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Friday, December 24, 2004

Red DotPast Features Red DotAmerican Border Patrol Updates

Washington Times
Anti-illegals initiative enforced in Arizona
Arizona officials yesterday began enforcing a voter- approved initiative to clamp down on illegal immigrants' [criminals] receiving public benefits they aren't entitled to, one day after a federal judge allowed the effort to go forward. -- "This is just a huge win for the citizens," said state Rep. Russell K. Pearce, a Republican who wrote part of the initiative.AP Internal Use Only

News from Malaysia
Agence France-Presse
If Malaysia can do it, why can't the United States?
Malaysia is making final preparations to launch a nationwide crackdown in January aimed at ridding the country of more than one million illegal immigrants, the government said Friday. -- Tan Chai Ho, deputy home affairs minister told AFP that some 25,000 members of a controversial volunteer security group are undergoing training to assist in a 500,000- strong force that will carry out the operation.AP Internal Use Only

Arizona's Prop. 200
Arizona Republic
Migrant law off to mixed debut
At 11:30 a.m. Thursday, casework supervisor Phyllis Aro-Trejo posted a 3-foot-tall laminated sign near the entrance to the Travis L. Williams Family Services Center in south Phoenix. -- In Spanish and English, it declared the news of the day: Proposition 200, the controversial immigration measure approved by voters Nov. 2, was now in effect. Those applying for benefits, the sign warned, will have to verify immigration status...AP Internal Use Only

Magic City Morning Star -- Millinocket, Maine
No American Job Left Behind
President Bush likes to use his famous rhetoric when he promotes his "Guest Worker Program," which informed Americans know is AMNESTY, pure and simple. His most famous quote comes from the book entitled; "Boy Genius," page 73, "Hell, if they'll walk across Big Bend we want 'em." Wouldn't it be good for Americans if this President started talking about "No American job is left behind?"AP Internal Use Only

Texarkana Gazette
Invader jailed on rape charges
A Texarkana, Texas, man has been arrested on a sexual assault charge in connection with the alleged beating and rape of a woman with whom he had been having a relationship. -- Jose Campos was being held in the Bi-State Justice Building jail Thursday on a $20,000 bond. The INS also has a hold on Campos...AP Internal Use Only

Salinas Californian
Board to raise 'Latino issues'
...Their speeches included comments that some of their non-Latino colleagues are unable to communicate with them and are insensitive to Latino issues within the district. -- "It's a fact that some people on the board do not understand the Latino culture," board member Kathryn Ramirez said last week. "We aren't saying, 'Mexicans this and Mexicans that...'AP Internal Use Only

La Opinion  (Roughly translated by Google.com)
Whining Isabel Garcia: Prop. 200 is unconstitutional
..."In Human rights and the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders we felt extremely defrauded with the decision of the judge, but we hoped to prevail in the Court of Appeals of Circuit 9, since one is a inconstitucional measurement, when trying to exceed the federal authority", said to the [Mexican government lackey] Isabel...Garci'a, director of the organization Human rights of Arizona [Derechos Humanos, a reconquista outfit].AP Internal Use Only

Woe Be Me!!!
Arizona Republic
Usual suspects wringing hands over Prop. 200
A day after Proposition 200 became law, Arizona's most influential Latinos were blaming each other for the failure to stop the immigration measure and are urging immigrants to be wary of anyone asking them for money to continue the court battle. -- Some Latino leaders are questioning efforts already under way asking immigrants to donate $1 each to continue the fight against Proposition 200. AP Internal Use Only

Asa - Ridge - Bush
Inspector: Stolen passports often work
Non-residents applying for admission to the United States using stolen passports have little reason to fear being caught and are usually admitted, the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General said in a report issued Thursday. -- The report shows a "scandalous" lack of coordination among federal agencies...AP Internal Use Only

El Universal -- Mexico City
Arrogant Mexican official bewails Arizona's Prop. 200
The Foreign Relations Secretariat denounced Thursday a U.S. federal court decision allowing Arizona to implement Proposition 200, a ballot initiative approved in November that bans undocumented immigrants from receiving some public benefits. -- The ministry issued a statement expressing "its utmost concern because the involvement of state and local authorities in immigration matters leads to violations of our compatriots' rights."AP Internal Use Only

Yuma Sun
94 invaders nabbed at Border Patrol checkpoint
U.S. Border Patrol agents on Thursday arrested 94 illegal immigrants, the majority of whom authorities said were on their way to farm-related work in Yuma County. -- The arrests, which took place at a tactical checkpoint in Dome Valley, mark the second time within days U.S. Border Patrol agents have caught and arrested several dozens of illegal immigrants...AP Internal Use Only

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