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2008 News

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Glenn Spencer is on assignment.
Features will resume later this week.

Washington Post    sc
For the Record: Immigration   
...Bush's claim that his administration has boosted prosecutions of companies or company officials that have hired illegal workers is debatable. Such activity decreased during his first presidential term and remains relatively rare. -- While federal immigration authorities arrested nearly four times as many people...

Putnam County (New York) Courier   
Major cocaine distribution ring smashed with arrest of five invaders   
A nine-month long investigation into illegal drug trafficking in Brewster, Carmel and Southeast has been smashed with the arrest of five men. -- During the probe, undercover narcotics investigators with the Putnam Sheriff's Department infiltrated the cocaine distribution ring...    AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform  
Border security, 'guest workers,' and Bush's State of the Union hokum   
In Monday's State of the Union Address, President Bush demonstrated his continued willingness to have U.S. immigration policy dictated by special interests instead of the American people. Stating "we will never fully secure our border until we create a lawful way for foreign workers to come here and..."AP Internal Use Only

Joe Guzzardi -- VDare.com   
Memo to McCain: Don't count your pollos before they hatch   
I predicted last summer when Rudy Giuliani was riding high, and I projected again during one of his many swings through California , that the former New York would never get the GOP presidential nomination. He’s too New York, too pro-illegal immigration and too bald... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times   
Senators urge delay in border-ID rules   
A group of senators wants Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to pull the plug on new border requirements, set to begin tomorrow, that require proof of citizenship and identity for those entering the U.S. at the nation's land ports of entry. Eight Democrats, 10 Republicans and one independent asked... AP Internal Use Only

WOAI -- Dallas   
Ruling allows federal fence builders onto private land   
A federal judge in Brownsville [Monday] gave the green light for the federal government to get access to private property to begin building the 69 miles of border fencing planned for the Rio Grande Valley, 1200 WOAI news reports... AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times   
Mexican cops, soldiers entered U.S. 25 times last year   
At a time when violence in Juárez is affecting El Paso, a report released Monday showed that Mexican police and soldiers made 25 incursions into the United States in 2007, including two in El Paso. -- The Border Patrol documents, obtained by Judicial Watch, said that 21 of the incidents involved Mexican police officials... AP Internal Use Only

WAND-TV -- Champaign, Illinois   
10 invaders nabbed after traffic stop   
Peru, Ill. -- Police in north-central Illinois discovered ten illegal immigrants during a traffic stop in Peru. -- Peru Police Chief Doug Bernabei says the stop came after the Los Angeles man driving the vehicle ran a red light onto Interstate 80 from Route 251 on Monday. AP Internal Use Only

WXII-TV -- Winston-Salem, North Carolina   
RINO Rudy to quit race, endorse McAmnesty   
Sen. John McCain won a breakthrough triumph in the Florida Republican primary Tuesday, and before the night was out, rival Rudy Giuliani prepared to quit the race and endorse the Arizona senator. -- "Our victory might not have reached landslide proportions, but it is sweet nonetheless," McCain said... AP Internal Use Only

El Campo (Texas) Leader News  
Gang member among illegals nabbed in El Campo   
El Campo police took nine illegal aliens - including a member of a notorious crime gang - into custody after a police chase Friday that started here and ended up in Pierce. According to El Campo Police Department reports, ECPD Officer Mark Biskup was patrolling eastbound U.S. 59 around 5 p.m. Jan. AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Call your Senators NOW!      
The economic stimulus package traveling through Congress right now does nothing to stop the IRS from issuing rebate checks to illegal aliens. Please call your Senators now and urge them to take action!

Grand Rapids (Michigan) Press   
Business owners grouse about driver's license changes   
West Michigan businesses say a recent tightening in driver's license requirements for legal residents threatens the region's ability to compete in a global market. -- The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce was to hold a news conference today to demand a legislative fix to a recent ruling... AP Internal Use Only

Fox News   
Illegal alien taxpayers to benefit from House-approved stimulus plan   
The $146 billion stimulus package intended to jolt the economy by giving taxpayers rebates up to $1,200 includes cash returns for illegal immigrants who pay taxes. -- Under the plan passed by the House, illegal immigrants who qualify as "resident aliens" and earned a minimum of $3,000 would be eligible for... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Minutemen to fight being assigned new adopted highway stretch   
An anti-[illegal] immigration group says it will fight the state transportation department's decision to relocate their Adopt-A-Highway site away from a busy Border Patrol checkpoint to a less-traveled stretch of roadway. -- Early Wednesday, the San Diego Minutemen's Web site said the group was soliciting donations for a legal fund so they can sue the state... AP Internal Use Only

