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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Denial is Not Just a River in Texas
Playing Games With Our Security

"America will continue to waste resources on something that's not going to work." - Cortez
It's not going to work? Oh, really?
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 22
Jeanne Meserve: We later saw him swim back across on the Mexican side. Some say a fence won't stop people like this, only slow them down. The mayor of the border town of McAllen calls it a multibillion dollar speed bump and is considering testing the border fence law in court.
Mayor Richard Cortez, McAllen, Texas: It's a false sense of security. America will not be safe. America will continue to waste resources on something that's not going to work.
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San Diego Union-Tribune    no mas sc  
6 hurt after van suspected of smuggling illegals rolls   
A van suspected of carrying illegal immigrants crashed and rolled over yesterday in Ocean Crest, seriously injuring six people, authorities said. -- The accident occurred about 10:45 a.m. on westbound state Route 905 east of Interstate 805, said California Highway Patrol Officer Brad Baehr... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press  
Yuma memorial service for Border Patrol agent who died Saturday   
A Border Patrol agent killed Saturday when he was struck by a fleeing vehicle will be remembered in a public memorial service tomorrow in Yuma. -- The service for Senior Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar will be held at 11 a.m. at Yuma Civic Center... AP Internal Use Only

Another Disappointment: Hunter endorses flip-flopper Huck   
California Rep. Duncan Hunter, a former presidential candidate, announced Wednesday he is endorsing Mike Huckabee's White House bid. -- “I got to know Governor Huckabee well on the campaign trail,” Hunter said in a statement. “Of the remaining candidates I feel that he is strongly committed to..."AP Internal Use Only

January 26

Sherwood, Oregon -- 10 AM to 5 PM | Other Events
Respect for Law Act Signature Day

Ira Mehlman -- FAIR 
Hell hath no fury like the Mexican Reconquista cartel scorned   
Last week, the pro-illegal alien amnesty lobby announced a $100 [million] public relations campaign - financed in part by the Mexican government - to convince the American public that we could not survive without illegal immigrants. They claim to have already raised $25 million.AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News  
City decides against restrictive illegal alien policy   
The City Council has approved a policy designed to clamp down on city contractors who hire [illegal aliens.... criminals], but it's far less restrictive than the one considered originally. -- Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to have a clause inserted in all future city contracts with businesses...AP Internal Use Only

Newsday -- New York   
Bloomberg again praises "immigrants'" role in economy   
The stock market's volatility is "very problematic" for the city and is being stoked by shortsighted immigration policies that ignore the relationship between the United States and world economies, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said yesterday... AP Internal Use Only

Hispanic Link   
Intolerable Mexican busybody could play a role in U.S. campaigns   
An unexpected factor in the presidential election this year might not come from a primary. Instead, Mexico President Calderon might play that role. Calderon's mid-February visit to the US could set the stage. -- He is scheduled to meet with immigration reform leaders in New York, L. A., Boston and Chicago. Calderon will reveal at that time his strategy for approaching policymakers concerning [illegal alien.... criminal] rights.AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Businessman accused of money laundering that aided human smugglers   
A Scottsdale man who ran four Western Union stores in Phoenix and Mesa was indicted Tuesday on 80 counts of money laundering and other crimes that are suspected of financing human smugglers and drug dealers. -- Attorney General Terry Goddard announced the indictment of Bruce Dennis Love... AP Internal Use Only

Sgt. Christopher Rogers -- Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson  
Sheriff's Dept. tried to do right by cross-certifying border agent   
In my role as chairman of the Pima County Deputy Sheriff's Association, I represent the majority of the commissioned officers in the Pima County Sheriff's Department. I take exception to the criticism that has been leveled against the department in recent weeks, specifically on the issue of cross-certifying... AP Internal Use Only

McClatchy Newspapers   
Chertoff pledges to nab killers of Border Patrolman   
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Tuesday that the United States and Mexico are working aggressively to track the killers of a Border Patrol agent. -- The agent was slain over the weekend in what Chertoff described as an extensive surge in violence against federal agents along the Southwest border. AP Internal Use Only

