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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Need for Physical Fence Demonstrated
ABP Border Cam Shows Why

ABP's thermal Border Cam shows aliens crossing the border (1), walking north (2) and then it shows a helicopter hovering over the group (3).
American Border Patrol
Operation B.E.E.F
    Tuesday night, American Border Patrol reported a group of 18 illegal aliens just as they were crossing the border. Fifty-four minutes elapsed from initial detection in Mexico to apprehension by the Border Patrol, and it took a helicopter to finally find them. "If you watch this video I think you will be convinced that a physical fence is needed on the border," said Glenn Spencer, head of ABP. "Had this been in a remote area, it would have taken much longer to find the aliens, if they ever were found," he added.
    In the past ten days, ABP has aided in the apprehension of more than 100 illegal aliens and guided the USBP to a group of drug smugglers.
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Dr. Evil
You Ain't Seen
Nothin' Yet!
Washington Times
GOP renews 'amnesty' defiance
House Republicans opposed to amnesty vowed yesterday to fight President Bush's proposal to legalize millions of illegal aliens [criminals] as outlined in his State of the Union address on Tuesday. -- "The president worked hard to get a Congress that agrees with him on this and now he's got it," said Rep. Tom Tancredo...AP Internal Use Only

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - by Daniel Sheehy

"This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up."
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of VDare.com |

Tom Tancredo
Tom Tancredo
Fox News
Tancredo: Abolish race-based caucuses
White House hopeful Tom Tancredo said Thursday the existence of the Congressional Black Caucus and other race- based groups of lawmakers amounts to segregation and should be abolished. -- "It is utterly hypocritical for Congress to extol the virtues of a colorblind society while officially sanctioning caucuses that are based solely on race"...AP Internal Use Only

Fort Smith (Arkansas) Times-Record
House OKs anti-invader employment bill
Little Rock -- Legislation aimed at keeping businesses that hire illegal [aliens... criminals] off the state payroll passed the House on Wednesday. -- House Bill 1024 by Rep. Rick Green, R-Van Buren, would prohibit state agencies from contracting with businesses that employ [invaders]. It passed 92-5.AP Internal Use Only

Traitor Alert
Corruption Chronicles -- Judicial Watch
Terrorism charge for guarding U.S. border
Comparing civilian groups that help guard the U.S.-Mexico border to the Ku Klux Klan, an Arizona lawmaker has introduced a bill that would charge them with domestic terrorism and send them to jail. -- The proposed legislation would revise Arizona statutes on organized crime and fraud...AP Internal Use Only

Bush's Homeland Security
Bush's Homeland
Tucson Citizen
Invader onslaught increases in Arizona
The annual post-holiday spike in U.S.-Mexico border traffic appears to be in full bloom, despite earlier indications that the federal buildup along the border reduced illegal immigration through Arizona. -- Grupo Beta, an [invader] aid group of the Mexican government, estimated that 1,800 to 2,400 [illegal aliens... criminals] crossed through its checkpoint... AP Internal Use Only

Poll Info
Californians for Population Stabilization
Harbinger of the future
President George Bush delivered his annual State of the Union message to congress and the country Tuesday night. With rhetoric and lip service the president superficially addressed the immigration issue and drew a standing ovation when he called for a conclusive debate that would allow him to sign "comprehensive immigration reform into law."AP Internal Use Only

It's not amnesty!
It's Not Amnesty!
KNSD-TV -- San Diego  Poll on Page
Filner: Bush will get his invader amnesty
Illegal immigration was a hot topic to come out of President George W. Bush's State of the Union address -- and it seems like the issue is about to heat up again. -- The president is asking for comprehensive immigration legislation that will resolve the status of people in the country illegally and wants a guest-worker program...AP Internal Use Only

No Amnesty for Invaders
The Editors -- Family Security Foundation
Should we offer amnesty to invaders?
"Amnesty" and its related "Guest Worker Program" are the Government and mainstream media's solutions for what to do with illegal aliens who are in this country. It is worth noting that usually a "Guest Worker Program" is nothing more than "amnesty" by another name. AP Internal Use Only

Drug Bust
Murfreesboro (Tennessee) Post
Pot seized from invaders in Smyrna
About $54,000 worth of marijuana won't be distributed in Rutherford County after the illegal drugs was confiscated Tuesday from two Smyrna residents who are illegal [aliens... criminals], a sheriff's supervisor said. -- Driver Rosales C. Guzman and Filiberto V. Hernandez, both of Smyrna...AP Internal Use Only

