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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Even Bush Smelled a Rat
White House and OMB Saw Fraud in DREAM Act

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Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- October 24
Sylvester: Republicans acknowledge that there are some heartbreaking stories out there. But they say rewarding illegal behavior with a path to citizenship will only encourage more illegality.
Senator Jim DeMint: We need to fix our borders. We need to create an immigration system that works. We don't need to create amnesty one step at a time. [...]
Sylvester: Now, ironically, the White House came out against the DREAM Act today, saying it prefers the so-called comprehensive approach. The Office of Management and Budget went a little further, saying that the DREAM Act would lead to large-scale document fraud, contain loopholes that granted permanent status for criminal aliens, even those convicted of felonies, and would allow beneficiaries to petition almost instantly to bring family members into the country
Dobbs: This is remarkable, the White House waiting until the day of the vote to make those rather strong statements in opposition to the legislation.
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Daily Californian -- Berkeley
After vote fails in Senate, panel discusses invaders
A few hours after the U.S. Senate rejected consideration of a bill allowing [illegal aliens... criminals] to be eligible for financial aid and potentially citizenship, policymakers came to campus to speak on the future of immigration legislation. -- The federal Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act would have repealed...AP Internal Use Only

Honolulu Advertiser
Wildfires: Guatemalan arrested on suspicion of arson charge
A man was arrested after witnesses saw him setting fire to a hillside, the second arson arrest since wildfires broke out across Southern California this week, police said. -- Elsewhere, federal agents were sent to help local investigators search for evidence in the Orange County foothills where an arson fire has destroyed nine homes.AP Internal Use Only

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WNEP-TV -- Moosic, Pennsylvania
Suspected invaders rounded up in Scranton
Dozens of suspected illegal [aliens... criminals] were taken into custody by federal agents Thursday morning during a raid in Scranton. -- Agents went to a company that makes equipment for the military, rounding up about one-third of the people there and taking them into custody.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Clerks say they'll report invaders who apply for licenses
Erie County (New York) Clerk Kathleen Hochul says she'll follow Governor Spitzer's directive to accept driver's license applications from illegal [aliens... criminals]. -- But she'll report the applicants to authorities for possible arrest and deportation. -- Niagara County Clerk Wayne Jagow said he, too, has been talking...AP Internal Use Only

Eagle Forum
Tell your Senator to vote NO on the Law of the Sea Treaty!!
Just this week, the United States Supreme Court gave us an important look into what kind of global power grabs we face if the Senate ratifies the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). On October 10, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Jose Medellin, an illegal alien rapist-murderer now on death row in Texas...AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review
Report shows border trash a major issue
It's a long-standing concern of border-security proponents: Illegal immigration and smuggling cause significant environmental damage, says a report recently released by the Bureau of Land Management. -- The annual report for fiscal 2006 details efforts by the bureau and partner organizations... AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times / KPBS / Univision  Includes Video & Audio Links
More on alleged theft of fire victim supplies by Mexican invaders
Links to contradictory reports of the arrest of Mexican invaders at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego yesterday. These invaders are accused of stealing relief supplies intended for local wildfire victims. Includes outrageous baby-waving coverage by Mexican propaganda television network.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Police corruption will thwart Mexico-US drug plan, experts say
The U.S. government is vowing to spend $1.4 billion to help Mexico battle violent drug gangs, but the money will be largely wasted if authorities here don't cut the ties between police forces and organized crime, security analysts say. -- U.S. and Mexican officials on Monday announced the so-called "Merida Initiative..."AP Internal Use Only

Wall Street Journal
Shift is afoot on the Mexican border
A security crackdown on the Mexican border is believed to have reduced the number of people trying to cross illegally into the U.S. while increasing business for professional smugglers with ties to the drug trade. -- Data to be released next week by the Department of Homeland Security are expected to show...AP Internal Use Only

The Hill -- Washington
One RINO may endorse another
Sen. Sam Brownback is considering endorsing Rudy Giuliani for the GOP presidential nomination and will meet with him Thursday in Washington to hear his views on abortion. -- Brownback, who ended his White House run last week and is a champion of social conservative issues, said he would consider Giuliani because he had heard that...AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times
Illegal alien blues
Folk singer Bob Haworth lost a gig after a high school teacher accused him of racism for his song parodies about illegal aliens. Now Mr. Haworth says the teacher should lose his job, too. -- Mr. Haworth, who sang with the Brothers Four and Kingston Trio revival groups, pleaded his case two weeks ago...AP Internal Use Only

USA Daily
Richardson appeared to call for illegal alien amnesty
New Mexico Governor, [rabid Mexican Reconquista], and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson [left] seemed to call for illegal alien amnesty today. "We need comprehensive immigration reform in this country -- one that includes a path to legalization," Richardson said.AP Internal Use Only

