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Monday, January 28, 2008

Border War Escalates
Just As We Predicted

Mexicans throw fire bomb into the U.S. (12/15/07)
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- January 28
Border agents face increased violence, injury
Recent attacks on Border Patrol agents near the Arizona-Mexico border reflect a yearlong trend of escalating violence faced by agents, authorities say.
Associated Press -- January 27
Border Patrol agent fires shots at pickup after stop in SD County
About fifteen years ago Glenn Spencer told a meeting of FAIR in Los Angeles: "You won't know you're being invaded 'til you try to stop it."

Kim Priestap -- Wizbangblog.com   sc  
More on McQuisling and his Mexican government lackey advisor   
...The US isn't a separate nation from Mexico? What the hell is that? And McCain chose this guy to be his Hispanic outreach director. I don't like this one bit. Do we need to remind Senator McCain that he is running for president of the United States of America, not the North American region... AP Internal Use Only

Pine Bluff (Arkansas) Commercial  
US Attorney: Illegal aliens provide "modern-day slave labor"   
U.S. Attorney Bob Balfe said federal immigration agents and local police in northwest Arkansas have only gone after employers who flout the law and exploit illegal immigrant workers. -- "They are modern-day slave labor," Balfe said after a recent raid on a chain of Mexican restaurants...AP Internal Use Only

Rich Lowry - National Review   
John McCain, un-unleashed   
It was during John McCain’s answer to a second question about immigration at a town-hall meeting here Thursday, that I began to wonder what McCain would have thought had he known a couple of years ago what he’d be saying on the campaign trail now... AP Internal Use Only

Boston Herald 
McCain depicted as being an extremely loose cannon   
Less than 48 hours after proclaiming he would never get personal with another Republican, Mitt Romney’s latest campaign missive focuses on the temper of Arizona Sen. John McCain. -- The Romney camp frames the memo as a top-10 list of McCain’s “attacks” on Republicans. It could also be called... AP Internal Use Only

San Francisco Chronicle  
Obama takes big risk on driver's license issue   
Sen. Barack Obama easily won the African American vote in South Carolina, but to woo California Latinos, where he is running 3-to-1 behind rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, he is taking a giant risk: spotlighting his support for the red-hot issue of granting driver's licenses to illegal [aliens.... criminals]...   AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
RINO Rudy considering bailing out of presidential race   
Rudy Giuliani appears to be pondering an end to his long pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination. -- In a meeting in the back of his chartered plane en route to St. Petersburg, Fla., a short while ago, the onetime, longtime GOP front-runner told a small group of reporters, including The Times' Louise Roug...

Paul Craig Roberts -- VDare.com   
American liberty teetering on edge of abyss   
"Your papers please" has long been a phrase associated with Hitler’s Gestapo. People without the Third Reich’s stamp of approval were hauled off to Nazi Germany’s version of Halliburton detention centers. -- Today Americans are on the verge of being asked for their papers, although probably without the "please." AP Internal Use Only

Citizen Lobbyist   
Wait! Before you pull that lever for John McCain.....   
In May, 2006, Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy were striving to pass a complex piece of legislation through the Senate. It wasn’t going very well. Opponents of the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act wouldn’t stop calling the bill an amnesty. That meant trouble.... AP Internal Use Only

KATU-TV -- Portland   
Greed: Oregon business counters moves against invaders   
Oregon restaurants, nurseries and other businesses are joining the gnarly immigration debate, fighting proposals they see as hostile to foreign-born workers and their families. -- The Oregon Essential Worker Immigration Coalition is planning a February launch of research and lobbying efforts...

American Patrol   
BPAUX: We're the government and we're here to help you
American Patrol notes with alarm the emergence of a DHS-related group calling itself Border Patrol Auxiliary. It just launched a nationwide membership drive. "This organization sounds just like American Border Patrol," said Glenn Spencer of ABP, "and it looks to me as if this group is designed to co-opt civilian border groups and divert funding away from ABP." Spencer said the DHS has proven it is opposed to effective border control. AP Internal Use Only

BBS News   
Zogby: Public sees LatAm through narrow immigration lens   
...This survey suggests that the United States public sees Latin America increasingly through an immigration lens, and a very negative one at that, said Peter Hakim, the President of the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington think tank that collaborated with Zogby on the poll. The fact is that most Americans think... AP Internal Use Only

Muskogee (Oklahoma) Phoenix   
Jailed invaders cost county   
Illegal [aliens.... criminals] being detained here are costing area taxpayers, officials said. -- At least 52 immigrants were picked up on Interstate 40 near Webbers Falls within nine days this month. -- It costs the county $43 per day to house each inmate, said Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson... AP Internal Use Only

Rocky Mountain News   
Boulder police announce arrest in 1997 rape and murder   
Police announced Sunday the arrest of a suspect (an apparent invader from Chile) in the rape and beating death in December 1997 of University of Colorado senior Susannah Chase. -- "The department is ecstatic over this," Police Chief Mark Beckner said...AP Internal Use Only

East Valley Tribune -- Phoenix  
Mexican invader/terrorist busted in home invasion robbery spree   
A felony conviction and subsequent deportation didn’t stop Manuel Enrique Morales from crossing the border to return to Mesa, where police allege he and others terrorized victims with an assault rifle in a series of home invasions. -- This time, though, the illegal [alien.... criminal] is going to stay awhile...