Invader Meal Ticket Fox News
Redefining the 14th Amendment
A Texas lawmaker is introducing a bill in February that would battle the 14th amendment, which grants citizenship to children born on American soil - including those born to illegal [aliens... criminals]. -- Lawmaker Leo Berman believes that [invaders] are committing a crime against the U.S., from the time they're in the hospital...AP Internal Use Only

Get The Hell Out
Chicago Sun-Times
No green card, no free car
The former Little Village resident said officials with local radio station La Ley 107.9 FM and its parent company, Spanish Broadcasting System, withheld the gray sports car she won in a La Ley raffle when they discovered she was an [illegal alien... criminal]...AP Internal Use Only

No Sniveling
WJZ-TV -- Baltimore Video Report Included
Usual suspects carp over invader arrests
Federal agents confirmed that 24 people were arrested on immigration charges in Baltimore Tuesday at a spot where day laborers frequently congregate. -- Hispanic advocates were quick to condemn the arrests. They say the ICE agents only targeted day laborers who appeared to be of Latino descent.AP Internal Use Only

Get Out, Skunks!
WAFB-TV -- Baton Rouge
Police say area is overrun with invaders
Walker (Louisiana) police are dealing with what they say is an "overwhelming" number of illegal [aliens... criminals] in the area. They have teamed with border patrol and I.C.E., a Homeland Security agency to try to curb the problem. -- Police say they're getting a lot of complaints about [invaders] driving around without a license or insurance.AP Internal Use Only

Mickey Mouse ID
Jim Kouri, CPP -- Family Security Foundation
How the "undocumented" get documents
Criminals and terrorists use Immigration fraud to gain entry into the United States every day. -- The Identity and Benefits Fraud Unit, an investigative component of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is the agency responsible for detecting, deterring, and disrupting the fraudulent schemes used by terrorist and criminal organizations. AP Internal Use Only

Friendly Day Laborer Pests
Pest Nest
Daily Texan -- Austin
Opposition stalls plan for day labor site
Austin Police Commander Jim O'Leary listens intently to the panel members of the Day Labor Community Advisory Committee at the Waller Creek Center on Tuesday. -- Conflicting concern regarding public safety and crime were behind a second unsuccessful decision regarding a site for a second day labor center in Austin.AP Internal Use Only

WAFB-TV -- Baton Rouge
Presence of invaders forces school lockdown
Walker, La. -- The Livingston Sheriff's Office is beefing up patrols after reports of illegal [aliens... criminals] in and around South Walker Elementary. -- The school is on Milton Lane near I-12, where border patrol agents normally make arrests. -- South Walker Elementary was locked down for a second day in a row...AP Internal Use Only

Ramos & Compean
Congressman: Feds stonewalling on border agents
Rep. Michael McCaul R-Texas, says that for five months the Department of Homeland Security has stonewalled his persistent requests to hand over promised internal reports purportedly substantiating agency claims that former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were rightly convicted.AP Internal Use Only

KVBC-TV -- Las Vegas
Border Patrol catching invaders at Las Vegas airport
Extra eyes are on McCarran International Airport. The border patrol from Yuma, Arizona is on a mission to catch illegal immigrants who are crossing borders through our skies. -- For the agents, this operation is a first and they're calling it a success. Two hundred illegal [aliens... criminals], including some high profile smugglers, have been apprehended...AP Internal Use Only

Border Nightmare
Fox News
Feds begin construction of vehicle barrier
Tucson -- Construction has begun on vehicle barriers that will be part of a mix of fencing along the Arizona-Mexico border to discourage illegal border crossings. -- The construction started Wednesday is part of a Bush administration initiative announced last year that aims to provide a mix of high-tech virtual fencing...AP Internal Use Only

Call the Border Patrol
San Bernardino County Sun
March planned to protest roundup of 'innocent' invaders
As the president asked lawmakers to compromise on immigration reform during his State of the Union address, a number of local activists started planning a large protest over what they see as dangerous raids on innocent immigrants. -- Last week, 761 illegal [aliens... criminals] from 14 countries - including Mexico...AP Internal Use Only

Sacramento Bee
Invasion cheerleaders fret over Bush's amnesty scheme
President Bush's State of the Union call for assimilation - but not amnesty - for illegal immigrants could present America with conflicting goals if Congress is not careful, some immigrant rights activists fear. -- If Americans want immigrants to assimilate, then it doesn't make sense - as Bush seemed to suggest...AP Internal Use Only

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