Thursday at Republican gubernatorial candidate Haley Barbour for taking $400,000 to help Mexico take jobs that the governor said could have gone to Mississippians. AP Internal Use Only

Media Research Center
CEO of DC's PBS Station Mad About Day Laborers Next to Studio
PBS cares about the riff-raff and plight of undocumented aliens and condemning mean-spirited conservatives for not caring about them -- think of many prime time PBS specials on those being "left behind" and lectures from Bill Moyers -- but not when they actually have to see them next door. -- Earlier this week, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, CEO of WETA... lashed out at the county... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Mexican Chaos: 3 killed in U.S.-Mexico border gun battle
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico -- Police officers exchanged gun and possible bazooka fire with a men in a convoy of cars near the U.S.-Mexico border early today and at least three people were killed, state police said. -- It was not immediately clear if the dead and six wounded were police officers or suspects. AP Internal Use Only

Denver Post
GOP divided on immigration reform [amnesty] scheme
..."What we learned is that an amnesty doesn't do anything to reduce the number of people coming into the country illegally. The only thing (the amnesty) did was encourage more people to come," said U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., who said he adamantly opposes the approach taken by his Republican colleagues. AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
The Desert Sun -- Palm Springs  [Contact This Paper]
Paper shuns security issues, lauds dangerous Mexican IDs
...Beyond that, it is common knowledge that many immigrants are part of an underground cash economy, making them prime targets of robbery and theft. Holders of the ID card would be able to use them to open accounts at banks that recognize the cards to better protect their earnings [illegals are prohibited from working in the U.S.]. [Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime] AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times
Outrage in Montgomery County
The case of Jose Guillermo Alvarado, a convicted child molester who was indicted last Friday on charges of raping a 5-year-old boy raises disturbing questions about protecting the public from predators who are in the country illegally. The facts of the case are this: In 1997, Alvarado pleaded guilty to fondling a 10-year-old boy in Montgomery County... [Family values don't stop at the Rio Bravo] AP Internal Use Only

Congress passes free trade deals with irresponsible immigration provisions
The U.S. Senate approved free trade pacts with Chile and Singapore on Thursday, giving both nations the final congressional go-ahead and ushering in what Bush administration officials hope will be a new era in trade negotiations. -- But senators from both sides of the aisle voiced concerns over provisions that award 6,800 work visas per year to professional workers from both countries under preferential conditions at a time of rising unemployment. AP Internal Use Only

Newsday -- New York
More on overblown firecracker episode in Farmingville
...Patrick Young, head of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, an immigrant [read: invader] advocacy group, concurred. "I doubt any Long Islanders are shocked that it happened in that community because it came after years of violent, racially hateful language coming from an organized group in Farmingville, the Sachem Quality of Life," Young said. -- "The truth is they have invaded. The truth is they are terrorists, low-level terrorists, but terrorists nonetheless," said Ray Wysolmierski , spokesman for Sachem. AP Internal Use Only

Letters to
the Editor
Tucson Citizen
'Illegal immigrants' is accurate terminology
In his column last Saturday, Tucson Citizen Editor and Publisher Michael A. Chihak asked readers to discuss the words and phrases the Citizen uses to describe people who come across the U.S.-Mexican border without going through the legal processes of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Targeted cartel is linked to Tucson
Officials dealt a stunning blow to an international drug cartel with strong ties to Tucson, announcing Thursday that they made 240 arrests and seized tons of drugs and millions of dollars in 19 months of investigation. -- In Arizona, "Operation Trifecta" resulted in the execution of four search warrants Thursday and the arrests of 10 people... AP Internal Use Only

Import of cheap labor by corporations seen driving wages down
Corporations allowed to import large numbers of lesser-paid foreign workers to fill jobs in the United States, coupled with numerous "free trade" agreements, have caused depressed wages and unemployment for American workers, say economists and experts. -- Worse, they say, some firms are set to import even more foreign workers, despite current unemployment levels standing at their highest in years. [Some want to add Mexican 'guest workers' into the fray]AP Internal Use Only

Times Herald-Record -- Middletown, New York
Illegal alien gangsters held in rape of young girls
Newburgh, NY ­ Five men were charged this week with raping two runaway teen girls, Newburgh police said last night. Four of the five, police said, are members of the Benkard Barrios Kings gang. -- Detective Lt. Santo Centamore said the girls, ages 14 and 15, were runaways from a juvenile facility... [Family values don't stop at the Rio Bravo] AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Latinos 'confused' by U.S. concern over worthless IDs
The federal government's decision to review the use of identification cards issued to Mexican nationals has confused local Latino advocates... -- "We know people are here undocumented, and we know that they are working [illegals are prohibited from working in the U.S.]," said Rosier, recently appointed to the Latino Commission for a New Georgia... [So Governor Perdue is endorsing the activities of this bunch of multiple lawbreakers? Ask him.] AP Internal Use Only

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