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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Truth War
Media vs America

President McCain would cede the Southwestern U.S. to Mexico, fulfilling its dream of the Conquest of Aztlan.
American Patrol
Liberal Media vs The People
    John McCain joined with liberal Sen. Ted Kennedy to sponsor the 2007 amnesty bill. McCain has said that he would push for amnesty once the border fence has been installed. Bill King, the man who ran the 1986 amnesty program said any new amnesty program would legalize half of Mexico.
    Mexican president Zedillo once said: "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important, a very important part of it."
    If the American people knew these things, they would not vote for McCain. But they don't know things because the liberal media won't let them know. Even the Federation for American Immigration Reform won't touch the real issue.
    We are now in a war, with the people needing the truth and the liberal media working to deny them of it.

David Limbaugh -- WorldNetDaily.com       sc
McCain, the anti-conservative   
It's true that McCain is unpopular with Reagan conservatives because he decidedly is not, on far too many issues, a Reagan conservative. But it's more than that. He is the anti-conservative. He instinctively sides against conservatives and relishes poking them in the eye. -- He enjoys cavorting and colluding with our political enemies and basks in the fawning attention they give him. AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City   
Illegal immigration in cross hairs   
A series of measures aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration are already working their way through the House. And now, those with a stake in the immigration debate are beginning to pore over a Goliath-size Senate measure. -- Sen. Bill Hickman, R-St. George, promised a comprehensive bill to address illegal immigration... AP Internal Use Only

Bob Parks -- Family Security Matters   
Illegal Immigration: Issue or lifestyle?   
As I was watching last night’s little hissy fit called a “Republican Debate,” I noted just how out of touch the two main contenders are when it comes to the issues that affect millions of Americans on a daily basis. -- One has collected a government payroll check almost his entire adult life...  AP Internal Use Only

Michael Reagan   
John McCain hates me   
Until last night, when I watched the Republican debate, I had no idea how much John McCain dislikes me and just about everybody else but Rudy Giuliani, who if you believe The New York Times is a pretty good hater himself. -- As I watched McCain and Governor Romney go at it during the debate at the Reagan Library... [Related poll on left sidebar here] AP Internal Use Only

WTNH-TV -- New Haven, Connecticut   
Over 5,000 sign up for municipal I.D. card (mainly for invaders)   
Critics say the municipal I.D. card program has been a failure but Mayor DeStefano says it has moved beyond its controversial start and is working exactly as planned. -- Scott Hunter signed up for his Elm City card today. -- "It's the responsible thing to do wherever you live...to play an active role in the community," Hunter said.AP Internal Use Only

Fox News 
Rep. Bilbray endorses Mitt Romney   
Today, U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray endorsed Governor Mitt Romney to be the next President of the United States. Congressman Bilbray is Chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus and a San Diego native. -- "It is an honor to have Congressman Bilbray as part of our campaign to build a stronger America..." AP Internal Use Only

Fort Worth Star Telegram   
Perry now claims to support border fence   
Gov. Rick Perry issued some of his toughest talk yet on immigration and border security Thursday, saying he favors border fences in some areas while flatly advising Mexican workers who want U.S. citizenship to get in line "just like everybody else." AP Internal Use Only

Thomas Sowell -- GOPUSA.com   
McCain's straight lies   
We have been hearing for years that Senator John McCain gives "straight talk" and his bus has been endlessly referred to as the "straight talk express." But endless repetition does not make something true. -- The fact that McCain makes short, blunt statements does not make him a straight-talker... AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City   
'Free trade' opposition stumbles in Senate committee   
A Senate resolution urging the United States withdrawal from the Security and Prosperity Partnership failed in the Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee. -- Supporters of SR1, sponsored by Sen. Fred Fife, D-Salt Lake, called the economic and public health agreement with Canada and Mexico a stealth move...AP Internal Use Only

Pat Buchanan - VDare.com   
Tapped out nation   
It was to be the year of change, of new ideas, a new politics. -- Yet, as of today, it appears the Republican Party will be led into the future by a Beltway favorite of the media and Washington insider who has spent the last quarter of a century on Capitol Hill. -- And the Democratic Party appears about to build a bridge to the past... AP Internal Use Only

Marcus Epstein -- VDare.com  
Will Republicans, (El Partido Estupido) become El Partido Republicano?   
With his victory in Florida, John McCain has become the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Even though McCain’s campaign was earlier almost derailed solely for his support for the Kennedy-Bush amnesty and only recovered when he began to pose as an immigration hardliner... AP Internal Use Only

Tim Garner -- The Stute --  Stevens Institute of Technology -- Hoboken, New Jersey     sc  
Why McCain is not a conservative   
It seems that there is a good chance Senator John McCain will win the Republican nomination for President. He won the Florida primary on Tuesday and will most likely win a number of large states next week. McCain has been a U.S. Senator for many years. While McCain is a Republican, he is no conservative... AP Internal Use Only

Virginian-Pilot -- Richmond, Virginia   
Bill barring illegals from state schools passes House   
A bill to bar illegal immigrants from attending state colleges and universities passed the House of Delegates today. -- Those in favor of the proposal said it's needed to prevent undocumented people from taking slots that should go to students from Virginia... AP Internal Use Only

New York Times Blogs       
Ethnic hustlers in a dither over anti-invasion freedom of speech   
The head of the country’s largest Latino civil rights organization called on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to stop providing a forum for pundits who consistently disparage the documented and [illegal alien.... criminal] Hispanic immigrant population. -- Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington on Thursday, Janet Murguia, the N.C.L.R. president, [whined]... [Note that Murguia had kind words to say about McCain]AP Internal Use Only