Kansas City Star   
Text of letter sent by Frances Semler to the media   
ENOUGH, I am resigning. -- Any individual or organization who speaks with concern of the impact of the well-organized invasion of illegals in this country is subjected to being called terms such as bigot or racist. Many citizens are reluctant to do so for fear of being subjected to the destruction of their character as I have been... AP Internal Use Only

Henry Mark Holzer -- New Media Journal   
Straight talk about the Straight-Talker   
There is a scene in the classic Elia Kazan film "Viva Zapata" when a young Emiliano Zapata for the first time meets his bride-to-be's father, a shopkeeper manifestly unimpressed with his daughter's suitor. The father calls Zapata "a man of substance, without substance." -- So, too, it is with John McCain. He is "a man of integrity without integrity"... AP Internal Use Only

WTVF-TV -- Nashville   
Police crack fake ID mill, nab four invaders   
Murfreesboro, Tenn. -- Several times Murfreesboro police have stopped Hispanic residents with fake driver's licenses. -- They wondered where they were coming from. Now they have the answer. -- Four illegal immigrants were arrested and charged with creating some of the bogus IDs... AP Internal Use Only

Boston Now   
22 years after arrest man faces deportation   
More than two decades ago, Frank Enwonwu got caught smuggling five ounces of heroin into the United States from his homeland in Nigeria. He admitted his mistake and readily agreed to work as an informant, believing the U.S. had promised to keep him safe... AP Internal Use Only

Irish Times -- Dublin   
More Foreign Meddling: US candidates urged to back illegal Irish   
Candidates for the US Presidency were today urged to pledge their support to a campaign to grant around 50,000 illegal Irish [illegal aliens.... criminals] citizenship. -- Letters have been sent to all Democratic and Republican candidates for the White House by Sinn Fein Assembly member Cathal Boylan urging them to resolve the plight of the [illegal alien] Irish.... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial    
Support for voter ID   
Democrats often claim that voter identification laws, including the Indiana statute currently under review by the Supreme Court, lead to disenfranchisement of poor people, racial minorities and senior citizens. However, this claim doesn't sit well with most Americans, according to a new Rasmussen Reports..... AP Internal Use Only

Suspect in brutal murder of pregnant Marine spotted in Mexico   
Guadalajara, Jal., Mex. -- Missing Marine Cesar Laurean, wanted in the slaying of a pregnant colleague, visited relatives in Mexico last week but left without saying where he was headed, a man identified as his cousin said Tuesday. -- Juan Antonio Ramos Ramirez told The Associated Press that... AP Internal Use Only

St. Petersburg Times  
Ex-tax worker gets 26 months for selling illegal driver's licenses   
A former Hillsborough County tax collector employee will spend two years and three months in federal prison for selling drivers' licenses to people without proper documentation, a judge ordered Tuesday.  --  Deisy Oropesa, of Tampa, whose last name also shows up in court records as Oropesa- Hernandez... AP Internal Use Only

PEJ News -- Victoria, BC   
The day Canada declared itself a Fascist state   
On March 31, 2005, the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America or as it is now commonly referred to the SPP. -- The SPP, also known as Deep Integration, is an agreement to integrate the laws, regulations and systems governing...   AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times  
Complaint accuses Mexican Reconquista Nuñez of misusing charity   
A complaint filed with state ethics officials Tuesday accused Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez of using a charity to illegally funnel donations into political activities. -- The complaint cites more than $270,000 that Nuñez solicited in 2005 and 2006 from corporations, utilities and other interests... AP Internal Use Only

ABC News   
Shrillary: "Si Se Pueda is Right"   
Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., flew across the country to receive the United Farm Workers endorsement in Salinas, California on Tuesday. The Union, founded in 1962 by Cesar Chavez, represents 27,000 farm workers. -- The Senator took the stage with bleachers filled behind her with UFW members wearing red t-shirts chanting "Si Se Puede!"AP Internal Use Only

Donald Hank -- RenewAmerica.us  
Sovereignty, the No. 1 pro-life issue   
Politicians who embrace the pro-life platform but hold the view that government must become increasingly supranational to accommodate the global economy, are fooling themselves and their constituents. A pro-life policy is useless if an international government body such as an international court or congress...AP Internal Use Only