Mark Krikorian -- National Review  
Mexico first?   
“I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think ‘Mexico first.’ ” These are the words of Juan Hernandez, John McCain’s “Hispanic outreach director,” on Nightline June 7, 2001. -- The blogosphere has been abuzz over the news of Hernandez’s position in the McCain campaign, thanks to the spadework of Michelle Malkin... AP Internal Use Only

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 
Invader employer may have assets seized  
Prosecutors are not only mounting a criminal case but also moving to seize the Reyes home and other properties that they call the fruits of the illegal labor the Reyeses allegedly used in their restaurants. Largely overshadowed: The bank that holds the mortgages. Arvest Bank, based in Bentonville, is...AP Internal Use Only

Boston Globe 
Chappaquiddick Ted, others back fellow open borders fanatic   
A lion of the Democratic Party formally endorsed Barack Obama today -- a huge boost heading into Super Tuesday. -- Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island offered his support, then introduced Caroline Kennedy, who said her children were the first to help convince her that Obama... AP Internal Use Only

Hot Air    
McCain’s campaign boasts another open borders zealot   
His name is Jerry Perenchio, and he’s a national finance co-chair of the McCain campaign. You can find him listed on McCain’s website. Perenchio has a long history of thwarting the people’s will when it comes to border security. -- Jerry Perenchio is the man who poured millions of dollars into fighting... AP Internal Use Only

Matt Lewis -- Townhall.com   
Bay Buchanan talks Romney and McCain   
Yesterday, I caught up with Mitt Romney supporter Bay Buchanan. Buchanan talked with me via phone from Florida, where she had just attended a John McCain rally (she gets a better feel for the race when she sees what the enemy is up to). -- As you might imagine, this outspoken conservative had a lot to say about Sen. McCain... AP Internal Use Only

New York Times 
Arizona law takes a toll on illegal alien students   
When Marco Carrillo, a naturalized American and a high school valedictorian, went to meet with his college counselor, her major worry about his future had little to do with his SAT scores or essay or extracurricular activities. -- It had to do with his citizenship... AP Internal Use Only

Craig L. Combs -- North County Times -- Escondido, Calif. 
Rise of the Ron Paul Republicans    
Recently I was honored with the opportunity of speaking to the California Federation of Republican Women on behalf of presidential candidate Ron Paul. Surely, I thought, these ladies would understand the one issue that is driving so many young people to the GOP, the one issue that gets the loudest cheers from...AP Internal Use Only

Statesman Journal -- Salem, Oregon   
New license laws draw praise, concern   
In just more than a week, people seeking to replace or renew an Oregon driver's license or apply for a new one will have to produce a verifiable Social Security number, in addition to showing proof of their identity and an Oregon address. -- At the same time, state lawmakers will convene in Salem for an interim legislative session... AP Internal Use Only

Lake County (Illinois) News-Sun   
Young teen accuses stepfather of repeated rape   
Zion, Ill. -- A Mexican national has been arrested and charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault based on allegations by his young teenage stepdaughter, according to Zion police. -- Zion-Benton Township High School officials notified Zion police Jan. 18... [More 'family values' that should have stopped at the Rio Bravo] AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times   
RINO McCain: Attrition can ease illegal entries   
Sen. John McCain now is embracing a version of the attrition strategy to fight illegal immigration, saying his version of a guest-worker plan would actually force many illegal aliens to leave the country over the next couple of years. -- I would propose, once the borders are secure and the borders stay government-certified..." AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City    Sob Story Alert!
Lawmakers try again to hike tuition for illegals   
On the outside, Elizabeth looks just like any other Utah teenager. She's white, as is an estimated 83 percent of the state's population, and she shares the majority LDS faith. -- Yet, even though this Southern Utah University student never crossed the border illegally and her parents hold green cards... AP Internal Use Only

Lone Star Times   
Bush lackey Johnny Sutton called out in Houston   
Johnny Sutton was in Houston on Saturday (January 26) to attend a program at the South Texas College of Law. The law students weren’t the only ones there to greet him... [Sutton is the U. S. Attorney involved in the Ramos-Compean travesty. He's a good pal of globalist menace George W. Bush and disgraced former AG 'Gonzo' Gonzales]. AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post   
Three selected GOP candidates play down invasion issue   
A Republican nominating convention rejected two Manassas City Council candidates yesterday who had called for strong action against illegal immigration, instead choosing a three-member slate that emphasized what the nominees called "practical" and "sensible" solutions to the city's problems... AP Internal Use Only

The Indy Channel 
Anti-invader hiring proposal irks usual suspects   
A handful of members of the Hispanic community showed up to oppose a bill that would cause businesses to lose their licenses for knowingly hiring anyone who is in the U.S. illegally. -- Many Hispanic speakers said they view illegal immigration as a problem, but said the issue should not be resolved by state regulation....      AP Internal Use Only

Hot Air    Videos Included  
McCain questioned about his rabid Mexican Reconquista advisor   
The straight-talking senator was asked about his Hispanic Outreach Director, dangerous Mexican Reconquista and disturbing U. S. traitor "Dr." Juan Hernandez (a dual citizen with most of his loyalty to Mexico, apparently), at a campaign event in Florida Sunday. Here's video of his reaction... AP Internal Use Only

Green Valley (Arizona) News and Sun   
Deputies find car full of invaders   
A carload of illegal [aliens.... criminals] was apprehended by Pima County Sheriff's officers Wednesday on Phelps Dodge Mining property just west of Green Valley. -- At about 5 p.m., near the intersection of Mission Road and Duval Mine Road, several Hispanic males fled from their blue Volkswagon Passat... AP Internal Use Only

Huntsville (Alabama) Times   
Group keeps a watchful eye for illegal aliens   
In lawn chairs seated along the levee, they watch the Rio Grande through night vision goggles. In the desert, they use electronic ears to search for illegal footfalls. -- At Shoney's in Athens, they rise for the Pledge of Allegiance, facing a flag brought by the president of Alabama's newest chapter of...AP Internal Use Only

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