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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Unfair and Imbalanced
Fox News Shuts Out Dr. Paul

We Were Right
O'Reilly and Fox News are phonies
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Silicon Valley Insider -- January 2
Fox Snub Boosts Ron Paul
Fox News' decision to exclude Ron Paul from its Sunday Republican forum is turning out to be the best thing that's happened to the web's favorite Republican- slash- libertarian- slash- populist. There's nothing like a snub from FNC to motivate Paul's base, and he's making considerable hay challenging Fox's conservative credentials. Paul's point: Fox is more pro-Bush than conservative, a big difference.
"This just isn't kosher" - CBS News
Paul: "Fox News is scared of me" - Boston Globe

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KTAR -- Phoenix
Besieged day labor center to close a few days
The operator of a north Phoenix day labor center, under siege by people who want to crack down on illegal [aliens... criminals], said today he may close the center temporarily, but that he will not bow to protesters' demands and shut it permanently. -- Salvador Reza said laborers who usually gather at the center...AP Internal Use Only

January 11

Three Points, Arizona | Other Events
Patriots' Border Alliance -- Operation ICE Storm

Shelbyville (Tennessee) Times-Gazette
New laws now in effect
Jan. 1 not only brought us a new year, but new laws as well for the citizens of Tennessee. -- A new law cracks down on the hiring of illegal immigrants in Tennessee. House Bill 729 prohibits persons from knowingly employing an illegal alien, recruiting or referring one for employment for a fee. It is punishable by business license suspension...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times
Mexican farmers protest NAFTA
Farmers in this country organized scattered protests Tuesday and Wednesday as the final trade barriers on U.S. corn, beans, sugar and milk fell with the full implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement on New Year's Day. -- Corn and beans are staples of the Mexican diet and subsistence crops for millions of farmers...AP Internal Use Only

January 19

San Antonio, Texas | Other Events
American Freedom Riders Event

Ken Blackwell -- Townhall.com
Ballot box integrity v. voters without borders
On January 9, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments for one of the biggest election law cases in years. This case might decide who becomes president of the United States in a close election, and shape the future of the country. -- The Court will hear arguments in the consolidated cases of Crawford v. Marion County...AP Internal Use Only

Post-Crescent -- Appleton, Wisconsin
Latinos seek programs on citizenship, English
Members of a local social justice group expected adult English classes to rank among top needs in the Fox Valley when they commissioned a survey of the Latino community. -- The survey found high interest in English classes, but the 257 respondents also said they wanted workshops on how to attain U.S. citizenship and were interested in...AP Internal Use Only

Tulsa World
State immigration law challenged again in court
A lawsuit filed Thursday asks a Tulsa County judge to declare that a new state law dealing with illegal immigration is unconstitutional. -- Plaintiff Michael C. Thomas, identified as a resident taxpayer of Tulsa County, seeks "to prevent an alleged wrongful expenditure of public funds by the State of Oklahoma and Tulsa County" for enforcement...AP Internal Use Only

Danbury (Connecticut) News-Times
ICE partnership up for vote
Residents will speak tonight both for and against a proposal that would team police with agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. -- The issue has support from both the Republican and Democratic leaders on the Council. -- Jean Hislop, of a grass-roots Danbury group called Stop the Raids, said members will picket outside City Hall...AP Internal Use Only

Lansing (Michigan) State Journal Editorials
AG made right call on driver's licenses for invaders
Attorney General Mike Cox made the right decision last week when he issued an opinion saying that illegal immigrants should not be eligible to receive a Michigan driver's license. -- Until his ruling, Michigan was one of a handful of states that had a process for granting driver's licenses...AP Internal Use Only

Dan Sheehy
Fighting Immigration Anarchy
Why did Tancredo and Gilchrist endorse globalists for president?
Two figures who pushed border security and the illegal-alien invasion to the national stage, Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo and Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist, stunned many Americans, including this writer who featured both men in my book Fighting Immigration Anarchy...AP Internal Use Only

Today's Trucking
Mexican truck outrage continues despite funding cut
It doesn't look like the pilot project allowing Mexican trucks deep into U.S. territory will be around for much longer. -- Still, even though a bill to cut funding for the controversial program was signed by President George W. Bush recently, the DOT hasn't made many moves to halt it yet. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
BP agents seize 2700 pounds of pot, detain 2 convicted felons
U.S. Border Patrol agents seized 2,700 pounds of marijuana early Thursday morning near Lukeville and arrested a pair of convicted felons in the past week in Cochise County. -- The discovery of the marijuana occurred Thursday morning at 2 a.m. in a parking lot adjacent to the Lukeville port of entry, said Rob Daniels, Tucson Sector spokesman.AP Internal Use Only

Bob Park -- PHXNews.com
Police & illegals, solutions not problems
Congress and the present administration have not taken meaningful steps to boost immigration law enforcement enough to significantly slow illegal immigration or reduce the size of the illegal alien population. While immigration law enforcement is primarily a federal responsibility, the consequences of the federal government's failures...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
119 at UA deemed to be non- residents
The University of Arizona reclassified 119 students as non-residents during the fall semester as the university implemented a new state law prohibiting illegal [aliens... criminals] from paying in-state tuition or receiving any state financial aid. -- The UA reported its progress on implementing Proposition 300 - passed by 70% of Arizona voters...AP Internal Use Only

