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2008 News

Hillary Would Cede Southwest to Mexico

Hillary Clinton with Mexican Reconquista L.A. Mayor Antonio "PanchoVilla" -Raigosa. -- Villaraigosa joined with President of Mexico to kill Proposition 187.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 11
Wian: Senator Hillary Clinton visited a largely Latino neighborhood in Las Vegas yesterday, her campaign swung by a Mexican restaurant and when a man shouted out my wife is illegal, Senator Clinton responded, no woman is illegal, then paused before adding no man is illegal either. The senator's comments were picked up and reported by the "Las Vegas Review-Journal" and she repeated them today in Los Angeles.
Clinton: He said my wife, she is an illegal woman. I said there are no illegal women. There are only people. And I want to have comprehensive immigration reform that will help people.
Wian: The words are similar or identical to those often displayed on signs and shouted at pro-amnesty demonstrations, an example of Clinton's aggressive effort to win Latino votes.
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WMAQ-TV -- Chicago   
More Insanity: Illinois city may become sanctuary for invaders   
If a proposed ordinance goes through, Evanston will be the first suburban city to bar police and city employees from asking about a person's immigration status. -- The City Council's Human Services Committee unanimously approved a draft resolution Monday prohibiting such inquiries... AP Internal Use Only

Martin Kady II -- The Politico   
Giuliani's immigration plan: Amnesty or not?   
Rudy Giuliani says he would allow a significant portion of the nation's illegal immigrant population to stay in the country as long as they paid a fine, paid taxes and got in the back of the line in applying for citizenship. -- But does his plan, laid out on Fox News Sunday this morning, amount to "amnesty..."

Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch  
Summary of immigration bills   
Here, grouped by topic, are some of the dozens of bills filed in the Virginia General Assembly that target illegal immigration, explicitly or implicitly... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press 
Immigration crackdown hits fence builder   
San Diego -- That the government wanted to put Mel Kay behind a prison fence is an irony, though one that neither he nor his accusers would find amusing. -- Mel Kay builds fences. His was the largest fence-building company in Southern California... AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial   
Lesson learned? (Union-Trib waves white flag on invasion)   
Conventional wisdom has been taking a beating in the presidential election. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the politics of immigration reform. The assumption was that voters would be guided by their views on immigration, and that the candidates who pandered to those fears... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Sun -- Flagstaff   
Police to field immigration queries   
Local police again find themselves addressing speculation about their role in the immigration issue. -- After a year of complex criminal investigations involving [illegal alien.... criminal] Mexican nationals in Flagstaff, coupled with strict new state laws and heightened attention concerning illegal immigration...AP Internal Use Only

Frank Malloy -- Courier-Post -- Cherry Hill, New Jersey   
States must take reins on illegal aliens   
The 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights -- "The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people." -- The governor of a state usually has the last say, pending last minute appeals... AP Internal Use Only

Sandra Miller -- Ahwataukee Foothills (Arizona) News   
Stop the excuses: End Operations Order 1.4   
Police Chief Jack Harris’ Nov. 5 appearance at the Ahwatukee Crime Forum left me underwhelmed. His title, badge and uniform don’t fool me; he’s a bureaucrat, pure and simple. -- How do I know? Because he talks like a bureaucrat: “It’s not my job,” or “It’s somebody else’s fault,” or “We can’t do that.” AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
Mexico takes fight to Zeta drug gang   
Thousands of soldiers and federal police have mounted a new operation along the Mexico-Texas border designed to break up cells of the Zetas paramilitary drug gang, with two bloody firefights just this week, in what Mexican and U.S. officials are calling a new strategy in the drug fight... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix  
Chandler Rapist in custody, police say   
Police have arrested a man they believe has been stalking and raping young girls in Chandler for nearly two years. -- On Saturday officials identified Santana Batiz- Aceves as the person they believe to be the Chandler Rapist, connecting him to the string of crimes with DNA evidence.

Houston Chronicle   
Deadly Mexican gunbattles spark fears of Texas spillover   
Deadly gunbattles in two Mexican border cities last week left their sister communities in the Rio Grande Valley hoping that the brutal cross-border violence plaguing Nuevo Laredo for years had not spread downstream permanently. -- Five people died in fierce firefights between suspected Gulf Cartel gunmen... [Related feature] AP Internal Use Only

WJZ-TV -- Baltimore   
Maryland governor plans separate licenses for invaders   
Governor Martin O'Malley is developing a two-tiered driver's license system that would provided undocumented immigrants with a separate license. -- The system would put Maryland in compliance with new federal security regulations...   AP Internal Use Only

New York Daily News 
Bloomberg and Arizona governor connect on invaders 
Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, a rising star moderate Democrat who just endorsed Barack Obama for President, may be hedging her bets: She huddled with Mayor Bloomberg in New York City just after Christmas. -- After Napolitano asked for a meeting, the pair shared a cup of coffee... AP Internal Use Only

Capital Gazette -- Annapolis, Maryland   
Immigration driving congressional race   
Eastern Shore Sen. E.J. Pipkin foresees a "disturbing scenario of vans full of people who are here illegally coming to get a license" if Maryland and the county don't do more to seal the borders. -- "Right now Maryland is a sanctuary state and that's wrong," he said... AP Internal Use Only

New York Times  
RINO McCain loudly heckled at Livonia, Mich. soiree  
...Mr. McCain was loudly heckled at an appearance in Livonia when he said that the nation’s 10 million illegal [aliens.... criminals] had to be treated humanely and not deported en masse. The catcalls eventually died down. -- But the contentious issue of the day between the two candidates was how to help those workers...AP Internal Use Only

Now Thru
January 13

San Diego Union-Tribune 
Watchdog says funds laundered   
The state's political watchdog agency has imposed a $55,000 fine against the Latino Builders Association for 11 counts of laundering contributions to candidates running for office in Chula Vista, National City and San Diego. -- The association's director, Jose Mireles, engineered a scheme to evade campaign laws by directing employees and business associates to... AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Hall, Whitfield counties join immigration program 
Sheriffs in Gainesville and Dalton, centers of the state's poultry and carpet industries, will train jailers to start deportation proceedings against illegal [aliens.... criminals] booked into their jails. -- A training program with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement began Monday to teach nine Hall County sheriff's deputies... AP Internal Use Only

January 19

Tucson Citizen 
Group seeks stronger ties between U. S. and corruption-bloated Mexico   
...Peter von Gundlach founded AMISTAD in 1988 in Tucson with a mission of promoting economic and cultural exchanges, and helping dispel biases and stereotypes on both sides of the border. AMISTAD stands for American Mexican Initiative Supporting Trade and Development. AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times   
Miller supports illegal-alien impact study   
Annapolis, Md. -- Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. yesterday said he would support a proposal for a task force to study how much the state spends providing services to illegal aliens [criminals]. -- "It's an important task force just so that we can inform ourselves what the true costs, the true expenses..."AP Internal Use Only

Boston Globe   
Good News: Deportees with no criminal past grow  
Federal immigration agents in New England are deporting a smaller percentage of [illegal aliens.... criminals] who have been convicted of crimes than in 2005, drawing criticism from immigrant advocates who say the agency is "chasing landscapers" and other workers who do not have criminal records. AP Internal Use Only

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