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Friday, March 17, 2006

Border Security Lone Issue
Frist Drops Guest Worker/Interior Enforcement

...Mexican President Fox says the border crisis is not his nation's problem. He's putting responsibility solely on Washington.
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - March 16
Dobbs: In Washington, the Senate Judiciary Committee today failed to finish work on a comprehensive U.S. immigration reform bill before next week's Congressional recess. Tonight, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says he will introduce legislation himself, making certain that the Senate has a border security bill to debate when it returns on the 27th of March. -- Senator Frist says this bill will focus mainly on border security....
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Note: ABP sent a DVD report to Congress: "The U.S. Border Patrol: How It Works, and Why It Doesn't." The question is, will they watch it? Contact your member and ask them to watch the DVD.AP Internal Use Only 

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Question on Congress and Invaders
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The connection between legal and illegal immigration
Are massive legal immigration and massive illegal immigration related? If so, how? Many in policy circles hold a view of "Legal immigration, good; illegal immigration, bad."1 The logical extensions of such a simplistic perspective are to assume that the overall level of legal immigration does not matter... AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Knight Ridder Newspapers
Mexico's attempt to quell drug violence falters
Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mex. -- Eight months after Mexican authorities unleashed an unprecedented show of force to quell drug violence along the U.S. border, the effort is in disarray and the general who was in charge appears to have vanished. -- Drug killings are on the rise, local news outlets have been cowed into silence...AP Internal Use Only

Air Travel
Associated Press
Pakistani convicted of illegal aircraft parts exports
San Diego -- A Pakistani who spent five years in prison for selling missile parts to Iran in the 1980s was convicted Friday of illegally exporting military aircraft parts to Belgium, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. -- Arif Ali Durrani was convicted in U.S. District Court on four counts of exporting engine parts...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Lake Havasu (Arizona) News-Herald
Request for Mexican ID office denied
Lake Havasu City recently denied a request by the Mexican government to set up an office in the Aquatic Center to process Mexican Consulate identity cards. -- City Manager Richard Kaffenberger stated in his report before the Lake Havasu City Council Tuesday that the country of Mexico had contacted the city about opening an office...AP Internal Use Only

Kangaroo Court
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
U.S. agrees to allow return of 14 Cubans if judge retracts ruling
Stung by a federal judge's decision that 15 Cubans who landed on the Old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys should have been allowed into the United States, federal prosecutors have agreed to allow in most of the Cubans. -- But government lawyers first want U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno to retract his Feb. 28 decision...AP Internal Use Only

Don't Visit The Ditch
Laredo Morning Times
Unknown attackers shoot feds dead in their car
Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mex. -- Just days after arriving here to help reinforce government efforts to stop the drug war raging on the border, four federal agents were shot dead in the middle of the afternoon on Avenida Guerrero. The agents never had a chance, observers said. At least one officer was armed, but didn't have time to pull his weapon.AP Internal Use Only

No Amnesty for Invaders
Linda Woods -- North County Times
Guest worker plan just more amnesty
Absent from all guest-worker initiatives being debated on the Senate floor is a mandate that would require the federal government to reimburse states such as California for the tens of billions of dollars spent annually to provide services to illegal immigrants. Take a closer look at these bills and it's obvious that "guest worker" is synonymous with "amnesty."AP Internal Use Only

Expel Invaders and Bush
Marietta Daily Journal
Illegals bill needs no added softening
The Georgia Senate last week approved and sent to the House a bill aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants in this state. --- But SB 529 had not been reported out of the House Judiciary Committee Non-Civil as of yesterday, and according to one of its most vocal citizen supporters, D. A. King, "Nothing is a sure thing in the House..."AP Internal Use Only

WCBV-TV -- Boston
Illegal alien round-up nets 60 arrests
Agents for the Department of Homeland Security completed a two-day crime sweep in Boston Thursday that placed nearly 60 illegal aliens with criminal records behind bars. -- The sweep was the first operation of this scale targeting so-called "criminal aliens," carried out by agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement... AP Internal Use Only

Next Week

Federation for American Immigration Reform | Other Events
Save the American Worker Week - March 20-25

Waah! Waah!
Wall Street Journal
Business groups fault U.S. plan to identify illegals
When Tyson Foods Inc. hires a new worker, it electronically sends his or her name, Social Security number and citizenship status to a fledgling worker-verification system run by the Department of Homeland Security. -- The prosaically named Basic Pilot system checks the worker's information...AP Internal Use Only

Twin Weasels
House members tag Senate scheme as "amnesty"
As the Senate Judiciary Committee debated provisions of a new immigration reform measure, border security advocates in the House sent a letter to their Senate colleagues saying that the proposed bill amounts to a form of amnesty for illegal aliens. --- Debate in the Senate yesterday centered around provisions which would allow workers...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
March 18

State Capitol -- Atlanta -- Noon Eastern | Other Events
Rally in Support of Anti-Invasion Legislation

