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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

200,000 Criminals Heading South
ICE Beginning to ID Inmates

"Well, we're expanding our program. We're prioritizing the high-risk institutions and Congress gave us $200 million to make sure that we're identifying aliens in all facilities."
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 15
Dobbs: Among the top issues for voters in Michigan as throughout the nation, illegal immigration. Immigrations and custom enforcement today, taking steps to empty our jails of some 200,000 illegal alien convicts and to send them home. But as Kitty Pilgrim now reports, this may be only a fraction of the illegal aliens in this country's prisons.
Pilgrim: A typical prison population. Which ones are illegal aliens? The answer is, federal officials don't know how many illegal aliens are in U.S. prisons. But now I.C.E. is boosting efforts to try to find out and is in process of identifying and start deportation proceedings on 200,000 inmates, both illegal aliens and immigrants who lost their legal status because they committed a crime.
Video Watch Criminals / Oregon   Transcript

Associated Press   
Suspect in pregnant Marine's death may be in Mexico   
Jacksonville, NC -- The key suspect in the slaying of a pregnant Marine may have fled to Mexico, and the FBI is working with Mexican authorities to track him down, authorities said today. -- A wide-ranging manhunt for Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean began last week, after authorities said he fled North Carolina...     AP Internal Use Only

Invaders increasingly go north  
Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mex. -- Illegal immigrants from Latin America are heading deeper into the United States to find work and avoid deportation as crackdowns in border states like Texas and Arizona make life more difficult for them. -- The U.S. Border Patrol has ramped up surveillance along the porous Mexican border aided by National Guard troops since 2005...AP Internal Use Only

Conservative Cajun -- Louisiana Conservative 
Only candidate to act on invaders is trailing   
In a time when many Americans, especially Republicans and other conservatives, talk about the current illegal immigration problem, many either don’t realize or don’t care that the only presidential candidate who has actually done something about securing the border is polling about 1 percent and... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Ariz., federal officials battle over proof-of-citizenship requirement   
Arizona's requirement that people registering to vote prove they're citizens has ignited a battle with federal election officials over whether to include the requirement on the national voter registration form. -- So far, the Election Assistance Commission hasn't changed the form, created by... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix 
Court gives US access to Texas city's land in border fence suit   
A federal judge has ordered a small border city in Texas to temporarily turn over its land to the federal government so it can begin to build a border fence. -- U.S. District Judge Alia Moses Ludlum ordered the city of Eagle Pass... to "surrender" 233 acres of city-owned land... AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times   
Mexican actress drops anchor baby in Texas   
Mexican actress Vanessa Guzman has become a mother for the second time after giving birth to a boy Thursday at a private hospital in El Paso. -- It is the first child together for the star and her boyfriend, Uruguayan actor Uberto Bondoni. AP Internal Use Only

Newt Gingrich -- Washington Times   
Reform immigration policy   
Our current immigration troubles are almost entirely problems of success. Our challenge is to seize that success and turn it into a boon for America, rather than allow bureaucrats to turn it into yet another failure. -- America has the best economy in the world. America has the greatest opportunity...AP Internal Use Only

Jerome R. Corsi -- WorldNetDaily.com   
Treason Watch: 7-year plan aligns U.S. with Europe's economy   
Six U.S. senators and 49 House members are advisers for a group working toward a Transatlantic Common Market between the U.S. and the European Union by 2015. -- The Transatlantic Policy Network – a non-governmental organization headquartered in Washington and Brussels – is advised by...AP Internal Use Only

Lou Dobbs -- CNN   
Campaign a lot of partisan nonsense   
Remember how excited everybody was just a short while ago that this presidential campaign was the first in 80 years to be wide open, without a president or vice president in the campaign? -- Remember how excited we all were that American presidential politics had matured to the point that a woman... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
Deporting lawbreakers   
The federal government is finally tackling another law-and-order aspect of immigration: deporting convicted criminals. While each of the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the United States is breaking the law by residing in this country, the urgency to apprehend aliens who are convicted criminals... [See this feature]     AP Internal Use Only

