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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dobbs to Mexico: Go to Hell!
Ad Campaign Riles "The Man"

"It's time for people to wake up and tell these people to go straight to hell."
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 17
    Wian: Yeah, and it's really clear that the Mexican government is now working with corporate America to push this amnesty agenda. It couldn't be more clearer than spending up to $100 million on television ad campaigns right before the U.S. presidential election -- Lou.
    Dobbs: Well you know and let's be really clear. Even though I'm outraged, I'm not shocked here. I'm not surprised. We report all of the time on this confluence of interest between the establishment corporate elites, the liberal socio-ethnocentric groups and the multibillion dollar lobbying campaign on the part of corporate America in Washington, D.C.
    The only people who don't have a voice here are the American people, the American middle class, working men and women and their families. And you have people sitting there saying we should just do whatever the Mexican government says or what corporate America says.
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Reason Magazine 
Washoe County GOP Chair: A Ron Paul upset?  
Polling data in Nevada shows Ron Paul's support in the state hovering around 7 percent. Those polls, predicts Washoe County GOP Chair Heidi Smith, will prove "wrong." "If all of their people show up tomorrow," Smith says, Paul will finish much higher than current polls suggest...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix 
13 Mexican invaders arrested in Yavapai County   
Thirteen [illegal aliens.... criminals] were taken into custody following a traffic stop about 16 miles north of Wickenburg. --  The 13, all from Mexico, were turned over to officials of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Sgt. Karl Bentz, a spokesman for the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office.  AP Internal Use Only

New York Times 
Giuliani linked financially to e-fence contractor 
On the presidential campaign trail, former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani often promotes the installation of electronic monitoring devices at the border to stem illegal immigration, without mentioning that until a few months ago, he was partner in a company trying to market such technology... AP Internal Use Only

Dan Stein Report   
New Book: The Immigration Solution    
Heather MacDonald, Steven Malanga and Victor Davis Hanson authors of the new book The Immigration Solution A Better Plan Than Today's participated in an online discussion for FrontPage Magazine. "These are problems that are currently taboo to speak about, but they must be looked at unflinchingly..." AP Internal Use Only

Phyllis Schlafly -- WorldNetDaily.com  
It's still the economy, stupid   
The falling stock market, rising unemployment, skyrocketing oil prices, subprime mortgage collapse and the Michigan recession have moved to front and center in the primaries. -- Will the Republicans get it? Or will they just keep mouthing their tired mantras about free trade, the global economy, the world is flat... AP Internal Use Only

Bob Lonsberry    
Are Latinos minorities?   
Latinos are now America’s largest minority. -- I have one question. -- Why? -- No, not the numbers. I understand about the birth rate and the immigration. I know that there are 37 million Latinos in America and 36 million blacks and that there are more Latinos than blacks. The numbers are easy...AP Internal Use Only

Michael Kraft  -- Charlotte Conservative  
Compean And Ramos anniversary  
Well its been one year and the border guards and decorated defenders of our nation are still sitting in jail for shooting a drug smuggler that was running from a van with 700 pounds of drugs in it. -- George Bush has pardoned 117 criminals so far while in office....AP Internal Use Only

Charles Hurt -- New York Post   
McCain tailed by 'amnesty express'  
The only thing that could stop John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" at this point is the little, white "Amnesty Truth Express" van that's following his bus around as he campaigns in this highly conservative state. -- "Get John McCain to give you some real straight talk! Ask him why he wants to give amnesty..." AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times   
Rohrabacher, Hunter call for agents' pardon  
Two California Republican congressmen yesterday called on President Bush to pardon two former U.S. Border patrol agents sent to prison a year ago this week for shooting a drug-smuggling suspect in the buttocks as he fled back into Mexico... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
U.S. fugitives in Mexico spared death penalty  
A methamphetamine dealer who gunned down a deputy during a traffic stop in Southern California. A man in Arizona who killed his ex-girlfriend's parents and brother and snatched his children. A man who suffocated his baby daughter and left her body in a toolbag on an expressway overpass near Chicago. AP Internal Use Only

KPTV - Portland, Oregon   
No more licenses for invaders in Oregon after February 4   
The Oregon Transportation Commission adopted new rules Thursday regulating the issuance of driver licenses. --  Under rules that take effect Feb. 4, applicants must show proof of residence to get an Oregon license. When a customer comes to an Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles office...   AP Internal Use Only

Richmond Times-Dispatch  
Some Virginia schools allow invaders; bill aims to stop that   
Virginia Tech, Radford University, Old Dominion University and George Mason University permit undocumented immigrants to enroll. --  Several state lawmakers want to put a stop to that. -- The four schools are the only ones among the state's 15 public four-year colleges and universities...AP Internal Use Only

January 19

Associated Press   
Mayor's home burglarized, stolen cars found in Mexico   
Sierra Vista, Az. -- Burglars broke into the home of the mayor of Sierra Vista, stealing valuables and two cars from the garage. -- The cars were recovered in a ditch near Naco, Mexico on Thursday and returned to the U.S. -- "Probably waiting to be loaded up and driven back north, but they didn't get that far," Mayor Bob Strain said of the cars....AP Internal Use Only

Mark Cromer -- Washington Times   
An open-borders dictionary  
As the freewheeling primaries promise a wide-open presidential race that may stretch even beyond Super Tuesday next month, I thought it might be helpful to offer the candidates a cheat-sheet of easy-to-use-cliches when addressing the hot-button issue of immigration... AP Internal Use Only