Alfred Tella -- Washington Times
Immigration crosscurrents
As I perused the Dec. 26 editorial on immigration in The Washington Post, the page kept slipping to the left in my hand for a decidedly one-sided read. -- The editorial was an attack on a tough new law on illegal immigration passed by the Arizona state legislature. The law, effective Jan. 1, punishes companies that knowingly employ...AP Internal Use Only

Jacksonville (Florida) Progress
JPD arrests invader for bootlegging, drug possession
Law enforcement officers never know what to expect when they arrive on a crime scene. -- Called to a residence in the 200 block of Button Bush Lane regarding a shots-fired call, Jacksonville Police Department officers did not make an arrest in reference to the shooting, but did manage to bust up a bootlegging operation and make a narcotics arrest.AP Internal Use Only

KNDO-TV -- Kennewick
Washington state driver's licenses totally insecure
Unlike in other states [illegal aliens... criminals] in Washington can get a driver's license without proof of residence. -- Mexican [invaders] can get what is called a Matricula Consular [aka Mickey Mouse Mexican ID]. This identity document issued at the Mexican consulate in Seattle allows them to get their license. AP Internal Use Only

KTAR -- Phoenix
A sixth day of protests at day labor center
A north Phoenix day laborers center was the magnet for supporters and opponents of Arizona's employers sanctions law for the sixth straight day today. -- Groups favoring a crackdown on illegal [aliens... criminals] want the center, near 25th Street and Bell Road, shut down because they consider it a refuge for [invaders].AP Internal Use Only

XETV -- Tijuana / San Diego
Mexican invader / child molester headed to prison
A man who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy after plying him with alcohol near a Poway middle school is scheduled to be sentenced to prison Thursday in a San Diego courtroom. -- Jesus Mora Nava, an illegal [alien... criminal], pleaded guilty Nov. 15 to committing forcible lewd acts on a child and using false documents... [More 'family values']AP Internal Use Only

David Thompson -- Hugh Hewitt's Blog
A Plea from Arkansas: Examine Huck's record closely
As a conservative, evangelical, politically-active father of four in Arkansas I believe it is imperative for like-minded voters to become more familiar with the Mike Huckabee that just completed 10 years as our governor. I realize it's sometimes hard to know what to believe during a campaign, so I've tried to include links to published stories...AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times
Border agents assaulted at 'unprecedented' rate
Increased efforts to secure the U.S.-Mexico border against illegal aliens and drug smugglers have spurred an "unprecedented" rise in violence against U.S. Border Patrol agents, particularly in the San Diego area, where more than 100 assaults have taken place in the past two months. AP Internal Use Only

San Jose Mercury News
Property owner says finish the fence
"Nobody can develop a piece of property that is crawling with aliens at night and Border Patrol vehicles and personnel 24 hours a day," Marzulla said. -- Wick has come up with his own solution to the problem. For years, the Border Patrol has planned a secondary fence in his area, but budget constraints, among other things, have slowed the process.AP Internal Use Only

Heeere's RINO
Upper Cumberland (Tennessee) Daily News
McCain voted for invaders to collect Social Security
...In 2006, Sen. McCain Voted To Allow Illegals To Collect Social Security For Work Done While Illegal: Sen. McCain Joined Sens. Clinton And Obama In Voting To Give Retroactive Social Security Benefits To Illegal [Aliens... Criminals] Who Would Be Granted Amnesty. "Specter, R-Pa., motion to table (kill) the Ensign, R-Nev., amendment..."AP Internal Use Only

The Times Argus -- Barre, Vermont
Six Mexican invaders taken into custody
Vermont State Police responded to a single-vehicle accident Tuesday night in which an SUV rolled on Interstate 89 around Bethel, and six illegal Mexican [aliens... criminals] were subsequently taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents. -- The six Mexican nationals, whom border patrol would not name...AP Internal Use Only

American Chronicle               Jim Kouri, CPP
Fugitive operations teams arrest 925 criminal aliens
Officials with the Homeland Security Department's Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that deportation officers assigned to the Baltimore Office made a record number of arrests in fiscal year 2007. -- The Baltimore Field Office area of responsibility covers all of Maryland.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Analysis: Huckabee sows doubts in GOP
...A tall, bearded man sitting on the sofa clears his throat and says he heard Huckabee wanted to make children of illegal immigrants eligible for college scholarships. "What's that all about?" Chris Power says, wrinkling his nose as if he'd just swallowed a bitter drink...AP Internal Use Only

The Enterprise -- Brockton, Massachusetts
Invader stabs roommate, chokes police dog, cops say
An illegal alien from Brazil who allegedly stabbed his roommate, then choked a police dog while fleeing in the woods, was ordered held without bail on Wednesday. -- Julian Teixeira Demoura was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, defacing property...AP Internal Use Only

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