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Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Preposterous" DHS Claims?
134 Miles of Fence Added in One Month?

American Patrol -- January 10
ABP Questions Numbers
     On November 6 the Department of Homeland Security reported that it had 150 miles of pedestrian fencing on the Mexican border. American Border Patrol agreed, finding 148 miles of new and existing fence in-place as of November 20, 2007.
     One month later the DHS changed its figures, saying that it had 284 miles of fencing in place. DHS also claimed it would build 386 miles of new fencing in 2008. "The idea that 134 miles, or even 109 miles of fencing was added in one month is preposterous, "said Glenn Spencer of ABP. "DHS installed about 75 miles of new fencing in the past fourteen months and we have no evidence to suggest that they will even match that figure this year, much less build 386 miles of it," he added.
     Spencer said ABP's year-end video on border fence progress will be released Monday.


Dallas Morning News
Denton police seize white heroin, arrest 3 invaders
Denton County sheriff's officers seized more than a half-million dollars' worth of white heroin and arrested three illegal [aliens.... criminals] earlier this week after a six-month investigation. -- Capt. Jeff Wawro, who supervises the sheriff's Drug Enforcement Unit and SWAT team...AP Internal Use Only

Warner on Immigration
Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner traveled throughout the Valley this week and also spoke on some issues that were addressed in the State of the Commonwealth Wednesday night. -- Warner says the federal government needs to step up on enforcing illegal immigration... AP Internal Use Only

The Stein Report
Citizenship backlog up as 'immigrants' want to vote for "La Senora Clinton"
Julia Moreno has been following the presidential campaign and studying the issues. She has even chosen her favorite candidate: 'La Señora Clinton.' Moreno, a legal immigrant from Guatemala who came to Los Angeles more than 30 years ago, applied for citizenship this summer so she would be able to vote... AP Internal Use Only

January 11

Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Sun-News
Conflict opens session; Disagreement over immigration laws fuels discordance
The opening of the legislative session kicked off another spate of House-Senate rivalry, this time over what promises to be the hottest issue of the year: immigration reform. -- The House already had a bill passed by the Senate last year on its plate, but House leaders on Monday unveiled their own legislation.. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
One of two masterminds in fraudulent immigration extradited
One of two brothers who prosecutors say were the masterminds behind one of the largest identification production organizations in the country has been apprehended in Mexico and extradited to the United States. -- Pedro Castorena- Ibarra had been in custody in Mexico City since August 2006... AP Internal Use Only

January 19

The State -- Columbia, South Carolina
Immigration may define Republican debate
The Republican presidential candidates will descend on South Carolina's largest tourism market Thursday for a debate that could turn on the topic of immigration. -- The subject is hot in this city, heavily dependent on seasonal and long-term workers to clean hotel rooms, cook in restaurants and build resorts... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Court seems to back Indiana voter ID law
The Supreme Court appeared ready Wednesday to uphold the nation's strictest requirement that voters show photo identification before casting a ballot. -- The justices are faced with a partisan dispute that echoes the bitterly divided decision that sealed the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush... AP Internal Use Only

Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Rush for citizenship picks up steam
A record 14,000 immigrants filed applications last year in Minnesota to become U.S. citizens, driven by a desire to beat a rise in application fees, concern about growing anti- [illegal alien.... criminal] sentiment and a strong desire to vote for the next U.S. president... AP Internal Use Only

Pastor Chuck Baldwin -- NewsWithViews.com
Why the establishment hates Ron Paul
What is it about Ron Paul that the Establishment finds so disturbing? This is a man who perhaps personifies Christian character and integrity, American patriotism, and family values more than any other public figure. Ron Paul is a committed family man... AP Internal Use Only

Hugh Hewitt -- Townhall.com
Rick Santorum and Michael Gerson on John McCain
...When Santorum says that "we’re looking at the media trying to make Barack Obama the president, and make John McCain the shill for him," and "I think they know that John McCain can’t win this election," he is exactly on target. -- When Santorum says of McCain that on "the environment, he’s absolutely terrible...AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol
Border Patrol radio traffic up in Tucson Sector
American Border Patrol reports that radio traffic out of the Naco Border Patrol station indicates they are very busy. "We record all radio traffic out of Naco and we have never seen such an overload on the system," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. ABP plans to launch a new aerial system next week to monitor cross-border traffic. AP Internal Use Only

