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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why Not Naco?
A Double Fence Is Needed. Why Isn't It Being Built?

"There are no major impediments to the construction of a two-layered border fence in the Naco Section. The terrain is relatively flat and any minor environmental concerns could be handled easily...."
Why Not Naco?
By Glenn Spencer, March 16, 2007
Here we go again, mass confusion and obfuscation on the border. On October 26 last year, nearly six months ago, President Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The SFA was approved by a yes vote of 67% of the House of Representatives and 81% of the Senate. This is not trivial.
There is a crying need for a fence in the Naco Section. There are already cameras and sensors all along the section, however rancher Ladd is constantly harassed by Border Patrol Agents chasing illegal aliens across his ranch.

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The Terry Anderson Show
9 PM Pacific Sunday | Click here, look for 'listen' links

Get Out, Skunks!
Bob Park -- Prescott (Arizona) Daily Courier
The voters have spoken about illegal aliens
This past fall, three issues on the ballot related to illegal aliens and one to making English our official language. -- In Yavapai County, each garnered from 53,000 to 59,000 voters or from 75% to 83% giving their approval. Is that a message? -- For too long state and local police have believed that anything to do with "illegal" immigration...AP Internal Use Only

KGW-TV -- Portland, Oregon
Governor urges action on new driver's license requirements
Gov. Ted Kulongoski is urging state lawmakers to get moving on a new federal law that requires proof of legal residence to get a driver's license. -- Despite his concerns about cost and privacy issues raised by the law, Kulongoski worries that Oregon driver's licenses might no longer be good for boarding commercial airliners...AP Internal Use Only

KGTV -- San Diego
Numerous invaders arrested in Chula Vista, Calif.
At least 60 illegal [aliens... criminals] found in a two-story condominium were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol, Said Senior Border Patrol agent Wendi Lee. -- Lee said she did not know how many were arrested, or their names. --- The [invaders] were taken to the Border Patrol's processing facility in Chula Vista...AP Internal Use Only

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - by Daniel Sheehy

"This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up."
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of VDare.com |

Screw Mexico
Washington Post
Mexican president criticizes 'absurd' U.S. border policies
Felipe Calderón said Friday that U.S. border policies are marred by many "absurd" paradoxes that hurt the Mexican economy and force more Mexicans to migrate illegally to the United States. -- ...Calderón criticized construction of more border fencing and accused U.S. border agents of slowing the flow of commerce between the countries...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times
Mission Viejo to put contractors on spot over invaders
With the federal government stalled on national immigration reform, a handful of local governments around the country are enacting laws designed to discourage the hiring of illegal [aliens... criminals]. -- Mission Viejo is poised to become the latest city to try to crack down on illegal immigration...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
April 22

Dustin Inman Society -- 3:30-5:30 pm EDT | Other Events
Anti-Amnesty Rally at the White House

Hasta la Vista!
Arizona Republic
Worker in House fired over ID check
On the same day that they passed a bill toughening penalties for hiring [illegal aliens... criminals], legislative leaders found one in their midst. -- Leaders in the Arizona House of Representatives discovered that a housekeeping employee hired in December had a Social Security number that did not match federal records.AP Internal Use Only

Highway Treason
Lawmaker battles Trans-Texas Corridor
Citing concern for personal property rights, a Texas lawmaker has filed legislation to delay construction of the controversial Trans-Texas Corridor, a proposed network of privately funded, limited- access toll roads seen by some critics as part of an incremental merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

El Slammer
Epoch Times International
Controversial deportation center to ICE criminal invaders
Durham, NC -- A county in North Carolina wants to become a leader in the business of running deportation hubs for illegal [aliens... criminals]. Alamance County is an enthusiastic participant in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)'s program, and hopes to lead the way with a deportation center that not only detains...AP Internal Use Only

Editor & Publisher
CBS says Gonzales will exit soon
News reported Friday night that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will be fired soon, probably after another weekend of taking shots from Democrats and Republicans alike. -- The report came on the CBS Evening News. -- Republicans close to the White House told CBS News chief White House correspondent Jim Axelrod ...AP Internal Use Only

Payson (Arizona) Roundup
Immigration ordinance passes, 5-2
The Payson Town Council Thursday night delivered a strong message to employers and landlords. Hiring or renting to an [illegal alien... criminal] will result in severe consequences. -- Several people, one who admitted she was in the United States illegally, addressed the council before the second reading...AP Internal Use Only

Fresno Bee
Immigration sweeps debated
Calling a recent immigration raid in Mendota "a human tragedy that is mind- boggling in its callousness," Fresno Mayor Alan Autry on Friday urged the City Council to condemn federal sweeps that ensnare farmworkers. -- Autry's comments spurred the Mendota City Council to table a similar proposal a few hours later...AP Internal Use Only

Vile MexiSkunks
Los Angeles Times
Pro-invasion advocates gear up
Determined to win reform legislation this year, California immigrant advocates and others are seeking to better coordinate their movement's efforts by launching a $4- million national lobbying campaign and a "unity blueprint" laying out their policy goals. -- As Congress prepares to restart debate over immigration reform...AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
Waah! Waah!
KSL-TV -- Salt Lake City
Immigration sweeps raising constitutional questions
A series of immigration raids at workplaces and more recently of [illegal aliens... criminals] considered child predators are raising red flags. If someone is detained by the government, should the public know about it or know why they're in jail? The Bush administration says that depends if the person is a U.S. citizen or not.AP Internal Use Only

Bush Gets
His Orders
Bill O'Reilly -- Human Events
The illegal immigration tango
It was fascinating to watch the tango between President Bush and Presidente Felipe Calderon in the Yucatan a few days ago. Mr. Bush pledged to try to pass "comprehensive" immigration reform, while Señor Calderon put forth that America needs to "do more" for Mexico. -- OK, so what are these guys really saying?AP Internal Use Only

Capitol Media Services
Employers targeted on immigration
Phoenix -- Companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers would face felony charges, stiff fines and possibly be put out of business under legislation approved Thursday by the House of Representatives. -- The proposed law would require employers to file an affidavit with the state swearing they do not knowingly employ people...AP Internal Use Only

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