East Valley Tribune -- Phoenix 
Federal judge raises questions on sanctions law   
A federal judge is raising some last-minute questions about Arizona’s new employer sanctions law that could provide the grounds for him to declare it unconstitutional. -- A hearing is set today on the controversial law, and on Tuesday U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake told attorneys to explain to him what appeal rights...    AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times  
On invaders, Hillary adapts for audience   
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa often talked tough about illegal aliens and called for them to learn English. But as she shifted the campaign westward, her language has softened. -- Like the other Democratic presidential candidates, Mrs. Clinton tells crowds she favors "comprehensive immigration reform," which includes... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Group worries new laws will keep restaurant openings down   
The Southeast Valley won't have as many restaurant openings this year as it has in the past two years, according to the Arizona Restaurant & Hospitality Association. -- "You won't necessarily see restaurants going out of business, but I don't think you'll witness as rapid of growth by way of expansion..." AP Internal Use Only

KRVG-TV -- Harlingen, Texas   
Report: Border Patrol pilot in crash not fully-trained   
A National Transportation Safety Board report on a fatal crash on April 25, 2007 didn't list a cause for it. But the report did point out several flaws in training. -- he pilot, Clinton Thrasher, was helping agents catch a number of illegal [aliens.. criminal] at the time of the crash. AP Internal Use Only

January 19

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. Mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... [Watch this video]AP Internal Use Only

Ken Shepherd -- NewsBusters.org    
BaltSun, WaPo play down stunning O'Malley reversal on invader licenses   
Another liberal Democratic governor has backed off an illegal [alien.. criminal]-friendly challenge to the new federal Real ID law. Yet in their coverage of Gov. Martin O'Malley's (D-Md.) reversal, the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post failed to note how drastic the Democratic governor's reversal was... AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City   
Utahns favor local immigration laws   
When it comes to illegal immigration this legislative session, lawmakers will have their hands full as they evaluate a slate of bills and decide what role the state should play in enforcing federal immigration law. -- If a new Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV poll is any indication, public opinion seems to be on the side of state action...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
Rabid Mexican Reconquista zealot endorses Barack Hussein Obama   
The head of the politically powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor said Tuesday that she is endorsing Barack Obama for president. -- The endorsement by Maria Elena Durazo is a coup for Obama that could help the Illinois senator in his uphill struggle against Hillary Rodham Clinton...AP Internal Use Only

CBS News   
Draft Dobbs web site launched   
First Al Gore. Then Mike Bloomberg. And now, well, the URL pretty much says it all: http://www.loudobbsforpresident.org/. -- Yes, the Draft Lou Dobbs movement is up and running, thanks to an organization called Americans for Legal Immigration [ALIPAC]... AP Internal Use Only

Sandra J. Miller -- American Chronicle -- Beverly Hills   
What's so different about Ron Paul?   
Dust from the November 2006 election had barely settled when presidential candidates began assembling for the 2008 campaign. With the exception of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), most were known quantities. Lots of "folklore" has been circulated about Congressman Paul, but how much is actually fact vs. "factoid?" AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press  
Against the trend, U.S. births way up   
... Fertility rates often rise among immigrants who leave their homelands for a better life. For example, the rate among Mexican-born women in the U.S. is 3.2, but the overall rate for Mexico is just 2.4, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, a Washington-based research organization...AP Internal Use Only

John Ross -- Counterpunch.org   
NAFTA and Mexico's Agrarian Apocalypse: Zero Hour   
...If they build steel walls to keep our people from entering the United States, we will make walls of people to keep their products out of Mexico," a grizzled leader of the militant farmers' front El Barzon Popular growled into his bullhorn as the protestors spread out in the frigid dark to block the lanes of...AP Internal Use Only

Straight Goods -- Golden Lake, Ontario  
CUPE turns up the heat on the Security and Prosperity Partnership   
CUPE and other union activists will soon be hearing more about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), an agreement signed in 2005 by Presidents Bush and Fox, along with then-Prime Minister Paul Martin, that could have a profoundly negative impact on Canadian sovereignty... AP Internal Use Only