Steven Malanga -- City Journal -- New York   
The Rainbow Coalition evaporates   
Terry Anderson is angry. From his KRLA-AM radio perch in Los Angeles, the black talk-show host thunders, “I have gone on the streets and talked to people at random here in the black community, and they all ask me the same question: ‘Why are our politicians and leaders letting this happen?’ ” AP Internal Use Only

Vail Daily  
Men face first human smuggling charges in Eagle Co. history   
Wolcott, Colo. -- Two men were charged with smuggling illegal immigrants into Eagle County Monday, the first time local authorities have leveled that charge in county’s history, authorities said Tuesday night. -- Carlos Ortiz-Lazcano and Saul Hernandez-Lopez were arrested and charged with human smuggling...AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle  
Mexican forces crack down on drug cartels   
Mexico City -- Federal police raided two houses in an upscale neighborhood of the Mexican capital Tuesday and arrested 11 suspected gangsters linked to one of the country's powerful drug cartels. -- Police also seized an arms stockpile that included 20 automatic rifles, 12 grenade launchers, 30 grenades...

Michelle Malkin -- VDare.com   
John McCain: The Geraldo Rivera Republican   
After spearheading a disastrous, security-undermining illegal alien amnesty bill last year with Teddy Kennedy, "straight-talking" GOP Sen. John McCain claims he has seen the light. In TV appearances, he vows to put immigration enforcement first. On the campaign trail, he offers a perfunctory promise to... AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times  
Arrests made in fatal shooting of baby   
Los Angeles Police Department detectives said Tuesday that they have cracked one of last year's most brazen murder cases, arresting a member of the notorious 18th Street gang for allegedly killing a 23-day-old baby and badly wounding a street vendor during a September shooting in a crowded shopping district near MacArthur Park. AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times  
Chertoff expects more border violence  
Violence along the border with Mexico will likely increase this year as the administration bolsters Border Patrol staffing and adds more fencing and technology to catch illegal immigrants, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Tuesday... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press  
Suburb to consider new anti-illegal immigration rule   
Leaders of a Dallas suburb prevented from enforcing a ban on leasing apartments to illegal immigrants approved a new rule requiring tenants to get rental licenses from the city and extending the prohibition to home rentals. -- The Farmers Branch City Council voted unanimously for the new ordinance... AP Internal Use Only

Lou Dobbs -- CNN   
Our leaders have squandered our wealth   
President Bush's assurances that we'll all be "just fine" if he and Congress can work out an economic stimulus package seem a little hollow this morning. -- Much like Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke's assurances last May that the subprime mortgage meltdown would be contained... AP Internal Use Only

Embassy Row -- Washington Times  
Annoying Mexican meddling in U. S. affairs again   
Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan criticized U.S. presidential candidates for making "immigrant-bashing" a "wedge issue" and called on Mexico and the United States to turn their relationship toward broader, strategic issues. -- "The challenge at the end of the day is whether Mexico and the U.S. are able and willing to play chess instead of checkers," the ambassador said... [More Mexican meddling]AP Internal Use Only

Statesman Journal -- Salem, Oregon   
Stricter rules to obtain drivers licenses goes to full legislature   
Oregon lawmakers set the stage today for a full debate about tougher requirements to obtain a driver’s license. -- The House Transportation Committee voted for the introduction of a bill that will require people to show they are legally in the United States before obtaining, renewing or replacing an Oregon driver’s license... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Phoenix   
Deputies accused of ethnic profiling by arrested 'Latino activist'   
A Phoenix man has accused the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office of ethnic profiling after he was arrested during a crackdown on crime in east Phoenix. -- Israel Correa, a Latino activist and one-time candidate for Maryvale justice of the peace, was arrested Friday when his vehicle was stopped near 36th Street and Thomas Road. AP Internal Use Only

NBC4-TV -- Washington 
Prince William budget has limited funds for invader crackdown   
Money problems are threatening Prince William County's planned crackdown on illegal immigration. -- County Executive Craig Gerhart said the budget he will propose next month will leave out the 3.3 million-dollar cost of the immigration initiative, forcing the Board of County Supervisors to decide cuts to make to pay for the new program. AP Internal Use Only

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