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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Huckabee Signs Pledge
No Amnesty? Do You Trust Him?

"I pledge to oppose amnesty or any other special path to citizenship for the millions of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States. As President, I will fully implement enforcement measures that, over time, will lead to the attrition of our illegal immigrant population. I also pledge to make security of our borders a top priority of my administration." -- (Source: NumbersUSA)
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 16
Hank Sheinkopf, Democratic Strategist: Absolutely, this is a southern strategy meant to cut Thompson apart and get rid of him once and for all. He's saying all the right things. He's talking about abortion, again. He's talking about immigration. He's talking about taxes. That's a blend for southern politics if there ever was one, Lou.
Dobbs: And amnesty pledge. Sort of shocking. This is smart politics, in your judgment?
Michael Godwin, N. Y. Daily News: Was your name on the bottom of that?
Dobbs: Well, you know what, I would sign it. I would sign it.
Video Watch Arizona / Huck / Ramos
Comment: There are loopholes you could drive a truck through. Simply make them instantly legal as the "comprehensive immigration" bill did.

Jane Chastain -- WorldNetDaily.com  
Have voters lost their minds?   
John McCain has come back from the dead and, despite a second place finished in Michigan, now leads all other GOP candidates in the national polls. -- Have voters lost their minds? Do they suffer from collective amnesia? Have their brains been taken over by space aliens? AP Internal Use Only

Lawrence Auster -- View from the Right  
Huck's "no amnesty" pledge has a major loophole  
On a re-reading, it becomes apparent that the Pledge itself (quoted in the previous post) is very weak. By itself, the Pledge is hardly different from anything that McCain might say. Most troubling is the language: "I pledge to oppose amnesty or any other special path to citizenship ..."AP Internal Use Only

John Fund -- Wall Street Journal   
Voter fraud rethink   
Both Democrats and Republicans are good at practicing hypocrisy when they need to. But it's still breathtaking to see how some Democrats ignore that it was only last week they argued before the Supreme Court that an Indiana law requiring voters show ID at the polls would reduce voter turnout... AP Internal Use Only

San Antonio Express-News  
City backs away from plan for day laborers' center   
...Resurrected in the fall as a full-fledged project after more than two decades of inaction, the City Council was poised this month to consider a staff proposal to create a facility where workers, mostly [illegal aliens.... criminals] from Mexico and Central America, could gather and be hired. AP Internal Use Only

Final Call  -- Chicago 
Usual suspects bemoan 'immigration hysteria'   
Phoenix -- Another chapter in the immigration debate came to a climax here at South Mountain High School on a mid-December evening. Over 1,000 people filled the auditorium for an open forum. Most were in attendance to voice their displeasure with a proposed change to a local police policy that would have Phoenix police ask about a person’s immigration status during routine operations. AP Internal Use Only

Wilkes Barre (Pennsylvania) Times-Leader   
Complaint dismissed over judge's speech on illegal immigration   
A complaint has been dismissed against a state appeals judge who was accused of violating conduct rules after he advocated changes in immigration law. -- Superior Court Judge Correale Stevens says a representative of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board called him a few weeks ago to tell him... AP Internal Use Only

WKBT-TV -- La Crosse, Wisconsin   
Lawmakers questioned about cracking down on invaders   
Two Minnesota lawmakers who want to crack down on illegal immigration came under some tough questioning as they outlined their proposals at a Willmar news conference. -- Republican Senators Joe Gimse and Bill Ingebrigtsen are holding news conferences in their districts to talk about their proposals... AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol  
Photo of the day  
Border Patrol agent apprehends suspected illegal alien in San Pedro River Riparian Area today. Agents continued to look for larger group. AP Internal Use Only

Ira Mehlman -- FAIR   
America's subprime immigration problem   
While attention to immigration policy in the U.S. has been exclusively focused on the illegal variety, passing almost unnoticed is the spike in legal immigration. Invariably, almost apologetically for taking a firmer position against illegal immigration, politicians, pundits and others add that they favor legal immigration...   AP Internal Use Only

Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle  
Thompson will fight illegals    
Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson believes in our country and our laws. Thompson believes illegals are illegal, and should be sent home to apply to come into this country legally. Toleration of sanctuary cities must end. Companies hiring illegals should be heavily fined...AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle   
Houston immigration shyster indicted on fraud charges   
A Houston attorney has been indicted on immigration fraud charges for allegedly filing more than 70 false asylum claims for Chinese immigrants by instructing clients to pose as Christians fearing persecution if returned to China... AP Internal Use Only

Mountain View (Calif.) Daily News  
Mountain View council refuses to stop aiding and abetting invaders   
To the chagrin of self-described Mountain View gadfly Don Letcher, the city council has decided the Day Worker Center can stay where it is. -- At its meeting Tuesday night, the council unanimously rejected Letcher's appeal of a conditional use permit granted in November that allows the center to operate... AP Internal Use Only

Torrance (Calif.) Daily Breeze   
Invader involved in fatal DUI crash charged   
A motorist's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when his speeding truck plowed into a man's car, killing the man, in Carson last week, sheriff's deputies said Tuesday. -- Quirino Mateo Antonio, who was driving 95 mph with a blood-alcohol level of 0.19, was charged Tuesday with...AP Internal Use Only

Donald Devine -- American Conservative Union   
Conservatives lose  
The radical leftist Alexander Cockburn said of the Iowa Republican victor: as “demonstrated during his ten years as the governor of Arkansas, [Mike] Huckabee is a progressive, with enlightened views and a record of substantive action on immigration, public health, the regressive nature of sales taxes...” AP Internal Use Only

