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Monday, May 10, 2004

Night Border Hawk Makes History
ABP's Infrared UAV Finds Illegal Aliens

Mike King
Citizens Lead the Way
KGUN-TV -- Tucson -- May 3, 2004 -- "A new aircraft is taking border border security to new heights." So opened this KGUN TV story about American Border Patrol's night Border Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Reporter Maria Neider does an excellent job of telling the Border Hawk story and how American Border Patrol made history by being the first to use UAVs to report suspected border intruders to the Border Patrol. (Transcript)
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Thumbs Down to This
Brownsville Herald
Some elated about disastrous Dem amnesty scheme
...With recent proposals of immigration reform, the Villas [a couple of Mexican invaders] are more hopeful than ever that someday they can come out of the shadows and live carefree in America. -- "First we heard that President Bush proposed a program that will give the green card to people like us for a three-year period if we had jobs here in the United States," said Elva Villa....AP Internal Use Only

Dana Rohrbacher
Rep. Rohrbacher
Gannett News Service
Bill would require hospitals to report foreign invaders
Doctors and nurses would have to tell federal authorities about undocumented immigrants [criminals] seeking medical treatment under a bill that could come up for a vote in the House this week. -- The measure is among a batch of congressional proposals targeting the country's 8 million to 10 million undocumented immigrants.AP Internal Use Only

Bogus IDs
Reno Gazette-Journal
Nevada cracks down on ID thieves
A new state identification fraud unit has made more than 50 arrests and issued 28 citations since last July, and attempted identity fraud at the Department of Motor Vehicles is on the decline, officials said. -- The DMV's Document Fraud Unit focuses on people using fake Social Security cards, fake driver's licenses from other states, fake immigration cards and fake birth certificates as they try to get Nevada driver's licenses...AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
Arizona Daily Star Update  [Short-lived link]
114 suspected invaders nabbed near Phoenix
Phoenix (AP) -- Authorities arrested 114 illegal border crossers in the desert northwest of Phoenix over the weekend. -- The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office initially called immigration officials on Saturday. Sheriff's deputies found 56 illegal entrants in a desert wash off Highway 74 on Saturday afternoon.AP Internal Use Only

No Cheap Tuition for Invaders
No Illegals!
St. Petersburg (Florida) Times
Tuition relief remains elusive for foreign lawbreakers
...A bill that would have granted in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants who graduate from Florida high schools died after House Speaker Johnnie Byrd, R-Plant City, didn't call it up for a vote before the Legislature recessed for the year. -- For many immigrants [translation: foreign scofflaws], the difference of thousands of dollars a year keeps them out of college, despite earning honors at Florida schools. AP Internal Use Only

Gainesville (Georgia) Times
Murder victim named, suspected invader held
A spokesman for the Hall County Sheriff's Office said the victim in Friday's stabbing, the county's third homicide of 2004, was Jose Flores Velasquez, a native of El Salvador. -- Alejandro Delarosa remained in custody without bond Saturday night at the Hall County Detention Center on suspicion of murder and an immigration violation. AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol
"The Next Time I'm Going to Shoot Them"
Sierra Vista, Arizona (May 9, 2004- ABP) It was 8:54 a.m. Sunday morning when Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol reported two suspected border intruders in his neighborhood. He tracked them for about forty minutes when they cut across a private residence and confronted the owner....

Oregon Daily Emerald -- University of Oregon -Eugene
Can I get you anything else?
Even after you break the law, it's still on your side. I always think people who are too self-centered to follow the law should just be kicked off the island. Unfortunately in the United States, we not only keep these people around, we cater to them. --- Our sister state to the south, California, had the great idea to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants last year...AP Internal Use Only

Roll Over, Dubya! Here Come The Professional Panderers!
Way back on July 20, 2001, in the first VDARE.com article I ever wrote about the Bush Administration's immigration obsession, I predicted: "Even in the short run, however, opening the floodgates ever wider is likely to be a losing strategy because the Democrats can always out-pander the Republicans. They're experts at it. Republicans are amateurs...."AP Internal Use Only