Free Lance-Star -- Fredericksburg, Virginia   
Immigration bills sent to the House floor   
Richmond, Va. -- A House committee yesterday approved bills that would bar illegal immigrants from state colleges, have sheriffs and jails check the immigration status of an arrested person, and require the governor to look into joining a federal program to deport illegally present criminals... AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Bill adds jail time to driving without license penalty   
Driving without a license in Georgia could become a felony with lengthy jail time under a bill approved by a legislative committee Tuesday. -- The measure could affect illegal immigrants especially, because they are unable to legally obtain a driver's license in Georgia...AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald     
Hispanics were key to RINO McCain's victory   
...South Florida was supposed to be the sixth borough, New York south for the former Big Apple mayor. But McCain shattered that, winning Miami-Dade with a 37-32 percent margin, boosted by the support of Cuban-Americans and the surprise endorsement of Charlie Crist, the popular governor of Florida... AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform   
Border security, 'guest workers,' and Bush's State of the Union hokum   
In Monday's State of the Union Address, President Bush demonstrated his continued willingness to have U.S. immigration policy dictated by special interests instead of the American people. Stating "we will never fully secure our border until we create a lawful way for foreign workers to come here and..."AP Internal Use Only

New York Magazine   
Conservative pundits seriously bugging out over McCain   
...Michael Graham sees McCain as almost diabolical, “the least trustworthy candidate,” a man who “dreams of a world filled with happy Democrats and insulted Republicans.” -- Patrick Ruffini says that McCain is “retreating” from Republican principles and “becoming more like the left.” AP Internal Use Only

San Jose Mercury News   
Presidential election: Among GOP voters, ire over illegal immigration   
Orange, Calif. -- In a state where illegal immigration is among the most important Republican election issues, in one of the state's most Republican counties, a battle has been raging in an Albertsons parking lot. -- At Chapman Avenue and Hewes Street, dozens of day laborers - many of whom are illegal immigrants - have been swarming... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post   
Blocs Form on both sides of invader license battle   
Maryland lawmakers on both sides of the potent immigration issue are forming new coalitions to push their agendas, emboldened by Gov. Martin O'Malley's rejection this month of the state's long-standing policy allowing undocumented immigrants to drive. AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Organizers hope invader-aiding credit union can open this year   
The first credit union in Georgia to market specifically to Latinos could open this year near Buford Highway. -- Organizers of the proposed Georgia Family Credit Union will continue to meet with federal regulators in coming months to discuss the plan... AP Internal Use Only

NBC17-TV -- Raleigh   
Three invaders convicted in Smithfield job thief case   
Wilmington, NC -- Three former Smithfield employees were sentenced last week in federal court for fraud and misuse of documents after they were discovered to be illegal [aliens... criminals]. -- Abimale Sanaozvasquez, Benito Gutierrez- Lopez and Jose Ramierez- Martinez each received 18 months in jail... AP Internal Use Only

WLOX-TV -- Biloxi, Mississippi   
Hosemann says Miss. shouldn't wait for court to enact voter ID   
Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says Mississippi shouldn't wait for a court decision before enacting a voter identification law. -- The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing an Indiana law that requires photo ID at the polls. Also, the 5th U.S. Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear arguments in a Mississippi case that involves voter ID. AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post  
Mexican Reconquista sellout McQuisling wins Florida   
Sen. John McCain won a crucial victory over former governor Mitt Romney today in Florida's Republican primary, a second straight win that cements the Arizona senator as the front-runner for his party's nomination. -- With 80% of the vote on the Republican side counted, McCain led Romney, 36% to 31%. AP Internal Use Only

Dave Gibson -- NewsByUs.com   
RINO McCain makes Mexican con man top aide   
Once more, John McCain has proven his contempt for the American people as well as his disregard for U.S. sovereignty. McCain has chosen a Mexican reconquista to fill a top campaign position. -- McCain has appointed Juan Hernandez as his so-called ‘Hispanic outreach director.’ [Video: Lying McCain crony and US traitor Hernandez decries border fence, defends subsidized tuition for invaders]AP Internal Use Only

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