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Hillary Would Cede Southwest to Mexico

Hillary Clinton with Mexican Reconquista L.A. Mayor Antonio "PanchoVilla" -Raigosa. -- Villaraigosa joined with President of Mexico to kill Proposition 187.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 11
Wian: Senator Hillary Clinton visited a largely Latino neighborhood in Las Vegas yesterday, her campaign swung by a Mexican restaurant and when a man shouted out my wife is illegal, Senator Clinton responded, no woman is illegal, then paused before adding no man is illegal either. The senator's comments were picked up and reported by the "Las Vegas Review-Journal" and she repeated them today in Los Angeles.
Clinton: He said my wife, she is an illegal woman. I said there are no illegal women. There are only people. And I want to have comprehensive immigration reform that will help people.
Wian: The words are similar or identical to those often displayed on signs and shouted at pro-amnesty demonstrations, an example of Clinton's aggressive effort to win Latino votes.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008 -- 6:10   PM
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Register Guard -- Salem, Oregon   
Invaders, ethnic hustlers toss tantrum over license changes   
Salem, Ore. -- More than 1,000 people packed the Capitol on Friday to voice their opposition to the government’s push to issue driver’s licenses only to those who can prove they’re legally in the United States. -- Before they crowded into a hearing room and several overflow chambers inside...AP Internal Use Only

Citizens blast tax-funded 'sanctuary' for illegals   
...The El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center was the town's solution for stopping ''migrant workers'' from lining the streets each day to wait for employers to drive by and hire them. -- Sometimes as many as 100 ''day laborers'' gathered each morning. Neighborhood residents complained they blocked traffic... AP Internal Use Only

Catholics play vital role in helping migrants to U.S.   
Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mex. -- At a Catholic-run shelter just across the border from Laredo, Texas, dozens of Latin American migrants say grace and tuck into a hearty meal of sausages, beans and rice, before trying to swim across the Rio Grande into the United States. Weary migrants on their journey north often...AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle   
2 more arrested in gang probe, including 1 facing murder charge  
Two more men were arrested Friday in a four-year investigation of a violent Texas gang, giving federal prosecutors now seven indicted suspects in their case that allegedly links the Barrio Azteca to a powerful Mexican drug cartel... AP Internal Use Only

Investor's Business Daily Editorial  
The border vote  
California has real power, for once, in the primary process. It also bears more than its share of the costs of illegal immigration — a fact that John McCain, in particular, should keep in mind. -- In Iowa and New Hampshire, it's fair to say that border issues were probably not at the top of voters' minds... AP Internal Use Only

Joe Guzzardi -- VDare.com   
Obama and Clinton’s pro-invader record may keep them out of White House
Out of all the millions of words written and spoken about the dozens of presidential candidates, only these made by a CNN analyst after one of the gazillion debates is spot on: “What strikes me is the lack of sincere enthusiasm for any of the candidates.” AP Internal Use Only

Donald A. Collins -- VDare.com   
Democrat rebuts open border propaganda by WAPO's Aizenman   
Since we already had at least one "treatment" of the issue from this Washington Post reporter, N.C. Aizenman, which I described in an earlier VDARE.com article, I have been watching to see when the other shoe (or shoes) from this open border mule for hire would be dropped. AP Internal Use Only

Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, Calif.   
Mexicans dispatching fresh troublemaker to Orange County 
...After efforts to craft an immigration reform package failed in Congress, Mexican President Vicente Fox publicly expressed his disappointment. Calderon has refocused his administration's interest in an immigration overhaul. He also has been critical of U.S. efforts to build a border fence... [More Mexican meddling] AP Internal Use Only

Laredo Morning Times 
Ex-Border Patrol agent, wife busted   
A former Border Patrol agent and his wife, who also own the restaurant Burger Patrol, were arrested Thursday on charges of conspiracy to transport illegal [aliens.... criminals]. An indictment unsealed in federal court Friday alleges that on three occasions in 2007, David Cruz and Susana Lopez- Portillo De Cruz conspired to... AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle   
Hutchison on defensive over border fence amendment   
In an uncharacteristic display of public frustration with party colleagues, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Friday sharply criticized two Republican congressmen who had accused her of a stealth effort to derail the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Kidnappings cross the border   
Phoenix -- A woman leaving an eyeglass store is grabbed in the parking lot by four men who force her, kicking and screaming, into a pickup truck. The kidnappers demand a $900,000 ransom. -- But police soon realize her family is holding something back and isn't fully cooperating with them... AP Internal Use Only