KBIA-FM -- Columbia, Missouri 
Reconquistas meet in Jefferson City to carp and moan   
[Illegal alien.... criminal] rights groups were in Jefferson City Tuesday protesting what they say are a series of anti-[invader] bills on their way through the state Legislature. -- Joan Suarez of the Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates says the structure of our economy virtually assures there will be illegal immigration. She says immigration reform should happen at the federal level...not the state.AP Internal Use Only

U. S. Rep. Elton Gallegly -- Ventura County Star  
Put the brakes on Mickey Mouse Mexican IDs   
Friday, the Department of Homeland Security issued regulations to tighten national standards for driver's licenses, regulations the states need before implementing the program. It's about time. When Congress passed the REAL ID Act, which included the driver's license provisions, the law mandated that the program... AP Internal Use Only

Chris Hawley -- Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
While criticizing Arizona, meddlesome Mexicans ignore own hiring law   
Though the Mexican government has blasted Arizona's new employer-sanctions law in the past week, Mexico, too, has federal rules specifically barring companies from hiring illegal immigrants. -- But Mexico's law is rarely enforced, partly because Mexico's tax-evasion problem makes illegal workers harder to detect ... AP Internal Use Only

New York Times   
Blue-collar jobs disappear, taking families’ way of life along   
Jackson, Ohio -- After 30 years at a factory making truck parts, Jeffrey Evans was earning $14.55 an hour in what he called “one of the better-paying jobs in the area.” -- Wearing a Harley-Davidson cap, a bittersweet reminder of crushed dreams, he recently described how astonished and betrayed he felt...   AP Internal Use Only

Muskogee (Oklahoma) Phoenix  
More invaders arrested on I-40   
Three days after 16 illegal aliens were picked up by sheriff’s deputies on Interstate 40, 15 more were taken into custody Wednesday, said Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson. -- At approximately 2 p.m., Deputy James Burke stopped a Ford F150 pickup... AP Internal Use Only

Thor H. Asgardson --  American Chronicle  
Flip-floppers need not apply   
If you use drugs -- especially the illicit drug of cheap Mexican slavery -- don't bother to apply for employment as President of the United States of America. -- Flip-floppers, such as John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani, are known users of Mexican slaves, and cannot be trusted...AP Internal Use Only

Newark Star-Ledger  
Mayor wants invaders legalized   
Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello has a reputation as a hard-liner on illegal aliens. But he seems to extend an olive branch in this talk, before the governor's blue-ribbon panel on immigration in New Brunswick last month. -- "I'm suggesting that we immediately move forward with an order that would permit all illegals who are in this country to be granted a pathway to legalization," Cresitello said.   AP Internal Use Only

January 19

American Border Patrol   
Simcox fence stalled   
On Tuesday American Border Patrol performed and aerial survey of the border between Naco, Arizona and Fabens, Texas. No new DHS pedestrian barriers were found, however it did report that the Simcox fence still lies mostly unfinished and unchanged since Nov. 2006. See this brief video report. To order the 2-DVD set "The Truth About the Border Fence," click here [tax-deductible]AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review   
Border watch group changes name to Cochise County Militia   
Bisbee -- A local border watch group recently changed its operational name and some of its tactics due to the types of illegal immigrants its members are encountering. -- Cochise Borders Civil Defense Corps is now officially known as Cochise County Militia.

Grant Swank -- NewsByUs.com -- Boise, Idaho   
Huckabee: Slap invaders outta here  
Illegals go home! -- Mike Huckabee gets slaphappy now that he’s facing South Carolina voters. It’s illegals exit. They’re breaking the law. America has to act. No more pussyfooting around. Enough is enough. -- He’s got a nine points plan to do it, per The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan. Nine points! AP Internal Use Only

WISH-TV -- Indianapolis  
Testimony heard on anti-invader bill   
State senators are considering a bill that would penalize employers who hire [illegal aliens.... criminals]. Wednesday, a Senate committee heard testimony on the bill. -- Senator Mike Delph (R) wrote Senate Bill 335. Those opposed to the legislation believe racial tension may be its unintended consequence. AP Internal Use Only

WTOP -- Washington, DC   
DMV employee arrested after midday raid   
One employee is under arrest after a midday raid at the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles uncovered a 'drivers license' scam. -- The FBI was tipped off eight months ago by the DMV's Integrity Officer Gabrial Robinson that a female employee at the Georgetown branch may be selling driver's licenses... AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune   
Too Funny! MEChA president exposed as Mexican invader, gets deported   
The president of the MEChA club at Palomar College has been deported to Mexico, immigration officials said Wednesday. -- Paola Oropeza was arrested Jan. 8 by a fugitive operations team with ICE, said Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for the department in San Diego.   AP Internal Use Only

Albany (Oregon) Democrat-Herald 
OFIR nets 1,600 signatures for driver’s license reform   
A group pushing for immigration reform in Oregon says petitioners collected about 1,600 signatures in Albany last weekend to put a measure on the November ballot that could make it more difficult for some to get a driver’s license. -- Rick Hickey, vice president of Oregonians For Immigration Reform, said... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
44 invaders nailed at Tumacacori drop house  
Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents found 44 illegal [aliens.... criminals] Tuesday in a drop house along Interstate 19 about 50 miles south of Tucson and, in a separate incident on Monday, nabbed a man who’d been convicted of criminally negligent homicide in New York.   AP Internal Use Only

WFAA-TV -- Dallas 
'Cloned' vehicles used for illegal operations   
Law enforcement agencies across the country have been warned to be alert for vehicles that have been made to look like commercial or law enforcement vehicles, but in actuality are "clones" being used for illegal activities. -- A report obtained by News 8 revealed that cloned vehicles are being used to smuggle drugs, guns and illegal [aliens.... criminals]. AP Internal Use Only

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