Baltimore Sun       
Plea deal rejected for Mexican invader who killed 2 in crash   
The victims' and the defendant's loved ones filled the courtroom Thursday, expecting Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano to be sentenced to prison for the crash that killed a Marine corporal and his date Thanksgiving night 2006 in Columbia. -- Howard County Circuit Judge Lenore R. Gelfman had accepted a guilty plea in September... AP Internal Use Only

Newsday -- New York   Video Included 
Activist preacher and pals cry 'racism' over proposed invader crackdown   
Proposed Suffolk legislation designed to crack down on contractors who hire [illegal aliens.... criminals] is a simplistic and misguided reaction to Long Island's complicated immigration controversy, many participants at a Southold forum said last night. [Hiring invaders has been illegal since 1986] AP Internal Use Only

Eric Schulzke -- AOL News  
McCain: Straight talker or serial liar?   
John McCain, who was skewered by nearly all commentators for his dogged twisting of what Romney really said about the surge, the same weekend flatly denied a report by John Fund at WSJ that he had criticized Alito while praising Roberts in a discussion with Republican lawyers nine months ago. He lied about it initially... AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Landlord permits proposed in Norcross   
...Critics say targeting renters is an indirect way to limit the numbers of illegal [aliens.... criminals], who sometimes crowd into apartments and rental houses. -- Although Shewbert said enforcing the county's and city's codes regarding the number of "nonrelated adults in a residential property" is part of what the city is hoping to address... AP Internal Use Only

Sequoyah County (Oklahoma) Times   
Law enforcement honored for illegal alien arrests   
A grassroots immigration reform group honored law enforcement, jail personal and the district attorney's office Friday for their part in an illegal immigration case - the first in the state that stemmed from new state immigration legislation. -- Carol Helm with Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now... AP Internal Use Only

Clarion-Ledger -- Jackson, Mississippi  
Senate passes illegal immigrant workers bill   
The Senate overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 2037 this morning that would require companies entering in to a contract with the state to make sure each of their workers are in compliance with federal citizenship and residency regulations. --  If the company knowingly hires [illegal aliens.... criminals]...   AP Internal Use Only

Fox News  
Anti-invader Efforts: Valley Park (Mo.) mayor to press conference   
In a landmark ruling handed down on January 31, U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber decisively upheld the right of local governments to enforce laws against illegal immigration by denying business licenses to employers who hire illegal aliens [criminals]. Judge Webber's ruling rejected every argument presented by the ACLU and MALDEF... AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform  
Calls still needed! Economic stimulus plan still in limbo      
As we told you on January 30, the economic stimulus package going through Congress right now has loopholes that allow the IRS to issue tax rebate checks to illegal aliens. Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee took up the Senate version of...

Arizona Daily Star Editorial -- Tucson      sc  
Bush shirking duty to fight crime on border   
If President Bush cannot push a comprehensive immigration-reform package through Congress, the least he can do is fully fund one item lawmakers on both sides of the aisle at least partly agree on — border enforcement. This is an area in which the federal government is failing to meet its responsibilities... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times  
McCain ignores survey on issues   
Sen. John McCain has not answered the issues questionnaire for a voter-information research group that the Arizona senator and Republican presidential front-runner serves as a founding board member. -- Other lawmakers who had been serving on the Project Vote Smart board but did not answer the group's queries...   AP Internal Use Only

Mike Scruggs -- VDare.com   
Bad Sign For GOP: Clinton outflanks McCain on immigration   
I watched the “historic” debate between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama last night. The immigration issue was discussed in more detail than in previous debates, especially previous Republican debates. -- Interestingly, Hillary Clinton’s immigration positions are practically identical to those of Republican presidential contender John McCain. AP Internal Use Only

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... AP Internal Use Only

Red State Arizona   
Paper reports revisionist history of Aztlan in piece fawning over Reza   
In the middle of an article praising fringe illegal immigration proponent [and rabid Mexican Reconquista zealot] Salvador Reza, the AZ Republic mentions that "Aztlán used to occupy the northern territories of Mexico until the United States unfairly took the land from Mexico following the Mexican-American War." This implies that the U.S. took Aztlan from Mexico. Not true - Aztlan left Mexico on its own. AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News    
Public hearing to be held on incarceration of invaders   
A public hearing this morning on illegal [aliens.... criminals] in the state and local corrections system is expected to derail into a broader public debate on the growing number of offenses, civil to criminal, that can land [invaders] in a deportation proceeding... AP Internal Use Only

The White House   
Globalist Bush to continue 'Security and Prosperity Partnership' sellout   
As he noted in his State of the Union address, the President will be hosting the North American Leaders' Summit on April 21-22 in New Orleans. This fourth meeting of North American leaders since 2005 will continue our work on Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) initiatives. AP Internal Use Only

Dodge Daily Globe -- Dodge City, Kansas   
Southwest Kansas leaders call for more influence in immigration debate   
City leaders in Dodge City, Garden City and Liberal have said they need to have a large say in what takes place in the Kansas Legislature's immigration debate. -- Both Kansas Democrats and Republicans have introduced legislation that, if passed, would have far-reaching effects, both economically and socially... AP Internal Use Only

Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune   
Jail tracking illegal aliens   
Columbia is becoming a tough place to live if you’re an illegal [alien.... criminal]. -- The Boone County Jail has started tracking the number of illegal [alien] detainees, citing growing "national interest" in the issue. At least one area bank has ramped up efforts to...     AP Internal Use Only

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