Invader driver's ID rejected by Maryland governor   
Gov. Martin O'Malley rejected a proposal yesterday to issue separate driver's licenses to [illegal aliens.... criminals] and legal residents, saying that Maryland should comply with a federal security law by requiring immigrants to prove they are here legally before they can drive... AP Internal Use Only

Asbury Park Press   
Invader charged with assaulting ex-girlfriend   
Police arrested a man who threatened his female roommate, charging him with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and possession of a weapon Sunday morning. -- Marcello Naranjos Hernandez... threatened a woman who is also his former girlfriend... [More 'family values']AP Internal Use Only

KTAR -- Phoenix   
Chandler Rapist could get 250 years in prison   
The man suspected of being Chandler's serial rapist has been charged with 47 felony counts which could carry sentences totaling 250 years in prison. -- Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas detailed the charges against Santana Batiz-Aceves on Tuesday, four days after his arrest on charges of raping five young girls and attacking another... [More 'family values']

Los Angeles Times   
Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred -- again   
Well, he's hanging in there. Not only that, but Rep. Ron Paul thumped two reputed Republican heavyweights in the Michigan primary -- former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. -- Who'd have predicted that a couple of months ago? AP Internal Use Only

Village Voice -- New York   
Giuliani's immigration problem   
...Giuliani is not just a former New York mayor who has to answer to the GOP for policies that were benevolent to immigrants. Nearly three decades ago, when he was the third most powerful person in Ronald Reagan's Justice Department, he was also its point man on immigration...

WKRN-TV -- Nashville    Video Included  
Previously deported invader jailed on child rape charges   
An 18-year-old illegal [alien.... criminal] is behind bars for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. -- LaVergne Police said the 12-year-old girl was raped at a mobile home where the suspect’s uncle was moving in. -- Investigators think the suspect planned the rape. [More 'family values']

Gainesville (Georgia) Times   
Mills’ legislation targets vehicles of invaders   
The dean of Hall County’s legislative delegation has proposed a bill that would be another step in the state’s effort to enforce immigration laws. -- Rep. James Mills, R-Chestnut Mountain, said his bill would allow law enforcement agencies to confiscate the vehicles of illegal [aliens.... criminals]...

Tucson Citizen   
Meddlesome Mexicans bemoan Arizona employer sanctions law   
A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to say Arizona's new employer sanctions law will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state. -- At a news conference, the legislators said Sonora - Arizona's southern neighbor, made up of mostly small towns - cannot handle the demand...AP Internal Use Only

South Florida Sun Sentinel   
Get tougher on gangs in Florida, grand jury urges   
While painting a sordid picture of how gangs operate in Florida, using assault weapons and fists to intimidate, the 56-page report delivered to the state Supreme Court on Tuesday said gangs are growing at an "increasingly alarming" rate, and placed much of the blame on illegal immigration. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star   
Judge raises last-minute questions over sanctions law  
A federal judge raised last-minute questions Tuesday about Arizona's new employer sanctions law, questions that could provide the grounds for him to declare it unconstitutional. -- Judge Neil Wake on Tuesday told attorneys to explain to him at Wednesday's hearing what appeal rights — if any — companies have... AP Internal Use Only

WOAI -- San Antonio  
Group plans protest at day-laborer hangout  
A citizens group which draws attention to illegal immigration says it plans to begin a series of demonstrations at a popular day labor pick up site just west of downtown San Antonio this weekend, 1200 WOAI news reports. -- Curtis Connor, president of the group U.S. Border Watch, says Saturday’s protest... AP Internal Use Only

Connecticut Post   
Smuggler in court for allegedly raping illegal alien minor   
A man accused of raping a 14-year-old Mexican girl he was smuggling into the country may enter a plea to several felony charges this morning in Milford Superior Court. -- Francisco Pascual, 25, a Maryland resident, was arrested Dec. 29 after the girl was found wandering at a Boston Post Road service station. AP Internal Use Only

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