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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Terry Anderson Show
9 PM Pacific Sunday
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Faux Paul
Fox Blunder Leaves Neocons Feeling Heat

New York Times Forum -- January 5

Click here to protest Fox News Exclusion of Ron Paul From New Hampshire Forum.
NH GOP drops sponsorship of FOX debate
    The New Hampshire Republican Party dropped their affiliation with a Republican debate sponsored by Fox News tomorrow night because they have limited the number of candidates that can participate [...]
    The Fox debate is excluding Texas Congressman Ron Paul even though he polls higher in New Hampshire and has raised significantly more money, and is campaigning more in New Hampshire than Fred Thompson who is invited.

C-Net -- January 4
Online protests seek to include Ron Paul in N.H. debate
An online protest is growing over presidential candidate Ron Paul's exclusion from a Fox News debate here on Sunday....
Laura Ingraham (Sitting in for Bill O'Reilly) -- January 4
Ooops - Fox Analyst Prefers Paul
...If you're going to hire someone to fix this economy ...who is the guy in this mix who has the best fix?
Jonathan Hoenig (Fox Business Analyst): ...I would probably say Ron Paul would be my top choice.
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Austin American-Statesman
Mexicans fear Huckabee
...Here's how this morning's Reforma newspaper analyzed Huckabee's victory: "The triumph of Mike Huckabee in the Iowa caucus is not good news for Mexico. It happens that the ex-governor of Arkansas is winning supporters in great part through his plan to seal the border with Mexico with a wall..."AP Internal Use Only

Robert Bluey -- Townhall.com
Fighting vote fraud with photo ID
All eyes will be on New Hampshire Wednesday morning for the first true primary in the 2008 elections. But even as hardy New Englanders trudge to the polls, something at least as consequential will happening in Washington, D.C., where the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a major case on election law...AP Internal Use Only

Ramesh Ponnuru -- National Review
More on immigration
McCain says you can trust him on immigration because he now understands that enforcement has to come first. Border-state governors would have to certify that the border is secure before any "path to citizenship" (what the critics call "amnesty") or guest-worker program begins. But if people can still come here legally and overstay their visas...AP Internal Use Only

Hugh Hewitt -- Townhall.com
Shades Of Marley's Ghost: John McCain and amnesty
John McCain's crippled presidential candidacy is attempting a comeback in New Hampshire, a comeback built on amnesia --the hope that GOP voters won't recall the Virginia Beach explosion against evangelicals in 2000, the votes against President Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, the McCain-Feingold assault on free speech... [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

Laura Armstrong -- Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal
'08 might go down as year of smear
What do leftist organizations do when they're unable to debate an issue on its merits? -- They allege. They smear. And they try to undermine those with whom they disagree. -- This is what's happening right now to our local law enforcement officers. -- The red flag went up just before the holidays, when Hispanic activist groups...AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times
Migrants flood through EU open borders
Traiskirchen, Austria -- Thousands of asylum seekers are on the move across Europe as a result of a new relaxation of internal border controls. -- Last month's expansion of a system intended to make it easier for European Union citizens to move among member countries has led to a dramatic rise in illegal aliens.AP Internal Use Only

12 News TV -- Phoenix
New "civil rights" group in the Valley
Volunteers spread the word to hundreds of Latinos Saturday at the Three Kings celebration in downtown Phoenix. They introduced them a new organization called Respect/Respeto and let them know lawyers were on hand to hear their cases of possible abuse and give them advice on what to do if asked for their legal status...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times
Tax funds aimed at benefiting invaders, farmers?
Granted millions of dollars in state transportation money, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are set to become the latest counties to join an agricultural ride-share program for unlicensed and uninsured farmworkers. -- Each county was recently granted $3 million to purchase vans...AP Internal Use Only

Bridget Geegan Blanton -- National Writers Syndicate
Invader hiring sites promote racketeering
Mexico is notorious for corruption ...and is nearly unresponsive to a persistent, staggering poverty suffered by millions of Mexicans. At the top of the Mexican power structure is an elitist, wealthy ruling class that vehemently resists even a modest level of taxation while supporting the status of Mexico as a nation dependent on American financial aid...AP Internal Use Only