Obama slaps Lou Dobbs
CNN anchor Lou Dobbs is taking criticism from all sides for his hard-nosed stand on illegal immigration, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton jabbing at him from the Democratic side and a top aide to Sen. John McCain joining in from the Republican side... AP Internal Use Only

Phyllis Schlafly -- Eagle Forum
The outrageous WTO
WTO now stands for World Trade Outrage rather than its original name, World Trade Organization. The WTO just ruled that the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda can freely violate American copyrights and trademarks in order to punish the United States for our laws prohibiting internet gambling. AP Internal Use Only

Arkansas News Bureau
Up and down Huckabee's y-axis
Plotting his presidential candidacy along the y-axis, Mike Huckabee, ever the vertical politician, claims he wants to "change the Republican Party." What exactly does he mean? Does he want to do for the national party what he did for the Arkansas party? AP Internal Use Only

Victor Davis Hanson -- National Review
Immigration 2008 -- Tough choices
With the war in Iraq politically on the backburner, illegal immigration is heating up as a campaign issue. The public wants action, and the candidates are scrambling to react. -- Sen. Hillary Clinton’s sure nomination was first questioned when she flubbed an easy debate question about driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.AP Internal Use Only

Idaho Press
Invader nabbed in crime sweep sentenced
A Nampa man believed to be a member of a street gang will serve seven months in federal prison for illegal re-entry. Sergio Colin- Martinez was sentenced Monday by U.S. District Judge Edward J. Lodge at the federal courthouse in Boise. He will be deported when his sentence is complete. AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times
Deputies anger Mexican Reconquista zealots over Chaparral family's case
Just three months after being sued for allegedly conducting immigration raids in Chaparral, N.M., the Otero County Sheriff's Department once again drew the ire of civil-rights groups for calling the Border Patrol on a family of [illegal aliens.... criminals] Wednesday. AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times
Third of county's children poor, census finds
One of every three students in El Paso County public schools lives below the poverty level, and U.S. Census figures show that the number of children living in economically disadvantaged homes has continued to grow. -- Numbers released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau show that as of 2005... [Also see: Importing Poverty] AP Internal Use Only

Huck takes heat for having CFR adviser
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is getting more heat both online and in person from critics who scold the former governor for consulting the president of the Council on Foreign Relations on issues of international affairs. [Click here for a complete list of CFR menaces] AP Internal Use Only

Tyler (Texas) Morning Telegraph
24 invaders employed at chicken plant indicted
A Tyler federal grand jury returned 24 indictments this week against illegal [aliens.... criminals] working at East Texas plants owned by the Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. -- For years, federal agents had received tips alleging [invaders] were working at the plants owned by the nation’s largest chicken producer... AP Internal Use Only

Americas Program
America-hating Peter Schey at it again
...Homeland Security recently waived 22 federal laws to build the border wall in the San Pedro wilderness area in Arizona, Garcia noted. Attorney Peter Schey, director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Los Angeles, said America does not need a "Berlin Wall." [More on the obnoxious Schey] AP Internal Use Only

Danbury (Connecticut) News-Times
United States is not a nation of aliens
Illegal alien is the correct term for someone from someplace else who goes to live or work in another country when they do not have the legal right. -- Immigrant is a person who has come to a different country in order to live there permanently, fully intending to swear allegiance to his or her new country. AP Internal Use Only

James R. Edwards, Jr. -- Human Events
McCain is the amnesty candidate
It’s amazing how soon people forgot that John McCain is as bad as Teddy Kennedy on immigration. -- Sen. McCain took 37 percent of the New Hampshire Republican primary votes Tuesday, winning that state's contest. Mitt Romney finished six points back, at 31 percent, in second place. AP Internal Use Only

Berkshire Eagle -- Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Patrick eyes in-state tuition for invader studies
Governor Deval Patrick says he's researching whether he can take unilateral action to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state colleges. -- The governor made the comments while speaking to education and business leaders this morning... AP Internal Use Only

Capitol Media Services
Health association fights anti-invader plan
The newest front in the battle over illegal immigration is dragging health-care workers into the fray. -- The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association is trying to kill a proposal by Rep. Russell Pearce that would require its members to check the citizenship of patients who deliver babies at Arizona facilities.... AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald
Florida's immigrant inmates may be deported
Florida officials want to send a message to immigrants who are not U.S. citizens and are doing prison time for nonviolent crimes: Go home. The airfare's on us. -- The Florida Department of Corrections and Sen. Mike Bennett, a Bradenton Republican, are discussing the proposal with federal officials as a way... AP Internal Use Only