KNSD-TV -- San Diego   
Six kidnap victims found executed after Tijuana shootout  
Officials said they found six executed kidnapping victims inside a Tijuana house following a three-hour shootout between gunmen and soldiers and police. -- The victims, all male, were blindfolded and gagged and had been shot execution-style in the head... [Bush and his neocons want an open border with this ditch?]AP Internal Use Only

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com 
Mexifornian Pols, Schwarzenegger, bankrupt California   
Here on the Left Coast, we have seen the Mexifornia future and it doesn't work. An economy built on the "cheap" labor of millions of illegal aliens who are kept afloat by billions of tax dollars in welfare is not a viable system. California's deepening budget hole from berserk spending simply cannot be papered over any longer. AP Internal Use Only

Valley Independent Editorial -- Monessen, Pennsylvania   
Too few barriers for illegal aliens  
Now we know why there are 12 million or 20 million or some other million multiple of illegal aliens in the Untied States: We make it so doggone easy. --  Take, for instance, the case of Bao Ping Zheng, 39, of Ohio Township. He's an illegal alien.... AP Internal Use Only

Pat Buchanan -- VDare.com   
Three-Way GOP Race -- Chaos or creative destruction?   
With Mike Huckabee winning Iowa, John McCain winning New Hampshire and Mitt Romney winning Michigan, all in 12 days, pundits are saying the GOP is in chaos. That prognosis is premature. -- Undoubtedly, with the nation in the fifth year of an unpopular war and the economy tanking...AP Internal Use Only

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... [Watch this video]AP Internal Use Only

New York Sun   
Barber charged in green card scheme   
A federal immigration agent and a Queens barber have been charged with processing green cards for immigrants in exchange for bribes, federal prosecutors said today. -- The immigration officer, Jose Gomez, was accepting thousands of dollars for official green cards that he processed... AP Internal Use Only

San Mateo County (Calif.) Times 
Illegal alien viciously beats elderly woman   
A brutal assault on a 78-year-old woman during a daytime burglary in an upscale Daly City home has left the victim in critical condition and prompted the city to offer a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her suspected attacker, police reported Thursday. [More heinous acts committed by Bush's pet fiends'AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News    
Perot blasts McCain, endorses Romney   
Dallas billionaire H. Ross Perot has weighed into the GOP presidential contest with a stinging rebuke of John McCain and an endorsement of Mitt Romney. -- Mr. Perot told Newsweek magazine that Mr. McCain "is the classic opportunist" who is always reaching for "attention and glory."  AP Internal Use Only

Michelle Malkin      
I don't believe Mike Huckabee   
He’s an open borders drag queen, and he’s piling on the make-up and jewels again to disguise his pro-illegal immigration record in time for the South Carolina primary. The Washington Times reports that he has signed a NumbersUSA pledge to oppose any new shamnesty measures and reduce illegal immigration through attrition. I don’t believe Mike Huckabee... AP Internal Use Only

We Get E-Mail      
Mexican Reconquista zealots ticked off over freeway clean-up project  
On Wednesday evening Augustin Cebada interviewed Enrique Morones on La Causa [a Reconquista kook radio show regularly aired on radical left-wing L. A. propaganda station KPFK].  --   The major issues were the Minutemen adopting a two mile section of Interstate 5... [Our thanks to 'Lone Wolf' for providing the audio file]

KYTV -- Springfield, Missouri  
Jury convicts woman for helping invaders steal jobs   
A federal jury convicted a woman from Monett on Tuesday for harboring an illegal immigrant and inducing an illegal immigrant to enter or live in the United States. Dora Ruiz helped hire employees at George's Processing plant in Butterfield. -- A federal grand jury indicted Ruiz in October. The two-day trial started Monday...AP Internal Use Only

Bonnie Alba -- American Chronicle   
The MainStream Media detests Ron Paul   
The liberal mainstream media has single-handedly kept one of the candidates out of the news as much as possible. Fox News gave all kinds of unconvincing excuses for denying Ron Paul the opportunity to participate in their debate. In the end, they lost some regular viewers. Why are the media and even the so-called conservative pundits denying Ron Paul? AP Internal Use Only

Selwyn Duke -- The American Thinker  
MSM trying to kill the immigration card   
With the victories of Mike Huckabee and John McCain in the first two primary contests and Mitt Romney's recently falling star, a fiction is being bandied about: The anti-amnesty position wasn't playing well in Peoria. -- A good example is this San Diego Union-Tribune piece didactically titled "Lesson Learned?" AP Internal Use Only

Rich Lowry -- Townhall.com
The Huck hoax   
Mike Huckabee has pulled a neat trick. His appeal so far has been limited exclusively to evangelicals, yet the press has taken him seriously as a new populist force in the Republican Party who could at any moment "break out" to appeal to lower-income voters... AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle 
Apparently corrupt former Mexican official arrested in Texas   
A Mexican city's former safety director has been arrested on drug and bribery charges. -- Saulo Reyes Gamboa, the former director of public safety in Ciudad Juarez, was arrested Wednesday night across the border in El Paso, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Carl Rusnok said. AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News
Farmers Branch considers new way to ban rentals to invaders   
The Farmers Branch City Council on Tuesday will consider a new approach to barring illegal [aliens.... criminals] from renting in the city. -- The proposed ordinance is intended to address legal concerns raised by opponents of Ordinance 2903, which voters approved in May...AP Internal Use Only

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