January 11

Three Points, Arizona | Other Events
Patriots' Border Alliance -- Operation ICE Storm

Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal
Impact of immigration law difficult to gauge
...D.A. King is head of the Dustin Inman Society which pushes for tougher laws to combat illegal immigration. -- King said, ''Enforcement works. People are leaving Georgia for more hospitable states and this law has an awful lot to do with that.'' -- Georgia is believed to have the fastest growing illegal [alien... criminal] population in the nation...AP Internal Use Only

Indianapolis Star
Illegal immigration bill targets firms
Employers who knowingly hire illegal [aliens... criminals] could lose their right to do business in Indiana under proposed legislation that would make the state's penalties among the stiffest in the country. -- The bill, authored by Sen. Mike Delph, gained support from Republicans and Democrats alike Friday but was criticized by Hispanic leaders...AP Internal Use Only

January 19

San Antonio, Texas | Other Events
American Freedom Riders Event

Henry Lamb -- WorldNetDaily.com
Blurring the border with your tax dollar
Although listed on the governor's web page as an "Office of the Governor," the Arizona Mexico Commission is not a "commission." It is, in fact, a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)(4) advocacy organization. The organization's offices are in the same state-owned office building that houses the governor's office... AP Internal Use Only

Don Ward -- Sound Politics -- Seattle
Fox snubbing Paul slimy, cowardly
It's time to call BS on the decision by FOX News to exclude Ron Paul from its GOP presidential roundtable tonight. Political junkies will already know that Fox producers decided arbitrarily to limit participation in the forum to candidates that possessed high enough poll numbers...AP Internal Use Only

The State -- Columbia, South Carolina
Immigration key issue in '08
While the S.C. General Assembly will tackle dozens of issues during 2008, illegal immigration is shaping up to be The Hot-Button Topic when the Legislature returns to Columbia Tuesday. -- Legislators, who are up for re-election this year, say they are responding to voters' concerns, driven by the state's growing Hispanic population...AP Internal Use Only

Nashville Tennessean
Immigration raids hit Springfield hard
...Springfield landlord James Huffine said he'll lose $5,000 this month in cleaning, hauling and lost rent after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested members of five families last month who lived in his apartment units. Huffine said his tenants showed him work identification and paycheck stubs issued by Electrolux...AP Internal Use Only

Business Week
Illegals and business: A glimpse of the future?
Sometime soon, perhaps by the end of this month, Christopher Lamb may plead guilty to harboring an illegal alien. Lamb was a human resources assistant manager at Swift & Co., among the largest beef and pork processors in the U.S. As immigration emerges as one of the most contentious issues of this election season...AP Internal Use Only

Alan Caruba -- USA Daily
At war with Mexico
It's an issue that will dominate the elections in 2008. It is illegal immigration, but there was scarce attention paid during the debates leading up to the Iowa caucuses. The candidate that promises to put a stop to it will be the candidate that wins. The party that temporizes will be the party that fails...AP Internal Use Only

Chattanooga Times-Free Press
Citizenship requirement for law enforcement hurts 'immigrants'
A citizenship requirement to become a police officer or firefighter in many states, including Tennessee and Georgia, keeps recent immigrants here from qualifying for those jobs. -- Beatriz Hickman, a native of Colombia who has been living in Chattanooga for three years, said it is her dream to be a police officer ...AP Internal Use Only

Charleston (South Carolina) Post and Courier
State priority: Illegal aliens [criminals]
Congress' failure to deal comprehensively with immigration has left states in the lurch with limited authority to deal with what essentially is a federal responsibility. Faced with the prospect of extended inaction at the federal level, the state Legislature is of necessity exploring ways to stem the problem... AP Internal Use Only

San Francisco Examiner
Loudoun County rejects anti-invader plan
The Loudoun County (Va.) Board of Supervisors signaled Thursday that the county, which had taken some of the toughest illegal-immigration tacks in Virginia, is now much more reluctant to push for immigration reform. -- The new board voted 5-4 to discard a legislative proposal that would have given the county power to revoke...AP Internal Use Only

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