The Connection Newspapers -- McLean, Virginia
"Diversity" tops Tejada’s ’08 agenda
A Keeping Arlington a welcoming place for immigrants is one of the top priorities of new County Board Chairman Walter Tejada (D), the first chairman of a local government in Virginia to be Latino. -- Tejada, himself an immigrant who moved to the U.S. from El Salvador as a teenager...AP Internal Use Only

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D. -- Family Security Foundation
Nearly one million sex crimes committed by invaders in the United States
After conducting a 12-month in-depth study of illegal [aliens.... criminals] who committed sex crimes and murders for the time period of January 1999 through April 2006, it is clear that the U.S. public faces a dangerous threat from sex predators who cross the U.S. borders illegally. [More 'family values] AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Unlicensed 'stores' easy prey for criminals
When residents of Wynscape apartments wanted phone cards to call Mexico, El Salvador or Honduras, they didn't need to leave the north DeKalb County complex: A woman sold them out of her unit. -- They could buy beer, too. All it took was a knock on the door of another of the 272 apartments... AP Internal Use Only

Danbury (Connecticut) News-Times
Businessmen grill Murphy on Danbury immigration
...With a possible allegiance between Danbury police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement being studied by the Common Council, the city's [illegal alien.... criminal] population is in a state of near panic, said the Rev. Erivaldo Pena, of Four Square Church... AP Internal Use Only

Rep. Duncan Hunter's next gig?
Rep. Duncan Hunter, a long-shot Republican in this year's presidential race, is being talked about as a potential candidate for governor of California in 2010. -- Although he's barely surfaced in the polls as a 2008 GOP presidential candidate, he's popular among the party's "hardline conservatives" in the state... AP Internal Use Only

Giuseppe Gori -- WorldNetDaily.com
Is Canada ready for a North American Union?
With the prospect of a "North American Union" becoming a subject of conversation, most Americans are worrying about the effect an open border with Mexico would have. -- But what about Canada? -- Most Americans know very little about their big neighbor to the north... AP Internal Use Only

KWTX-TV -- Waco
Mexican sought in Texas child molestation investigation
Round Rock police Wednesday asked for the public’s help in the search for Ricardo Rosales, a Mexican national who’s named in a warrant charging burglary of a habitation with intent to commit sexual assault. -- The charge stems from an incident in mid-November in which...[More 'family values] AP Internal Use Only

Video Clip
Presidential candidate Ron Paul on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
U. S. Rep. Ron Paul appeared on the Tonight Show on Monday, January 7. Our thanks to 'Lone Wolf' for the video, which is 12 minutes, 40 seconds in length. AP Internal Use Only

NBC10-TV -- Philadelphia
Invader charged in sex attack on Atlantic City bartender
Atlantic City police said they have made an arrest in connection with a sex assault at a local bar. -- Authorities said Manuel Mariche is charged with attacking a bartender at Proud Mary's Bar last October.. -- The victim was trying to leave the ladies room when the suspect allegedly punched her... [More 'family values]AP Internal Use Only

Judicial Watch
Report released on border incursions by corrupt Mexican government
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released a U.S. Border Patrol report titled, “Mexican Government Incidents – 2006 Fiscal Year Report,” obtained under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)...[Related item]AP Internal Use Only

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Mexican invader in crash pleads to federal charges
The illegal [alien.... criminal] who crashed his SUV into a Clayton restaurant's lunchtime crowd pleaded guilty Wednesday to using a false Social Security number, the U.S. Attorney's office said. -- Sergio Lopez- Luna, a Mexican citizen, admitted buying a fake Social Security card...AP Internal Use Only

Inside Bay Area
Schools to defend kids here illegally
The Oakland school board on Wednesday night took a stand in support of its immigrant students, including those whose families are living in the country illegally. -- The policy passed at the board meeting — the first of its kind in the Oakland school district — was written in response to an incident...AP Internal Use Only

Mike Cutler -- Family Security Foundation
Border security doesn't stop at Mexico and Canada
Coincidence is a funny thing. This week I watched a series of gut-wrenching television programs that dealt with the attacks of September 11, 2001. I sat mesmerized with my wife and a couple of my kids, reliving that horrific day. It helped me to remember how and why I became involved in my quest to...AP Internal Use Only

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