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Friday, November 2, 2007

Outraged Patriots' Dan Howard on the Kevin James Show
TONIGHT -- 9:15 PM Pacific Friday -- KRLA -- 870 AM -- Los Angeles
Click here, look for 'listen' link

Fighting Ethnic Cleansing
Should Americans Resist Latino Takeover?

Rev. Miguel Rivera: You are guilty of ethnic cleansing in this community.
DotMario Obledo (co-founder of MALDEF): California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave.
DotJose Angel Gutierrez (Univ. of Texas, Arlington): We have an aging white America. . . . They are dying. . . . They are sh*tt*ng in their pants with fear! I love it!
DotB.O.N.D. Ethnic Cleansing in Los Angeles: Stop Hispanic- On- Black Killings In Los Angeles!
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- November 1
Wian: It's a new era in Oklahoma. State law now makes it clear illegal aliens are no longer welcome, that after a federal judge denied a second motion to block the law by advocates of expanded illegal alien rights.
State Rep. Randy Terrill: I couldn't be more pleased. The reason why I say that is because it is a great day for the citizens and taxpayers of Oklahoma.
Wian: The law prohibits illegal aliens from receiving driver's licenses or state welfare benefits. State contractors are prohibited from employing illegal aliens. Private businesses must not terminate a citizen or legal resident while continuing to employ an illegal alien in a similar job. [...]
Rev. Miguel Rivera: You are guilty of ethnic cleansing in this community. You are going against my community. That's my people, my Latino friends and family, who aren't afraid of your words, who aren't afraid of your actions.
Video Watch - Oklahoma / Immigration Policy

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Tulsa World
Experts warn gang activity taking root in rural Oklahoma
In rural communities of the Oklahoma Panhandle, where small police departments often lack gang prevention training, gangs are beginning to take root, education and justice officials warned during a meeting to discuss gang prevention strategy. -- Several known gang members have begun actively recruiting in the areas...AP Internal Use Only

Deport 'em
Dallas Morning News
Reconquistas plan action for November 15
Accion America, a Dallas-based group of Hispanic activists, is calling for all Irving (Texas) businesses to close on Nov. 15 in conjunction with a planned rally protesting the city's use of a federal deportation program. -- Irving police last year began using the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Criminal Alien Program...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
3 more drophouses raided, 17 arrested
More raids have been staged against West Valley drophouses that have been linked to the same human- smuggling ring, authorities said Friday. -- Seventeen [illegal aliens... criminals] were arrested Thursday during raids at two homes south of Tolleson and one in Surprise, said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
November 5

Voice of the People USA -- Wilkes-Barre, Pa. -- 5 pm EST | Other Events
Protest Visit of Meddling Mexican Vicente Fox | Press Release

Don Feder -- Front Page Magazine
Huckabee's misguided "compassion"
The problem with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (left) isn't his funny name, which brings to mind a character in a Hanna- Barbera cartoon. (What kind of a name is Mitt, anyway?) -- It's not the fact that he strums a guitar or that, other than governing Arkansas for a decade, his principal claim to fame is losing 110-lbs.AP Internal Use Only

Federal Observer        Jan Herron
Herron: It ain't broke; it's just not enforced
With the 2008 election right around the corner, we must identify and target the illegal migration- pandering politicians; either stop their re-election (with an opponent in the primary) or vote them out of office in November. We must take back Congress, one politician at a time...AP Internal Use Only

Eagle Forum
Tell your Senator to vote NO on the Law of the Sea Treaty!!
Just this week, the United States Supreme Court gave us an important look into what kind of global power grabs we face if the Senate ratifies the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). On October 10, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Jose Medellin, an illegal alien rapist-murderer now on death row in Texas... [Watch this video from the Heritage Foundation]AP Internal Use Only

Phyllis Schlafly -- WorldNetDaily.com
'Protectionism' ­ not a dirty word
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is an old verse that just isn't true. Indeed, words can hurt, break up marriages, destroy careers and defeat political candidates. -- Even words out of one's own mouth can be destructive. We recall such bloopers as presidential candidate George Romney self-destructing...AP Internal Use Only

Ventura County Star
More invaders pegged in jail
Federal agents are finding illegal [aliens...criminals] in Ventura County's jails and identifying them for deportation twice as often as they did a year ago, and the pace could pick up even more when local officers join them next year. -- Around 26 percent of the 1,700 or so inmates in Ventura County's jails are foreign- born... AP Internal Use Only

Californians for Population Stabilization
HR 3531 would deny funds to sanctuary cities!
At long last, the federal government is demonstrating some tepid increase in attempts to provide interior enforcement of our immigration laws. Yet, even these mild efforts are hamstrung by local cities that declare themselves sanctuaries from immigration enforcement... [See Bill Text]AP Internal Use Only

Argus-Leader -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Lying Mexican windbag continues meddling tour
A former Mexico president said Thursday that immigration is an asset to any nation, and a framework can be built for it. -- Vicente Fox, who served as president from 2000 to 2006, said the market has driven immigration between Mexico and US. -- "There is demand for labor here, and there is supply here in Mexico," he said. [More Mexican meddling]AP Internal Use Only

VDare.com         Brenda Walker
Victim Visas -- How America stupidly rewards misfortune and fraud
In my midnight moments of immigration- anarchy- induced depression, I imagine a stealth cadre of immigration lawyers housed deep within the White House whose job is to devise fiendish ideas for the worst possible visa categories, in order to desensitize citizens to the nation-wrecking insanity afoot...AP Internal Use Only