Mark Andrew Dwyer -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto
The bilingual education that put California in the red   
I was shocked by Gov. Schwarzenegger’s draconian proposal of “across the board” state budget cuts in order to remedy the $14 billion deficit. -- Rather than distributing the cost of bringing governmental reckless spending under control “evenly”, he should at least make an effort to identify the areas...   AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
Hillary's illegals   
"No woman is illegal," Hillary Clinton declared Thursday to campaign-rally attendees after a man said his wife is an illegal alien. The applause followed. Thus does Mrs. Clinton put her own twist on a very common immigration dodge: pretending that when critics of the Bush-Kennedy open-borders philosophy... AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
Hillary trolls California with gaggle of Mexican Reconquistas 
...With Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi and U.S. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-East Los Angeles) beside her, the New York senator made an obvious push to woo California Latinos, who account for roughly a quarter of the likely Democratic voters... AP Internal Use Only

Now Thru
January 13

Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Sun-News   
Speakers blast Lindsey Graham's stance on invaders   
A group of vocal foes of illegal immigration continued to marshal support Friday night, recruiting new members, calling for new laws and escalating their criticism of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham. --- Almost every speaker Friday mentioned Graham, by name or by an oblique reference to "the senator."AP Internal Use Only

California Chronicle   
California bill would end in-state tuition for invaders   
In an effort to bolster membership and retention in the California National Guard, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) is proposing an education assistance program that would provide members of the Guard free tuition at state colleges and universities. Assembly Bill 1758: the California National Guard Tuition Assistance Bill was submitted to the Assembly this week. AP Internal Use Only

January 19

Los Angeles Daily News  
"One Bill Gil" Cedillo pushing for invader driver's licenses again   
Saying Friday's release of final regulations in the U.S. REAL ID Act clears the way, a Los Angeles Democrat said he will move ahead with a bill that would let illegal [aliens.... criminals] obtain driver's licenses. -- State Sen. Gil Cedillo has previously proposed such legislation, but it has been vetoed repeatedly...AP Internal Use Only

Las Vegas Review-Journal   
Critics pounce on Clinton after immigration comments   
An off-the-cuff comment Hillary Clinton made in Las Vegas on Thursday has ignited a national firestorm. -- AP Internal Use OnlyAnswering a shout from a man in the crowd who said, "I'm married to an illegal woman," Clinton shot back, "No woman is illegal," grinning as the packed Mexican restaurant at which she was speaking...

Associated Press   
Tough border recruiting   
AA NASCAR race car, sponsored by the U.S. Border Patrol. Billboards hundreds of miles from the Rio Grande, promoting a career as a border agent. TV commercials for the federal agency, aired during Dallas Cowboys games. -- With the Border Patrol undergoing an unprecedented hiring boom...

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif. 
Abysmal failure of a governor declares emergency in invader-bloated Calif.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency in California Thursday, and released a state budget proposal that would close an estimated $14 billion gap by cutting education funds, releasing inmates and closing dozens of state parks... [See: Sinkhole de Mayo] AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Kidnappings cross the border   
Phoenix -- A woman leaving an eyeglass store is grabbed in the parking lot by four men who force her, kicking and screaming, into a pickup truck. The kidnappers demand a $900,000 ransom. -- But police soon realize her family is holding something back and isn't fully cooperating with them... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Mexico criticizes US Border Patrol   
San Diego -- Mexico's government is criticizing the U.S. Border Patrol for firing tear gas into Mexican territory, a new tactic that U.S. authorities say protects agents against rocks and other projectiles hurled at them from across the border... AP Internal Use Only

Douglas Daily Dispatch  
Mexicans say they were abused by BP, whining ensues   
Douglas, Arizona -- Members of a family allege U.S. Border Patrol agents were too aggressive when they responded to a house outside Douglas late last month. -- A Border Patrol spokeswoman said the incident is under investigation. [Meddling Mexicans and Morris Dees' lackeys involved] AP Internal Use Only

Mark R. Levin -- National Review  
The real McCain record  
There’s a reason some of John McCain's conservative supporters avoid discussing his record. They want to talk about his personal story, his position on the surge, his supposed electability. But whenever the rest of his career comes up, the knee-jerk reply is to characterize the inquiries as attacks. AP Internal Use Only

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