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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where is the Guard?
2,600 Troops But Little Evidence

Top: Likely National Guard outpost near Columbus NM. Bottom: Same outpost with civilian truck replacing Humvee.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 23
Wian:  ...In a statement a Homeland Security spokeswoman said Secretary Chertoff has made it very clear that we are going to use every tool in our power to protect our border agents and do whatever the American people have demanded, secure our borders. Right now, Lou, there are 2,600 National Guard troops on our southern border with no power to apprehend anyone.
Dobbs: And they are near the border not actually categorically on the border.
American Border Patrol reports that during its January 15-18 survey it found no indication that the National Guard was on the border for security, and only one instance where camouflaged persons were doing construction. "At one point we documented thirteen National Guard outposts along the Colorado River near Yuma," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. "During our last survey we found all National Guard outposts from Texas to California to be abandoned."

Dr. Carl S. Parnell   
U. N.'s Secret Agenda: Globalization, elimination of U. S. sovereignty   
Globalization relates to social change and the connectivity of societies around the world. The goal of globalization is to create one global village that has mutual understanding and friendship between all citizens of the world community. The signs of globalization are many. Some major ones are....   AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
A flim-flam in Maryland   
It's not difficult to see why Gov. Martin O'Malley, who has made Maryland a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, decided to announce last week that the state plans to comply with the REAL ID Act — the federal law requiring that states prevent illegals and terrorists from obtaining driver's licenses... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson    
Update on Border Patrol agent-involved shooting near Douglas  
A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and injured a Mexican man Thursday morning near Douglas after the man tried to flee in his truck after a traffic stop. --  The incident occurred about 9:30 a.m. Thursday about nine miles north of the U.S.-Mexican border on Highway 191 when a Border Patrol agent stopped and questioned...   AP Internal Use Only

Jerome R. Corsi -- WorldNetDaily   
University reshuffles 'North American Union architect'  
Robert Pastor – the American University professor whose writings have championed the creation of a North American Community – has resigned his position in the school's Office of International Affairs amid a reorganization that has dismantled many of his key programs.... AP Internal Use Only

M. Terry -- Capitol Hill Blue   
WHAT has Mexico got to do with American Laws?   
I just read an interesting article about Mexico's President attempting to come into this country, and influence American views pertaining to "rights" for Mexican workers in this country. Then I read the well stated and coherent reply by Bryan McClellan on January 24, 2008, and the lines:.. AP Internal Use Only

George Putnam -- NewsMax.com   
Drug cartels wreak border havoc   
It is this reporter's opinion that our friend Lou Dobbs is right on target when he demands Homeland Security Michael Chertoff either resign or be fired. -- Chertoff has been dragging his feet in the overall battle against the illegal invasion of America... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson 
Slain Border Patrol agent honored at memorial service in Yuma   
A U.S. Border Patrol agent killed over the weekend when he was run over by a suspected drug smuggler was honored at a memorial service Thursday. -- Law enforcement officers from across the Southwest filled the Yuma Civic Center to remember Senior Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote   
...The U.S. Supreme Court is now scrutinizing whether that statute violates the first and 14th amendments, in the most contentious legal battle over voting since the high court issued a bitterly divided decision eight years ago that stopped Florida's recount and handed the presidency to George W. Bush.... AP Internal Use Only

KTVZ-TV -- Bend, Oregon   
Mexican invader pleads guilty in Gorge hit & run   
The driver in a hit & run crash that killed a jogger has pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide. -- Rosendo Corona- Rosales will spend almost five years in prison. The 25-year-old also pleaded guilty yesterday to failure to perform the duties of a driver. AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
Feds say Farmers Branch needs OK to access records   
This Dallas suburb could face a major hurdle in its latest effort to keep illegal [aliens.... criminals] from renting in the city: no access to a databse that would help determine whether applicants are in the country legally. -- Farmers Branch wants U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a division of the DHS, to check... AP Internal Use Only

