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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hating White America
Will Liberal Intolerance Lead to a Police State?

Chris Hedges - Former New York Times reporter.... -- His heroes include communists and socialists....
C-SPAN 2 Book TV -- Replayed February 11
    Hedges: ... As long as we can counter them [American Fascists] by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be most unwise, but we should claim the right to suppress them, if necessary, by force....
    We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that preaching intolerance places itself outside the law and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal in the same way that we consider incitement to murder, or kidnapping or the revival of the slave trade criminal.
    Goes on to praise Cardinal Mahoney for defending illegal aliens.
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Associated Press
Nashville mayor vetoes measure making English official language
Nashville -- Mayor Bill Purcell vetoed a measure making English the official language of Nashville, saying it was unconstitutional and unnecessary. -- "This ordinance does not reflect who we are in Nashville," Purcell said at a news conference Monday shortly after issuing his veto.AP Internal Use Only

Dangerous Feds
Justin Rood -- ABC News
NFL refuses to run ad to recruit border agents
The National Football League refused to include a print ad recruiting U.S. Border Patrol agents in its 2007 official Super Bowl program because they were uncomfortable with "the sensitive political nature" of the spot, according to a league spokesman. -- The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Border Patrol...AP Internal Use Only

Screwball Alert!
KTVK -- Phoenix
Napolitano optimistic about border relations with Mexico
Gov. Janet Napolitano [wrapped up] up her two- day business trip to Mexico Saturday. -- She met with newly- elected president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and governor of Sonora, Eduardo Bours Friday. -- The leaders from Mexico are reportedly committed to address a number of complicated issues including border security and immigration reform.AP Internal Use Only

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - by Daniel Sheehy

"This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up."
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of VDare.com |

Jim Gilchrist for Congress
Jim Gilchrist
Fox News
Gilchrist to probe jailing of border agents
The founder of the Minuteman Project may soon announce a citizens' investigation commission to look into the prosecution of two former BP agents now in prison for the nonfatal shooting of a Mexican drug runner in Texas. -- Jim Gilchrist has joined the chorus of grassroots groups and lawmakers to push Bush to pardon the two agents...AP Internal Use Only

Business Journal of Phoenix
Measure classifies protesting illegals as terrorists
A group of conservative Republican state lawmakers want to classify as domestic terrorists protesting illegal [aliens... criminals] who "intimidate" or "threaten" U.S. citizens. -- The GOP bill would also classify members of Mexican or other foreign criminal gangs or drug cartels as domestic terrorists and classify violations as felonies.AP Internal Use Only

Mexico Bound
Arizona Republic
Police find 15 illegals in van
A Buckeye police officer discovered 15 [illegal aliens... criminals] when he conducted a minor traffic stop, authorities said. -- Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents took the 15 people into custody, according to authorities. -- The name of the driver was not released , but he is allegedly pending a smuggling charge...AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
'The Boot'
Miami Herald
Policy shift may speed up deportations
Herman Martinez fled when right-wing death squads targeted him and many other leftists in El Salvador. -- He sneaked into the United States in August 1980, and remained undetected until immigration agents detained him at a Homestead tomato farm in May 1985 and placed him in deportation proceedings. Martinez asked for asylum...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Judicial Watch
Mexico blames U.S. for shooting among rival "coyotes"
Mexico's president was quick to accuse U.S. anti-illegal immigration groups for shooting a pickup full of undocumented aliens along the Arizona- Mexico border last week but it turns out the attack came from rival Mexican smugglers. -- Gunfire is nothing new along the vast Arizona- Mexico border because it is infested...AP Internal Use Only

Squatters Get Out
Bridget Johnson -- National Review
A clash of demonstrations
The immigration protest has gone Hollywood - complete with superheroes, villains, and furry cartoon dinosaurs. -- Saturday's march past the stars on the Walk of Fame didn't start off having anything to do with amnesty or reconquista. Rather, it was supposed to be a cry of support for imprisoned Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos...AP Internal Use Only

Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) Press
Legislators address immigration issues
Hayden, Idaho -- ...Sen. Mike Jorgenson, R-Hayden Lake, talked about proposals targeting illegal immigration. The state isn't trying to punish illegal aliens, but to protect Idaho taxpayers, he said. -- On Wednesday, he will introduce a bill requiring employers to pay medical bills for illegal immigrants working for them if the employer...AP Internal Use Only