Naples (Florida) News
Invader fears real for some in Immokalee
Sister Maureen Kelleher, who is a Legal Aid Services of Collier County attorney, calls the current immigration situation a "Darth Vader approach" to the community. -- "I know we have tons of people living in fear," Kelleher said during the second meeting of the Migrant Services Coordination Committee...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Alleged employer of invaders sues Missouri governor
A lawsuit filed Thursday accuses Gov. Matt Blunt of racial discrimination and abuse of power for firing a state janitorial contractor that employed illegal immigrants. -- Blunt called the lawsuit "ludicrous'' and defended his decision to cancel the contract of Sam's Janitorial Services and bar the company from state work. AP Internal Use Only

Yeh Ling Ling
Fredricksburg (Virginia) Free Lance-Star
Illegals will change voting patterns
...On July 2006, Mexican-American professor Armando Navarro, who has organized many rallies to fight all measures to secure our borders, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying, "A new majority is forming. Everything will change. The White House will be within our reach." AP Internal Use Only

WCSC-TV -- Charleston, South Carolina
Locals debate invasion nightmare
People here in the Lowcountry have now had their chance to weigh in on the illegal immigration debate sweeping through our state's General Assembly. It's an effort to put immigration power into the state's hands since some South Carolina Senators say the Federal Government isn't doing enough.AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post
"Latino immigrants" stand their ground
"Latino immigrants and lawyers in Prince William County are trying to calm community panic and spread accurate information, urging people to stay and defend their rights in the aftermath of new county measures aimed at keeping out illegal [aliens... criminals]. -- Radio stations and hotlines are fielding calls from "immigrants"...AP Internal Use Only

WLBT-TV -- Jackson
Group claims political ads 'attack Latinos'
Illegal immigration has become a hot topic in the race for governor and lieutenant governor, as evidenced in a television ad by the Phil Bryant campaign: "Some people are afraid to talk illegal immigration, but it's an issue that's way to important to be ignored," the ad says. "Each year it costs Mississippi taxpayers $25 million..."AP Internal Use Only

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American Border Patrol
Naco fence proves a deterrent
At approximately 10 pm, ABP staff was demonstrating the "Gully Watcher" mobile camera vehicle for CNN reporters when we discovered something, The border fence works! We noticed that the traffic on the north side of the fence between Naco and the San Pedro River seemed to be virtually non-existent...

We Get E-Mail
Another dirty dozen Republican Senators (RINOs)
These Republican senators voted to support the DREAM Act -- they need to be run out of town on a rail. The only thing Republican about these RINOs are their socks. Keep this list of the dirty dozen handy so they can get the shaft from voters at their next election.

Washington Times
Informer tells of corrupt Mexico
An informant who worked for U.S. authorities for more than four years says government, police and military authorities in Mexico have been corrupted by drug smugglers, often carrying out kidnappings and killings on the orders of drug cartel bosses. -- The accusations are outlined in sworn testimony before a U.S. immigration judge...AP Internal Use Only

California fires spark suspicion of terror again
California authorities have confirmed some of the wildfires that have triggered the evacuation of about a million people and burned 1,600 structures with damages at more than $1 billion were set deliberately, and a terror watch organization says the circumstances match terror plans the FBI alerted law enforcement to several years ago.AP Internal Use Only

Chuck Mack -- Oakland Tribune
Trucks from Mexico sacrifices economic security
This past month, the Bush Administration opened the U.S. border to trucks from Mexico. Trying to soften the blow, they called it a "pilot program" but it clearly sacrifices the economic security of American workers and the safety and health of the U.S. public on George Bush's altar of free trade.AP Internal Use Only

Newsday -- New York
Supporters of invader drivers' licenses protest outside hearing
As a group of New York State Republican assemblymen held a hearing at Patchogue Village Hall to call into question the controversial [illegal alien... criminal] drivers license plan proposed by Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a coalition of religious, labor and immigrant leaders protested outside -- questioning why the assemblymen would question the governor.AP Internal Use Only

The Hill -- Washington
Durbin blasts Tancredo on invasion
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) lashed out at Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) on the Senate floor Wednesday, a day after the GOP lawmaker had asked federal authorities to arrest some participants in a staff briefing on immigration. -- Tancredo, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination on a platform...AP Internal Use Only

Boeing criticized over border security glitches
Republicans and Democrats criticized Boeing Co and the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday for a belated, glitch-plagued security pilot program being set up along 28 miles of the Arizona-Mexico border. "I'm afraid this is just another example of a contractor... [See Strategic Bullsh*t Initiative -- American Patrol - July 5, 2006]AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
Jail time in store for all AZ invaders
Illegal [aliens... criminals] arrested along Arizona's stretch of U.S.-Mexican border will soon find themselves facing two weeks to six months in jail, which now is reserved only for repeat crossers and those with criminal records. -- The sector is working toward a zero-tolerance program known as...[See commentary by Glenn Spencer]AP Internal Use Only

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