Dana Rohrbacher
Rep. Rohrbacher
San Francisco Chronicle -- Louis Freedberg
Outlawing health care
One of the last remaining benefits available to illegal immigrants [criminals] is emergency heath care. But there are people who want to deny them that as well. -- A provision of the Medicare prescription drug bill passed by Congress last year will give California health providers about $72 million a year to cover some of their costs of seeing these immigrants....AP Internal Use Only

News from South Carolina
Carolina Morning News
Myrtle Beach licensing targets illegal aliens
Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride says divisions on Hilton Head Island over illegal alien employment spurred him to take action on his turf. -- The outcome will be the Myrtle Beach City Council's adoption Tuesday of an ordinance making city business license applicants show proof of eligibility to do commerce and work in the United States...AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Hispanic parents allege racial attacks at schools
South Phoenix - Some Hispanic parents in the Roosevelt School District allege racial bullying is an issue that is very much alive on junior high campuses in the district. --- A group of Hispanic parents point to an April 5 incident in which African-American girls are accused of jumping a Hispanic peer near the Maxine O. Bush School cafeteria, as the event that caused them to speak out and seek help of LULAC.AP Internal Use Only

RINO Chris Cannon
RINO Cannon
Project USA Update
Cannon "shocker:" immigration issue forces primary battle
Delegates to Utah's state GOP convention dealt entrenched four-term Congressman Chris Cannon a stunning political blow Saturday when he failed to gather enough support to avoid a primary battle against a young challenger who made Cannon's stand on illegal immigration his major campaign issue. -- Salt Lake City's Deseret News called the upset a "shocker," and identified immigration as the deciding factor ...[Consider Throckmorton for Congress]AP Internal Use Only

Bogus IDs
Associated Press
Chase ends in capture of two foreigners - fake licenses involved
Erwin, Tenn. -- Two Israeli men who led the Unicoi County sheriff on a high-speed chase in a rented moving truck were placed under arrest and are being investigated by the FBI, local officials said. --- Once the men were apprehended, officers also found a "Learn to Fly" brochure in the truck, leading Harris and others to express concern about security at the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin....AP Internal Use Only

Christian Science Monitor
With worker cap reached, summer jobs can go to Americans
..."At the same time that employers are begging for more foreign workers to handle the tourist season, more than half of the nation's teens appear unlikely to land summer jobs this year," the Christian Science Monitor reports. "There's no strong case for foreign labor when there are so many young people out of work..."AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Bankrupt TJ Norte
de Mayo
Contra Costa Times
A fading dream?
...During Brown's tenure from 1959 to 1967, California was known for its model schools, superb highways and water delivery. The $100 million deficit he confronted that first year was 7 percent of a $1.4 billion general fund budget. -- Since then the state's population has more than doubled, largely driven by immigration from Mexico and Asia...AP Internal Use Only

Click to visit the ABP site
Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Border Patrol adding drones -- ABP was first with pilotless aircraft
When the U.S. Border Patrol launches its two new remote-controlled, camera-equipped aerial vehicles later this month to help in the search for illegal border crossers, it won't be the first border watch group to do so in the state. -- American Border Patrol, a private group based in Cochise County, recently marked a year of unmanned aerial vehicle patrols near Palominas by adding night-vision cameras to them.AP Internal Use Only

Disaster Lurks In April Jobs Numbers
There is no good news in the April payroll data released last Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Disaster lurks in the jobs numbers: the US labor market is becoming Third World in character. -- The April jobs data show a continuation of the troubling pattern established in recent years. Despite a massive trade deficit that pours $500 billion annually into foreign hands...AP Internal Use Only

No Cheap Tuition for Invaders
No Illegals!
Daily Illini - University of Illinois
Dream Act would reward lawbreaking foreigners
...At a time when high school students around the nation are waiting for word on college acceptance and financial aid decisions, Mora is one of the estimated 13,000 undocumented students [criminals] currently enrolled in American colleges without access to financial aid, according to the Urban Institute's Immigration Law Center...AP Internal Use Only

Tennessee License
The Leaf-Chronicle -- Clarksville, Tennessee
Driver's license proposal worries some
Delfina Espinoza is troubled by a new Tennessee driver's license law set to go to state legislators for a vote today. -- Legislators say the new law would improve homeland security, but Espinoza thinks the law would weaken immigration law and burden state social services. -- "It's a sad day -- I'm almost in tears," said Espinoza, a volunteer with Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policy.AP Internal Use Only

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