Waah! Waah!
Waah! Waah!
Washington Times
Immigrants warn lawmakers against anti-invader bills
Annapolis -- A group of legal immigrants told state lawmakers yesterday that voting for anti- immigration bills would cost them votes. -- The group, known as the Friends of New Marylanders, includes about 25 African, Asian and Hispanic organizations that lobby against legislation targeting illegal aliens. AP Internal Use Only

El Universal -- Mexico City
'Mojado' provides hymn for migrants
In the provocative new music video for his latest single, "Mojado" - or "Wetback" - popular Latin American singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona stands on a Tijuana beach at the dividing line between Mexico and the United States. Behind him is the controversial wall being built to separate the two countries. In front of him is the sea.AP Internal Use Only

Pot Bust
Yuma Sun
Dogs' keen noses find 500 pounds of pot
Keen dog noses helped officers at the U.S. Port of Entry in San Luis, Ariz., to seize more than 500 pounds of marijuana and arrest two people in separate drug-smuggling attempts this week. -- In the first of the two incidents, Customs and Border Protection officers found 462 pounds of marijuana in a hidden compartment of a 1987 Chevrolet van... AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
March 22

Nationwide Protest | Other Events
Stop the Invasion - No Amnesty - No 'Guest Workers'

File Photo
Arizona Republic
1 dead, 15 hurt when SUV being chased rolls
An SUV packed with illegals being chased by the U.S. Border Patrol crashed on Interstate 8 east of Yuma early Thursday, killing one migrant and injuring 15 others and the suspected smuggler, officials said. -- The driver of the Chevrolet Suburban didn't stop at a Border Patrol checkpoint...AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
Barbara Anderson -- American Chronicle
Illegal Immigration: Rhetoric and Reality
...The rhetoric is that illegal aliens are coming into our country just to get jobs and to feed their families. Also, we hear repeatedly that "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande". However, gangs, disease, crime, drug running, smuggling and violence of all sorts do not stop at the Rio Grande, either.AP Internal Use Only

Sad, But True - Cornyn and Kennedy Team Up On Guest Worker Amnesty, Sell Out American Workers
Today the Senate Judiciary Committee met to again consider the guest worker amnesty proposal put forward by Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA)...AP Internal Use Only

Oberweis for Governor
Jim Oberweis
Associated Press
Brady, Oberweis battle for conservative vote
Bill Brady and Jim Oberweis tried to out-conservative each other in the last Republican debate before Election Day. -- They jabbed at one another over illegal immigration, government spending and more Thursday night, with Brady accusing Oberweis of talking tough on immigration but not lobbying for changes in the law.AP Internal Use Only

Ireland Online
Ahern to meet Senators behind immigration reform bill
The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, is due to meet a number of US Senators today to discuss moves to secure an amnesty for illegal Irish immigrants. -- An estimated 50,000 Irish people are living and working in the US illegally. -- US Senators McCain and Kennedy have put forward proposals... [Ahern appeared with Bush today practically begging for an amnesty.]AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Border Patrol
J. Stryker Meyer -- North County Times
Despite crackdown, smugglers abound
For an example of how severely out of control our borders are and how anyone can smuggle anything into our country, go to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe. -- The center's Public Relations Manager John Van Zante circulated a news release Thursday detailing how someone left a duffel bag containing 26 smuggled puppies...AP Internal Use Only

Tom Tancredo
Tom Tancredo
Denver Post
Tancredo draws "guest-worker" line
Washington -- Rep. Tom Tancredo and 70 other U.S. representatives warned in a letter Thursday that any legislation passed in the Senate that allows illegal immigrants to work legally will hit a roadblock if it comes back to the House. -- The Senate's Judiciary Committee for the past two weeks has been debating an immigration bill...AP Internal Use Only

Jon Kyl
Sen. Jon Kyl
Arizona Daily Star
Fencing has been found to be helpful border tool
Arizonans continue to tell me as I travel from Tucson to Yuma, and all across our state, that it is critical we secure our border and deal with the problem of illegal immigration. I agree, and Washington is finally heeding the warnings of border-state senators like myself who have long demanded increased resources...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D. A. King
Atlanta Latino  [See 'English' link in upper right corner]
100 percent against illegal immigration
In Georgia, he is in almost all of the protests that are for and against illegal immigration. His voice boasts, "Viva la Migra!" ("Long live immigration," in English, referring to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and it resounds to oppose undocumented immigration and pleads the country's borders be secured...AP Internal Use Only

..and stay out!
Chicago Tribune
Invader cheerleaders whine about getting fired
More than two dozen workers at a Bellwood factory were fired for taking part in last Friday's [illegal alien... criminal] "rights" rally that drew up to 100,000 supporters to the Loop. -- José Oliva, director of the Interfaith Workers' Rights Center, believes many more immigrants around the city have also faced disciplinary action for attending the rally...AP Internal Use Only

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