Amarillo Globe-News
Invaders filling county jails
Illegal immigrants are taking roost in three Panhandle jails and causing crowding issues. -- Ochiltree County is making plans to deal with extra inmates in part because of illegal [aliens...criminals] who have committed state crimes. ICE place holds on [invaders], making it difficult for them to bond out of jail.AP Internal Use Only

George Putnam
Mexican laws are strict on illegals
It is this reporter's opinion that when it comes to our shameful immigration situation, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and the outgoing president, Vicente Fox, are one and the same. -- Both are outspoken and critical of U.S. immigration law enforcement. Both support amnesty for all illegals from Mexico...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal
ADL's definition of 'bigotry' proving elastic
Wanna see the white wine set bellow? Stand up in a room - and write a newspaper column - to remind people that both illegal immigration and illegal employment are crimes. Remind America that we are in a war on terror and that by leaving American borders porous, anyone, from anywhere in the world can - and does - walk into our nation illegally. Everyday.AP Internal Use Only

KWGN-TV -- Denver
Weld Co. officials defend aggressive invader arrests
Greeley, Colo. -- The Weld County Sheriff and District Attorney have joined forces to defend their aggressive stance on illegal immigration. -- "The illegal [aliens...criminals] are treated no differently than a US citizen who commits a crime. They're both going to go to jail," said Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.AP Internal Use Only

New York Daily News
Gun experts say Eliot Spitzer's plan a license to buy guns
Once they got driver's licenses under Gov. Spitzer's plan, illegal immigrants could arm themselves to the teeth simply by lying about their status, gun experts said Thursday. -- "They could definitely get shotguns and rifles," said Thomas King, executive director of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. AP Internal Use Only

Belleville (Illinois) News-Democrat
Effort aimed at discouraging hiring of invaders
Lawrence, Kansas --  Josh Link sometimes spends 15 or 20 minutes shaping a single stone for a wall. He's proud of using a Flemish bond pattern - not the standard American one - for a brick walkway. And he points out that Winston Churchill laid bricks as a hobby. -- Link specializes in projects for homes like the gray mansion he's working on...AP Internal Use Only

Utica (New York) Observer-Dispatch Editorial
Governor's license scheme still flawed
Although changes Gov. Eliot Spitzer is proposing in his New York state driver's license program would place restrictions on licenses given to illegal [aliens...criminals], the plan is still seriously flawed because it provides a legal document to person who is breaking the law. -- That makes no sense, and the idea should be scrapped.AP Internal Use Only

Massachusetts town attacks 'sanctuary cities'
A local official in Massachusetts is leading a fight to deny sanctuary cities federal homeland security aid. -- James Keane, a mail clerk, is a common councilor in Everett, a working class town with two neighbors, Cambridge and Chelsea, that claim sanctuary status. While the sanctuary city designation is mostly symbolic...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
Deported murderer caught attempting to re-enter U.S.
A convicted murderer who was deported earlier this year after serving more than two decades in prison was arrested Tuesday after trying to come back into the country. -- Juan Crisantos- Ramos, a Mexican citizen, was taken in to custody at the Dennis DeConcini port of entry in Nogales after he attempted to enter the United States...AP Internal Use Only

Bush to America
Patrick J. Buchanan -- VDare.com
Sinking currency, sinking country
The Euro, worth 83 cents in the early George W. Bush years, is at $1.45. -- The British pound is back up over $2, the highest level since the Carter era. The Canadian dollar, which used to be worth 65 cents, is worth more than the U.S. dollar for the first time in half a century... AP Internal Use Only

Hugo Mann -- USA Daily
Presidential candidates have ties to groups advocating a NAU
Several presidential candidates have ties to groups that appear to advocate replacing the U.S. government with a North American Union and furthering the long term goal of a World Government. -- WorldNetDaily reports that "Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Fred Thompson..."AP Internal Use Only

The Oklahoman Editorial
Too much: No excuse for hateful rhetoric
...To claim that HB 1804, which applies to all illegal [aliens...criminals], is a call for ethnic cleansing is beyond absurd. When Rivera or anyone else uses that term, they are guilty of race-baiting on par with what we've come to expect from the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton. Such tactics may score a few points with the aggrieved...AP Internal Use Only

Journal-News -- White Plains, New York
Bloomberg breaks with Spitzer on licenses
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared on CNN's "The Situation Room" today and expressed big time reservations about Gov. Eliot Spitzer's new policy to allow illegal immigrants access to state driver's licenses. -- Bloomberg responded to this question from CNN host Wolf Blitzer...AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City
Man pleads guilty to transporting invaders
A man whom federal prosecutors said worked as a "coyote" admitted in federal court Thursday that he was responsible for a fatal van rollover in 2005 that killed two of 14 illegal aliens being smuggled into the country. -- Raul Ramirez- Becerra, who earlier told federal officials his name was Ramses Castellano- Lin...AP Internal Use Only

WHO-TV -- Des Moines
Traffic stop uncovers invader smuggling
Immigration officials say it's another case of smuggling illegal [aliens...criminals] across the border.  It all began with a traffic stop by the State Patrol, west of the metro this morning. Authorities ended up taking multiple people into custody. -- This appears to be the end of a trip that, at this point, stretched thousands of miles...AP Internal Use Only

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