Salt Lake Tribune   
LDS Church urges lawmaker compassion in addressing the invasion   
Amid an increasingly rancorous debate about [illegal] immigration [crime], LDS leaders have urged Utah representatives to be compassionate in their push for legal reforms. -- "The basic message was that we need to step back, not be so reactive and let cooler heads prevail," said Rep. David Litvack....AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle  
Tancredo wants a "Guide for the Returning Illegal Alien"   
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo -- the recent one-note presidential candidate -- today issued a statement responding to complaints by legislators from Mexico about immigrants self-deporting to Mexico. In the process he brainstormed an idea that, well, only Tancredo could come up with. Here's part of his statement:.. AP Internal Use Only

Tulsa World   
Oklahoma Rep. Mary Fallin co-sponsors border fence bill   
Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin announced on Thursday her support and co-sponsorship of the Fence by Date Certain Act. -- The bill, HR 4987, requires more than 700 miles of double-layered fence to be built along border locations in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, according to a press release...

January 26

Sherwood, Oregon -- 10 AM to 5 PM | Other Events
Respect for Law Act Signature Day

KOLD-TV -- Tucson   alto sc
Mexicans claim suspect in BP agent's murder is in custody   
Mexican authorities say they've arrested a man in connection with the weekend killing of Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar. -- Jesus Navarro Montes was arrested in Sonora, Mexico Wednesday. Agent Aguilar was killed near Yuma, when he was trying to stop two suspected smuggling vehicles... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona State University 
ASU poll: Immigration tops list of concerns   
More than half (52%) of the residents in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico say that [illegal aliens.... criminals] make up at least 25 percent of their states’ populations, according to a new ASU-Southwest Poll released Jan. 3.  -- Among Hispanics, 62% of those polled make that assessment, while 43% of seniors... AP Internal Use Only

Lompoc (Calif.) Record  
Feds target invaders far from border   
Pearl, Miss. -- Detective Nick McLendon, on stakeout duty along a dark stretch of eastbound Interstate 20, noticed a red Chevy Suburban with heavily tinted windows and no light over its rear Texas license plate. The missing light gave him all the excuse he needed to pull the SUV over... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Border Patrol agent shoots person near Douglas   
A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and seriously wounded a suspect near Douglas Thursday morning, authorities say. -- Details of the incident are scant, but the wounded person was being flown by helicopter to a hospital, Border Patrol spokesman Jesus “Chuy” Rodriguez said. The person’s condition isn’t known. AP Internal Use Only

Ira Mehlman -- FAIR   
What a difference a year makes   
On Monday night, President Bush will be delivering his final State of the Union Address. With the economy slipping into recession, real estate prices falling and the stock market in freefall, putting a bright face on the president's domestic agenda for his last year in office will be a challenge for his speech writers... AP Internal Use Only

Indianapolis Star 
Crackdown on invaders endorsed by Senate committee   
After nearly three hours of passionate and often emotional testimony from Hispanics, legal scholars and lobbyists for Indiana business leaders, a Senate committee voted 10-1 to pass a tough new illegal immigration bill that penalizes employers who hire illegal [aliens.... criminals]... AP Internal Use Only

Des Moines Register  
Anti-invader bill sparks debate   
Legislation that would fine and criminally prosecute Iowa business executives who hire [illegal aliens.... criminals] is provoking strong response from civil rights groups and some business or labor organizations. -- The proposal, House File 2026, would fine and criminally prosecute business executives...

Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram   
Brazilian invader suspected in rape case indicted on several charges 
The alleged “MetroWest rapist” has been indicted on nine criminal charges in New Jersey, including sexual assault, making terrorist threats and burglary. -- Marcelo G. Mota pleaded not guilty Tuesday to nine criminal charges handed down by a Burlington County, N.J., grand jury in December. [More 'family values']AP Internal Use Only

Amanda Busse -- Campus Report Online   
Real ID and reality   
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has conceded in its battle with state officials to implement secure state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards as part of the REAL ID Act of 2005. DHS recently announced plans for a 73 percent reduction in the cost of putting the identification system in place... AP Internal Use Only

Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World  
Bill would end tuition break for illegal aliens   
The first of what is expected to be several bills aimed at illegal immigration was introduced Tuesday. -- This one, by state Sen. Peggy Palmer, R-Augusta, would prohibit the employment of [illegal aliens.... criminals], and repeal a law that allows in-state tuition for some [illegal alien] students. AP Internal Use Only

Bobby Eberle -- GOPUSA.com  
Danger at the borders   
We've heard about it time and again: areas along the border with high concentration of illegal alien activity become hotspots for drug-dealing, violence, and other crimes. Now, we increasingly hear stories of the Mexican military crossing the border into sovereign U.S. territory... AP Internal Use Only

Mark Krikorian -- National Review   
John McCain, Multiculturalist: Immigration is just one problem   
We all know John McCain is terrible on immigration. For years he held America’s sovereignty and security hostage to amnesty and increased immigration, and his newfound support for “enforcement first” is so insubstantial and transparently insincere that it insults our intelligence. He’s so bad that... AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times  
Border War: Armed police protect Juárez police official in Texas hospital   
Thomason Hospital was placed on "lockdown" Wednesday by El Paso and federal law enforcement authorities guarding a Chihuahua police commander who survived an assassination attempt. -- El Paso police and sheriff's deputies stood guard outside the hospital with assault rifles. Doors were locked... AP Internal Use Only

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  
Landlords planning to work with Farmers Branch, Texas   
Several landlords who oppose Farmers Branch's efforts to ban illegal [aliens.... criminals] from renting property said they will work with the city rather than fight a new ordinance that makes prospective tenants prove to the federal government that they are legal U.S. residents.... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times  
Huckabee alienates GOP in Arkansas   
Jake Files was a newly elected representative when all two dozen Arkansas House Republicans met for their first caucus in 1999. They had doubled their numbers in elections two months earlier, and were ready to join Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee in pushing for conservative government... AP Internal Use Only

El Financiero -- Mexico City  Translated by Google.com
Head Reconquista seeks support during U. S. meddling trip   
This roughly translated piece describes what outrageous antics Mexican president Felipe Calderon is planning for his trouble-making U. S. tour beginning Feb 14 in Chicago. To wit: "Because the enemy is not at home, but outdoors is white complexion, thinks differently from us, are the Minuteman, and those are where we need to attack," explained. -- Click here for original article in Spanish.

Yuma Sun   
Mayor in Mexico learns U.S. dilemma   
What a wonderful awakening by Mayor Ruben Espino of San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., as reported in The Sun recently. People are coming into his community because of recent Arizona law changes and they will be a burden to the social services of his city... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
BP targeting 40 suspected invaders a day in Tucson Sector   
Border Patrol officials are sending as many as 40 illegal [aliens.... criminals] a day for prosecution and jail time under a downsized version of the agency's zero- tolerance initiative. -- Even though the process and the consequences for the selected illegal border crossers are the same as Operation Streamline...  AP Internal Use Only

Brownsville Herald  
‘Miscellaneous’ hearing set in border land fight   
A “miscellaneous” hearing for 12 local property owners being sued by the government for access to their land is scheduled for Friday in federal court. -- The Department of Homeland Security is seeking immediate access to public and private lands that edge the U.S.-Mexico border... AP Internal Use Only

Grand Rapids Press   
Inside the hunt for invaders   
It starts with the drive-bys. -- Officers and agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement team gather in unmarked SUVs, drive past their targeted dwellings and look for evidence of someone home. -- The goal is to "identify, locate, apprehend, process and remove fugitive aliens from the United States..." AP Internal Use Only

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