Real Clear Politics
Arnold's immigration f-bomb
...Here is some of what Governor Schwarzenegger said that caused such a huff, starting with questions about what to do if Mexicans in the United States on some kind of work visa program stay in the country and refuse to return home to Mexico and leading into a comment about the Simpson- Mazzoli bill...AP Internal Use Only

See ya, Jose
Ventura County Star -- Ventura, Calif.
Police want more power at borders
More than any other police boss in Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has pushed the bounds of what local officers can do to crack down on illegal immigration, and he's frustrated that he can't do more. -- He created a special unit to enforce an Arizona law that made immigrant smuggling a state crime...AP Internal Use Only

Ignacio Ramos
Cox News Service
Border Patrol case has become cause célèbre
Former Border Patrol agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos have become famous in conservative circles, in a case that shows the power of talk radio and the blogosphere. -- The two agents are serving prison sentences -- 12 and 11 years, respectively -- after being convicted of shooting a suspected drug smuggler and trying to cover up the incident.AP Internal Use Only

Rep. King
Washington Times
The attrition solution
I emphatically disagree with statements Sen. Mel Martinez made recently to the Washington Times ("New RNC chief backs bill with guest- worker plan" Page 1, Feb. 2). Mr. Martinez wants to grant illegal aliens a "path to citizenship." This represents nothing less than endorsement of a mass amnesty...AP Internal Use Only

Whack Job
KNSD-TV -- San Diego
Group presses charges against San Diego Minuteman
An [illegal alien... criminal] rights group is pressing charges against a San Diego Minuteman, NBC 7/39 reported. -- Members of Friends of Day Laborers [anarchist menaces] held a news conference Sunday morning to announce the legal action. -- The group has been monitoring and documenting minutemen activities...AP Internal Use Only

Good Riddance!
Des Moines Register
If fiancee is deported, I'll go too, Iowan says
Marshalltown, Ia. -- Robert Braun saved to buy an engagement ring, but he spent the money to hire an attorney instead. -- Right now, he figures that's what his girlfriend needs most. -- His girlfriend, Dulce Hernandez Vazquez, was cooking breakfast in the cafeteria when immigration officials raided the Swift & Co. plant...AP Internal Use Only

Bush's Pals
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Child rape suspect arrested in Mexico
A man accused of raping a child was arrested Thursday in Mexico, where he had fled after rape charges were filed against him. -- Seattle police say Isaias Martinez- Reyes repeatedly raped a female relative who was 10 years old when the assaults began in early 2004. [More family values] AP Internal Use Only

Ramos & Compean
How cozy was Border Patrol with smuggler?
The Border Patrol agent with family ties to the Mexican drug smuggler in the case of two jailed border agents may have been involved in back-channel communications with Mexican drug cartels, investigative reports obtained by WND suggest, prompting calls for a special prosecutor to look into the charges.AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
Al Día -- Dallas
Swift plant raid devastated Cactus
Cactus, Texas -- For several weeks now, 2- year- old Saul has been calling his teenage sister Mamá. -- Carmen feeds him, bathes him, gives him his bottle and tucks him in before drifting off to sleep herself. -- That's been her routine since her mother, Angelica, was picked up in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid...AP Internal Use Only

Asian Gang Scum
Denver Post
Graffiti war rages on
A war underway between Denver graffiti tagging crews has sparked the type of murders, knife fights and drive-by shootings usually associated with more established violent gangs. -- Police say a clash between competing tagging crews has caused at least two homicides, one of them in Jefferson County. An innocent bystander also was shot in the leg. AP Internal Use Only

Joan Harrold Messner -- Family Security Foundation    DLs4IAs
Illegal Aliens: Unsafe at any speed
Sometimes you just shake your head in disbelief, dismay and disgust. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you see a person, see a headline, hear a broadcast or a speech and it is so stunning, so flabbergasting, so outrageously unreasonable that you are at a complete loss for a coherent and reasonable reaction. All you can do is shake your head...AP Internal Use Only

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